MINO(송민호) - ‘아낙네 (FIANCÉ)’ M/V

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Nov 26, 2018




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Comments 55 672
shiro 08
shiro 08 21 minute ago
😍😍😍😍😍 baby
0:590:59 0:590:59 0:550:55 0:550:55
Δήμητρα Ακριτίδου
Youngjin Lee
Youngjin Lee 8 hours ago
gd is god he is amature
Shooketa Hour ago
Get a life
lee haute
lee haute Hour ago
just shut up
Angel E
Angel E 8 hours ago
ok but the beginning of this sounds like KAHOOT
sadiya r
sadiya r 9 hours ago
Taeyang Đỗ
Taeyang Đỗ 10 hours ago
Slbll Song
Slbll Song 12 hours ago
40M!!🔥🔥Congrats MINO💙💙💙💙😙
awal lia
awal lia 15 hours ago
everyday i love u Song Mino 💙
山莉 16 hours ago
#MINO 693k likes🌦 55k comments 📮 40m watching 😉🌵 ------------- Best song just 🌈🌈🌈🌈
山莉 4 hours ago
song mojiri sorry Best***
song mojiri
song mojiri 9 hours ago
山莉 it’s not his first song btw)
찍 찍
찍 찍 17 hours ago
가시나에 이어서 아낙네여
Loft Lia
Loft Lia 17 hours ago
40M 😍❣
Liisa 17 hours ago
Shooketa 19 hours ago
I want everyone to actually look up the lyrics to all winner and mino songs , they are lyric genius I swear , the way they put the words together amaze me , idk but i feel in love with the lyrics before the melody , reminds me of tablo and Epik High , I don’t mean the genre but how they make everything so meaningful is just wow
nikiysa iraas
nikiysa iraas 23 hours ago
What are the dislike????
shanyeol mwhehe
mino please stop, just stop😖❤️
Katy .A
Katy .A Day ago
This should have a lot more views than it has
짐미 Day ago
Show me the money MINO ?
song mojiri
song mojiri 9 hours ago
And NJTTW Mino 😂
Mira 96
Mira 96 23 hours ago
+짐미 anytime babe💕
짐미 23 hours ago
+Mira 96 oh, I see. Thank you :b
Mira 96
Mira 96 Day ago
Yes . but also WINNER member MINO
김치전 Day ago
죄다 외국인이야..
Charmaine Flores
Baby, sorry im late for streaming this hahahaha
Bảo Uyên Nguyễn Hoàng
40M yeah yeah
ee y
ee y Day ago
외구어바께없어 미르스틴
Rummaisa Khotimah
sadiya r
sadiya r Day ago
Lunie Toonie
Lunie Toonie Day ago
แดดดี้ ที่ไม่ได้แปลว่าพ่อ 💙💙 love MINO 💙💙
이강김송 Day ago
4.3m !!!!!!!
katarina katarina
Hahaha I love the comments here. You enjoying the song and mino. Comments should be like this. Not "we need to stream we need to gain views in 24HRS" haha
sadiya r
sadiya r Day ago
Our fandom is chilled out like that😂😂
ella rein
ella rein Day ago
My anaknae 😘😘
TheKingGoku Day ago
just me_
just me_ Day ago
Miss Wan
Miss Wan Day ago
40M done 💙 road to 50M.. Keep fighthing..
Lá Ơi
Lá Ơi Day ago
HAPPY 40M🎉🎊🎈💙💙💙💙😍💪
Shooketa Day ago
I love how chill our fandom is , we achieve our goals while being relaxed without stressing our selves 💙
sadiya r
sadiya r Day ago
Yup ikr💙💙
Srinja Gurung
40M ♡
Ai Le
Ai Le Day ago
His lips are to die for🔥
Deja Vu
Deja Vu 2 days ago
Where my bishes at
Srinja Gurung
Srinja Gurung 2 days ago
This guy got my heart hovering around him
Myeonie Cotton
Myeonie Cotton 2 days ago
suho brought me here sorry
Myeonie Cotton
Myeonie Cotton 2 days ago
I see GD in MINO
Amanda Fadhilah
I can't find GD in MINO
Shooketa Day ago
I only see mino
MaryB 2 days ago
Mino number1💙🤟🏻
ticka rin
ticka rin 2 days ago
40 M🎉🎉🎉🎉
Ai Le
Ai Le 2 days ago
YAY! 40M!!! MINO deserved this, hardworking talented bub^^ INSEOS, let`s continue to show our support to Winner boys))) thank you everybody who kept str5aming Fiance, let`s make it 50M:)
Jichuu 2 days ago
Yeayy congrats 40M Mino!!! Leggooo leggoooo 100M coming soon!!
jolie sheen
jolie sheen 2 days ago
sadiya r
sadiya r 2 days ago
40M💙🎉 congrats mermaids👏👏
Khanh Ly Ha
Khanh Ly Ha 2 days ago
yeah yeah Inseos we've finally reached 40M views
이슈템 2 days ago
피어싱좀 뜯어주고싶다
sadiya r
sadiya r 2 days ago
Toshienla Longchar
For new ICs Welcome to the fandom Here we have Body rolls for breakfast Hip thrusts for lunch 18+ scenes for dinner Mino's 19+ album is also served as a side dish Bon appetit your heart break
sadiya r
sadiya r Day ago
+Toshienla Longchar well true 😂😂 they need to be warned 😂😂
Toshienla Longchar
+Shooketa Mino taught us well 👏
Toshienla Longchar
+sadiya r I'm just warning them of what's ahead 😂 don't want them suffering a heart attack later on
Shooketa Day ago
Sinner circle mode : ON
sadiya r
sadiya r 2 days ago
Don't spoil the new kids lol😂😂
Savannah Rose
Savannah Rose 2 days ago
I wouldn’t mind being his concubine
song mojiri
song mojiri 2 days ago
DooBoo 2 days ago
올해 또 나온다던 송민호 솔로 앨범 언제일까? 너무 목 빠지게 기다리고 있는데..ㅜㅜ
Shooketa 2 days ago
Wow so close to 40m
MI NO 2 days ago
jose miro
jose miro 2 days ago
song mojiri
song mojiri 2 days ago
28k vi3ws till 40M👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
الفتاه الكيبوبيه
انا امراءتك يامينو نانانانناانانانااننا
billionaire NA
billionaire NA 3 days ago
어떻게 이런 노래가 나오지 ? 정말 대단하당 ^^
blink 3 days ago
1:01 Does anyone know who the girl on the left is
blink 20 hours ago
Thank you guys
nancy sue
nancy sue 20 hours ago
rayaza BW
rayaza BW 2 days ago
If I'm not mistaken, it maybe Heeyun, one of the Crazy Dancer crew
최경희 3 days ago
한국인 1등!(????)
Crazy Evening
Crazy Evening 3 days ago
sadiya r
sadiya r 3 days ago
Jin Yoo
Jin Yoo 3 days ago
everybody knows your gf is JS in blackpink... she and you are beloing to drug company YG
Shooketa 2 days ago
Jin Yoo you know that YGE could sue you right ?
_AyLa _
_AyLa _ 3 days ago
Jin Yoo hun..Do you ever know that YG provide us a place to send any report regarding false rumour and wrong accusation regarding their artists..hmm..drug company?? Do you ever have any evidence for all your statement hun? Do we have to screenshot your comments and send it to their legal team?? If i were you..i will delete all this comment to save my ass😀😀😀
sadiya r
sadiya r 3 days ago
+song mojiri sorry I'll report them🙁
song mojiri
song mojiri 3 days ago
Guys, report it) don’t respond
Jin Yoo
Jin Yoo 3 days ago
mino is bf of blacjfink, drag club in korea
Amanda Fadhilah
Your playlist is about mino, and now you said that mino is drug? What is wrong with you? Are you drunken?
sadiya r
sadiya r 3 days ago
Plzz go get a life
Jin Yoo
Jin Yoo 3 days ago
bpyfriend with blackpink ♡j???
Jin Yoo
Jin Yoo 3 days ago
dirty mino
sadiya r
sadiya r 3 days ago
You are dirty you jobless human being 🙄
_AyLa _
_AyLa _ 3 days ago
Lets go fam..road to 40mil 50,252 more💪💪💪 Keep str3aming but dont forget to take care of yourself first..always remember..we been taught to sleep well,rest well and eat well💙💙💙
wahida abdullah
wahida abdullah 3 days ago
gogo 40M
Izar Mustafa
Izar Mustafa 3 days ago
I think that this song has to get 100 m in one week
Namarta Sharma
Namarta Sharma 3 days ago
1:30 .. fine ass
Alex Rider
Alex Rider 3 days ago
"where ma bishes at" stan a king yall
쌀과자 3 days ago
지드래곤 삘난다조타
Amelia W
Amelia W 3 days ago
#FIANCÉ 30M ✔️ 35M ✔️ 40M 🔐 (Very soon)
Somin M
Somin M 2 days ago
ittx 701
ittx 701 4 days ago
el o la dueña de esta cuenta me va a matar
ittx 701
ittx 701 4 days ago
ittx 701
ittx 701 4 days ago
inner circle bb
ittx 701
ittx 701 4 days ago
hola te amo (no soy la dueña de esta cuenta :3)
Miriam -
Miriam - 4 days ago
I need a GunxMino collaboration
ziyahh 4 days ago
LETS GO 40M!!!!!
Always YG fam
Always YG fam 4 days ago
Please gain weight babe. I'm kinda worried .
Always YG fam
+Shooketa im worried because of his weight while promoting Fiance, but as what you've said he gain already. That's good to hear. Its just sad to see him so thin.
Shooketa 2 days ago
Always YG fam our boy is getting chubby but he’s happy with his weight so why worry ?
song mojiri
song mojiri 3 days ago
He started to grow muscles too recently))
sadiya r
sadiya r 3 days ago
Don't worry recently he has gained a little weight 😊
Love Yoon
Love Yoon 4 days ago
Quang Anh Phan
Quang Anh Phan 4 days ago
Mino của lòng emmm😙😍
Bubble Tae
Bubble Tae 4 days ago
At 0:48 who else hears bits of Soyang River Girl or do I need to get my ears checked
Bubble Tae
Bubble Tae 4 days ago
+_AyLa _ Wow thanks for the info <3
_AyLa _
_AyLa _ 4 days ago
Bubble Tae it is correct..mino use that song as the sample for this song
sadiya r
sadiya r 4 days ago
Aulia Eka Fitriani
+sadiya r gogogooo fighting!!
sadiya r
sadiya r 4 days ago
+Aulia Eka Fitriani yes but we have 76k vi3ws more to go😂😂 we'll probably reach 40M TMRW😊
Aulia Eka Fitriani
We're so near to 40M OMGGGG
Lee San
Lee San 4 days ago
Where my bishes at
MrMelgibstein 4 days ago
Minos music works like a laxative.You listen to it and it makes you go.
Ai Le
Ai Le 4 days ago
#roadto40M 🍀💙 IC, let’s go, we need 100k vi3ws more)
Nikol Irinkova
Nikol Irinkova 4 days ago
Almost 40M❤️💪
_ W
_ W 4 days ago
Idgaf this is still a banger.
im shookt
im shookt 5 days ago
Wow, how come I did not knew him. He really did satisfied me with this! I want to see Mino more❤️
red me
red me 3 days ago
i'll recommend some of hit songs : Fear, Body, Machine Gun, and also check his solo album, "XX" all good!! 🤗
sadiya r
sadiya r 4 days ago
Check out his solo album called "XX" and also his songs in the show "Show me the money" also he belongs a boy group called WINNER 😊 so check out WINNER's songs too you'll see him there😁
Hana Oh
Hana Oh 5 days ago
Ngày nào cũng nghe ít nhất 2 lần mà chưa thấy chán :3
Amber _ash
Amber _ash 5 days ago
I am obsessed with this song... new fan here!!!
Lidiya Rizkhy
Lidiya Rizkhy 3 days ago
welcome to the family :)
red me
red me 3 days ago
hi! nice to meet you! check out his other hit songs, Fear, Body, I'm Him, Machine Gun, Okey Dokey, and also his 1st solo album : XX 😊
Toshienla Longchar
Idk if this'll help but here are some things about him He's a 93' liner ( second youngest in WINNER ) He's 1.8 m tall He placed second in smtm4 securing him a position in one of Korea's best rappers His underground name was hugeboy (ik ) You can catch more of him at NJTTW,WINNERTV,Half moon friends Some of his songs (personal favourites) - fear, okey dokey,turtle ship, um, aurora,lonely Some of winner's songs - really really,island,empty,fool ,everyday
Anneqly 5 days ago
I know it's a bit late to say this. Your MV for fiance is this MV. But... Mine is from NJTTW 😂😂😂
Anneqly 3 days ago
+Khayla Piang YAS! IKR. #njttws5s6
Khayla Piang
Khayla Piang 3 days ago
that's version is the gold version 😂
bjvip ICikonic
bjvip ICikonic 5 days ago
Mino blonde
Khánh Ngọc Mai
I listen to it every day!!!!!
raven lensherr
raven lensherr 2 days ago
I listen to it 10 times a day and I STILL can't get enough
댕댕이 3 days ago
me too!
thi ut nguyen
thi ut nguyen 5 days ago
0:19 nghe thành " ai bún đây " 😂😂
MI NO 5 days ago
Meli CR
Meli CR 5 days ago
Can we give him a million of likes!!! Just for him to notice how much we love his music!!!
럽럽 5 days ago
Mino 💙💙💙💙
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