Miles & Rylee's Cha Cha - DWTS Juniors

Dancing With The Stars
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Miles Brown and Rylee Arnold dance the Cha Cha to "Shake Senora" by Pitbull featuring T-Pain & Sean Paul during the Semi-Finals.


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Dec 3, 2018




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Comments 348
Queer Queen of Tears
Is it just me or are they being way tougher on the kids than they are on the adults? This dance deserved straight 10’s
shalaunda bacon
shalaunda bacon 12 days ago
Not taking credit away from JT and Sky, but Miles and Rylee were really good! I feel there were other couples that should have scored higher and won. I hope they come out with another season
Warriors🎗Mom 22 days ago
I kind of wish they would have won.
Luca Renker
Luca Renker 23 days ago
I’m so proud of JT and Sky but I think Miles and Riley should have won
Yorman Estrada
Yorman Estrada Month ago
❤️ latín
Alyssa M
Alyssa M 2 months ago
This is really awesome!
miyah hinton
miyah hinton 2 months ago
That thumbnail tho They are too close I ship it Mylee
Joyce Ikota
Joyce Ikota 2 months ago
30/30/30 This is the best cha-cha on dwts
shalaunda bacon
shalaunda bacon 4 months ago
I’m sorry but they were robbed this season. JT and Sky were cute, but there was def better dancers in the show
Anna Peterson
Anna Peterson 5 months ago
It’s a good thing that they were very close to winning because most of the groups where the girl was just a couple inches taller than the boy they got eliminated in the beginning because usually the boys supposed to be taller than the girl so it’s a really good thing that they made it as far as they did so they didn’t win it still didn’t go pretty far
Kim Possible
Kim Possible 5 months ago
They should’ve won’t no offense to sky and Jt but miles was so much more advanced than all the other contestants besides Kenzie
Cool Bean23
Cool Bean23 6 months ago
It should have been two tens a least
Emma André
Emma André 7 months ago
Shake shake, shake bongú. Only real Haitian will understand ❤️ Gove mw a like of you get it
Candy Cane
Candy Cane 7 months ago
Totally awesome, I loved it, beautiful.
GamingWithGT 7 months ago
Woah! I’m very impressed! The moves were very sharp, they had great timing, and they showed they could work hard. They had very straight limbs, and they had self confidence. I am VERY impressed he learned this through FaceTime. Even Maddie Ziegler or Jordyn Jones can’t do that so well! 10!!!!!!!
Røse Watęr
Røse Watęr 7 months ago
I wish they won, they were so good! Sky and JT deserved it, but they were my obvious second place.
Leah Grace
Leah Grace 8 months ago
What is the song?
Ja Bob
Ja Bob 8 months ago
Leah Grace according to the description it’s shake senora
maria p
maria p 9 months ago
this is my fav dance from them
maria p
maria p 9 months ago
looking back at it , miles literally had no bad dance. all his dances were so good.
DancingGirl 11
DancingGirl 11 9 months ago
This is by far THE BEST cha cha this season! I can’t even tell you why it just is soo amazing!
Riana Best
Riana Best 9 months ago
Is rylee injured because she wears pedinis instead of Latin shoes most weeks
getmemymustache pls
getmemymustache pls 8 months ago
Riana Best ikr that’s what I’m wondering I think she doesn’t like the Latin ones and the pedinis are like Latin shows but the heel is smaller it could be she’s injured or she likes closed toe shoes
K C 9 months ago
Correction scores are 10 10 10
Mircea Istratescu
Mircea Istratescu 9 months ago
Akash and Kamri were good too
Mircea Istratescu
Mircea Istratescu 9 months ago
Sarah Ivey
Sarah Ivey 9 months ago
They should have been getting perfect scores since like week 3 idk why they didn’t get a perfect score? They underscored a lot they had incredible dances and should have won
James Farquhar
James Farquhar 9 months ago
This was one of my fav dances of the season
YoJayy 9 months ago
LINDSAY IS AMAZING though she got them doing allot of hard dances THEY PREVAIL seriously no one else could do that dance like that except kenzie and sage should've won sky and jt won because of the audience they were the worst dancers in the final they're good at acting and slow elegant dancing BUT HERES SOMETHING I NOTICE THEY NEVER DID A FAST DANCE they haven't showed everything there freestyle and LIGHT IT UP dances were both good but sky never had the greatest form. something i learned about dwts is that the audience is all example sky and jt mostly sky the audience loves her because of the cuteness if it were in terms of dance points and so we know who it might've been also why did the finals come so early honestly i believe sky and jt are lucky because how many awws she got an episode she is lucky the audience likes her thats why some despise her i believe miles and rylee should've won they showed excellent technique always had amazing content always had decent scores and had the ability to be hyper energectic like street performers always having the spotlight the also excelled in everything and could do what the others couldn't be AMAZING ICONIC AND CHARMING without being the smallest of cheese also they had excellent form and have always improved they were the most hyper and had the most stamina this the salsa and the Christmas freestyle show it nobody else could do this dance besides kenxzie and sage but not as fast they were so unique remember these lyrics MILES AND RYLEE ALWAYS SHINING LIKE A NEW GOSH DARN DIAMOND DONT MAKE LIKE THEY USED TO NEVER RUNNING OUT OF STYLE that describes them perfectly don't you agree oh wait here's another AINT NO MOUNTAIN HIGH ENOUGH TO WHAT THERE SKILLS CONTRIBUTE OF! with all this on there side i believe they truly won having some of the best results and ect. sky and jt won the star but miles and rylee won my heart MIRROR HEART ..............welll i guess hudson from general hospital would have to win huh anyone agree
Greg Silverman
Greg Silverman 9 months ago
I can't believe he learned all of this from facetime.
getmemymustache pls
getmemymustache pls 9 months ago
What are the shoes she’s wearing called ?
eva harms
eva harms 9 months ago
1:04 miles face
Stella Resnick
Stella Resnick 9 months ago
Dulia Eliancy
Dulia Eliancy 10 months ago
Miles and Rylee are God’s no funny
Quineshia Stallings
Quineshia Stallings 10 months ago
Miles and Rylee's Cha Cha was fantastic and I love their outfits they look so Fabulous way to go Miles and Rylee I am so proud of you. 💐💐💐💐💐💐💐
Caitlin Brazil
Caitlin Brazil 10 months ago
This is really good!! If Skye didn't win, he definitely should've won!
Smiley L
Smiley L 10 months ago
Every time Miles dances it's like a party.
Smiley L
Smiley L 10 months ago
Rylee is going to be gorgeous when she gets older.
Madison Treace
Madison Treace 10 months ago
Dang 😍♥️
Anna Hatch
Anna Hatch 10 months ago
I can’t get over how much Rylee looks like Lindsay when she dances 😄
Lee Cox
Lee Cox 10 months ago
Considering that this song is usually used for a Samba, I can see why Whitney would have been tempted to give the routine a Samba flavor. Unfortunately, it didn't have any discernible Cha-Cha content!
Zara Lucas
Zara Lucas 9 months ago
Their mentor is Lindsay. Not Witney.
Queen Silver
Queen Silver 10 months ago
I want him to win so bad. The other competitors are amazing as well but Miles learning this through Facetime is unbelievable. Kid deserves it
Coll 44
Coll 44 10 months ago
Him and McKenzie are the top two
Greta Snukis
Greta Snukis 10 months ago
Dude rylee is a freaking powerhouse holy frick I love this so much
Francis Herrera
Francis Herrera 10 months ago
kara h
kara h 10 months ago
The dancing and choreography were amazing, but what were they thinking with the outfits? They're only kids and shouldn't be showing that much skin. Just my thoughts.
Tiffanye Young
Tiffanye Young 10 months ago
He's so fantastic. I literally can't tell who is the pro or the star any more!
Jamaican Diamond
Jamaican Diamond 10 months ago
Can't stop watching this
Fred Derf
Fred Derf 10 months ago
What`s this shit ? A pedophiles wet dream !!!!
Sissy Link
Sissy Link 10 months ago
MILES!! U 2 r ADORABLE!! I hope u WIN😉
Jala Williams
Jala Williams 10 months ago
bruh Miles is not playing.... I low-key think he could win
Junomaster2006 10 months ago
The mod should be shot. It’s clear that he’ll rape that women when puberty hits
GFK 10 months ago
Something sick about this .
aguyandhiscomputer 10 months ago
Little girl showing lots of skin and shaking her botty? Yeah, I saw a few sickening things.
Hope King
Hope King 10 months ago
Biy. She has grown alot since the beginning
Mrblend27 10 months ago
This a pedos dream
Cheryl Is All Love
Cheryl Is All Love 10 months ago
Wow.. I'm blown away. My eyeballs couldn't keep up with those quick steps.
J N 10 months ago
I Love you miles, great job!!!!
AJ Demonheart
AJ Demonheart 10 months ago
I was skinny as a kid, but god does she have ANY body fat?!?
Shamiya Bell
Shamiya Bell 10 months ago
Sarah Lisette
Sarah Lisette 10 months ago
Best dance ever 💛
Bho Loo
Bho Loo 10 months ago
*This girl almost has no lungs and have just a couple of ribs*
Jasiel Gerena
Jasiel Gerena 10 months ago
Bho Loo can you not they are children
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