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This week on Basics, it's time to make the ultimate cookie: millionaire's shortbread.
Ingredients & Shopping List coming soon!
Music: "Sweet Berry Wine" by Blue Wednesday


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Feb 13, 2020




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Comments 2 739
Thomas The Train
Thomas The Train 4 hours ago
You should the breakfast covered in honey from Darling In The FRANXX
flordeamapolita 4 hours ago
I want to see another layer so we can have Billionaire's Shortbread.
Bilbo Swaggens
Bilbo Swaggens 4 hours ago
Can you make stuffed tomatoes from Marianne? It’s a French horror tv show on Netflix. It’s a really good show if you don’t mind subtitles and the stuffed tomatoes look really good.
Adam Perez
Adam Perez 5 hours ago
I miss the old cream on chrome babish
Oreman 11
Oreman 11 5 hours ago
If Babbish was a serial killer his calling card would be a cross section of his victims
Angel Sifuentes
Angel Sifuentes 5 hours ago
You should do teen titans perfect sandwich
Colin Smith
Colin Smith 6 hours ago
Can you do Meenas Nakishka from Cory in the House?
Colin Smith
Colin Smith 6 hours ago
It looks really smack if u watch the episode
pieisnotreal 6 hours ago
I'll say the best time I had tempering chocolate was when I was in school and we had these like 10lbs slabs of baking chocolate. you could basically reserve a big chunk and then when the rest of the chocolate was melted you would use the chunk to stir the chocolate until it was melted. everytime I've seeded the chocolate got to temp before everything was melted.
kennythek1ller 6 hours ago
I made this yesterday and am enjoying it today however I made the shortbread a bit too thin and the caramel a bit too think nonetheless its amazing
TheGrimDemon 6 hours ago
Andrew could you have a go at making your version of Baconnaise sos? I would like to see your version of it (idea for it came from a Wetherspoons pub that I visit once in a while that serves an "Ultimate Burger / Ultimate Gourment Burger" with this sos and the sos itself is great, it's not usual style Baconnaise but one with sliced gherkins/pickles and from what I manage to taste a bits of onion)
Iangamz 7 hours ago
Make transforming rice from food wars
Martyn Sarfas
Martyn Sarfas 7 hours ago
This is truly the best and most humorous cooking video I have ever seen.
Kelsey Lewis
Kelsey Lewis 7 hours ago
You..... You removed the foil from that one corner piece before someone ate it, right? I'm genuinely concerned now.
Kyle 8 hours ago
Babish measures a quarter cup in tablespoons? Chaotic good confirmed.
Tim Sianides
Tim Sianides 8 hours ago
whats these first two spoons you put in there ?
Anaxyleri 10 hours ago
HowToBasic is like When you started cooking and don't know wtf you're doing and "The Binging with Babish" stage is when you finally know wtf you're doing
Jon Fox
Jon Fox 10 hours ago
Shortbread is not a cookie. **cries in British*
ふじわら明菜 11 hours ago
Babish make a tuna sandwich from the fast and furious.
Seán McGovern
Seán McGovern 11 hours ago
What can I use as a substitute for cornsyrup?
Green Feathers
Green Feathers 12 hours ago
Gonna make this the next time I buy butter.
Green Feathers
Green Feathers 12 hours ago
So... he writes the script first before shooting, right?
Master of all trades O
Kimchi ... how to make kimchi ...kimchi from k-drama. I like kimchi,
Gavin Gough
Gavin Gough 14 hours ago
how has he not done good burger
Jovan Paunovic
Jovan Paunovic 14 hours ago
Is this by chance too sweet?
Sabon 14 hours ago
make the apple pie from seven deadly sins movie
Random Guy
Random Guy 14 hours ago
Hey can you make the "dream omelette" from the onion??
Erick Azarian
Erick Azarian 14 hours ago
dude your show is super clutch
some random dude
some random dude 14 hours ago
Can you make the chilly denson made in the chilly cook off episode? That would be interesting to watch you put chicken in your chili
Cassidyokay 15 hours ago
You should make the pho from “Me and Earl and the dying girl” I don’t think a lot of people know abt the movie but if u see this you totally should
Jeejington 15 hours ago
Probably will get lost in the sea of comments. I recently found your channel and I love it. Do you think you could do a Breakfast Sandwich (could be as basic as bacon and eggs or as crazy as you want to get)? I'd love to see your take on it. I just want to see what kind of bread, meats, cheese or eggs you would use. Love a fan.
mareir 16 hours ago
**me, attempting to write down the recipe while realizing I don't own a whisk or thermometer. Or skill.**
Jaida Elliott
Jaida Elliott 17 hours ago
Hi can you PLEASE make beaver tails from the tv show Stoked for bingeing w/ babish??
Cheryl Baclit
Cheryl Baclit 18 hours ago
Babish can you make jjapaguri ram-don from Parasite???
Julian Castellanos
Julian Castellanos 18 hours ago
Can you do the breakfast sandwich from birds of prey??
monika laosi
monika laosi 15 hours ago
That must taste absolutely insane... my mouth is drippin... Good lord man... how can you even... Going to quickly turn that it into an American shortbread
Celtic Bear
Celtic Bear 20 hours ago
Or you can go buy a Twix bar
hillbilly creeper
hillbilly creeper 20 hours ago
I don't know if you would get this comment but I have a request do you think you can replicate Harley Quinn's egg sandwich from birds of prey
mythicsagefire 20 hours ago
Corn syrup? Really? Better taste with simple syrup & more natural.
Joops 20 hours ago
You should attempt the Spongebob Sundae
Maggie Hamm
Maggie Hamm 20 hours ago
You should do the perfect egg bite from the joe parra talks with you show
__Floof__ 21 hour ago
You should do the Leviathan stew from Apex legends!
Levi Rosner
Levi Rosner 21 hour ago
Hey Andrew I thought it would be cool if you could do a floating island video. Having lots of Hungarian family, I eat this dish a lot, or as we call it in Hungarian, "Madártej". However I do know that it is originally French but yeah. I would love to try to make it on my own sometime. Please like this so he sees :)
XxgypsyboygamingxX 21 hour ago
we need the harley quinn breakfeast sandwich
Woebegone Kenobi
Woebegone Kenobi 21 hour ago
Isnt wild how he's probably going to reach 7mil before having the time to get out his 6mil special? Fucking love this man
David Garcia
David Garcia 23 hours ago
Los pollos Hermanos chicken!!!
Shiny Hunter Alex
Shiny Hunter Alex 23 hours ago
Babish! Please make Tonio’s Delicious Meals from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable! @chillax. for the comment 8 months ago; I just really want Babish to see.
mixio hili
mixio hili 23 hours ago
The amount of sexual jokes in this are INSANE babish you’re an absolute genius
AnaLiese Salisbury
Please do the steak Ramen dish from Parasite!
Tommy Shelby
Tommy Shelby Day ago
Make the sausage egg and cheese mcgriddle
Ethan Burgins
Make Ed’s Sauce from Good Burger
mixio hili
mixio hili 23 hours ago
can you do something for madri gras? Please!!!
Black Hole
Black Hole Day ago
That must taste absolutely insane... my mouth is drippin... Good lord man... how can you even... Going to quickly turn that it into an American shortbread
Toe On The Trigger
Lobster Thermidor from Lego Batman
Elliott Harris
Is he a closet Ethan Bradberry fan? A fan of the regula shmegula? 0:50
Andre Leonard
Do the Food Wars anime
There is no point in placing that lasagna pan on a rack, YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO TAKE THE CAKE OUT OUT THE PAN
John Shepard
John Shepard Day ago
Caramel squares, there was a bakery beside my school that sold these for 10p when I was a kid, you felt half a pound heavier after eating one, bloody delish!!
sk8 TV
sk8 TV Day ago
Make the noodles from the movie parasite when they cane home from camping.
Joshua Welch
Joshua Welch Day ago
Where’s the recipe
The Burger Bandit
Maaaan you have the smoothest voice, I could listen to you all day! Can you start doing some audio books or something haha
SocialLego Day ago
Make the menu from poultry palace from toy story
Chop Happy
Chop Happy Day ago
Wow that looks so yummy! Your basics videos are always so great and so helpful!
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