Milan 0-2 Juventus | Ronaldo And Mandžukić Stun San Siro | Serie A

Serie A
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Cristiano Ronaldo seals Juventus win at San Siro | Serie A
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Nov 11, 2018

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Comments 4 850
Yanto Hudi
Yanto Hudi 19 hours ago
Zaidel Mini
Zaidel Mini 21 hour ago
Like Juventus team from Alessandro Del Piero still play.. Legend..
Veysel Doguç
Veysel Doguç 4 days ago
Last 17 match Juventus - Milan Juventus : 15 win Milan : 2 win
La '10' es Arte
La '10' es Arte 5 days ago
Forza Milan per tutta la nostra vitta
Claudio Sancho
Claudio Sancho 5 days ago
Milan quem te viu , quem te vê.
BOB the ROCK 5 days ago
The league itali crowded again because there are ronaldo🤣😀🤔🤗😍😍😍
HâuBonsai linhkê
Like ronaldo
TABU NGUKI 8 days ago
Seeing SerieA only for ronaldo
Sonia Belgique
Sonia Belgique 10 days ago
Priya Kk
Priya Kk 12 days ago
Juvvvvvvvvvvvv I love cr7777777
Sen Heng
Sen Heng 12 days ago
I'm following Serie A only for Ronaldo
Sen Heng
Sen Heng 12 days ago
Sumara Hussain
Sumara Hussain 13 days ago
I hate aliemia
British MMA
British MMA 13 days ago
2003/2002 Rossoneri would rip this Juventus side apart. Nesta Maldini Gattuso Seedorf Inzaghi Shevchenko Rivaldo Pirlo Rui Costa Dida. Boy I miss the Milano Giants!
Zairil Shahmi
Zairil Shahmi 14 days ago
I feels bad to Higuain 😢 he deserve to still stay in Juventus
Agenwisata Karimunajawa
Ronaldo n mandzukic ....josss tenan
Julius Wang
Julius Wang 14 days ago
I'm pretty sure the stadium is called San Siro when Milan is playing at home.
Patel Hiren
Patel Hiren 14 days ago
Michela colo
Michela colo 15 days ago
Forza Juve
abdulkadir karkın
abdulkadir karkın 16 days ago
ronaldo and mandzukic two best player in the serie A
herry yulianto
herry yulianto 16 days ago
Higuain know what a tricky actor some juve player could be. And as usual, referee is on juve. Some last matches of both team tell us so.
Yosep Iskandar
Yosep Iskandar 17 days ago
7 and 17 Ronaldo,manzukik
Traxure 17 days ago
R.I.P. Real...
Funny TV
Funny TV 17 days ago
Ronaldo I Love You
Luis 17 days ago
Ronaldo , que se quede donde esta ahora . Real Madrid debe ahora acostumbrarse a que no necesita mas a Ronaldo . Esto lleva su tiempo pero harà que el Real Madrid vuelva a ser el de antes .
Myrandos O.T.
Myrandos O.T. 17 days ago
Another challanger put to the Juventus sword !
James Yu
James Yu 17 days ago
Barış Yıldırım
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Rodrigo martin
Rodrigo martin 17 days ago
Pipa pipa pípa nononononono jajajajajajajjaja
MIKE KZ 17 days ago
Ювентус мыкты
Dëëìmar Orobio
Dëëìmar Orobio 18 days ago
Serre 7
Dëëìmar Orobio
Dëëìmar Orobio 18 days ago
CR7 El mejor del mundo
Dëëìmar Orobio
Dëëìmar Orobio 18 days ago
Cr7 6to balon Dor
Tendai Mashava
Tendai Mashava 18 days ago
That's it, another challenger has been put to Juventus sword
CSKA 04 18 days ago
Mandzukic and Ronaldo are the best in Serie a!
ivanfcb10 18 days ago
Empujando balones como. Siempre jajajajajajajjaajaj
I am who I am
I am who I am 18 days ago
Wtf is wrong with huguawin today frist bag for palenty to referee and then could,nt finish the goal then he got angry gets red card wtf 🤣😂😂😂😂.
กฤษฎา ประพันธ์
ผมว่าเปาโลดิบาล่า น่าจะเป็นสุดยอดนักเตะในอนาคต
Abdullahi qaboojiye
Cr 7 I will go were ever you go ,😃
Yoda Google
Yoda Google 18 days ago
There wasn't penalty...
tanja najdovska
tanja najdovska 18 days ago
Nathanbrite games
Nathanbrite games 19 days ago
Higuain kesian.dipinjem ke milan
hermes is
hermes is 19 days ago
Hue Pham
Hue Pham 19 days ago
π 19 days ago
Higuain tiene que tomarse la medicación...
Kaua_ Rodrigues
Kaua_ Rodrigues 19 days ago
Que número e esse canal
Itten Bordesius
Itten Bordesius 19 days ago
It's kinda sad how Ronaldo was running alone after scoring... lol
oscar sandole
oscar sandole 19 days ago
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Anish Shrestha
Anish Shrestha 19 days ago
ronaldo play serie A league so im follow !!
Robert 19 days ago
im not a juve fan ...but i have to say the team looks very good ..they deserve the champions league this year
Ruben Gutierrez
Ruben Gutierrez 19 days ago
So agonizing for AC Milan! Via Juve!
ardy purwanto
ardy purwanto 19 days ago
Mantap sangat mantap
Tm soempong
Tm soempong 19 days ago
i am miilan forever
Love for Milan
Love for Milan 20 days ago
Will never die
Samson Daniel
Samson Daniel 20 days ago
All these penaldo fanboy, kids!
RADHY Aiman SQUAD 20 days ago
RADHY Aiman SQUAD 20 days ago
Manzukic and ronaldo is gooooood
RADHY Aiman SQUAD 20 days ago
Hahahaah milan deviet
Imran Hakim
Imran Hakim 20 days ago
Juventes pro
Jack Chanel
Jack Chanel 20 days ago
Rozukic !!! Ronaldo& mandzukic Verygood
Dzikri Rujhanul
Dzikri Rujhanul 20 days ago
"Ronaldo hebat
Goal Foot
Goal Foot 20 days ago
Serie A because of CR7 like
Congratulations juve &cr7
2.5k dislikes are probably by AC MILAN FANS 😂 😂 😂 😂
Murshedul Islam
Murshedul Islam 21 day ago
Miguel Torres
Miguel Torres 21 day ago
Siiiiiiiiiiimmmm 👑🐐
Servicio de administración Tributaria
Mamá mia el insecto :v
Jimmy Christian
Jimmy Christian 21 day ago
Sahru Ramdhan Ramdhan
Im follow ronaldo
joelma Auria
joelma Auria 21 day ago
Cr7 o melhor
götoş taha
götoş taha 21 day ago
Abdeldjalil oran
Abdeldjalil oran 21 day ago
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Abdeldjalil oran
Abdeldjalil oran 21 day ago
Match de résumé youtu. être/ ORrRvNYyol4
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Almost 8 million🔥🔥🔥🔥
Ty Pichit
Ty Pichit 21 day ago
Higuain so rude
Miguel Angel Muñoz Frey
higuain, eres un cagon de mierda
Prestamo Serio
Prestamo Serio 21 day ago
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Maria Mercedes
Maria Mercedes 22 days ago
everyone's talking about Ronaldo but what about Manžo? man, Manžo's so underrated.
Almasi TV
Almasi TV 22 days ago
ronaldo like a young
roolo78 22 days ago
Salty Higuain . Kind of feel bad for him. Ronaldo screwed him everywhere. In RM. As well as Juventus. And now his bad luck follows him in AC Milan.🙁
# top # hot #
# top # hot # 23 days ago
Juventus have cronaldo, i from 🇻🇳
Roberto Pereyra - 37
*Mandzukic and Ronaldo* *The best duo* *Mandzukic is the best of the world* 👑
JMG 3 days ago
+Roberto Pereyra - 37 Mandzuckic is playing good only because of Ronaldo. That's not a coincidence that the season Ronaldo came to Juventus is the season Mandzuckic is playing better in his entire life. CR7 makes the whole Juventus playing better. U don't compare Ronaldo to Mandzuckic. His playing good but comparing him to Ronaldo is a fckn insult to the GOAT. I bet u didn't watch one game of Juve this season. And watched all the games. Don't say shit. Ronaldo is literally carrying the team. Assists Goals everything and playing good af
Roberto Pereyra - 37
+JMG By the way you do not watch football, today mandzukic is the best of Juventus, every important game he is deciding, stop this bigotry ! Mario the king of Turin 👑👑
Bv Onj
Bv Onj 5 days ago
+JMG Juventus Inter 1:0, 66 min,Mandzuckic.Now,do i need to tell you you are an idiot or you realize that by yourself...
JMG 6 days ago
+Bv Onj yea I know. But that doesn't hide the reality that Mandzuckic is a pesent compared to Ronaldo.
Bv Onj
Bv Onj 6 days ago
+JMG Man,you are a pesent compared to Mandzukic shit...
4you 23 days ago
I love Ronald I'm a good footballer I play like Ronaldo But I'm a migrat(expatriate) in Greece and I am very poor I hadn't any practice since I came to Greece becaus i can't found any football team because I am migrat Just i want from you pray for me.😢😢😢😢 AFG. But I never won't give up
Bayu Fernando
Bayu Fernando 23 days ago
Mario mandzukic ....is the best
Serie A
Serie A 22 days ago
Roberto Pereyra - 37
*Yeah, Mandzukic is the best !*
suthesan arasu
suthesan arasu 23 days ago
Higuain, Just stop, Just stop. You are so bad, only make shame of yourself.
Виктор Волин
Higuain donkey )))))))
Davin Albareeq
Davin Albareeq 23 days ago
iamharry 23 days ago
Ronaldo 👌👌👌
Ameer Ahmad
Ameer Ahmad 23 days ago
Coming only see CR7 😁😁😁
Palm Trees and Rum
Palm Trees and Rum 22 days ago
Too bad, because Juventus is a great team to enjoy.
bayu adrian
bayu adrian 23 days ago
Sorry Higuain 😭
Henrique Rolim
Henrique Rolim 23 days ago
Cristiano Ronaldo o melhor de todos os tempos... Alo Brasil
younus Khan
younus Khan 23 days ago
Younus khan cr7
Ghetto Spoodermen
Ghetto Spoodermen 23 days ago
Cristiano's celebration is the best thing ever
Serie A
Serie A 23 days ago
Yuni Moko
Yuni Moko 24 days ago
Came on cr7
Сергей Щерба
Пизда, не будет Роналдо не будет футбола...не будет Макгрегора не будет UFC .Милан как немощные...где Милан 2005+ (((
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