My Babysitter's a Vampire doesn't make any sense...

Alex Meyers
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My Babysitter's a Vampire Animated
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Oct 8, 2019




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Comments 9 966
gerrit vb
gerrit vb 20 hours ago
Alex: and then something spooky happenes Ad: Mike Bloomberg will get it done
Brittany Godby
do incridibles
its 5am in the morning and im trying not to laugh so hard because ill wake everyone up
Him:and then something spooky happened Messenger chamercial comes on
WolfyClaw Gamer
WolfyClaw Gamer 2 days ago
Bro..... It's a kids show 😐
Lauren Lai
Lauren Lai 2 days ago
"and then something spooky happens" *a grammarly ad played right after that omg*
Ava Da bich
Ava Da bich 2 days ago
Am i the only one that remembers that this was also a tv show?
astr0child 3 days ago
I love the movieee
Ava_ GamerXD
Ava_ GamerXD 3 days ago
Why does ur character's face expressions act like anime ;-
Morgan Jane George
Catarina Nazi
Catarina Nazi 3 days ago
ok but like the TV show is bomb
Soul Anime
Soul Anime 3 days ago
My guy this isnt a movie it's a tv series and you only watched the pilot episode... 😑 no wonder sh*t dont make sense
Ukulele Rock
Ukulele Rock 4 days ago
'Ethan' reminds me of Winona Ryder when she played Joyce Byers in Stranger Things lol
Kai Rose
Kai Rose 4 days ago
Whoa your 31 I thought you were like 22
CamKonG32 4 days ago
3:49 when my little brother takes the controller from me
Katelyn MacMillan
thats so funny lol
Christa Katich
Christa Katich 4 days ago
You face is dumb you idiot
stankova_klara 4 days ago
Did I see right? Was that really Kpop that was released from the box?
Stephanie Mourad
Stephanie Mourad 4 days ago
The show was my childhood
Ethan’s Roblox World
Y my name is there ;-;
Chili Phili
Chili Phili 4 days ago
8:15 when sombody steps on your toe
Mini Mia L.
Mini Mia L. 4 days ago
3:17 is that a Heathers Musical Reference or just me? JD I LOVE YOU🥰😭
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo 5 days ago
Bro I know your not gonna see this comment but take like a month to do a vid it’ll be better on your health
The Doggo Channel
Lab rats lab rats lab rats
storioscope 5 days ago
the worst looking part is her falling from the sky
Chris Martinez
Chris Martinez 5 days ago
“Something spooky happens” You’re right. Ads are scary.
madman 24
madman 24 5 days ago
why dont you make like a twelve year old and 1:31
Gunnar Plata
Gunnar Plata 6 days ago
"The kids can't wait for you to babysit again!" * hopes and dreams *i n t e n s i f i e s* *
Lunara Moon
Lunara Moon 6 days ago
Dude you don’t even touch the meat of plot in the show,that shit scared me as a kid
BlueBerri 6 days ago
Did they forget ethans little sister
Ella Flood
Ella Flood 6 days ago
do goonies
Roberta Mottile
Roberta Mottile 6 days ago
Oh God, the little girl's Prissy from Anne with an E! DD:
craigime 6 days ago
i watched for vanessa morgan and kate todd
Mareli Velazquez
Mareli Velazquez 7 days ago
The first time I watched this. I kept rewatching it over 20 times. And my gut was dying
Cat King
Cat King 7 days ago
I dare any body we reads this to speed run far cry 5 on the hardest level and send me the vid link
German Cookie
German Cookie 7 days ago
This is the only video i heard Alex laugh so hard
TheLarissa_officieel Twins
please do you want to watch vampire academy found that movie also makes no sense too I am sure you like it if you want to laugh just watch vampire academy 🤣🤣🤣
kawaii catolog
kawaii catolog 7 days ago
Sarah's ex 1:yeets Sarah It looked like this . • ⚫ 🔵 👧
kawaii catolog
kawaii catolog 7 days ago
When he said something spooky happens An ad screamed in my face It screamed:TEETH WHITENING STRIPS
Lasagna Bois
Lasagna Bois 7 days ago
Andy Lorenz
Andy Lorenz 7 days ago
I love this movie
Itz avocado_ gamer
I want give this vid as many likes how times I agree with Alex
Heavenlyn Turner
Heavenlyn Turner 7 days ago
The moment you realize Ethan sister plays on Anne with an E
Crazy Cat Lady
Crazy Cat Lady 7 days ago
Pls do girl vs monster
dat.kiddo_nae 7 days ago
tbh I love my babysitter is a vampire
Zach Temoro
Zach Temoro 7 days ago
This movie automatically gets a 5 star from me for being able to include “WHATZAAAAAAAAP” unironically and that moment where the ex boyfriend chucks her a 100 feet in the air
Jaiden Thompson
Jaiden Thompson 8 days ago
That blonde girl in the background laughing aint my cup of tea 😝😝
R B 8 days ago
Really fun video man, keep it up
Lazercharg Er
Lazercharg Er 8 days ago
Thay are having sex 😁😁😁😁😁😁
izzy ingersoll
izzy ingersoll 8 days ago
lmao this was a tv show w 3 szns & i used to watch it literally all the time when i was like 8
izzy ingersoll
izzy ingersoll 8 days ago
this was my fucking showw lmaooo
LostSoul 8 days ago
Theres a my babysitters a vampire series......oh god
Mimiy Knight
Mimiy Knight 8 days ago
I got a Gold star
Martin Bromberg
Martin Bromberg 8 days ago
“Whoever recommend this to me gets a gold star” Mei said on insta to do it so I get a gold star!
Milly's life
Milly's life 8 days ago
This whole movie was cringe
Optics Online
Optics Online 9 days ago
Don't all doors require sacrifices
Amazanta XD
Amazanta XD 9 days ago
This is the most Alex has enjoyed humself
Night Fazzy
Night Fazzy 9 days ago
aaah my baby sit er a vampy aah so scary
Futurehopes1970 9 days ago
How did she survive the throw
Niki’s Toys Town
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