Mike Myers Has A History With Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody'

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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Sure, Mike Myers is in the upcoming Queen biopic 'Bohemian Rhapsody.' But the British rock band's first appearance in a Mike Myers movie happened years earlier in 'Wayne's World.'
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Nov 1, 2018

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Comments 4 138
Jenna Craig
Jenna Craig 9 hours ago
Mike Myers is the kind of man who is full of stories about his life, who sits beside you in a pub and starts talking, and you sit and hang on his every word til closing time.
Titus McCarthy
Titus McCarthy 22 hours ago
What a stupid on the nose cameo.
aaron gianni
aaron gianni Day ago
It was amazing watching austin powers do an impression of mike meyers like this.
Elizabeth Day ago
I saw his name in the opening credits but when the movie started I never saw him. He looked so unlike himself.
Kristoffer Larsson
Mike Myers isn't british?! I'm going back to bed..
Dman W
Dman W 2 days ago
2 talentless hacks on the same set
When listing the names for the Austin Powers opening sequence, he left out Kevin Spacey. We all know why.
Doc Doccus
Doc Doccus 3 days ago
I had no idea that Mike Myers portrayed the EMI executive until now! I am flummoxed!
Hey I'm a Maker
Hey I'm a Maker 3 days ago
Love Mike Myers, Great to hear some of his stories!
Josh L
Josh L 4 days ago
I love this guy.
Rod C.
Rod C. 4 days ago
Great George story.
Roman Jeremy
Roman Jeremy 4 days ago
Nice to see an old friend
ana jonda
ana jonda 5 days ago
Mike Myers and Bohemian Rhapsody? I would never have guessed. It's not like he made it a top 40 hit seventeen years after it originally came out and help kick off a major Queen revival in the year post Freddie's passing or anything. =D
aerodaan 5 days ago
That was friggin' awesome!
Ultravioletgal 5 days ago
Mike is the best, literally who doesn’t love this guy💛💛
Amy Smith
Amy Smith 5 days ago
Actually you are the greatest mike..so I married an axe murderer was all time favorite for me. You are the funniest.
Barrack Obama
Barrack Obama 6 days ago
Mike Myers is stll alive?!
Greg reeb
Greg reeb 6 days ago
Mike Myers is a dope person.
Andy Candler
Andy Candler 6 days ago
Wow what a terrible English accent.
Goonies Fan
Goonies Fan 7 days ago
to me 6 minutes isn’t that long for a song
Ramon Vasquez Jr.
Love him
Alice Trans Queen
Hey as long as he isn’t cat in the hat any costume is fine
Peter Hunt
Peter Hunt 8 days ago
The umbrella was because he could “never remember the damn password, proved I’m British to the sentries”
Mr AMIES -/ 8 days ago
had a terrible day.Manuvering truck scratch it a bit bumper came off put it back in was holding on one screw Chope my second driver want notice
Jinkazam 8 days ago
Amazing stories! Amazing man! so genuine! a dying breed unfortunately...
Julia 9 days ago
When I see him I just think Austin powers
Aaron Crawford
Aaron Crawford 9 days ago
I pity your wife if you think 6 minutes is forever
PaladinJN01 Studios
Captain Price?
Dylan Alarcon
Dylan Alarcon 10 days ago
man i havent seen Mike Myers in years! I miss him
The movie Buff
The movie Buff 10 days ago
When I saw that scene In the movie I said Boy was he wrong Bohemian Rhapsody did become a hit song
Mark Ukrainetz
Mark Ukrainetz 10 days ago
the guy from the movie carried an umbrella because he had a bad memory. ps. Bohemian Rhapsody is a wonderful movie.
Panda Monium
Panda Monium 10 days ago
Too bad Freddie didn’t live to see his masterpiece resurge.
killswitchlee123 10 days ago
George Harrison is my favourite Beatle, and I’m from Merseyside myself. Paul Macca is a tit, though.
Robert St. Estephe
Robert St. Estephe 10 days ago
Is Colbert funny? Maye he should wear a "I'm Funny!" button or something to remind us. He is, however, a recognized political economy genius and lauded moral philosopher.
Aaron Lowe
Aaron Lowe 10 days ago
Mike Myers, a person who really appreciates his life more than he can say. He's a lucky guy.
Jacob Ferguson
Jacob Ferguson 10 days ago
The world would not be the same had this man not put up that one fight.
Q Lazarus
Q Lazarus 9 days ago
+Jacob Ferguson Fookin agreed mate
Jacob Ferguson
Jacob Ferguson 10 days ago
Also, I’m not crying, you’re crying!
Jamie M
Jamie M 11 days ago
Mike Myers, been a while since I've seen him...happy he seems like he's still a delightful person.
Blake Merriam
Blake Merriam 11 days ago
Car Karaoke before it was cool.
Jim Cameron
Jim Cameron 11 days ago
WTF he is not british???? Has no british accent at all i don't get it!
ursafan40 11 days ago
Bohemian Rhapsody is a great movie. Even knowing 90% of it never happened, or that's not the way it happened. I actually wasn't buying Rami as Freddie Mercury until about a 1/3 of the way in. By the end I was captivated and convinced.
Sam Kresil
Sam Kresil 11 days ago
I always knew he was obsessed with it, anyway.
Sam Kresil
Sam Kresil 11 days ago
1:08 In case he was being rude.
Andre Ibrahim Andrawes
am I the only one who kind of thinks he looks a bit like Axl rose now?
TheDuffyGMER64 11 days ago
Honestly, I saw Mike Myers' name in the opening credits, but totally didn't realize it was him in the actual movie! He did a terrific job.
Mr Gamer
Mr Gamer 11 days ago
Kevin Richards
Kevin Richards 11 days ago
Wayne Campbell, Austin Powers, Dr. Evil, Fat Bastard, Shrek, & Goldmember.
Domzdream 11 days ago
I love this guy!
Fabio Machado
Fabio Machado 12 days ago
terrible subtitle...
micglobal 12 days ago
Hats off to Colbert and his producers for allowing Myers to speak uninterrupted to tell such a touching story. Thank you.
TommyPlayz 12 days ago
i thought it was funny that the credits in the beginning had names like "mike myers" and "tom hollander" its basically michael myers and tom holland
Amy Goldstein
Amy Goldstein 12 days ago
I remember watching Wayne's World in the theater.
AlienGuy16 12 days ago
Mike PLEASE start acting in major roles again. The last time I saw you was in that inglorious bastards cameo. Verne's passing is a huge shot in the foot for the austin powers franchise, but you are just as great as him. Give Verne the proper CGI resurrection that Tarken got in Rogue One, with the right script, and you have the opportunity to make the best Austin Powers film yet
Tom Bradford
Tom Bradford 12 days ago
Never seen anyone do a Scouse accent as good as Mike - amazing.
william randolph
william randolph 13 days ago
so Lorne MIchael is Dr. Evil?
TAM 13 days ago
Mike Meyers has had a pretty amazing career. He got to have great fun doing what he loves it's a life well done!! Great interview Colbert!
Mr Mc
Mr Mc 13 days ago
9:38 Dec 1 2018. I still laugh when I see this!
Dion St. Michael
Dion St. Michael 14 days ago
He makes us so proud. Awesome storyteller. Thank you Colbert.
Don Seagrave
Don Seagrave 14 days ago
Mike Myers is so classy and a gentleman and Stephen is a how your say....tool
Mr Wibble
Mr Wibble 14 days ago
He's right it is a great film.
forkandknife 14 days ago
Nobody in that audience has seen a bridge too far, that's a fact.
Christopher G.
Christopher G. 15 days ago
MTV played the ever living shit out of that Wayne's World video back in the day. It got to the point you felt nauseous just hearing the opening piano part of the song.
Amanda Van Keuren
Amanda Van Keuren 15 days ago
I miss him! More Mike Myers, please.
Vanessa W
Vanessa W 15 days ago
I love Mike Myers, so pleased they cast him in Bohemian Rhapsody but I didn’t even realise it was him whilst I was watching it, the prosthesis and make up made him unrecognisable x
fuelerr 15 days ago
Wonderful interview.
Mattack 15 days ago
Can I ask you question? Do I make you HORNY???! do I baby DO I?
Sub Servants
Sub Servants 15 days ago
fuck thank god guns and roses werent in waynes world agh hate axel rose and thank god it was queen!
Burkey In the Sandpit
Myers is a scouser!!!
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith 16 days ago
I could listen to Mike Myers talk nonstop for a whole month.
Jock McScottish
Jock McScottish 16 days ago
Got to say,he wears that beret better than most movie people.
Ryan Speck
Ryan Speck 16 days ago
I don't understand how the guest/host can put up with the audience. Mention any city: "Woooooo" Take off your hat: "Woooooo" Tell a funny joke: Laugh and then "Wooooooo" Sure it's probably an applause sign or a "Woooooo" sign, but allow a little continuation and save the appreciation for the punchline, don't applaud because he's taking a second to think.
Conner smith
Conner smith 16 days ago
I did not know that was him in the bohemian rhapsody movie cause of the glasses and shit 👏👏
Lucia Caro
Lucia Caro 17 days ago
Mike Myers is great 😂
TheMikeDiggy 17 days ago
Dr. Evil said no !!!??? Great Beatles story
Lori MacBeth
Lori MacBeth 17 days ago
Mike Myer's EMI executive looks and sounds like Jeff Lynne :D
Ian Davidson
Ian Davidson 17 days ago
Group Captain? and the quote is "Bad memory. Never could remember the password. Knew no Jerry would carry one. Had to prove I was an Englishman, you see."
Jack Kelly
Jack Kelly 18 days ago
Crazy how much he looks like Jimmy Fallon. He just has way more talent.
Louis Gould
Louis Gould 18 days ago
Mike myers is such an underrated actor
Achille Boswell
Achille Boswell 18 days ago
If he hasn’t earned the beret he shouldn’t wear it regardless of a joke
dj miXin
dj miXin 18 days ago
I miss him. And yes, great movie!
Roman Lightman
Roman Lightman 18 days ago
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 18 days ago
Captain Price from COD
Maria M
Maria M 19 days ago
This might be my favorite Mike Myers interview.
l i f e
l i f e 19 days ago
Whao!! How are there any thumbs down on this???
Mike Carey
Mike Carey 19 days ago
As talented as he is, Mike always seems uncomfortable just being himself in interviews...
Wolfy 19 days ago
this dude a riot
WWIIRebel 19 days ago
Interesting that Mr.Myers chose a ww2 British paratrooper impression for this interview. I have the same setup from a company out in Salinas, California called whatpriceglory.com/ .pretty cool stuff,lol.
Bill Roddy
Bill Roddy 19 days ago
Mike and I have the same roots, Britain, Toronto and the US, also funny, good path in life ......
Jason Carpp
Jason Carpp 19 days ago
I saw *"Bohemian Rhapsody",* and I thought it was the best movie I had ever seen this year. The last time I saw Mike Myers was in *"Wayne's World,"* and while I didn't like the movie at the time, I loved the music from the movie. That was the first time I'd heard the song *"Bohemian Rhapsody."* Awesome song!
Alexandra Lane
Alexandra Lane 19 days ago
Awww he’s so sweet!
Saber Crosby
Saber Crosby 19 days ago
seems like an old stereotype. I've lived in england. it doesn't rain that much. Weather is unpredictable.
mike wa
mike wa 19 days ago
Mike has the Beatlejuice running through his veins, it's a terrible affliction that stays with you throughout your life. I know I suffer.
Sharp Y
Sharp Y 19 days ago
STOLEN VALOR people died for the parachute regiment
Anthony Falk
Anthony Falk 19 days ago
@0:50 British People are "SUBJECTS" Not "Citizens"...
MariaL Sanchez
MariaL Sanchez 20 days ago
Love Mike Myers.. still makes me laugh.
Son Ova
Son Ova 20 days ago
bekakin' civvie - Locke
Jagger M
Jagger M 20 days ago
min 0:53 "I'm a British citizen actually" SO desperately wants to be English... fu%$in pathetic. "I have a Liverpool face"... wigga please. "The Beatles represent the best of our gene pool" "There's six face types in Liverpool, and I'm one of them"..Holy fu$%, no self-respecting Canadian would EVER say sh%$ like that and infront of millions.Then he tops it all off with : "I'm Canadian, so we're not so good at the hard sell". Fu%$ you Myers. Ya havent filed with the CRA since 1985, you fu%$bar!
Jackie Lumley-sainz
Carl Snappleman
Carl Snappleman 20 days ago
Mike is the man, dan
Arun G
Arun G 20 days ago
Man, Mike Myers got old. I used to love Austin powers
DarkcIoud1111 20 days ago
I like how it all comes full circle. Queen makes Bohemian Rhapsody, Mike Myers grows up with it, fights to have it put in his movie, then gets put in a movie about Queen playing a character telling Queen that no one will do the very thing Mike grew up doing.
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