Mikaela Astel Blooms on "Electric Love" - The Voice Blind Auditions 2019

The Voice
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Mikaela Astel performs "Electric Love" in The Voice Blind Auditions.
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NBC’s The Voice follows the strongest vocalists from across the country and invites them to compete in this season's blockbuster vocal competition.
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The four-time Emmy Award-winning "The Voice" returns with the strongest vocalists from across the country invited to compete on the blockbuster vocal competition show's new season. EGOT winner and multi-talented musician, actor, singer and songwriter John Legend makes his debut as a coach this season. Coming off her second consecutive win on Season 15 - this time with a country artist - three-time Grammy Award winner and musical icon Kelly Clarkson returns alongside lovable veterans Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, as well as host Carson Daly. The show's innovative format features five stages of competition, beginning with the Blind Auditions, then the Battle Rounds, Knockouts, Playoffs and the Live Performance Shows.
Mikaela Astel Blooms on "Electric Love" - The Voice Blind Auditions 2019
The Voice


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Mar 12, 2019




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Comments 2 300
tsua yang
tsua yang 14 minutes ago
She needs to make a full cover and put this on iTunes, google music, etc!! If it was, her cover would go platinum for sure!
Henry Munn
Henry Munn 48 minutes ago
Idk about you, but i feel Adam looks tired of being on the show, i think we should get another coach instead of him next season.
Nena 2 hours ago
Ashley Pratt
Ashley Pratt 2 hours ago
I want her to cover every single one of børns’ songs
urdum hoe
urdum hoe 3 hours ago
Colton the creator
Colton the creator 3 hours ago
She looks so young and she sings with such experience! 👏🏻
ninjanghia 3 hours ago
Where can I get the full cover?!
Ava Stomsky
Ava Stomsky 4 hours ago
she killed it
Mary C
Mary C 4 hours ago
Is no one gonna talk about how cute her dress is
faith marie
faith marie 47 minutes ago
Mary C ikr it’s so pretty lol
Adrian Sanchez
Adrian Sanchez 4 hours ago
Omg I f*cking love her indie voice and it isn’t forced.😍
Mason Stichter
Mason Stichter 4 hours ago
Mason Stichter
Mason Stichter 4 hours ago
Julie Hartley
Julie Hartley 4 hours ago
I love this song and person.
Eza muhammad 99
Eza muhammad 99 4 hours ago
I've heard kind of her voice almost in every The Voice seasons lol but she sounds adorable
Randy 5 hours ago
I've rewatched this so many times, it's just so perfect
Irridessa Amore
Irridessa Amore 5 hours ago
i’m most excited for her and jej vinson
Mia Andrea
Mia Andrea 5 hours ago
Anonymous Xo
Anonymous Xo 5 hours ago
She’s going to be in the finials for sure
green ferns
green ferns 5 hours ago
Psalm Barnard
Psalm Barnard 6 hours ago
Who else loves her voice and BØRNS?!
mashreka mahmood
mashreka mahmood 6 hours ago
0:50 chills
adamari 6 hours ago
I’m am disappointed in the judges. They all turned around for the girl who sang idontwannabeyouanymore even though this girl was so much better then her. This girl has true talent.
Nandi Dogani
Nandi Dogani 7 hours ago
Now time to find her yt channel
Marie Pooh
Marie Pooh 7 hours ago
She's so cute
Boi Stop
Boi Stop 8 hours ago
Don't mean to make this depressing, but she looks like Anne Frank.
DamienHurts 8 hours ago
does Adam really think he's all that and cool af, with his foot up on the chair like that.. what poser ugh!
Aimster pham
Aimster pham 8 hours ago
She sounds like the singer in misterwives
Kate Marie
Kate Marie 9 hours ago
better than the original!
its_sophia 9 hours ago
My boy BØRNS getting around ❤️❤️❤️
Maraki Tamrat
Maraki Tamrat 10 hours ago
Larissa 10 hours ago
girl loves cookies
girl loves cookies 3 hours ago
Larissa what’s her @
Fadzilah Baharin
Fadzilah Baharin 10 hours ago
OMG!!!!!!!!! She turning to 14?!?!?!?!?!??This year?!?!?!?!?!? OMG I AM 12 but to me ..... SHE IS SOOOOO TINY BUT CUTEE i'm not trying to be cool but i'm serious SHE IS SO FREACKING CUTE I LOVE HER Ughhhhh wish that I can enter the voice Anyway bye oh and I LOVE YOU ALL JUDGES
Kathlyn McVeigh
Kathlyn McVeigh 11 hours ago
Please put this on Spotify!!!
oof 11 hours ago
omg she’s like a female Passenger!!! she’s so good
Sandra N
Sandra N 11 hours ago
Welp there it is. Kelly wins again
Rama Hejazi
Rama Hejazi 11 hours ago
It was too short
Rama Hejazi
Rama Hejazi 11 hours ago
She’s too good. I’m dying.
Ruby Navarrete
Ruby Navarrete 11 hours ago
Her voice is so mesmerizing reminds me of grace vanderwaal :)
Siena Agosti
Siena Agosti 12 hours ago
1:20 wtf ? Dis guy
Ariana Martinez
Ariana Martinez 13 hours ago
Ariana Martinez
Ariana Martinez 13 hours ago
Artemis W
Artemis W 13 hours ago
I need a full cover from her
uǝʇsᴉɹʞ ɐɔᴉssǝɾ
her voice and song choice YESSSS
Tactical Absol
Tactical Absol 14 hours ago
She has so much control and it's crazy. Wow she will go places
tiffany fang
tiffany fang 15 hours ago
who else watched her youtube videos?? she sounds so much better here.
Amable Hernández
Amable Hernández 15 hours ago
Ella es maravillosa
Iam FoeReal
Iam FoeReal 15 hours ago
She's so darn good and talented. While I'm over here talentless
Drif 15 hours ago
we need the full version if this cover
Angie Downing
Angie Downing 15 hours ago
TheDurhamLass 16 hours ago
I've never heard this song before but I can't get it out of my head now. She has a similar tone to grace vanderwaal
Pulp 16 hours ago
was i the only one who wasn’t impressed ? in the beginning of the song i said she’s not gonna be able to hit this high note and she didn’t she went into her falsetto. she may have a good voice but this song didn’t highlight it for me
Praveen Kumar
Praveen Kumar 16 hours ago
Even the way she turns is amazing....dont ever let kelly go
Kaycerey Capua
Kaycerey Capua 17 hours ago
Pure talent
super super
super super 19 hours ago
moira dela torre vibes
alsech 21 hour ago
Wow, impressive!!!!!!!!!!!!
alex hoang
alex hoang 22 hours ago
14?!? Geez that lowered my self esteem
theycallmemissfahrenheit _
Finally someone performs this song!
marisatparis is dope
Lol I thought it was gonna be the song from bob’s burgers
Soo GT
Soo GT Day ago
Is it just me? She looks like young ariana grande 😂
Janalyn Tuazon
she reminds me of mandy lee from misterwives!
Largest Classifieds
She has an angelic tone that can not be taught. Spot on.
Filthy Frank
Filthy Frank Day ago
2:25 AWW
Kayla Marieee
I love Kelly ♥️😭 and her voice 😍😍😍
she was so good but I can't listen to børns anymore after that whole assault thing :/
iLindahLIFE Day ago
GIFTTT Day ago
Ten times better than Grace Vandarwaal
Britton Carlile
She's mad cute
Fawadul Azam
Fawadul Azam Day ago
Britton Carlile she’s 14...
Pritesh Patel
repeat's on repeat 😍😍
Jana Chakra
Jana Chakra Day ago
Can they put this on iTunes already
stjfv01 Day ago
Kind of song you replay twice back to back :) just a nice and unique voice.
Jessica Diaz
Jessica Diaz Day ago
Can she like come out with an album like now!!! I love her voice so much
Elizabeth Cassam
someone plz put this on soundcloud
GIVE 👏 US 👏 A 👏 FULL 👏 COVER! 👏 Please?
Elizabeth Cassam
so like where can i listen to this tho
Irina Day ago
Electric Love Børns Candy She's sweet like candy in my veins Baby, I'm dying for another taste And every night my mind is running around her Then it's getting louder and louder Baby you're like lightning in a bottle I can't let you go now that I got it All I need is to be struck By your electric love Baby, you're electric love Electric love Drowning You make my heart beat like the rain Surround me Hold me deep beneath your weight And every night my mind is running around her Then it's getting louder and louder and louder Baby you're like lightning in a bottle I can't let you go now that I got it All I need is to be struck By your electric love Baby, you're electric love Electric love Rushing through me I feel your energy rushing through me I feel your energy rushing through me Baby you're like lightning in a bottle I can't let you go now that I got it And all I need is to be struck By your electric love Baby you're electric love Baby you're electric electric
Kristin Mitchell
I need the full cover! Like now😍
ooooo she’s singing in cursive
Eriberto Orbase
jeanlbnd Day ago
Poop Scoop
Poop Scoop Day ago
I’m so obsessed with her voice. I probably rewatched it about 15 times. Her voice is so unique and it makes me roll my eyes at how good she is at her age. She also has a USvid channel if you wanna check it out.
Tripp Penner
Tripp Penner Day ago
a winner
Julia Alexa
Julia Alexa Day ago
I WROTE A SONG and it would make me really happy if somebody checked it out! I also post a lot of Billie Eilish Covers...
Julia Alexa
Julia Alexa Day ago
Ich habe ein Lied geschrieben und es würde mich mega freuen, wenn es jemand anschauen würde! Ausserdem poste ich Billie Eilish Covers...
felicity nil
felicity nil Day ago
does her sister look like an actress or smth?? on disney
prinsessa Day ago
sad hearing this song while knowing what børns has done
trey songhurst
Grace vanderwaal is quaking
Arrietis :9
Arrietis :9 Day ago
Why is no one commenting on how she's dressed as Cinderella and her sister is Ariel?
Yna Clemente
Yna Clemente Day ago
Saint Lucifer
Sounds like Darby Walker!
Curtis Hanner
She makes me miss the early 2000s when it was all indie
Christine Clinard
I like several contestants this year but this audition has been watched by me like 15 times now and I'll probably watch it some more. The other contestants i like aren't getting as many views from me. Just sayin'. Not to mention this little girl is absolutely positively darling.
Lx Chamling
Lx Chamling Day ago
Already in love. 😍
jeremiah justo
A birdy vibe indeed! Classic.
Taft Kookie
Taft Kookie Day ago
Taft Kookie
Taft Kookie Day ago
Danial Zaki
Danial Zaki Day ago
I love her, she's very good . but since blake did not turn for her, i doubt she'll win, haha. Blake turn for every winners before (of coz except for chris blue bcoz his team already full). He's the only coach that fought so hard with kelly to get brynn and chevel on the last 2 seasons bcoz he knows very well that both really can win.
leslie nguyen
so good wth
sophie martucci
sophie martucci 2 days ago
can I please get this on iTunes
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