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Comments 100
Tristan Jass
Tristan Jass 6 months ago
Thank you guys for watching!! Give aways are coming soon!!! Stay tuned!! 🙏 BE DIFFERENT
Ayden Pangborn
Ayden Pangborn 4 months ago
Hello Tristan jass I watch your videos I love your videos
KidDiffer 5 months ago
Tristan Jass Deadass Bullied Him Give Him His Box Logo Back 😂
BossBJ&Ryan Boss
BossBJ&Ryan Boss 6 months ago
Tristan Jass this might sound stupid but what shoes are you wearing
Gant Geiger
Gant Geiger 6 months ago
Tristan Jass I attempted your scissor layup took 4ever but kinda got it I respect how hard you’ve worked to get this far.
Franklyn Valcarcel
Franklyn Valcarcel 6 months ago
I challenge you to a game of basketball
Aarav Goel
Aarav Goel 6 days ago
You are so good at basketball
Briennan Black
Briennan Black 27 days ago
2:00 need that for the garm
Felix Stewart williams
Stop playing scrubs and go up against The Prof. Or Marcelle for game 3 of L.A.Y
Jenny Peterson
Jenny Peterson Month ago
Why mini hoop
Jayden_The_GOAT jayden
GG 1-11
EaStar's Channel
Why has he never played against the professor? He had the chance often enough
yung babs
yung babs 2 months ago
Why do you put a nice bow logo as click bait
Justin DiRoberto
Justin DiRoberto 2 months ago
Get a haircut
Wendy Baun
Wendy Baun 3 months ago
i watched that vid with the professor and look at 3:57 (get air bro)
Wendy Baun
Wendy Baun 3 months ago
3:56 looks dope!!!
Mitsoz ZARO
Mitsoz ZARO 3 months ago
Bro cmon stop puttin dudes that have never touched a ball in ur vids trynna show off
Nicolas Ong
Nicolas Ong 4 months ago
I like it
Nicolas Ong
Nicolas Ong 4 months ago
He one pf professor moves
Enrique Varela
Enrique Varela 4 months ago
I see u using that move that professor taught u🤘🏾💯🏀
Chronic Livy
Chronic Livy 4 months ago
Faze jelly
Faze jelly 4 months ago
this fool learning some professor moves just bcause he could use it in 1v1 with some hypebeast like pls once 1v1 a basketball player and big basket
Icy Jay
Icy Jay 4 months ago
He learned that move from professer
Rockoy The Man
Rockoy The Man 4 months ago
need to work on them 3 pointers
SahSadPanda 4 months ago
that wasnt fair
Remmio _
Remmio _ 4 months ago
That video from the professor was the one that got me to your Chanel.
TypicalAdencraft5 4 months ago
timd80 4 months ago
Lol he said he would get him back
Terrance Johnson
Terrance Johnson 4 months ago
@TristanJass your frosty the snowman lookin ass is terrible u need to play some competition and post it
Dennis Reynolds
Dennis Reynolds 4 months ago
"How do you guard that bro" umm stay between the ball and the rim lol
Fjfjf Ckckc
Fjfjf Ckckc 5 months ago
How tall is Tristan jass
Brody P
Brody P 5 months ago
you good with fancy layups but in a 1 on 1 . you couldn’t beat me
Jacob Stacy
Jacob Stacy 5 months ago
Simply wasn't fair. Man was wearing skinny jeans
Borot kovalok
Borot kovalok 5 months ago
You are very talented.No more drugs,ok.
Dat_kid _jay
Dat_kid _jay 5 months ago
Ummmm where the jellies at tho....Tristan, I'm very disappointed
Dat_kid _jay
Dat_kid _jay 5 months ago
-Fuck- that sup-hoodie, that *_Different_* merch is heat 🔥
Avantay Larry
Avantay Larry 5 months ago
LittleJudah23 5 months ago
Get him 100 Dunks
icebearplays 5 months ago
What shirt is Tristan wearing that hoes fire
BMPresents 5 months ago
How high is the hoop
Myaaa Jdfjjju
Myaaa Jdfjjju 5 months ago
Kingcam3xgod 5 months ago
ur rich so by u one brush
Sully JAVED 5 months ago
And what's wrong with his face it's so weird
Sully JAVED 5 months ago
All he does is post basletball
Sully JAVED 5 months ago
This channel is so boring
jaime sanchez
jaime sanchez 5 months ago
Vlog Time !!!
Vlog Time !!! 5 months ago
Your hait looks shit
Doom Gasolina
Doom Gasolina 5 months ago
Proffesor move
Blake Docena
Blake Docena 5 months ago
v8ng •
v8ng • 5 months ago
Tristian, you bullied him hella hard. FEELS BAD
Chase Karlin
Chase Karlin 5 months ago
Watch him buy a fake one just for this challenge to make you think its real
tri truong minh
tri truong minh 5 months ago
3:04 I knew he was going to say that lol
Margaro Morales
Margaro Morales 5 months ago
T jass si a flipping god
Devayon Scutchings
Devayon Scutchings 5 months ago
Spacing Tiger
Spacing Tiger 5 months ago
Just using what proffesor taught you
Jacob214 ajiboye
Jacob214 ajiboye 5 months ago
The Best basketball you tuber ever like your videos slot man and I like your moves
Gentile Kid
Gentile Kid 5 months ago
He did the move professor taught him
Austin Joseph
Austin Joseph 6 months ago
It was toooooooo ez win
Trey VanDusen
Trey VanDusen 6 months ago
He kinda sounds like ricegum
BuuX DaZe
BuuX DaZe 6 months ago
Ply me 1v1
Karli Davis
Karli Davis 6 months ago
so you live in windy
Mike Dee
Mike Dee 6 months ago
T Jass destroyed him so bad it was painful to watch😣😣😣
Brad Bobson
Brad Bobson 6 months ago
No offense to supreme I feel like that shit is so over price
Cj Jackson
Cj Jackson 6 months ago
Bro. Your hooping on someone booty af, come hoop on me like dat!
Kadin Logue
Kadin Logue 6 months ago
Dis boy need some jeasus
To. Savage
To. Savage 6 months ago
I got respect for his "work ethic" but t jass stay playin scrubs
Kevin Torres
Kevin Torres 6 months ago
Play Solluminati
zahed salhien
zahed salhien 6 months ago
go back to 5:46
SaulRangeljr 6 months ago
This is abuse.
Waffle Cone
Waffle Cone 6 months ago
Roses are red violets are blue I liked my own comment because nobody else will
Hi Gaby
Hi Gaby 6 months ago
Good handles Kyrie Irving :v 😂
pawley 6 months ago
smh he was wearing that hoodie in recent upload good try on the fake content lol
NUB XD 6 months ago
Stop they A UBUSE
Hayden Recht
Hayden Recht 6 months ago
Bro where are the legendary Jordan’s at ?!!!!!!
Isaiah Bickers
Isaiah Bickers 6 months ago
Why’d he show up in jeans and vans
Dollaz Datway
Dollaz Datway 6 months ago
This guy used the move Mr.Professor taught him, aw 😂
Eileen Dirkes
Eileen Dirkes 6 months ago
ugly hair dont care
Noah Mims
Noah Mims 6 months ago
6:15 kick ball violation Just give it to him 😑
SHONI MCNALLY 6 months ago
I have seen Tristan wear that hoodie before I wondering if it’s his
CLapz Rez
CLapz Rez 6 months ago
That boi it show to him
IamLaKelly 6 months ago
Carry at 6:25 Just Saying
Brian Wu
Brian Wu 6 months ago
That guy doesn't even know what is basketball 😑😑
Delfi DelfiOnOf
Delfi DelfiOnOf 6 months ago
Лол да он со слабаком играл в чем прикол
Kai Belveal
Kai Belveal 6 months ago
Curious to see if he can actually play when there’s competition. He plays against kids who would get cut from C squads
Evan Mandrell
Evan Mandrell 6 months ago
How tall would you say the mini hoop was?
Cool Beans
Cool Beans 6 months ago
Who ever was commentating you really like Tristan better then the other player
arjay hernandez
arjay hernandez 6 months ago
Hi kuya tristan im your number 1 fansssss god bless
Pizza5732 6 months ago
You tried that move that the professor taught you
Ball is Life
Ball is Life 6 months ago
Sean O’Malley
Sean O’Malley 6 months ago
Do you play actual basketball. Like a league or just travel and play random people.
VetLungs 6 months ago
His opponent looks like he plays Badminton lol
VetLungs 6 months ago
What a glorious day it will be when an elite baller pull up on TJASs with the camera and call this man out lol
Frolex 6 months ago
That’s not a lv bogo but ok😂
Super Fights!!
Super Fights!! 6 months ago
How about try and play someone who looks like they have touched a basketball before instead of trying to make yourself look all that
Amari Lewis
Amari Lewis 6 months ago
Tristan you're so good u should play for the nba
basketball let's go
basketball let's go 6 months ago
everybody sub to t jass
basketball let's go
basketball let's go 6 months ago
you get 10 subs every 12 second
Marcus The legend
Marcus The legend 6 months ago
How old is T?
Trinoy Kakoty
Trinoy Kakoty 6 months ago
Tjazz jst plays wid nubs n thinks himself to be good .. play wid hoopers dat r good rather then playing wid amataurs
Mekomical 6 months ago
Didn’t this dude just break his ankle like a couple weeks ago
Jonathan Neubauer
Jonathan Neubauer 6 months ago
Yo i feel so bad for that guy u litterly destroyed him omg😂😂
Devin Hardin
Devin Hardin 6 months ago
Why do they even try to beat him you no you lost
Patrick Bradley
Patrick Bradley 6 months ago
I was waiting for a 1v1 post with you and the professor, and this drops? lol. Guess you don't want that smoke.
DeMarzBro Nite
DeMarzBro Nite 6 months ago
He Trash😂
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