Mob VS Tatsumaki (Mob Psycho 100 VS One Punch Man) | DEATH BATTLE

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Nov 6, 2019




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Comments 20 078
DEATH BATTLE! 10 days ago
Check out the Bloopers of this episode here! usvid.net/video/video-HoCBc5uYtqQ.html
Renatto Zuñiga
Renatto Zuñiga 2 days ago
Best armor batman VS best armor iron man
Traxsh Asta
Traxsh Asta 2 days ago
Can you do a TATSUMI from akame ga kill vs issei from high school dxd?
DUQ MAN 2 days ago
Ur data is wrong
Brad Hedgehog
Brad Hedgehog 3 days ago
DEATH BATTLE! I got one. How about another power ranger one? This time A putty patrol one. Zed’s Putties vs Rita’s Putties.
Shogufa Rahimi
How about they do saitama in one of these episodes
GodzillaFan 2001
Okay no bs, no “this character should have one”, this is one of my favorite Death Battles with how fun the fight was and how well animated it was. Yes, Mob losing was disappointing and even I agree he should’ve won, but I enjoyed it anyway.
Peterpansuper 123
Peterpansuper 123 2 hours ago
Do kurama vs Godzilla 👇like if u agree
Vinicity 2 hours ago
Mob: *literally owns Tatsumaki during the fight, breaks her head a few times, and outpaces her in power* Tatsumaki: "METEORU DA!"
Tom Hossain
Tom Hossain 2 hours ago
This is just Toph vs gara again. Mob literally can suck the psychic powers out of psychics. Factor in his city scale level powers at least. He should slap, stomp, squish tatsumaki
Shinge Person
Shinge Person 3 hours ago
Don’t use the CGI mask to beat Deadpool that’s just low
Shinge Person
Shinge Person 3 hours ago
Give the hand drawn animator a raise god damn it
D-man the captain
D-man the captain 3 hours ago
I should be mad Mob lost.... *But Waifu though!*
Eraldo Coil
Eraldo Coil 4 hours ago
Let's not neglect that one confirmed that Mob at 100% wouldn't lose to Tatsumaki
Brett 5 hours ago
Nani? He survived chibaku tensie?
Rodick Reyes
Rodick Reyes 5 hours ago
Mob died a pathetic death tbh...
Tempest Bello Cittadella
i really wanted to give this channel a new chance but they cant even get the most basic faks right
adallas181 5 hours ago
Always Marsman
Always Marsman 5 hours ago
*Kratos vs Superman* 🤔🤔
SuzanoSho 6 hours ago
Regardless of who won, that was quite possibly the dumbest, most nonsensical build-up to/reason for a fight, ever... You mean NOBODY could have come up with something better than that? Lmao...
The Punisher
The Punisher 6 hours ago
Yeah about what I'd say, her control greater than mob's to a degree which left him at a disadvantage
Zain Shah
Zain Shah 7 hours ago
Thank god she won
Ather khan
Ather khan 7 hours ago
Who's doing tatsumaki's voice tho?? Like I've never been attracted to one's voice like that man that's some new vibe lool
Ather khan
Ather khan 6 hours ago
@kenshan parchman nah that's fine enough for me man thanks
kenshan parchman
kenshan parchman 6 hours ago
Jennifer Alyx, its in the end credits but its really fast.
Bravo J
Bravo J 7 hours ago
shadow hunter
shadow hunter 7 hours ago
escanor vs all might
brolly 247
brolly 247 7 hours ago
The mask vs deadpool is going to be epic!!!!
Super Mario Terence
make Ness vs Villager next death battle
Brian Wilkerson
Brian Wilkerson 8 hours ago
The animation here is amazing. The detail and the high-speed movement and the telekinetic power is all great but what I find more impressive is the shifting between styles. We see spirites and more "cartoon-like" images and other stuff. It reminds me of One's style, things changing depending on how "serious" a character is. Once again I have to state how impressed I am by the research as well. Doing all this scaling, calculation and comparison cannot be easy. The hosts also reference that this battle could end in several different ways and the winner could change based on differing circumstances.
Bronpool 8 hours ago
Okay, not gonna lie Mob destroyed her in this fight. She just threw a meteor and he died lmao
C ROBOT STEVE 9 hours ago
Dos BS have superpowers?
James Mason
James Mason 9 hours ago
NOOOOOOOO WAYYYYYYY Mob has way more practice at fighting Psychic opponents big monsters or even strong big monsters isn't the same field as a powerful Psychic but math i guess
Dereck Williams
Dereck Williams 9 hours ago
Cool, how about a db with joel from last of us vs sebastian castellanos from evil within.
Luke Chase
Luke Chase 9 hours ago
I wonder who would win if they were the same age
FN64Productions 9 hours ago
23&Me keeps your genetic info after and can sell it to whoever they want to after if they feel like it
Ken Krumbach
Ken Krumbach 9 hours ago
States a blow to the head makes her lose her mental strength. Mob bashes her in the head and she is still strong enough to pull the meteor from outer space and dispel Mobs barrier. Ok
God-Emperor of NPCkind
And yet the author himself has said Tatsumaki would stand no chance whatsoever against Mob's full power.
kenshan parchman
kenshan parchman 8 hours ago
No, he said he doesn't who win if Mob was at 100 or ???%
Vishal Asokan
Vishal Asokan 11 hours ago
might guy vs yujiro hanma
Slimm Gee
Slimm Gee 11 hours ago
DeathBattle thinks that they are slick with them plot twists. Dickers
Jaydyn Domenech
Jaydyn Domenech 12 hours ago
Mobb should of won right when he was at ???%
BleachFan 2.0
BleachFan 2.0 14 hours ago
I want to see a Zeus vs. Odin death battle or rather a Saitama vs. Arale
Isaac Bowen
Isaac Bowen 14 hours ago
Superman vs Sentry
monkey king 24
monkey king 24 15 hours ago
Mob was more powerful than that he should of destroyed the meteor and killed her at the same time
kenshan parchman
kenshan parchman 8 hours ago
The speed was sort of essential. The gap between her attack and defence isn't big enough for him to take advantage of it.
GenFreitas 15 hours ago
Iron Tager vs Potemkin
The reviewer
The reviewer 17 hours ago
Wait who is the boss boomstick and wiz
Spoopatroopa 18 hours ago
I just dont understand how she survived her body being twisted around like that. Like....die from the shock of all her bones being twisted? Is she not human?
kenshan parchman
kenshan parchman 8 hours ago
She's "human" in a world where humans can smashed through buildings with nothing but skill.
Anson Ma
Anson Ma 11 hours ago
Spoopatroopa I mean she’s a character from one punch man so I guess not
Lakanus 19 hours ago
City level monsters are freaking gods in OPM while weaker characters in Mob Psycho are way, way stronger than that lol. In fact Mob fought thousands of city sized overpowered monsters in the Mogami arc, a literal army of Dragon class enemies that would solo the entire Hero Association in seconds. Oh also Mob in 999% ABSORBS Spirit power (you even showed it and then completely ignored it in the fight) and he blocked being in the center of a nuke so neither the physical nor spiritual aspect of that attack could hurt him. Kind of a shame that these things were overlooked because from an animation standpoint it was brilliant.
kenshan parchman
kenshan parchman 8 hours ago
@Lakanus The fact that A classes were reacting to it doesn't mean the attacks are moving slow, they could be just that fast. And most of the hero's there were S class, and the A class that did react were actually stated to be s-class level, but held back by sweet mask. Also, we know for a fact that ranks in one punch man aren't perfect with Saitama and King being obvious examples. She reacted to an attack from golden sperm that other S classes couldn't even see and was stated to be able to easily lift city Z. Also, ONE did an interview saying that Tatsumaki is generally superior to mob, with 100 percent and ???% having an unknown winner.
Lakanus 16 hours ago
@SonicNTGD Would be a good point except the same goes for her lmao. ???% has feats that way surpass hers. He erased an entire pocket reality, he was destroying a city by walking through it. He absorbs Psychic powers passively and blocks lightning easily. Tatsumaki literally has 0 reaction feats, only travel speed feats, whoever did the math was straight up smoking crack with that Artillery bomb calc., there were A classes and below reacting to the bombing before she even showed up to stop it. She also has little in the way of durability whereas Mob trapped himself inside a nuclear bomb and was UNHARMED, the thought that a meteor could kill him in ???% (assuming it was somehow faster than lightning) is insane. Mob erased 1000000x more space in ???% by existing than the crater of Tatsumakis meteor that she summoned against that random monster.
SonicNTGD 16 hours ago
Tatsumaki completely halts psychic power. Mob without his powers can't lift small dumbbells or run 100 feet.
Aloe aka Dashiki
Aloe aka Dashiki 20 hours ago
Meliodas vs Saitama!
Red Nova
Red Nova 22 hours ago
DB fucked up on this one
SonicNTGD 16 hours ago
No they didn't.
Bowsineer Bones
Bowsineer Bones 22 hours ago
lol nah bruh
Logicat 302
Logicat 302 23 hours ago
Jake(Adventure Time) vs. Spinel (Steven Universe)
Wingeroni 23 hours ago
Glad I unsubscribed ages ago.
kenshan parchman
kenshan parchman 8 hours ago
Then why are you here? If you unsubscribed that means you don't like their videos, but you're still giving them views.
SonicNTGD 16 hours ago
Really? Just really?
Gregory Williams
Gregory Williams 23 hours ago
Ive wanted to see the mask in a battle for a while, though i kinda hoped it would be against someone like mr mxzptlk
Austin Gomez
Austin Gomez 23 hours ago
The mask hands down, he has cartoon logic
John 23 hours ago
He should've f*cked her rather than fight her. *sigh "Japanese mid schooler boy fucked green haired cosplay chick" #Japanese #Petite #Cosplay #Student
SonicNTGD 16 hours ago
Dude, she's an adult and he's a kid, that'd make no flipping sense
Bev Day ago
I still cheered for mob 😭😢❤
David Lewis
David Lewis Day ago
ICEMAN (X-men) v. HUMAN TORCH (Fantastic 4)
Brandon Gomez
She's from one punch man hmm... Why don,t you make a battle with one punch man hmmm.
Valarry Elvinez
Hey guys can you guys do Saitama Vs Tatsumaki
kenshan parchman
kenshan parchman 8 hours ago
That already happened in canon, she couldn't hurt him.
R2blaster Day ago
Baki Hanma vs Kengan Ashurs please
Muhammad Ashkar
yea idc what anyone says, what evidence is presented. Tatsumaki can’t win against mob sorry not sorry
kenshan parchman
kenshan parchman 8 hours ago
The writer has said she can beat mob.
D 2.0
D 2.0 Day ago
yea ion know about this one chief
Young oreo the cream god
Okay so I’m thinking Sebastian (Black butler) vs Alucard (Hellsing ultimate)?
Ryden son
Ryden son Day ago
you havent touched hellboy yet.....hes quite a big character with alot of lore! show him some love, why not vs marvels ghost rider or DC's Etrigen
Papa J
Papa J Day ago
Omg hey are hideous. Stick to the anime personas. Jesus
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