Milan 0-2 Juventus | Ronaldo And Mandžukić Stun San Siro | Serie A

Serie A
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Cristiano Ronaldo seals Juventus win at San Siro | Serie A
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Comments 100
syifa rahmania
syifa rahmania 9 hours ago
Mantap kali ronaldo from indonesia
Giorgos Wick
Giorgos Wick 22 days ago
Higuain that's what you get when you want to score to your old team
Cornelius Cornelius
i'm not a fan for any team..but i'm the ronaldo, messi, beckham, song heung min, mohd salah, ronaldo phenomena and ronaldinho fan
An Nguyễn
An Nguyễn Month ago
Brahim Slaim
Brahim Slaim Month ago
Cristianooo Ronaldooo 💖💖💖💖👌👌👌👌👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Bagas Koro
Bagas Koro Month ago
Focused All Day
Focused All Day Month ago
WTH is going on with Dybala?? Dude just stopped scoring goals all of a sudden.
WHITE NASH Month ago
Forza Juve!!!
Aan Sportivo
Aan Sportivo Month ago
Higuain #lol #lol #lol
дибала Gelev
дибала Gelev 2 months ago
mochamad arifin
mochamad arifin 2 months ago
CR7 Bombs
bagus prakoso
bagus prakoso 2 months ago
Mamng idola kau cr7
Nick Kruger
Nick Kruger 2 months ago
Juventus will win the champions league
multiyapples 3 months ago
Great game.
ketan polekar
ketan polekar 3 months ago
Ronaldo and Dybala may have a good friendship but their relation will never match the relationship which Marcelo and Ronaldo had in Madrid... Hala madrid
GOLDEN MUSIC 3 months ago
Sub me png ok
Dry Rot Aus
Dry Rot Aus 3 months ago
Sensitive referees need to find new employment if they are to allow their feelings into their work, very unprofessional officiating. Embarassing to the sport.
official foundation
official foundation 3 months ago
official foundation
official foundation 3 months ago
usvid.net/video/video-95pZguGNcBM.html subcribe back.. indonesian serie A Lovers (fans) Thank's Guy's
ignacio salinas
ignacio salinas 3 months ago
Fuersa juve Milán caca
Emmanuel GEBBIA
Emmanuel GEBBIA 4 months ago
Nul le match
Kuple 86
Kuple 86 4 months ago
ronel dibala
Chiz 4 months ago
Honestly after watching that why is no one questioning how rigged it was by higuain. Looks like he was paid to play poorly and eventually get sent off.
Hero4 GoPro
Hero4 GoPro 4 months ago
Iako sam srbin uvek cu reci Hrvatska da je najveca skola fudbala ikad 🙋‍♂️
ISMAIL RAHI 4 months ago
Tomas Cabezon
Tomas Cabezon 4 months ago
The name of the youtube channel is 'Serie A' and they put the comments in english ....
heee 27
heee 27 4 months ago
*Gonzalo Higugagain*
cedaGo 4 months ago
Pipa debe odiar a cr7..... y debe auto odiarse también por fallar tanto
Ольга Невзорова
anirban das
anirban das 4 months ago
3:32 thug life referee
RazBoy 4 months ago
я гугле пишут что 1:0 странно...
JACK DANIELS 4 months ago
Junior Sousa
Junior Sousa 4 months ago
2:24 Pavel Nedved
Junior Sousa
Junior Sousa 4 months ago
higuain is so bad oh gosh
Rbg Kota
Rbg Kota 4 months ago
Miss andrey shevchenko, ricardo kaka, hernan crespo Best CR7 Forza milan
septian dion
septian dion 4 months ago
Higuain pahlawan juve. Di buang sia sia
Hendry Chou
Hendry Chou 4 months ago
Poor Higuain.. Missing a penalty and lose from his former club..
nzeen _victoria
nzeen _victoria 4 months ago
Higuain prustasi hahahaha
Bhupesh Hans
Bhupesh Hans 4 months ago
Higuain 😂
alpha meetei
alpha meetei 4 months ago
higuain is one of the wrost footballer
Salatieli Hulu
Salatieli Hulu 4 months ago
CR7 the best for you from indonesia
Player Mobile95
Player Mobile95 4 months ago
Subscribe with youtube me and I would subscribe with you
n k
n k 4 months ago
Ashiq anvar
Ashiq anvar 4 months ago
Juventus watsapp group link chat.whatsapp.com/Lb8VnEMJMDm1HiL2262sLK
saya kamu
saya kamu 4 months ago
Mantap jiwa 👍
AnimeBestMoments 4 months ago
If ronaldo in ur team .. u are 1-0 against ur opponent (zidane)
Fendra Pratama
Fendra Pratama 4 months ago
Bravo CR7 from indonesia
Chế Nam
Chế Nam 4 months ago
I like Referee. :)) A red card hahaha
Shamim Ahammed
Shamim Ahammed 4 months ago
Any Madrid supporters? Well there's a rumour, "Who needs CR7!!!"
Abdul rochim
Abdul rochim 4 months ago
Gagal faham karo Seng comen ....0ra ngerti aku😂😂😂😂
Carousel Willy
Carousel Willy 4 months ago
Higuain his mouth works better than his feet
Bazhdar Anwar
Bazhdar Anwar 4 months ago
Ronaldo ❤️
Mohammed Daban
Mohammed Daban 4 months ago
Ronaldo class
Aaron Montoya
Aaron Montoya 4 months ago
Wow 9 mil, CR7? :D
agus doni
agus doni 4 months ago
Ronaldo bring much champion spirit for juventus,,
joker Surafel
joker Surafel 4 months ago
Belotiro Rolando 😮👍
JBR Vids
JBR Vids 4 months ago
Bhavya Mehra
Bhavya Mehra 4 months ago
dont write the score in the title!!!! kidding me???
Dibu Pathan
Dibu Pathan 4 months ago
I like Ronaldo...I am following Serie A Tim for him.....Who else like Ronaldo in Juventus shirt?
Vito Gaming
Vito Gaming 4 months ago
Because ronaldo, this channel many views
Adam Kadmon
Adam Kadmon 4 months ago
Thats not Sport only machine and business World.
Adam Kadmon
Adam Kadmon 4 months ago
GOLDDIGGERS evrywhere ........
Malik Irfan
Malik Irfan 4 months ago
I think Juventus is not giving the respect to Ronaldo which he deserve.
The Spicy Tube
The Spicy Tube 4 months ago
🔥 *Merry Christmas* 🎁 *See! Send XMas Gift for You* 🎁 xmaswishes.my-style.in/?n=SANTA
Jajajjaa Higuaín es más malo que pegarle a la mamá
Luan Raci
Luan Raci 5 months ago
Seria a is the best
Max Li
Max Li 5 months ago
2:28 "And here's Dybalaaaaaaaa!"
hader amaad
hader amaad 5 months ago
اكو عرب بالزيارة
Tural sadiqov
Tural sadiqov 5 months ago
Ronaldo amazing celebration
Tôi yêu Bóng đá Việt Nam
Ronaldo And Mandžukić will have difficulty when facing the Atletico's defense
Ale Minecraft
Ale Minecraft 5 months ago
r 7 amor
Ale Minecraft
Ale Minecraft 5 months ago
magiclive 777
magiclive 777 5 months ago
Mandzukić is the best and so sweet😆
Akshay Kodakkat
Akshay Kodakkat 5 months ago
Anybody want the meaning of perfection dont look at the dictionary watch cristiano ,,😍😍😍😍🤩😎😎😎😎
Jhofran Moran sanchez
Orlando Perez
Orlando Perez 5 months ago
hahahah pobre Higuain da pena ya, estas quemao higuain fuera de forma ya !
Андрей Байкин
Hhgguj guijhg hjfyjk jhgtff kkhff
Yanto Hudi
Yanto Hudi 5 months ago
Zaidel Mini
Zaidel Mini 5 months ago
Like Juventus team from Alessandro Del Piero still play.. Legend..
Kergit Soylusu
Kergit Soylusu 5 months ago
Last 17 match Juventus - Milan Juventus : 15 win Milan : 2 win
Claudio Sancho
Claudio Sancho 5 months ago
Milan quem te viu , quem te vê.
BOB the ROCK 5 months ago
The league itali crowded again because there are ronaldo🤣😀🤔🤗😍😍😍
Go Quao vlogs vlogs
Go Quao vlogs vlogs 5 months ago
Like ronaldo
TABU NGUKI 5 months ago
Seeing SerieA only for ronaldo
Sonia Belgique
Sonia Belgique 5 months ago
Priya Kk
Priya Kk 5 months ago
Juvvvvvvvvvvvv I love cr7777777
Sen Heng
Sen Heng 5 months ago
I'm following Serie A only for Ronaldo
Sen Heng
Sen Heng 5 months ago
Sumara Hussain
Sumara Hussain 5 months ago
I hate aliemia
British MMA
British MMA 5 months ago
2003/2002 Rossoneri would rip this Juventus side apart. Nesta Maldini Gattuso Seedorf Inzaghi Shevchenko Rivaldo Pirlo Rui Costa Dida. Boy I miss the Milano Giants!
Zxiril XXX
Zxiril XXX 5 months ago
I feels bad to Higuain 😢 he deserve to still stay in Juventus
Agenwisata Karimunajawa
Ronaldo n mandzukic ....josss tenan
Julius Wang
Julius Wang 5 months ago
I'm pretty sure the stadium is called San Siro when Milan is playing at home.
HT Creation
HT Creation 5 months ago
Michela Colò
Michela Colò 5 months ago
Forza Juve
abdulkadir karkın
abdulkadir karkın 5 months ago
ronaldo and mandzukic two best player in the serie A
herry yulianto
herry yulianto 5 months ago
Higuain know what a tricky actor some juve player could be. And as usual, referee is on juve. Some last matches of both team tell us so.
Yosep Iskandar
Yosep Iskandar 5 months ago
7 and 17 Ronaldo,manzukik
Traxure 5 months ago
R.I.P. Real...
Funny TV
Funny TV 5 months ago
Ronaldo I Love You
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