more jeffree star DRAMA (seriously??)

Ashlye Kyle
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Today’s video were are going to discussing Jeffree Star addressing the issues of his cancellation with Mitchell and the Masterclasses. Let me know what your thoughts are on this down below!
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Jan 16, 2020




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Comments 380
Ashlye Kyle
Ashlye Kyle Month ago
So what do you think about what Jeffree had to say about this “drama”. Let me know 👇🏼
Leah Edwards
Leah Edwards Month ago
Honestly I don't understand why people are getting mad. I totally understand why he cancelled. I went to his masterclass last year in Manchester, this was after one of his dogs died. Literally soooo many people asked him about it??? Can you imagine what people would ask him in regards to the breakup? The fans were so inconsiderate about his dog 😑😫
Elis Sanchez
Elis Sanchez Month ago
People need to chill. I recently separated from my husband of 7 years. I went through a funk. I got back up. I am working, going to school, running my daughters cheer booster club. It's ok to keep your mind busy. I totally understand him. Let him grieve his own way.
Donike S.
Donike S. Month ago
Ashlye Kyle wth people exaggerate stuff way too much.
jeffree has he's own life to live!Everyone deals with pain differently! Let him be!😒😍
Pichellinko Andersson
There is a HUGE difference between spending some hours with your creative team and flying to Europe, having to face crazy fans, having to give,give and give as you have to do as a “teacher”, meeting press, thousands of questions about the breakup etc. I mean, most of us wouldn’t last a day in Jeffrees shoes and now people think he should do it for ten days??? After a breakup ? Come on....
Miss Sinister
Miss Sinister 2 days ago
bruh he's a mess, he's always "going through something" lmao, stupid.
GeekyZombie 20 days ago
Rose Jacqueline
Rose Jacqueline Month ago
People are so self-entitled and inconsiderate. My God. It was work for him not the fucking 🏖.
Taylor L Winter
Taylor L Winter Month ago
I find that odd because jeffree was obsessed with Nathan he was Nathan this Nathan that in video's and post however Nathan didn't show it as much as jeffree regardless of not wanting the spot light!
canuck333 Month ago
It didn’t dawn on you because you’re biased as hell. People have a right to be upset and just because you don’t think they should be, doesn’t mean you should make an entire video dedicated to discrediting their feelings. Making appearances and sticking to commitments are also apart of running his company.
Jo Jatoe
Jo Jatoe Month ago
Idaho was a distraction and if people can’t get that, they must be emotionally stunted.
Lizet Riquelme
Lizet Riquelme Month ago
I agree with you about everything! And breaking up can be tough. I wish both of them the best. I would love to see them together again, but that's for them to decide.
Alee King The Beautified Life
Love your videos - always have! What do you use for editing? XO
Kendra Houck
Kendra Houck Month ago
This is one of those times wjere the drama and hate just iant justified... Let the man do what he needs to do. Life doesnt stop and neither do his businesses just because of a break up, he has to keep going. People are absolutely ridiculous... On the topic of love. Sometines just love isnt enough. Marriages and relationships take love and respect but also hard work and sacrifices. If you aren't willing to put in the tough work with someone then they arent for you. You may love them or the idea of being with them... But if you dont want to actually work then it isnt the relationship for you...
Deanna Sorenson
Deanna Sorenson Month ago
Not a big deal people just need to leave him alone worry about your own life not Jeffree !!!! ❤️💕 love you Jeffree
Rachel Sanders
Rachel Sanders Month ago
I totally understand why he canceled. Yes I would be sad but I'd rather have him at his best! His happiness is important. I think people who are salty about this are Petty Betty's.
Dawn Scott
Dawn Scott Month ago
So what's so wrong with him leaving for the day 🤦. He needs it!
psychicoutlaw Chanel
The great beautiful singer lost her father & I think two brothers in the course of a year and she Kept Working - bc it's therapeutic. After losing his two furry babies and having two very sick women relatives, one of whom (his mom) he has barely known I wouldnt leave home either for a long trip. But he does have an empire to run so hopefully Jefftee will feel happier soon.
Tena Mason
Tena Mason Month ago
i think his not going to europe because of the breakup is the most ridiculous thing ever. he's a business owner. act like a business owner. lots of us have dogs and travel. you're a bajillionaire, take the dogs with you and hire a dog nanny. it's ridiculous. i'm over him.
Vixxen Fox
Vixxen Fox Month ago
He can do whatever he wants, it's his life not ours. If he needs time to himself then he needs that. We all do! I think people forget hes a human being too. Just super famous and rich. At the end of the day hes just like everyone else.
Felicia's Corner
I'm not personally someone who supports Jeffree, but I do think and hope him and Nate find their way back to each other. And if not that they can heal and have happy lives. It is gross that people are speculating into why they broke up. Nobody should do that ever. Just leave it alone. Let them heal. They shared what they were comfortable with and that's that.
e w
e w Month ago
Ur editing got a lot better while I was gone! 💛💛💛💛💛
we love u too ash and coffee hell yeeeee 😍❤
Jenna Lehew
Jenna Lehew Month ago
I personally feel bad for Jeffree, He has to explain/defend himself constantly!!!
taylovespatch2 Month ago
in today's news: people mad because jeffree star went to work instead of vacation
Macbasil Month ago
I love you Auntie Ashlye!! ❤️
Karla Melissa Germán
People are such idiots...
Ana A
Ana A Month ago
Are 13 year olds mad?
Jess Lynn
Jess Lynn Month ago
Who the hell has break up with their husband? Lmfao. No. That’s the name of the game when it comes to marriage, it comes with seasons.. hot and cold. You don’t break up on the cold seasons. When I heard that, yikes. 😬
King Month ago
Ummmm 🤨 y’all bashing this man for getting away to get ahold of his mental well being?!??? Okay I guess
Yurimai Morisato
I really wish that people weren't so pushy with Jeffree. He needs time to heal just like everyone else. It was probably nice to have just a little time away from his house. Awesome video, Ashley. We missed you.
CTM Month ago
Oh my odd we broke up, he left me. I bought him a Aston Martin, a Ferrari, a BMW, a Bentley and he still left me. I even bought a 12,000 sq ft home for $16 million and he left me? Oh my odd oh my odd. USvid pays me $18 million a year and he left me, of my odd of my odd
smmrtime13 Month ago
Omg the music is perfect lol
Carlos L
Carlos L Month ago
Not trying to throw hate or shade but when you life revolves around criticizing people and it’s kinda sad when you think about it. They famous and celebrities but they’re still human beings, just because they’re more important than any of us doesn’t mean you have to make a profit out of them
Neko Red
Neko Red Month ago
Going to one state for one day is way different than a large tour across the ocean; it would be a lot less stressful to travel an hour or so than multiple, especially when already very low. He also has the responsibility of looking after his pets. Cut him some slack!
Much ado about nothing.
Mystery girl
Mystery girl Month ago
He left..to make products that he loves, that hes making for the same 'fans' that are mad at him for doing it!?
Mystery girl
Mystery girl Month ago
Leave jeffree alone. It was his passion and business...HONEY LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!
Morohie Shiller
Morohie Shiller Month ago
Less help? So nathan was the help....seems like nathan was just the dog watcher.
Teri Birrell
Teri Birrell Month ago
I had to put down my dog last week so I definitely needed to hear that “it’s ok not to be ok” too. I had my babygirl for over 14 years, so I’m lost without her and definitely not ok. People just like to create drama for drama’s sake. Idk if it’s out of boredom or maliciousness but when it comes to JStar, he gets more than his fair share.
Cupcake Cupcakes
There’s petty. And there’s PETTY
Cassidy Billet
Cassidy Billet Month ago
People act like Jeffree is a machine and it isn’t fair to him. Some things just aren’t meant to be drama and I think people need to keep themselves in check when it comes to expecting the world from other human beings.
courtneylove's MACcompact
Since when do we tell ppl what they should or should not do? Ppl are just super self involved and cant think beyond their own issues.
Ksmizzle Month ago
I get it. My bf and I have only been together 3 years, and we had our break up and move on moment before. We just needed a break to better ourselves and once that happened, I'd like to say we are better than ever. Relationships can be hard when you love someone so much and are around them a lot, and trying to work on HOW to work together is very difficult.
Pearcey111 Month ago
Who cares where anyone goes whenever they want, the internet is just full of people that want to start crap over nothing
bob cat
bob cat Month ago
Well, aren't you and your husband great role models for your kids. When the going gets rough, break up? Jesus.
Romone Thomas
Romone Thomas Month ago
He’s full of shit!!! Can’t you viewers see through his fake positivity. He’s playing you all
Sierra Kay
Sierra Kay Month ago
Just bc he canceled the make up tour does NOT mean he's canceling his fucking company. 😂
Choochoorocks Month ago
I think its possible they could get back together. If Nate doesn't care to be in the limelight its hard being JS's partner but not impossible. There are plenty of movie star's that manage to separate their work and personal lives, so Nate could certainly take a back seater more if that's what he prefers. But then again, so say they fell out of love is pretty major.
Marilyn Grube
Marilyn Grube Month ago
He needs to discontinue Beauty Killer. It’s a pretty bad compared to the newer palettes.
Lauryn Watson
Lauryn Watson Month ago
To someone like Jeffree going to Idaho probably isnt that different from going to the movies after a break up. Plus travelling within the states is a lot easier than International factoring in additional security checks and longer distance it would probably be 2 days of travel going and returning from the UK. And who will watch the dog for like a week or maybe 2?
Lauren Lyons
Lauren Lyons Month ago
People are reaching for drama with him at this point.. If you are really a fan of Jeffree... Let him heal. 🖤
1994 Month ago
People are stupid. Getting mad for legit nothing.
Catie Mason
Catie Mason Month ago
I am with you to heartbroken
Sendieloo Who
Sendieloo Who Month ago
Omg girl! Those huge Jeffree arms behind the smaller video of Jeffree was a bit creepy lol!
Olliethehobbit Month ago
noooo I love my thirsty palette!
Rachael Diffrient
Why would people be mad 🤦‍♀️
Elizabeth H
Elizabeth H Month ago
He is 💯 correct when he says people should show some compassion. Anyone who would speak ill of him for doing an short business trip verse a 2 week trip to the UK is just mean and heartless.
The Random Hammonds
He was literally gone for like a "work" day. 8 hours. It's like he just went to work, literally. He just took a jet instead of car. People get too upset over little stuff.
Carla Souza
Carla Souza Month ago
You are the only drama I watch....... ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Cristie LB
Cristie LB Month ago
I think people are way too easily offended by everything nowadays. A day trip in the same country where he can get out of his head and forget things for a few hours is much different than taking a trip overseas and having to fake a smile for a bunch of fans for 10 days. I get that people are disappointed that he cancelled the tour, but if you are a true fan you will understand that he deserves some time to himself without any explanation. I think it's ridiculous that he even had to feel the need to explain himself.
Victoria Portelle
Personally I respect Jeffree for canceling his masterclass with Mitchell. My issue with him was his whole "swipe up to check out this tragedy in my life" thing which is just ridiculous and makes me think Nathan was tired of living their entire life in front of others. Personally I'm glad that he took a mental health day. It seems natural that he should.
toxic.pink Month ago
Getting my morning coffee catching up with the tea
Nicole Vincent
Nicole Vincent Month ago
People have nothing better to do with their lives. How Jeffree Star heals himself is not anyone's business. He's doing the best he can at this point.
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