My Ferrari GT3 458 is DONE!!!

Tj Hunt
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Nov 7, 2019




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Comments 8 970
Milo Diaz
Milo Diaz 3 hours ago
Ig: ItsEmilioC01 The Supra! The wing looks so good!
Marcus Dunlap
Marcus Dunlap 3 hours ago
Supra!!!! @asapdunlap
Dave Hatzakorzian
Dave Hatzakorzian 3 hours ago
TJ the Ferrari came out absolutely amazing I love everything that you done with it I'm so happy for all your success, And I keep looking forward to seeing more & more videos, Congratulations brother
Corbin Steffy
Corbin Steffy 4 hours ago
Ferrari because SEMA is just a Supra fest this year.
Henrik Pedersen
Henrik Pedersen 4 hours ago
Caleb Ness
Caleb Ness 5 hours ago
458 bro let’s gooo!!! I love both man, keep it up! Insta: calebness_fineart
Shiv Patel
Shiv Patel 5 hours ago
IG: yung_shiv the 458
Julius Mester
Julius Mester 5 hours ago
ig: julius_w124 Supra all Day
Jay's Eye View
Jay's Eye View 6 hours ago
For me, it's the 458. The kit looks great and the colour was an inspired choice. Insta Tag: jayseyeview
BM garage
BM garage 6 hours ago
458 is an one of most beautiful you have done
986C 8 hours ago
That’s shame you took a beautiful car and made it trashy as fuck. It looks like a fuckboy 350Z now.
Philip N
Philip N 9 hours ago
10:10 kid in the back got us with a 👌🏼 on this leg RIP
Sambal bij
Sambal bij 9 hours ago
Those rims are juswt ugly
Ry_ Kens
Ry_ Kens 10 hours ago
Still 458
Young Riddy
Young Riddy 10 hours ago
thats a siick ass car god damn
VvTheKingvV 11 hours ago
Since when does he say dawg lol
Edrix G35
Edrix G35 12 hours ago
IG: edric__ Car: Supra, B58 gangg
Mark Thebarber19
Mark Thebarber19 12 hours ago
Don't care about the supra cus it's no mk4 but the 458 tho well done
Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller 13 hours ago
Supra is probably my favorite but I love them both! Ig:@andrew.miller_ or @stancynstatic
FabulousGabGab 13 hours ago
Matt 14 hours ago
458 is way cooler Ig: mattvarville
Mod Finishes
Mod Finishes 14 hours ago
It's so awesome to watch the Ferrari 458 go from wrecked to one of a kind and amazing!
Mod Finishes
Mod Finishes 14 hours ago
It's so awesome to watch the Ferrari 458 go from wrecked to one of a kind and amazing!
Nunca Folf
Nunca Folf 14 hours ago
Yo high key the Supra insta is @dominick.pocius
EliteTech 14 hours ago
ig: pineapple.trees Car: Supra! I really didn't like the lines until recently, then it all kinda fit together. That wing is just so pretty.
Fernando VILLARREAL 15 hours ago
Only just getting into Cars over the last couple years... Never heard of this guy but obviously he's very talented... Thought he should have got the "Not a hair out of place" award and the start every sentence with the word "like" award. He looks pretty plastered by the end of the video... God bless him.
Marcus Fitzpatrick
Marcus Fitzpatrick 16 hours ago
IG: the_offroad_4runner97 I’m excited for the Supra. 🔥🔥
Rev'n Step
Rev'n Step 16 hours ago
Good color choice. Ask me how I know.
Omar Machado
Omar Machado 17 hours ago
IG: @d_omar_19 STREET HUNTER MK5 all the way!!😍
Joshua Adedigba
Joshua Adedigba 17 hours ago
supra, the Ferrari is nice but that streethunter kit gives the edge over the Ferrari
michael pacheco
michael pacheco 18 hours ago
ig:mjpacheco2013 supra
John Pleasant
John Pleasant 18 hours ago
This car is a beauty
Justin Stergar
Justin Stergar 18 hours ago
This guy has that kind of face you just wanna punch. Just something about it...🤔
Barrett Boone
Barrett Boone 19 hours ago
I am so excited for the Supra. I think your body kit is the best out there and hope I can own one of my own one day! IG: barrett_with_a_z
Savion Vang
Savion Vang 19 hours ago
Ig:savionvang The Supra because so much more interesting
Jventures Outdoor
Jventures Outdoor 20 hours ago
supra foxx104
Ross Trigg
Ross Trigg 20 hours ago
458 @ross_t10
buddylee19082 20 hours ago
Pretentious AF in 3....2.....1.....GO!!!!
Angel Pepin
Angel Pepin 20 hours ago
Ig:casper_frs The Supra
Angel Pepin
Angel Pepin 20 hours ago
Looks amazing keep up the hard work
misolou fout
misolou fout 21 hour ago
"Showed me what he could do here"
Evan Pappas
Evan Pappas 21 hour ago
Shobbs008 22 hours ago
22:10 he straight threw that signed card at his fan
David Løkken
David Løkken 22 hours ago
Ig: davidlokkeen The 458. It fun to watch you do the things you do to cars i cannot afford. And it looks amazing
misolou fout
misolou fout 21 hour ago
Supraaaaaaa Insta:Matt_botros86
Ty Stevenson
Ty Stevenson 22 hours ago
SUPRA!!!! @Rydnorth
Shakhzod Sakhobiyen
Shakhzod Sakhobiyen 22 hours ago
ig: Shakhzod Definitely the supra allll the way!
Lucas Shakesby
Lucas Shakesby 22 hours ago
458 ig @dripped.e87
Colton Curtis
Colton Curtis 23 hours ago
Colty_bolty Definitely the Supra
Missael is ya boy
Missael is ya boy 23 hours ago
SUPRA 🔥🔥🔥 insta: team_puertorico
1sammyi 23 hours ago
from wreck to shrek (green)
Kenneth Rosenbalm jr
Instagram: scooterjrz71 Car: The Supra is my pick because it’s just such a clean car the way the kit flows and the wheel choice is perfect.
Chris Rosenberg
@ayeeitzchris I'm tryna see the 458, I love the new color!
RLTY Day ago
IG: royalty.photoz The 458 for sure.
Drew Steele
Drew Steele Day ago
Ig:drew.steele2 We have waited so long I’m sooo hyped to see the 458
Lil Ash
Lil Ash Day ago
That 458 is dreamy af and that gets the hype from me Instagram: _4yu5h_
"You and ken block" 👊 hell yeah. The most humbling of experience are those we dont know are gonna happen ... I cant believe I won a trip from hoonigan to sema2019.. and i cant thank them enough. Bro the Ferrari is 🔥🔥 I probably took a hr or better of content for it for my channel 🏁🏁🏁🎥. Keep it up
JapaN Day ago
That first guy at the second signing has an asshole complex
Shawn Kromo
Shawn Kromo Day ago
what is tthe name of the background song
Mathew Botros
Supraaaaaaa Insta:Matt_botros86
William Goulet
Excited bout the 458
Awwwwl drunk teej
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