Mike Myers Has A History With Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody'

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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Sure, Mike Myers is in the upcoming Queen biopic 'Bohemian Rhapsody.' But the British rock band's first appearance in a Mike Myers movie happened years earlier in 'Wayne's World.'
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Nov 1, 2018

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Comments 4 265
Corn Dog
Corn Dog 13 hours ago
Myers is great...should do some Canadian parody stuff
Ash Heath
Ash Heath Day ago
Upstaged by Dana Carvey much douchebag? That's why you had to ridicule him Wayne's World 2
Michael Myers is such an awesome person!
Howard Luken
Howard Luken Day ago
Does it seem like Mike Myers vanished from the planet for a long time? Suddenly he's doing talk shows and he's 55. Holy Jeeze, I just realized I'm 62 and all this stuff is ancient history to most now. Sort of like watching the Dean Martin show as a kid and laughing my ass off... wait a second, we knew who people were a generation or two before us. Now millennials don't know who anybody over 30 is. Sad.
James King
James King Day ago
My fave, hands down. Truly amazing and I agree. I cried a little when Mike told that story about the letter from George.
ben Dineley
ben Dineley Day ago
Oh god I had no clue his mum and dad where from liverpool. 😁😁 I am from the same place as shrek's mum and dad !!!!!
eyeseer1 2 days ago
Having a flashback of Mike Myers in 'Inglorious Bastards' with the costume. (Yeah, he was the British soldier in that movie.)
Michael Kos
Michael Kos 2 days ago
Bit of a Peter Sellers costume rip off there I wouldn't mind saying..
SheilaghmBrosky Brosky
I've seen the movie 4 times and I'm the only one laughing at the head banger reference.
Nice outfit
MushMeizer 4 days ago
Mike Myers looks a lot like Benny Hill in this clip,maybe he should make a biopic of him :)
Andrew Cowan
Andrew Cowan 5 days ago
Love Queen, but sadly could not stand to watch Wayne’s World.
Adoring Fan
Adoring Fan 6 days ago
I’m not a fan of queen but I’m a huge fan of Mike Myers
caption b
caption b 6 days ago
Its a privilege to be called Michael Myers.
Andromeda 7 days ago
I really like Mike Myers, what a guy!
Steven Fifield
Steven Fifield 7 days ago
He sounded like dr evil
Bernard Riddick
Bernard Riddick 8 days ago
Me and buddy me the only black guy singing this on Friday night's good 🌳 lot's of beer and good times miss you guys✊✌😎
LesPaulExpress 9 days ago
Dr. Evil and that doll didn't exist when the Beatles were together, or even all alive.
Carlos Royo
Carlos Royo 8 days ago
The surviving Beatles and the heirs of John (and now George as well) still have a corporation (Apple Records), hence their business meetings, and Myers clearly points out that Harrison was already so ill that he had lost his voice (because of his lung cancer).
Clive Bennett
Clive Bennett 10 days ago
Mike, your always welcome round my house.
Cody Greene
Cody Greene 10 days ago
I wanna see Mike Myers play a British Paratrooper in a WW2 movie.
Cody Greene
Cody Greene 9 days ago
+jackstar15 I know.
jackstar15 9 days ago
he does a small cameo in inglorious bastards, if that counts haha
The QWERTY 12 days ago
👩‍🦰 👈👚🤳 👖 👠👠 This is Maya. She's never had kids. However many likes this gets is how many kids she'll have
Elaine cat
Elaine cat 13 days ago
I like him so much. He is so proud to be A Torontoian like me. Just like listening to him. He is my age too amazing guy
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson 13 days ago
Colbert was in Myers' Love Guru, his only flop after five hilarious movies in a row
lol Clark
lol Clark 13 days ago
Was that David Niven he is portraying ?
AtariLeaf 15 days ago
I picked up on that scene right away and laughed my ass off. And yes, it was one of the best movies of 2018. Fantastic picture.
Eddie Rad
Eddie Rad 15 days ago
What a great story Mike. Love both of you guys! You were awesome in both movies. BH teared me up thinking about how we no longer have Freddy anymore. Saw them once in the early 80's sometime in Spfld MA. Unforgettable Amazing show!
Toby Dion
Toby Dion 16 days ago
I'm so happy for Mike Myers, I was a big fan of Wayne's World, and it was the first time I heard any of that song, only many years later learning there was more to it, then later knowing it was a Queen song.
LeonidasSthlm 17 days ago
I had no idea that was him in the movie when I saw it. Mike seems like such an amazing person.
jack reed
jack reed 17 days ago
Who wants a comical Ray Foster spin off movie with Mike Myers? Screwing over every musician with "medium talent."
Tuscon Cactus
Tuscon Cactus 18 days ago
i have even more respect for mike now
ikhnaton 19 days ago
This is a what we call a great interview.
gghice1 19 days ago
He's got so much charisma, I don't get how they don't give him roles after just one bad film.
Colbert is definitely the best interviewer in late night.
carterlink 22 days ago
What a great guy. Seriously.
Josey Wales
Josey Wales 22 days ago
Great story. Myers is a interesting guy.
Cornealius Underbuckel
1:16 “I have helmet hair”
mary tapia
mary tapia 22 days ago
This was one of the most touching interesting and beautiful interviews ever
Jenny and Rosie
Jenny and Rosie 23 days ago
MGOFor3ver 23 days ago
I read he wanted to have a roll as a soldier, that's why he appeared in Inglorious Bastards as an english general. So cool coming from comedian like him.
markmark63 23 days ago
In BR he looks like Jeff Lynne of E.L.O.
Toby Wood
Toby Wood 24 days ago
Stolen glory etc etc
Random Pilipino
Random Pilipino 25 days ago
I don’t hear mike myers,i hear shrek😄♥️i would appreciate a subscription😊
DM00SE 25 days ago
Great interview. Mike is awesome
Sandler23 26 days ago
Crazy that song wasn't supposed to be in the movie because its the best part.
Yu Law
Yu Law 26 days ago
It was because of the movie Wayne’s world why I got in to Queen not to mention Bohemian Rhapsody and when I found out that was the same band that played in Highlander…forget about it
David Deck
David Deck 27 days ago
Don't panic, don't panic Captain Mainwaring
Disco Deacy
Disco Deacy 27 days ago
You really can’t not love mike Myers
Raymond Licon
Raymond Licon 27 days ago
I like that but of humanity from Mike. Yeah he's my friend and I can call him Mike. 😂
Yehet Ohorat
Yehet Ohorat 28 days ago
All I can think of is Shrek
the diamond
the diamond Month ago
Mike myers was my movie hero, amongst Waynes World and Austin powers hes a comedic icon
jan k
jan k Month ago
Lol you got the wrong role
Diecast 45
Diecast 45 Month ago
Heheh i love mike myers
Mo n
Mo n Month ago
Mike Myers is a treasure 😍
Mo n
Mo n Month ago
Scarborough wedgewood 😆😆😆😆😆
Lit Voyage
Lit Voyage Month ago
Perfect interview. I like them both.
Roger Edgerton
Roger Edgerton Month ago
Wtf happened to this man? The last time I saw him he was playing some lame ass limey teabag character hosting the Gong Show. Jeez, talk about a downward spiral.
Andrew Hosgood
Andrew Hosgood Month ago
Why is he he wearing the Paras beret. Did he earn it?
Cynthia Veit
Cynthia Veit Month ago
Mike Myers was a joy to watch. I like to see him in more films.
Jodie McClure
Jodie McClure Month ago
lmao great part of the meeting
Joe Wiedmeier
Joe Wiedmeier Month ago
Hold on mike did the beret right! Wow
Acid :0
Acid :0 Month ago
I only hear shrek
Wisty Boy
Wisty Boy Month ago
If they ever do a biopic of Jeff Lynne and ELO, Myers would be perfect....
Wisty Boy
Wisty Boy Month ago
Sorry to be picky but the guy with the Brolly (umbrella) in Bridge Too Far, carries it because of bad memory: "I could never remember the password, so I carry the umbrella, so that any sentry would know that I was an Englishman,"...Now for some Galileo :)
OC Money
OC Money Month ago
" If you took someone's Galileo, you got beat up."........THUG LIFE ✝️
waylander07 Month ago
utrinque paratus
Sam Kresil
Sam Kresil Month ago
I always knew Myers was obsessed with the song, but even prior TO Wayne`s World, I knew he`d have a chance to show it all off.
Re del Blu, Re del Mai
He looks like Uncle Vernon from Harry Potter...
Anything. Lucy
Anything. Lucy Month ago
I love how Mike Myers(in Bohemian Rhapsody) complained said no teens will bang their heads along to Bohemian Rhapsody, then in Wayne’s World he head banged to Bohemian Rhapsody
Choco Manger
Choco Manger Month ago
I had no idea that EMI record company guy in the film was Mike Meyers!
Spill the tea
Spill the tea Month ago
DoNkEy GeT oUt Me SwAmP
Why do some late middle-aged men consider it remotely acceptable to dye their hair? It's creepy and fools no-one and puts you fairly and squarely in the company of Silvio Berlusconi - puke. You can go grey perfectly stylishly, ask George Clooney.
ow de
ow de Month ago
a bunch of references I'm not familiar with but at least Mike Myers explained them.
Mini3005 Month ago
I read that Freddie did not want to show his privacy to the public, so I think he did not want a movie to be shot about his private relationships.
kitschiguy Month ago
Claiming Mike Myers for the British!
mrspeel7 Month ago
Stephen's remark to Mike: "You won life."
thefalsebottoms Month ago
You're a red beret? I'met toga green beret let's g
thefalsebottoms Month ago
My father is from Toronto. I'm the priory of sion. More to come winno.
Tony Wellington
Tony Wellington Month ago
this COLBERT guy is a HUGE TOOL
sean o'connor
sean o'connor Month ago
is it me or does colbert's audience not get mike myers? this had a weird vibe to it from the start, maybe it's stephen
S.H. Morris
S.H. Morris Month ago
But the umbrella guy had no mustache
Goo Gueule Mele
Goo Gueule Mele Month ago
Crashtest Fetus
Crashtest Fetus Month ago
Soap MacTavish
Ali Lucce
Ali Lucce 2 months ago
A Star being Star struck.... love it! :)
Tommy Loika
Tommy Loika 2 months ago
Mike Myers on Halloween💕
Zombie Linda
Zombie Linda 2 months ago
Jesus..that crowd will erupt into applause for absolutely nothing.
Nexxua CaTz
Nexxua CaTz 2 months ago
“Pity your wife if you think 6 minutes is forever” - Greatest musician ever
Hal C
Hal C 2 months ago
I thought he looked a dead ringer for Jeff Lynne of ELO in that clip
ziggy2009 2 months ago
How David Letterman is missed.
Wesley Curry II
Wesley Curry II 2 months ago
I enjoyed that film very much. But by gosh, I could not tell that was Mike Meyers playing that role. Astounded.
Tom Elliott
Tom Elliott 2 months ago
Can tell he really knows the accents
Nas 1758
Nas 1758 2 months ago
This crowd sucks.... Mike Myers is a legend.
MH Cook
MH Cook 2 months ago
It's about the Movie!
Proud Kiwi
Proud Kiwi 2 months ago
I think my first experience or at least earliest memory of Bohemian rhapsody was Waynes World. I'm sure most 90s kid will be the same.
jeries mee
jeries mee 2 months ago
His regular voice sounds so weird compared to his acting voice lol
Ian Hanna
Ian Hanna 2 months ago
The story about George Harrison
ricekevine1970 2 months ago
Absolutely love Mike Myers. Colbert, whom I despise was actually tolerable. I still can’t stand him. But, it was worth it see Mike Myers.
bandx3000 2 months ago
This movie is fantastic.. i watched it 2x... i wanna go see it again... I really enjoyed and love the Bohemian Rhapsody movie... i really wished i watched them live in concert.. i wouldof loved to watch them . This was close enough
Dominic Brown
Dominic Brown 2 months ago
Mike Myers...class act. Awesome
Nikolas O.
Nikolas O. 2 months ago
Great job Stephen and Mike Myers truly sounds like a very humble and cool guy. Lovely story.
alumbo 2 months ago
Myers looks a little like Jeff Lynn in that B.R. clip.
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