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Shomari Taylor
Shomari Taylor 6 months ago
La baby 310
Mohammad Bazzi
Mohammad Bazzi 6 months ago
King LeBron James. love you bro.
jack jack
jack jack 6 months ago
Dam Miami refs.
LuchaWarrior 4JESUS!
The Timberwolves should have won that game. Derrick Rose should have shot free throws after he got fouled.
100percentswag 6 months ago
Damn my boy lonzo fell but you gotta give em his respect that jam was sick!
Nicholas Stewart
Nicholas Stewart 6 months ago
People are missing the insanely illegal screen set and held to free Rose up before the shot.
Rondo Numba 9 6hunna
Let's go Pooh. Back to turning gaurds knees to oatmeal. I didn't teach you how to dribble in the hood at Murray Park for nothing. Better shooter too.
Kristopher Pasia
Kristopher Pasia 6 months ago
10th in the west.....hahahahahaha
WeezyFire 6 months ago
i respect d rose puttin up 31 points
Dexter Jones
Dexter Jones 6 months ago
As long as we have our Haters we'll be alright. A win is a win the last time I checked. Look at the 16 NBA Championships we've got so far. We'll be adding more in the near future. I'll say next year maybe being unbiased. How many Haters think we'll be a lottery team this season? Raise your hand if your sure!!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Dexter Jones
Dexter Jones 6 months ago
Reginald Littlejohn We're not going to win the Championship this season. Where did I say that at? I said it's coming soon so get your shit straight before you come at me fool. I Bated your Bitch Ass up in this shit fool. I Love all of our Haters because y'all make the world go round. I think Golden State will win the Championship this season to. Hate on that. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Reginald Littlejohn
Reginald Littlejohn 6 months ago
Dexter Jones You guy's are garbage. Simple one win and y'all think y'all can beat gsw smh 😂 how funny is that?
Big Saturn Official
Big Saturn Official 6 months ago
Lakers fans check it outtt 🔥 usvid.net/video/video-kc8VO4VhaNo.html
The chino V Mendoza
The chino V Mendoza 6 months ago
Uriel Cruz
Uriel Cruz 6 months ago
Rose got dat contact should of been 3 freethrows
chosun1 6 months ago
BS NBA non-call again...had it been Harden or Lebron...there would definitely be a call.
Bruce Scott
Bruce Scott 6 months ago
Father Time's future residents: LeBron James and Tyson Chandler.
James S
James S 6 months ago
lake show offense is explosive bron gotta teach them to commit on d they will get there can't wait
Michael Moore
Michael Moore 6 months ago
lmao bron got to teach them he needs to teach himself first then lead by example
David Ellis
David Ellis 6 months ago
Showtime is back in LA.
Julian Sowards
Julian Sowards 6 months ago
No doubt the lakers offense is a threat. They need to lock down on defense that is all. Once they can figure out the schemes and watch tape after tape after tape and get it down they will start winning more.
Kenneth Petrovic
Kenneth Petrovic 6 months ago
Rondo Numba 9 6hunna
What if he scored NO points? An even bigger L
Kai Guthrie
Kai Guthrie 6 months ago
The words are about 1.5 seconds delayed. Good game though. Go lakers!
not mike trout
not mike trout 6 months ago
Heriberto Murillo
Heriberto Murillo 6 months ago
I understand why they wouldn’t give up JB but if they don’t trade him they’re gonna end up losing him for nothing
wamamaw pinoy
wamamaw pinoy 6 months ago
Lets go lakers and lets go d-rose 7-8 three points stay healthy bro
J0KERB0I 6 months ago
Ear rape =(
devil slayer
devil slayer 6 months ago
They won by luck
ashley pyatt
ashley pyatt 6 months ago
Amanda M
Amanda M 6 months ago
Darn. Beat LA next time. Go Wolves!
Joel Céspedes Rosario
Why we never see Lebron being Blocked by Towns? It's a fan made?
Wizmick -OG
Wizmick -OG 6 months ago
Why y”all have to do me like that @the end?
Cerrita Mathis
Cerrita Mathis 6 months ago
The Lakers Is the team to watch this season. Trust they will disappoint a lot of teams so don’t count them out the race yet 🏀💪🏾💯💃🏾👑🔥🙏🏾
Mike F
Mike F 6 months ago
It’s crazy they didn’t have a big center until now. The reason why they were losing
Nate Jewels
Nate Jewels 6 months ago
I've never seen so much hype over a team that only wins be 4 points and the leading scorer only 24. Drose scored more then LeBron lmfaoo
Nate Jewels
Nate Jewels 6 months ago
LMFAO congrats Lakers for barley winning a regular season game against a team that's not legit lol
Michael Scardino
Michael Scardino 6 months ago
What that other guy said ^^
Boognish 6 months ago
Suck a dick
Jonathan Poe
Jonathan Poe 6 months ago
Wow We Got Tyson Chandler
xXRaBbItFiReXx 6 months ago
Come on guys..... Does there always have to be some shit fuckin up the video?? :D Wrong scores, videos hanging and now people are becoming deaf out there...
TrueTribulations 6 months ago
Butch Boy
Butch Boy 6 months ago
Nice little ear rape at the end there, thank you.
Rk Estardo
Rk Estardo 6 months ago
what happen to lance stephenson???
Maxs M
Maxs M 6 months ago
the fact that Rose is playing better than wiggins KAT and butler makes me laugh
L Casanova
L Casanova 6 months ago
CLEARLY. rose hand got hit on the release
nonito miranda
nonito miranda 6 months ago
Rose is back
Courtney Porter
Courtney Porter 6 months ago
That was a clear foul and the officials acted as if they didnt see anything.. Bogus GAME
Julio Chavez
Julio Chavez 6 months ago
Courtney Porter shut up stupid you obviously don’t know what your talking about
Bill Kinsey
Bill Kinsey 6 months ago
so close. the grind is coming.
ladiblue03 6 months ago
Rose was fouled smh
RenoOffers 6 months ago
+Ssj Legend its was 110 - 112 and he would have 3 free throws.. Lakers would have lost by 1. rose is clotch at the line!
Ssj Legend
Ssj Legend 6 months ago
Either way they still would have lost
the business handler
D rose is back baby
J. Ramirez
J. Ramirez 6 months ago
At this point of the season, I did expect the Lakers to still be trying to find their way and still a .500 team at best. So a 5-6 start should not surprise anyone. It does surprise me that Utah, Minnesota, New Orleans and Houston have a losing record at this stage
Olivia Louise G
Olivia Louise G 6 months ago
And the Nuggets on some kind of a high.
J. Ramirez
J. Ramirez 6 months ago
Lakers could’ve used Chandler the first quarter of their game vs raptors
uchiha rain
uchiha rain 6 months ago
Lakers gonna be alrite....
Dylan Smith
Dylan Smith 6 months ago
d-rose was 7-8 from 3PT before that shot... Also broke the Wolves single game 3PT record
Marcus Jones
Marcus Jones 6 months ago
Lakers still blow. No playoffs for LeBron this year..
Reginald Walker, Jr.
+NEW YORK too bad that wont be the case
NEW YORK 6 months ago
Marcus Jones good!! it's about time LeBron has an EARLY off season
Reginald Walker, Jr.
Sounds good anyways
65Sherbear 6 months ago
wolves did really really good job...Rose did good...we still love you. this is the best game I've ever seen with 3 point shooting!!! I believe we are gonna have the best record in the season!!! but someone has to stop Lebron..
keto mo
keto mo 6 months ago
good stuff Lakers keep it up
Julius Marroquin
Julius Marroquin 6 months ago
One like for lakers
Julius Marroquin
Julius Marroquin 6 months ago
Or comment
Mr. J Cal
Mr. J Cal 6 months ago
Nice win, horrible Defense
SSJ2P 6 months ago
My idol in this era Lebron James and Derrick Rose
Carlos Minez
Carlos Minez 6 months ago
the static noise at the end scared the shit out of me
Jesse Cab
Jesse Cab 6 months ago
I’m confident that the lakers would have won all of these games without Lebron. He literally puts up pedestrian numbers and sandbags on defense. I could understand going all out on offense and putting up at least 35 while taking breaks on defense but come on, look at his numbers
Egor Tuhachevsky
Egor Tuhachevsky 6 months ago
WTF 2:30-2:34👂
Tr3y Way
Tr3y Way 6 months ago
Dirty Dan
Dirty Dan 6 months ago
I'm so happy for DRose From a real Laker and basketball fan...
Carmen Jackson
Carmen Jackson 6 months ago
Anthony Lopez
Anthony Lopez 6 months ago
Factssss, D-Rose #NBAVOTE
Crusoe Bower
Crusoe Bower 6 months ago
So happy God is good praise Jesus
Crusoe Bower
Crusoe Bower 6 months ago
Lonzo you suck man. His just so shit its a joke 3 points and his a starter. We need to trade him
Jason 6 months ago
wow, what a way to end... you cucks
Edward Wong
Edward Wong 6 months ago
Is it just me, or does the end of the video have some static noise?
David Ellis
David Ellis 6 months ago
It is a sample from a Yoko Ono record.
Michael Ayala
Michael Ayala 6 months ago
Kevin Aaron
Kevin Aaron 6 months ago
I got that as well it scared the shit out of me
Carla Thomas
Carla Thomas 6 months ago
Lebron gone coach them boys straight to a Championship. Can't wait!
Reginald Littlejohn
Reginald Littlejohn 6 months ago
Carla Thomas more like to an early grave because you guys suck ass. ✊
King Kong Aint Got Shit On Me
Not with the Lakers lmao
Jason 6 months ago
+Yacob Zuriaw since when is cucks a racial term? Lol
Yacob Zuriaw
Yacob Zuriaw 6 months ago
+Jason how are you both racist and a fan of basketball? Pick one
Crusoe Bower
Crusoe Bower 6 months ago
Well Walton ain't so he got to
Angelo Te
Angelo Te 6 months ago
Obviously a foul
ur girls cooch
ur girls cooch 6 months ago
And what towns did wasent at the end
Jason 6 months ago
lol ball was already in the air, shot wasn't going to go in regardless
PERIKAZO_RUIZ Ruiz 6 months ago
Let's go LAKERS !!!!!
David Lizama
David Lizama 6 months ago
Go Lakers & go Galaxy! And fuck this Yacob fool, can't even pronounce his name.
Yacob Zuriaw
Yacob Zuriaw 6 months ago
Go fuck off to Carson :P
Wayne Hall
Wayne Hall 6 months ago
Lakers won 5-6 just need to win more 💛💜
KID KEEF 6 months ago
ikr lets get above .500
Gilbert Dominguez
Gilbert Dominguez 6 months ago
D rose got.robbed
Q Adashcxc
Q Adashcxc 6 months ago
Gilbert Dominguez бог
Jason 6 months ago
lol ball was already in the air, who gives a fuck
Jason 6 months ago
prob one of the black guys on the court is responsible
PERIKAZO_RUIZ Ruiz 6 months ago
Excuses relax
Tainui Parata
Tainui Parata 6 months ago
How could anyone say rondo needs to start over lonzo. They played the same. Rondo had 27 minutes 1/7FG 10R 2P While ZO had 21 minutes 1/6FG 6R 3P
Long Life
Long Life 6 months ago
+Juno Boy rose ballin tf out
MrQ000000 6 months ago
They actually don't play alike at all. Lonzo was bad this game but overall, he is so much better for what the team want to do on offense. This team loves outlet passes and running the floor. Lonzo is the type of point guard to get the pass off very very quickly. Meanwhile Rondo dribbles the ball into the floor and makes the offense stall until things set themselves up, and a lot of times they don't. I also can't watch Rondo pass up any more open shots. Teams are daring him to shoot when he's open and he always turns it down while at least Lonzo can be streaky. Couple it with the fact that I'd probably take Lonzo's defense over Rondo's as well and his size gives him greater versatility, and it's a pain to see Lonzo on the bench, slowing his development.
Maxs M
Maxs M 6 months ago
good joke
Juno Boy
Juno Boy 6 months ago
You know lonzo played badly right? missed after missed, costly turnovers plus he does not have it to go strong to the basket (either lack of confidence or lack of upper body strength) . He got out performed by a 30 yo player who had six major knee and leg in injuries.
Vice Xan
Vice Xan 6 months ago
So your saying they are both dog shit right?
Dexter Jones
Dexter Jones 6 months ago
That's a revenge win from the first meeting we had with Minnesota. Nice win Lakers. Tyson Chandler had nine rebounds and did alright defensively in the game. JaVale McGee scored 16 again and the blocked shots he gets is a very good thing for us. We should be straight if we can stay consistent.
Dexter Jones
Dexter Jones 6 months ago
Well I know one thing for sure and very that is the Boston Celtics is the only team who has more Championships than we do. All the rest you guys teams are Way behind us. Run Tell That in my Martin Lawrence Voice. LOL😂😂😂👉👉
Dexter Jones
Dexter Jones 6 months ago
Boognish That's auto correct for you because that's how I spelled his name first. Didn't your phone ever correct a name or a word that you typed in? That's not my fault. I know how to spell ok. Have the best day ever.
King Kong Aint Got Shit On Me
+lenin Franco ikr Lakers still not going anywhere yall lucky to be a 8th seed
Boognish 6 months ago
It's *JaVale* not "Gavelle."
Reginald Walker, Jr.
+lenin Franco you hurt? I don't believe he said it was impressive or that they were going to the finals
Jackson Cadenhead
Jackson Cadenhead 6 months ago
This video is in fast motion and the last scratch on the end destroyed my ears.. do better
Nicholas Stewart
Nicholas Stewart 6 months ago
Khalid Nawabi
Khalid Nawabi 6 months ago
😂😂😂 thank u for the heads up
Sam Alexander
Sam Alexander 6 months ago
I could make a better video and im a fucking programmer
David Ellis
David Ellis 6 months ago
A sample from a Yoko Ono record.
Heriberto Murillo
Heriberto Murillo 6 months ago
Jackson Cadenhead i was like what scratch? And then rip
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