Mom Wants Proof Of Son's Paternity (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Paternity Court
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Rainey v. Matthews: A Michigan mother wants proof of her son's paternity.
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Mom Wants Proof Of Son's Paternity (Full Episode) | Paternity Court
Season 1, Episode 35
#PaternityCourt #LaurenLake


Published on


Sep 22, 2019




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Comments 4 169
Ida Mae Bennett
Ida Mae Bennett 8 hours ago
The sad part of paterity court most of the mother and father that come to dna test done they don t love each other even if some of them been together for years most of them very weak minded people and most aren t marry.
Renee Joseph
Renee Joseph 15 hours ago
Sister stay up please. Chin up. Love you. Masha allah
Renee Joseph
Renee Joseph 15 hours ago
I men like this make me so angry. How he standing up there talking about she had family trees in her but he out in the world probably doing worse
Renee Joseph
Renee Joseph 15 hours ago
This is such a shame. He dont value women at all. I hope hes not muslim because that's not what islam is about. H3s a no good dirty nobody
Christina Persaud
Deadbeat, Period.
Aisyah Sidek
Aisyah Sidek Day ago
Im sorry.... What brother sister you're Muslim n don't married....it just shame man... Why trape in that sort of relation man should bring food to the family..plsss give them "Nafkah" Its just so sad
Cobby 3 days ago
This cat trippin on 4 grand. I know it cost way more than that over a 2 year period
Kayleigh Evans
Kayleigh Evans 3 days ago
No wAy this is a muslim women false religion
cutiepie24ist 3 days ago
I wish he was on Judge Mathis he would of got him all the way together
Merica Willis
Merica Willis 3 days ago
Who raised him? This is what I need to know
J Moten
J Moten 3 days ago
Man this man do not want them kids man...smh...he gone pay he not gone see them....and she gone continue raising them by herself
Princess Maria
Princess Maria 3 days ago
This is Shizz 508
This thot hiding behind her religion. She so sanctified but found him?
Kaali Pari
Kaali Pari 4 days ago
She legit could be a motivational speaker !!!
Hani Omar
Hani Omar 4 days ago
If she is amuslim y is she sleeping with dudes that’s she is not married to islamically?
CheekyGal301 2 days ago
Don't judge her for it cuz we don't know her situation. Just pray for her
Segolame Pearl Rapula
Adil Shah
Adil Shah 4 days ago
Lots of respect for you sister LOVE from India. KEEP being strong
summer bertram
summer bertram 5 days ago
Muslims gone wild. Didn't know they could do that.
sarbenjy 5 days ago
This was hard to watch. That man is disgusting
Desiree Walters Live Your Journey
Her face is so beautiful. The shape of eyes an lips
Tanadie Rosario otriz
May allah protect this sis and make it easier for her and her kids , and may allah give her a wonderful husband that uplift her
Marcellus Grimmond
Point Blank Period???? ... He still saying even after the results that he doesn't think he has to respect anybody who don't wanna respect themselves? His children's mother??? Man he's looking for trouble.
Mariah John
Mariah John 5 days ago
This guy is a punk🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️
Gwenette Thacker
Gwenette Thacker 5 days ago
What a worthless specimen of a human. He is the lowest anyone could get. He will take her money, no matter how she came by it! Those words came from his mouth.
daishneek721 6 days ago
I understand her pain but just bc a man tell you to you name him after another man?? Wow.. you gave him a reason to further his doubt. Thats immature.. and as for him, he need to help her.. help take care of all his kids
Aya McLeod
Aya McLeod 6 days ago
What a NASTY POS he is!!
Nouame Fidele
Nouame Fidele 6 days ago
This man is not serious look at his face 😂😂😂😂
Shaaron Simmons
Shaaron Simmons 6 days ago
You are beautiful woman deserve better get educated. He not good. For you. Move on.
Edwin Karani
Edwin Karani 7 days ago
That is a good woman and that man can't see.
Edwin Karani
Edwin Karani 7 days ago
Man something is wrong with you.
Monique Miller
Monique Miller 7 days ago
This man has a face of spoil fruits n yet disrespectful so much he is like maggots to good things
Hannah Christine
Hannah Christine 7 days ago
What a pathetic excuse for a man...I feel so bad for his kids.
Tina Maree
Tina Maree 7 days ago
Moms got herself two beautiful children. I send all the luck in the world to these children cuz I don’t know bout this dad...
Yvonne Johnson
Yvonne Johnson 7 days ago
That's d nastiest soulesss disgustin creature I've seen on paternity court ever.. Dont give a bad name to good brothers who love their families..ur missin ur soul..n that's pathetic...
Diamond M.
Diamond M. 8 days ago
He's a disgrace.Such an embarrassment.He should think before he speaks
Ollie Handro
Ollie Handro 8 days ago
Why do women talk like they are forced to have these kids
Wason Audio Visual Entertainment
it was painful to sit and listen to this fool .. he is so disgraceful
Vinh Long
Vinh Long 9 days ago
He's disgusting! Stay away from trash. And do NOT let him educate your children!
Michelle Bissett
Michelle Bissett 9 days ago
She's so pretty For him to say that treating the mother of your children right is overrated.. ohhh, I wanted to slap him upside the head... for real.. God bless this woman. She said her children have her and God they dont need no one else. Go mama! ❤
Crissy Star
Crissy Star 9 days ago
He is an a*% hole! I really don't like his attitude, The big ego and lack of respect doesn't match how unattractive he really is.
Khaoula Benmostefa
he is the father of both kids
real life
real life 9 days ago
ItsADogsLife 9 days ago
What a peice of Chit that guy is!! (I spelt Chit with a "C" so not a cuss word). I would not of put up with him for 8 hours and she took in bull chit for 8 years. I thought I had a lot of patients...I have nothing on her. I would have literally kicked him to the curb a long time ago. A very long time ago!!!
Edelia Martinez
Edelia Martinez 9 days ago
The worst dude ever . He will always be lonely , a looser and miserable
kaylove 33
kaylove 33 9 days ago
What kinda man lets his woman pays for everything? And is ok at with it as women we have to stop enabling these men geesh he proud to be a loser
Ishani Karmakar Dey
Jewel justjewel
Jewel justjewel 9 days ago
she is so pretty- I wish there was something that could improve her life
hawa khadar
hawa khadar 9 days ago
Strong sister may Allah help her
Jewel justjewel
Jewel justjewel 9 days ago
huh? this is a Muslim family? this is crazy and I can't understand what is going on
Sandra Jefferson
Sandra Jefferson 9 days ago
I’m shocked by this case, Muslim woman usually don’t sleep with man outside of marriage. Not saying it doesn’t happen but it’s very uncommon due to the intercourse being forbidden outside of marriage. Including having kids out of wedlock. But I do wish this beautiful lady all the best. Hope she finds better then this broke man who seems to be very hateful and a mean spirited man.
Andrea Jackson
Andrea Jackson 9 days ago
This guy is so awful
Mohammed J Karmon
These are people who are spoiling the religion name. This man isn't a Muslim he is a punk
kentrell hose
kentrell hose 10 days ago
If he have 2 more then he ain’t gone have to pay 💰 child support I heard🤔🕵🏾‍♂️
Korenn Bruh
Korenn Bruh 10 days ago
I love this girl. She doesn’t deserve any of that(from this poor excuse of a man). I’m actually getting emotional. She works hard, trying to do right and is very strong. Still human... made a couple mistakes but her strength is empowering.
Kay 10 days ago
He was so upset about that result and very disrespectful. Dude doesn't even know how much it costs to raise babies. Pay up and be a man!
Call Me Noon Noon
Call Me Noon Noon 10 days ago
God bless her and him. ☪️ I hope they found peace 🙏🏽 especially the kids
Pamela 10 days ago
He treats her the Islamic way.
Robotbeatz Makeup
Robotbeatz Makeup 10 days ago
She needs to love herself. He's a pos😡
GiGi2O11 11 days ago
This breaks my heart. I just want to hug that young lady and tell her she didn't deserve the life she has had. 💔
TFfolkes 11 days ago
wannabe muslim
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