My Laptop DIED - Time to Pick a New One!

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Deciding on a new laptop is a somewhat daunting task, how do you choose something that fits all categories in terms of performance, screen quality, sound, and with a great keyboard? Well we've got all the heavy hitting ultra books at once to find out.
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Jul 23, 2019




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Comments 12 454
Harshad Chandra Bose
My laptop is the worst.
Yashaswi Kulshreshtha
9:22 *Damn!! you just murdered a ipad!! It hurts me when you break apple's product*
MaXo 18 hours ago
0:11 - 0:12 did anyone notice the skull?
Seregosa Day ago
Seriously, no matter where I look, I can't seem to find a more suitable windows laptop than the dell xps 15" 7590 32gb ram, i9 9880hk, gtx 1650 and 1tb ssd and awesome oled screen. Well, actually, I'm currently thinking about which to get. Seems the IPS 4k suffers from less issues than the oled but the oled is just so damn gorgeous... Sigh. I wish I could get at least a 2060 gtx as well but sadly that's but a dream in this chassis, the parts are already pushing the limit and only through undervolting will I be able to achieve decent temps.
Ryoma Aragon
Ryoma Aragon Day ago
Whats up with that skull on the reflection at 00:11-00:14
When you are too rich to go to Louis to get it repaired
AiRoX Day ago
0:10 look at the reflection on the laptop's monitor when he slides it up
roy abraham
roy abraham Day ago
in 4:27 i got scared because is thought my pc crached
AxcelliousYT • 1792 years ago
Am I hallucinating tell me you guys saw that thing on the screen in 0:11 too
Jeremy Novoa
Jeremy Novoa 2 days ago
I wouldve just tried to fix it lol anyone who wants to get rid of broken laptops hit me up XD
mysanalumina 2 days ago
Surface power cables are terrible! I have a
that bluescreen gag was not funny man, i got so pissed
Ƥandα 3 days ago
Dude I actually thought I got bluscreen on my iPhone so I just wtf just happened and I: Oo
Vemuri Pavan
Vemuri Pavan 3 days ago
* pokes the macbook screen * OH RIGHT ....
chidischili 3 days ago
0:33 Hereditary (2018)
Vid. 3 days ago
I had the same thing happen to my old laptop. Only difference being my old laptop was extremely low tier and sucked.
DavemRO Gaming
DavemRO Gaming 3 days ago
0:12 Nice Easter egg
Calum Mitchell
Calum Mitchell 4 days ago
that part with the BSOD really gave my a shock. I thought it was real because I just finished putting my computer together today
kappanda 4 days ago
Maybe ur charger was broken......
R3AVR 4 days ago
Video idea: Show. how to fix the touch screen disappearing driver issue in hp all in one pc's. After it does a system up date the driver disappears and it appears to be impossible to fix with out purchasing the reinstall disc according to HP(But in my case even after re installing windows and restoring to factory condition, still did not fix the driver issue). Would be a good video to show a fix for since its HP's fault and they make you pay to fix it.
R3AVR 4 days ago
Solution does not currently seem to exist
R3AVR 4 days ago
I've seen threads bigger than 120k on the issue
Game Boy
Game Boy 4 days ago
There's nothing I can't fix almost,so hire me and u will never regard..
Dovah Bear
Dovah Bear 4 days ago
That razor build quality yo....
TheTense 4 days ago
So he can fix almost every thing but not his laptop? I mean what?
Ayush Raj
Ayush Raj 4 days ago
Get a thinkpad
Will Jones
Will Jones 5 days ago
Why on Earth didn't he go with either of the 13in MacBook Pros? They're both less expensive than the Razer and fix one of the two problems he had with the Air and include a better screen, speakers, and gaming quality.
Gamer 999
Gamer 999 5 days ago
Gamer 999
Gamer 999 5 days ago
Munch eez
Munch eez 5 days ago
Linus gets the luxury off getting to do all of this choosing a laptop
Marshall Mountjoy
just fricking fix it
Amir Saeedi Rad
Amir Saeedi Rad 5 days ago
So the cleanest setup finally screwed you
pmdleiria dinis
pmdleiria dinis 5 days ago
all bad computers and overpriced but im not an american so i dont live my life being extorted, you should buy LENOVO for a third the price, same quality. Also all those computers are very thind, meaning they are very fragile, so if you are expecting to carry your laptop in a backpack, dont.
David D
David D 5 days ago
new gen 4 yoga x1 is sick just got a bunch in to deploy at work for a ton of people who have no business with a laptop and they are nice!
Rafiel 5 days ago
I got a pulseway ad with Linus on this video
thotiana penis breath
Is that MacBook running windows?
FrugiMe 6 days ago
i think they're to lazy to use bootcamp
Conor McGregor - The Champ Champ
Why don't use a MacBook Pro instead of the air?
Static 6 days ago
Linus: I can't charge it, so I need to buy a new one. Positive and negative ions charged in a lithium-salt electrolyte layered with electrodes: Am I a joke to you?? this meme is so damn annoying
Christian Kjær Meltesen
so like... it ran out of battery?
Joe BMP 7 days ago
Whats with the skull reflection at 0:12?
DEE BEE 7 days ago
Why no business class laptops? An HP with a Dreamcolor screen would be a nice addition...
MattLord 97
MattLord 97 7 days ago
For me it would be a tie between the razor xps 13 and macbook air
CPLetsPlay 7 days ago
thats just the cable
Trolleroskar 7 days ago
Trolleroskar 7 days ago
what will happen when i download bonzi and memz
archie richardson
RIGHT now I am using the asus sonic master 4 gb ram i7 and touchscreen
DRWNING 7 days ago
I have been getting memory error blue screens and crashing with my new build and that fake blue screen was an anxiety attack. Thank you. My pc is okay
anasianboy_ 8 days ago
(pause at 0:11) fuxking scared me
jaspal singh
jaspal singh 8 days ago
Do you own the Razer Blade Stealth 4k or Razer Blade slealth 13? Is the X1 Extreme Get 2 better?
Ismail Cassoo
Ismail Cassoo 8 days ago
watching this on valentines day..haha
Chintan Zala
Chintan Zala 9 days ago
Can i get your dead laptop
Will Martin
Will Martin 9 days ago
Linus 2018 - "I'm not quitting, don't worry."
Attila Dukai
Attila Dukai 10 days ago
Not a single ThinkPad. I'm disappointed to see that you left out the uncrowned king of ultrabook business laptops, especially the X1 :'(
Max Weber
Max Weber 10 days ago
No one looks at thinkpads...
Rasmus Storgaard
Rasmus Storgaard 10 days ago
thy er dere no Lenovo ThinkPad ?
Ambrose Delgado
Ambrose Delgado 11 days ago
I just built my new PC today. That blue screen did not help my anxiety D:
Rick James
Rick James 12 days ago
Seriously the channel is called Linus tec tips you have 30 - 35 year old virgins running around Linus media group and none of you can open a razor and fix a power adapter? At least look at it. Could be as easy as a cold solder joint or broken board trace you. Come on ppl get ur shit together!
Liam The Ocelot
Liam The Ocelot 12 days ago
*hey can I have one?*
Jellybean Gaming
Jellybean Gaming 13 days ago
I was using a Samsung R520 for 10 years before upgrading. It didn’t die but it was time to upgrade. I bought a ThinkPad and am disappointed with the cooling system.
Thepizzaisdieing 13 days ago
Did anyone scan the QR code at 4:29
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