Mike Myers Has A History With Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody'

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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Sure, Mike Myers is in the upcoming Queen biopic 'Bohemian Rhapsody.' But the British rock band's first appearance in a Mike Myers movie happened years earlier in 'Wayne's World.'
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Comments 100
Wutang-Dan! 4 hours ago
Promotes a film about Queen. Talks about the Beatles instead. Haha
Abomination 6 hours ago
When does he say “Donkey!”
Cust- Ials
Cust- Ials 17 hours ago
Even though I hate Stephen Colbert truly, this video is great
Finley Popp
Finley Popp 2 days ago
Loving the denison smock
Chris Button
Chris Button 2 days ago
I was today years old when I realised Mike played Wayne in Wayne's World.
HamburgerTime 3 days ago
Fuck I want that outfit
Curtis Burga
Curtis Burga 3 days ago
He carried the umbrella so that he wouldn't be accidentally shot by his own troops, because who else but an Englishman?...
Stone Creek Cinema
Mike Myers, Mike-uh-Mike-uh Myers, Mike-uh Myers, Myers, a-Mike-uh-myers.
Keiran Gardner-Hall
‘SpOooT OfF TEa’ what a nonce.
Pete 3 days ago
Mike Myers Funny stephen colbert not funny.
Tony Baines
Tony Baines 3 days ago
you have to earn them wings
poo bum
poo bum 3 days ago
it was the right song for waynes world !
Thomas 4 days ago
wait wasn't the umbrella cause he kept forgetting the password and only a british man would be on a battlefield with an umbrella
Emil Kruke
Emil Kruke 4 days ago
Worst SUBTITLES I've experienced in a long while. I think I'd almost prefer the auto-generated ones..
Charles 4 days ago
Mike the Best actor!!! In Austin Powers his personality the way he acts , so cool!! Real!!
Pat McNamara
Pat McNamara 4 days ago
That character he is portraying actually lived !
MichiganJack 4 days ago
Mike Meyers a global treasure.
MegaAshWilliams 5 days ago
George Harrison's last letter... That's something else.
Stelios Kontos
Stelios Kontos 5 days ago
He said liverpool very fast because he's probably ashamed to be from there ;)
Robert Pirlot
Robert Pirlot 5 days ago
Wait? Mike Myers has a Tricitizenship?
M C 5 days ago
Mike Myers needs attention SO MUCH
Uurraaa Comrade
Uurraaa Comrade 6 days ago
I thought he was captain price from COD
Rhubba 6 days ago
More chat show guests should dress up as British paratroopers.
sean omeirs
sean omeirs 7 days ago
Thats why hes an actor fucking love Mike
matt g
matt g 9 days ago
That George Harrison story is great
Adrian Fornero
Adrian Fornero 10 days ago
Benny Hill !!!!!
TM 10 days ago
Mike Myers is so incredibly charming. I would love to just have a long conversation with him.
Acoustic Mong
Acoustic Mong 10 days ago
i don't like how his beret isn't correct. it's bugs me but then he is only really a civilian, so
WeT PiGy
WeT PiGy 11 days ago
the way he looks at the camera at 1:35 creeps me OuT
Angie MontoyaCuri
Angie MontoyaCuri 12 days ago
im a suburb!!!!!!
Eric Schmidt 78
Eric Schmidt 78 15 days ago
He should of went as Michael myers
Cheyenne Gbur
Cheyenne Gbur 16 days ago
Did anyone else happen to notice Rami Malek (Freddy) was wearing a Chicago Blackhawks jersey for that scene? Nice touch
Patrick Wentzell
Patrick Wentzell 16 days ago
The first song I've heard and seen on television was from Twisted sister group on MTV when the eighties was more about the music and nothing else gee I want that time period back again it was passionate wild uplifting full of life so cholesterol free oh we are young and no one can tell us were wrong searching our hearts for so long both of us knowing love is a battle field
Ride The Lightning
Mike Myers is awesome I loved him in Wayne's World, Austin Powers, as Shrek, just all of his movies are gold
Luke Gallagher
Luke Gallagher 24 days ago
When is the life of Benny Hill coming out? Legend.
Daniel Benington
Daniel Benington 26 days ago
Awesome story
gav1w 29 days ago
He actually says’ “So that people know I’m an Englishman”.
Beardy Ry
Beardy Ry 29 days ago
My best mate is a great cousins or something of Mike Myers,even look alike its weird.
blissfullycat02 Month ago
Tied to Queen, knew George Harrison personally, Hollywood royalty, hilarious and sweet... I live this man 😁
seeker143 Month ago
In the uniform of my dads regiment . 1st airbourne.
murno Month ago
mike myers speaking about the beatles and queen. i mean this is everything.
FDS Month ago
I cross that bridge every day... Where's mike?
Mad Kash
Mad Kash Month ago
Six bloody minutes it’s forever-RAY FOSTER
Colin Roberts
Colin Roberts Month ago
He looks like maestro from rainbow six seige
Curator Month ago
You know a Torontonian when he says Trawno not Toronto.
Joyce LeBaron
Joyce LeBaron Month ago
I just rented the movie and THOUGHT that was Mike Myers, great job!
Neena Lane
Neena Lane Month ago
I love Mike Myers. He's so humble.
GhostDiver Month ago
"It Goes On Forever, Bloody Minutes!" - Ray "Mike Myers" Foster
dave h
dave h Month ago
2.03 i live in the don vally in sheffield,...someone must,ve took the name over there.......watched the film the other day,i didnt click on it was m myers
tartaninka Month ago
Great job he has done in that supporting role... That EMi guy is nice &sleazy, every newcomer's group nightmare.. gave me the shudders ;)
jdprettynails Month ago
I'm in my thirties and my fiancé and I ALWAYS headband to Bohemian Rhapsody.
Cara Crabtree
Cara Crabtree Month ago
They should've played the Wayne's World clip when they are banging their heads to Bohemian Rhapsody...
Ryan Karkadoo
Ryan Karkadoo Month ago
He fought hard for Bohemian Rhapsody to be in the film (Wayne's world) but didn't agree with Bohemian Rhapsody in Bohemian Rhapsody.
Thomas Simmons
Thomas Simmons Month ago
Colbert is a cultural ABYSS! Shame these once cultural Christ's have to prostate themselves before the new PILATE...and what dear boy is the TRUTHINESS?!
StrawsNBerrys Month ago
Everytime i look at him i think of shrek
Matthew Bulloch
Matthew Bulloch Month ago
Heard he didn't want that in car but got talked into to? Ah well
Bluestripe The Warrior
Ugh I wish there was a Wayne’s World 3! I’ve watched the other 2 so many times lol
Scott Shea
Scott Shea 2 months ago
Mike Myers part for me was the best scenes in the movie. The movie itself took far too many artistic liberties with the timeline and with "facts" that as a fan of the band, I found it difficult to enjoy the movie and see the goofs and errors. Case and point, Mike's character was fictional. I wish I could say I enjoyed Bohemian Rhapsody, but I did not.
Vodka Lime Soda
Vodka Lime Soda 2 months ago
Mike is such a sweet guy!
trix4free 2 months ago
One of my favorite parts of that movie was when Mike Meyers told queen that no one would be banging heads in their car to bohemian rhapsody lol
Jake Yelle
Jake Yelle 2 months ago
It’s kind of odd hearing him without a Scottish accent.
Vance Kaetsu
Vance Kaetsu 2 months ago
Ivana Humpalot
Charlie Extra
Charlie Extra 2 months ago
TBH, me and my high school buddies rediscovered Queen due to Wayne's World (Bohemian Rhapsody scene).
sky rimJOB432
sky rimJOB432 2 months ago
Freddy Mercury before he passed away. He saw the skit of Wayne’s world and he loved it minute of it and laughed. Wish Freddy would play the part where they pick up that drunk guy and bohemian rhapsody playing 😂
Sweet Lady
Sweet Lady 2 months ago
the movie did fantastic! Proofed by winning all these awards and gaining major box office all around the world afterwards 🙌🏻👏
The Tinker Wins Prods
Seems as genuine and non-Hollywood a guy could be. Cheers Mr. Myers.
Chris Whited
Chris Whited 2 months ago
there is nothing bio pic about it. it's extremely selective and mostly along the lines of idealism of the music. i like queen but i'm not a liar when it comes to BIO PIC.............
Steven Davidson
Steven Davidson 2 months ago
Thought his father was Scottish
Stephanie Dantzler
Stephanie Dantzler 2 months ago
Mr Myers would you please make another movie?
Stephanie Dantzler
Stephanie Dantzler 2 months ago
He's so megacool...
neogeoriffic 2 months ago
Wow, he's incredibly overweight.
Marko Dukic
Marko Dukic 2 months ago
Gr8Southern Nerd
Gr8Southern Nerd 2 months ago
Pewdiepie wore almost the exact same thing an got crucified
Holly Morton
Holly Morton 2 months ago
This was too fun. Love this.
Bryan Del Monte
Bryan Del Monte 2 months ago
That character is Major Carlyle played by Christopher Good... in a Bridge Too Far.
Jessica X
Jessica X 2 months ago
Wow he is so lovely! (Jess from Yorkshire with a 7 year Partner from Tuebrook, Liverpool!) Great gracious ott hilarious man xxx
Nadiina L.
Nadiina L. 2 months ago
Better tell us when the next Shreck comes out.
Bessarion 1
Bessarion 1 2 months ago
Colbert is an asswipe.
Dylan Page
Dylan Page 2 months ago
I always thought he was english
Cynthia Silcott
Cynthia Silcott 2 months ago
The first 3 movies I ever memorized (I was 3...4...?) were Wayne's World, The Lost Boys, and The Goonies. I still see Wayne and Garth and the crew headbanging to Bohemian Rhapsody. Nd I still try too but it hurts my neck now lol.
Lunch 2 months ago
Seems like a genuinely great and humble person
Scottish Games
Scottish Games 2 months ago
he has the stubbornness of a british man i love it ahahah
Black Conservative Patriot
I came for the Bohemian Rhap story and came away with sense that the George Harrison one was the highlight.
Lefty C
Lefty C 2 months ago
Great stories from Mike...loved it!
Eli Tender
Eli Tender 2 months ago
9:59 I l also am a fan of Wii sports
SevenDeMagnus 2 months ago
Dana and Mike are quite old, now. It's hard to see them grow old.
Alexandre Freitag
Alexandre Freitag 2 months ago
MM is one great hell of an actor.
James Machin
James Machin 2 months ago
What a great guy
Kevin Fair
Kevin Fair 2 months ago
Pre destiny from Garth & Wayne to a classic line in the film.., "Rhapsody'll nevah be that song (... that teens can bang their heads to in a car)."
Leslie B
Leslie B 2 months ago
I am also from Toronto and my friends and I are all funny.
thermalpilots 64
thermalpilots 64 2 months ago
2:24 maestro cosplay
Greg Greg
Greg Greg 2 months ago
Need to make Wayne's World 27 years later.
Ben Lowell
Ben Lowell 2 months ago
Nice to know the asshat Colbert had a decent guest.
Lego Brick Meltdown
Lego Brick Meltdown 2 months ago
He's in he's camouflage swamp now make sure donkey doesn't get in
brad garrett
brad garrett 2 months ago
Is it just me or does anyone else kinda see a resemblance to Benny Hill? I bet ya if they ever did a movie about him Mike Myers could totally pull it off.
AudieHolland 2 months ago
Seriously, I see it too. I was a bit Benny Hill fan as a kid. People always remember him from the slapstick and sexy bits but he also had a definite sentimental side in his sketches. I can see that same gaze in Mike Myer's gaze as I saw it in Mr. Hill's gaze.
Evan Boyd
Evan Boyd 2 months ago
His character costume actually carried an umbrella because he had a bad memory and always forgot the password. He figured Jerry wouldn’t carry one. He had to prove he was an Englishman.
AudieHolland 2 months ago
And the historical person the character was based upon, did not die.
njulier 2 months ago
Not really a fan of Steven Colbert or Mike Myers, except for “So I Married An Axe Murderer”, but this interview was really good. Mike Myers was very humble and appreciative of his good fortune and Steven Colbert was genuinely interested and stayed quiet and let him tell his fascinating stories...American talk show hosts could learn from this 👍😎
Silvana Vizcarra
Silvana Vizcarra 2 months ago
Everyone loves it and im loving it
David Macdonald
David Macdonald 2 months ago
Julia Connell
Julia Connell 2 months ago
well - given now March 2019 - post Oscars... Mike's assessment of Rami's performance was spot-on
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