My Childhood Obsession with Animals

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i cannot be stopped (jk my parents stopped me)

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Sep 22, 2019




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Comments 37 773
FaZe Paint
FaZe Paint 6 hours ago
Say thx to the odd ones out he MADE me watch u
Marlyn Rodriguez
Marlyn Rodriguez 6 hours ago
1:08 a Pokémon name
Gabino Rubio
Gabino Rubio 7 hours ago
Jaiden, you should upgrade your video quality from 1080p To 4K 60fps
Lu Vinh
Lu Vinh 7 hours ago
ChilliSpook YT
ChilliSpook YT 7 hours ago
Bet you've never watched *wholesome Minecraft parrots dancing videos*
Kharl 7 hours ago
I hate pets They make me sad when they leave or die😭
Luke Vasquez
Luke Vasquez 7 hours ago
Sugar gliders are my favorite animal and now i want one even more
Valex 7285
Valex 7285 7 hours ago
My mom had a racoon when she was 10 and she told me they were so cute 🦝
Big Boi Cack
Big Boi Cack 7 hours ago
5:00 basically same way my brothers and I asked for anything
Diana Brizuela
Diana Brizuela 7 hours ago
my parents have gotten me so far 2 cats, 12 birds and a turtle. I only have 5 birds and a turtle now
assata mccombs
assata mccombs 8 hours ago
Tay Henry
Tay Henry 8 hours ago
I have a pet
Vella Ruggiano
Vella Ruggiano 8 hours ago
This is how much Jaiden says “Animal” ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ (just make the thumb blue pls)
Vella Ruggiano
Vella Ruggiano 8 hours ago
LittleandTiny 13
LittleandTiny 13 8 hours ago
I literally have 6 suger gliders XD
Piper Senpai
Piper Senpai 8 hours ago
I have two suger gidler
Steve Wright
Steve Wright 8 hours ago
i have to many animals!!! three cats two dogs and 23 fish!!!!!
Liam Akers Roblox-Minecraft-Disney and more
Jaiden: can I get a mouse Me: want my ded mouse in my backyard?
Nadia Packwood
Nadia Packwood 8 hours ago
Bryant Lanier
Bryant Lanier 9 hours ago
Read the maximum ride manga
Jessica Wood
Jessica Wood 9 hours ago
OMFG I READED MAXIUMUM RIDE TO (yassssss girl i love maximum ride.... they have a maxiumum ride movie out now! :D it's called maxiumum ride .w.)
Opal Eevee
Opal Eevee 9 hours ago
... I've had a red Betta fish and I named it Goldie....... Trust me Jaiden, You are NOT alone
Brandyn Hamlin
Brandyn Hamlin 9 hours ago
I had a goldfish that live for 11 years his name was fat a$$.
Drake’s Trash Content ツ
Holy crap, this comment section has less Like Beggars then James.
Jaslyn Gomez
Jaslyn Gomez 9 hours ago
I have a bearded dragon
Sophia Hindley
Sophia Hindley 9 hours ago
The hamster that had a seed ( pumkin?) was in Theoddonesout video titled " My hamsters" ( I think) and it had a hamster that looked exactly the same and James got her.
molly perez
molly perez 10 hours ago
I got my dog that way to
Gwendalynn Vincelette
Jaiden: My cousin (I think) liked FERRETS at the time. Me: OMG I HAVE ONE! AND SHE DOSENT HUE HUE HUE HUE HUE!
Mary Rydberg
Mary Rydberg 10 hours ago
¤_# relatable
leah mcnally
leah mcnally 10 hours ago
My 7 ferrets and 450 stick insects :we da bomb. My dog and hamster :lol no WE ARE YOU UNPOPULAR DUDES. Me: Dog you aren't normal ur a husky mute and hammy you pee in a corner like a dog..... your all equal XD
Jnn22112 10 hours ago
I want that... Jaiden -2019
Pumpkins Place
Pumpkins Place 10 hours ago
Who else wants to hear her parents voices
Burnbaby Gaming
Burnbaby Gaming 11 hours ago
Hey Jaiden. I had an idea! Maybe as a video, and to give you a break from writing a script and whatnot, what if your mom and dad came to record a video and told stories about you, like. Beyond your memory. Like "when jaiden was younger, jacks was kicking around my belly. Right when she put her ear to my stomach, jaiden got kicked right in the jaw and yelled "mom he hit me" or something like that
Noah Simon
Noah Simon 11 hours ago
I would let you play with my dog but hes to T H I C C
Wonderland Gamer
Wonderland Gamer 11 hours ago
My life in a nutshell:
•.• chicken nuggets? UwU
I watched this video alot of times on a tv and my sis got annoyed so she made me use a phone with headphones •.•
Jaiden: Hopefully when I have kids... Me: Whoa whoa whoa if you going to have kids.... Who's the father?
tangy sponge sauce
tangy sponge sauce 11 hours ago
where is my brother *mild bobby sauce*
Magic 24
Magic 24 11 hours ago
Jaiden? I heard your voice in a app ad that has something to do with a cake.
TopDinoDa1 11 hours ago
Taking an big L when u got a computer mouse instead of getting an actual mouse
Eduardo Quintero
Eduardo Quintero 11 hours ago
i mean ari
Eduardo Quintero
Eduardo Quintero 11 hours ago
what kind of bird is ori
Gia V
Gia V 11 hours ago
# relate able
lera wai
lera wai 11 hours ago
Naoise Fitzgerald
Naoise Fitzgerald 11 hours ago
2:57 nicely played mom.. But she asked santa THIS ISNT FAMILY FRIENDLY >>>:33333
Krab with a cowboy hat
Is the hamster eating a pumpkin seed with the flash sale sign at the end a reference to james old pet hamster?
Jelecia Noble
Jelecia Noble 11 hours ago
As soon as you menchened ratcoons i thought huh gaurdians of the galaxy rocket.
Łiz NSS 12 hours ago
I LOVE MAXIMUM RIDE! Did you read the manga series--- Oh wait, yeah, I'd be the only one in the youtube comments who would talk about books.
Ariesturtleneck 10 hours ago
Literally me lmao
i hope you stop living You monster
Aidanryry 12 hours ago
I’m reading Maximum Ride rn. I needed a book so I grabbed it and it ended up being pretty good
deathisback 66
deathisback 66 12 hours ago
That computer mouse present/prank is something my mom litterly did she said "look your mouse has a such a pretty tail too!"Im still triggerd
KG Yandere
KG Yandere 12 hours ago
i thought this was going to be a video about how jaiden turned into a furry xD
P4ND4WH4L3 12 hours ago
Imagine if Jaiden and TheOdd1sOut got together..... the anxiety would be through the roof
Bearded Dragons
Bearded Dragons 12 hours ago
Jaidens house 10 yrs from now Person: Opens door House: ANIMAL TSUNAMI
Skullz428 12 hours ago
I have a lizard and your bird ari and my bird cony are the same typ of bird
不安Devil 12 hours ago
You should (maybe) make a Q and A video!
Evelin Nikolic
Evelin Nikolic 12 hours ago
Jaiden pls post more I ❤️ U
Sam Sketches
Sam Sketches 12 hours ago
7:16 Camp Operetta, drink from Japan, Raoole, and bird seeds.
mcf1gtr 12 hours ago
I hav the books maximum ride the anime series
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