Musical Genre Challenge with Ariana Grande

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Ariana Grande transforms Drake's "God's Plan" into an epic '90s diva hit and Kendrick Lamar's "HUMBLE." into Evanescence-style goth-rock in the latest edition of Musical Genre Challenge.
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Musical Genre Challenge with Ariana Grande
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May 2, 2018




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Comments 45 442
Alex M
Alex M 2 hours ago
Ariana is wearing a kids dress 😂
Lanaelle 8 hours ago
The Ariana's dress is to short... I'm chocked
R3m 9 hours ago
When she knows literally all the songs???
Joshua Perry
Joshua Perry 10 hours ago
Gotta admit, i'd luv yo hear a full version of "gods plan" 90's Diva lol
Miss Spookie
Miss Spookie 14 hours ago
Goth Rock... sure.
Sky Guy
Sky Guy 14 hours ago
But she looks pretty in her skirt
Natalie Alvarez
Natalie Alvarez 16 hours ago
Someone buy her some clothes.
Oxiclea N
Oxiclea N 18 hours ago
Humble in goth rock actually sounded good Or I’m being emo again Also 1:44
DMEJ Empire
DMEJ Empire 18 hours ago
“Sot down.”
S a m r a
S a m r a 19 hours ago
Someone get this gurl glasses 😂
Frindly Giant
Frindly Giant 21 hour ago
I wish I could be on Ariana's level, I would wife her up in a heart beat
Heather Duke
Heather Duke 21 hour ago
I don’t care about how short her dress is, it’s how small the torso part is, it just makes her body look deformed....
Lonely Tay
Lonely Tay Day ago
2019 recommendations are cool lol
Sude Turan
Sude Turan Day ago
Sis really be out there wearing literally only skirt to a talk show
최프 Day ago
유튜브 알고리즘 드립 치기 싫지만 꽤나 취향에 부합하는 영상으로 이끌어주었구나 흐ㅡ뭇
floop k
floop k Day ago
can't watch this without thinking it's scripted ahah sorry jimmy
scott newman
scott newman Day ago
She has great legs
Stephanie TheSlayer
Um...that wasn’t really rock but okay.
lauren jauregui is perfect
i come back to this video every time just to listen to her singing Humble.
Malia Wu
Malia Wu Day ago
Marigold Liquid
I hate that dress, idk why women wear it and decide to suffer in wearing them. And shape of that dress is ugly.
MsSunhappy Day ago
Ariana is of course a queen but fallon have such a nice voice too
xchathurix H.
Ari can pull off wearing that loofah tho no cap
Helen Makasini
Who could ever dislike this video??!
Earthworm Lily
1:26 best part
࿐༒Exterminate ༒࿐
Omg she looks like a 🍬
Hannah H
Hannah H Day ago
If I can get Lazik done, Ariana can do it. 🙂🙂
Zzzz Day ago
Do americans realize this is fully rehearsed?
Robert Pemberton
Robert Pemberton 2 days ago
It's not random
Luna Villanueva
Luna Villanueva 2 days ago
No me gusta ese vestido raro, la deja mas corta xD
Alesya Dohotaru
Alesya Dohotaru 2 days ago
Gods plan shouldve been written like that
Deborah Ramirez
Deborah Ramirez 2 days ago
Ariana is queen of musical impressions. Her voice is dope af. Needs glasses tho!
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones 2 days ago
lol love how ariana is showing that hot little body ,but the camera is always above her waist ,shes so hotttt !
Matthew Viramontes
Eye doctor: how many of the words on the board can you see? Ariana: No
Ana dvykky
Ana dvykky 2 days ago
evanescence isn't goth rock though...
Jaïda Honsbeek
Jaïda Honsbeek 2 days ago
Oooooo......... Ariiii you neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeddddddd glassesssssssss
Nellie Heuvels
Nellie Heuvels 2 days ago
It would have been better if they swapped the genres and songs they were given
anirudh s
anirudh s 2 days ago
Thanks for like.
Rachel Fourie
Rachel Fourie 2 days ago
Not surprising she doesn’t know wtf goth is, or anyone else for the matter…
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