My Babysitter's a Vampire doesn't make any sense...

Alex Meyers
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My Babysitter's a Vampire Animated
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Oct 8, 2019




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Comments 7 955
Alex Rod
Alex Rod 8 hours ago
still love the show tho
Caitlin Hartwig
Caitlin Hartwig 8 hours ago
Do Warm bodies (it’s about a zombie who falls inlove with a human girl) and somehow becomes human with his first kiss with her it’s really interesting you should check it out
m me
m me 8 hours ago
Am I the only one that remembers this movie as a series?
Arin Mahmud
Arin Mahmud 8 hours ago
Can you please review Can You Keep a Secret?
Sarah Núñez
Sarah Núñez 8 hours ago
I'm love with your voice and you and your channel
Astro 9 hours ago
Can you do Beetlejuice please
Madi Overton
Madi Overton 9 hours ago
Tharaa h
Tharaa h 9 hours ago
I am watching you from Iraq , I am enjoying your videos they are very nice.😊
MythicalCrystal 9 hours ago
I used to love this as a kid
DeadSky 9 hours ago
My babysitters a vampire was my elementary school fav movie The TV series was better imo
Coco J. Bunny
Coco J. Bunny 9 hours ago
Please check out green house academy soon.
Ninja KI
Ninja KI 9 hours ago
Wawawawawawawawait, this man didn't just say they are making another ZOMBIES! Still to this day I have no idea how people felt about that movie. I liked it, I've watched it a 2 or 3 times now.
Pascal Louis
Pascal Louis 9 hours ago
Damn, Alex! Who would have guessed a disney channel fantasy movie, aimed a teenagers , would have plot-holes and nonsense? It's almost like it's a piece of media that doesn't take itself seriously and is meant to be cheesy and dumb. You really showed them I tell you what. Tbh this channel is really weird. Watching a grown man trying to feel smart by pointing out the inconsistencies of Disney channel content aimed at children. Other youtube critics : Hey, dude want to watch Breaking Bad or Mad Man and point out the socio-cultural context that makes them come to be? Alex: Nah, I'm pretty sure the Teletubbies and Winnie the Pooh have a real bad 6th season I need to get my hands on.
Tori B
Tori B 9 hours ago
As stupid as this show is I love it
emily davidson
emily davidson 9 hours ago
omg i loved this movie and tv show lol
Chloe Sagers
Chloe Sagers 9 hours ago
please react the the haunting hour lilly d episode it’s actually so hilarious
claire jones
claire jones 10 hours ago
Can you do the greenhouse academy
Na Nation
Na Nation 10 hours ago
Can you please react to twitches
Daniela Lascurain
Daniela Lascurain 10 hours ago
Do degrassi
andrea smith
andrea smith 10 hours ago
Can u do euphoria next ...it's not on Netflix but its a very good show
Gaby the dreamer
Gaby the dreamer 10 hours ago
You have to watch the 2 season of insatiable PLEASE
Crypto 10 hours ago
Next video can it be Raising Dion
CrazyFfox 04
CrazyFfox 04 10 hours ago
*This is the type of people who always takes thing seriously*
Ella Cantor
Ella Cantor 10 hours ago
A good movie to review would be mean girls 2. I personally have not seen it but apparently, it is really bad.
Olivia Wayland
Olivia Wayland 11 hours ago
I love that show.(It’s a show and movie. :/)
MichelleLove85 11 hours ago
Both my kids love the movie and the show. We watch them a lot 😑😂
Kassidy Glitter
Kassidy Glitter 11 hours ago
There is a tv show
Mew Two
Mew Two 11 hours ago
Don't care, it's still my favorite series lol erika is HOT
Escarna 211
Escarna 211 11 hours ago
And then your whole body goes like *HABDIDOBA*
Wandering Warriors
Wandering Warriors 11 hours ago
Though this movie is odd, you have to admit the theme song is catchy. "SHE"S THE GIRL NEXT DOOR!"
Pkra 12 hours ago
Alex you need to make a video about Trinkets, would love to see your opinion on this lame show 😂😂
ArtistGirl06 12 hours ago
*yeets girl into the sky* 3:40
Truly Broken
Truly Broken 12 hours ago
I was honestly wheezing the whole video! 😂😭 my cheeks and core hurts now
Aqiba Bashir
Aqiba Bashir 12 hours ago
You should do Netflix’s Greenhouse Academy there’s a season 3 coming out.
uh oh stinky
uh oh stinky 12 hours ago
wut im confused
Laura Music
Laura Music 13 hours ago
I love this 🤣👏
Bandit1030 13 hours ago
You should review my babysitters a vampire the tv series
Bold as crazy okkkur
7:42 looking like a homeless drunk you mean!!!!😂🤣
Cachorro Ortiz
Cachorro Ortiz 13 hours ago
Im about to roast the shit out of you My Babysitter's a Vampire is one of the best series of all time and the movie was great I'm unsubscribing you prick Jk fam
Bold as crazy okkkur
3:41 but they got a babysitter
Pets are my life
Pets are my life 13 hours ago
Yesssssssssss finallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Samantha Morris
Samantha Morris 13 hours ago
I never realized it was a movie I always thought it was just a tv series
Bum Muncher
Bum Muncher 13 hours ago
Who gone tell him about the tv show 👀👀👀
Random Things
Random Things 14 hours ago
Now imagine if he discovered my babysitter’s a vampire: the show
Tori De angelis
Tori De angelis 14 hours ago
Yeah, something spooky DID happen when he touched her hand. An ad
sapheu 14 hours ago
You want worst, watch my step daughter. Yes the name of the movie is my step daughter.
Cheesy Moon
Cheesy Moon 15 hours ago
And then something spooky happens *spotify ad*
Asgard Ninja
Asgard Ninja 16 hours ago
8:12 So stupid
Latania Blake
Latania Blake 16 hours ago
Does he know it was a series?
Asgard Ninja
Asgard Ninja 16 hours ago
4:29 Why does 31 sound so old even though it isn't?
Asgard Ninja
Asgard Ninja 16 hours ago
1:40 Great
Asgard Ninja
Asgard Ninja 16 hours ago
0:00 Ikr!!!
lil' bitta Deku
lil' bitta Deku 16 hours ago
*I'd be sailor Jupiter.*
yeet 16 hours ago
excuse you
Stopmotion Papier
Stopmotion Papier 16 hours ago
Your funy
Nickynet 16 hours ago
Pleeeeaaasseee do the second season of insatiable, and the end of the fucking world. That would be so nice, Love your Channel, your the best, lots of Love 💕😇
Queer Queen of Tears
First of all you’re wrong
Carol Mary
Carol Mary 17 hours ago
was this movie supposed to be a comedy? cause its hilarious
lovely twc
lovely twc 17 hours ago
12:08 ):< you got me there
Hristiyana Kazakova
Hristiyana Kazakova 17 hours ago
Alex has the best content on youtube 👏👌
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