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From writer/director Ari Aster (Hereditary) and starring Florence Pugh, Jack Reynor, William Jackson Harper, and Will Poulter. MIDSOMMAR - In Theaters July 3, 2019.
RELEASE DATE: July 3, 2019
CAST: Florence Pugh, Jack Reynor, William Jackson Harper, Vilhelm Blomgran, Archie Madekwe, Ellora Torchia, and Will Poulter
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Comments 100
Oh so you're a wrestler now
They're not even trying to hide it anymore. The movie portrays white people and traditionalist European culture as evil.
Jo Bones
Jo Bones Hour ago
Air Aster knows how to scare the shite out of you.......this will be good af.....
bill murphy
bill murphy 4 hours ago
the horror music is one of the best ive heard in a trailer
Katherine Winters
Katherine Winters 4 hours ago
I don't care, I see people in white, I think cult and after Hereditary fucked me up? Please, Ari Aster is crazy; and I want to see it! Bring on the kings of hell!
WhatIS Love?
WhatIS Love? 7 hours ago
She got me with Hereditary but I'm reserving judgment with this one. for real.
Thomas Haigh
Thomas Haigh 7 hours ago
Wicker Man 2?
jacknapyer 8 hours ago
i'll probably check it out. i love the wicker man, but i'm hoping this brings a little something extra. we don't need another wicker man. although that wicker man parody with nicolas cage was pretty damn funny...
Benjamin Lafever
Benjamin Lafever 8 hours ago
Thank you Ari for showing that horror doesn't have to have large amounts of Gore or jump scares to actually be thrilling and terrifying!
Arlo Sanchez
Arlo Sanchez 8 hours ago
*T H E S K Y I S B L U E*
Mahesh Mg
Mahesh Mg 9 hours ago
Ari Aster
Johan 10 hours ago
As a norwegian I can confirm swedes are batshit crazy
ivan terrible
ivan terrible 11 hours ago
Hints of "The Wicker Man". The good one from the 1970s not the crappy Nick Cage remake.
8RBrain 2 hours ago
@ivan terrible When I saw this I was wondering if anyone else thought of The Wicker Man (which I just watched again last week). I tried to watch the remake once but only made it halfway...……. terrible movie. This looks interesting.
Art Nouveau
Art Nouveau 11 hours ago
Looks absolutely crazy. Can’t wait!
Kermit doge
Kermit doge 12 hours ago
Ive read the copy of the script
Kermit doge
Kermit doge 12 hours ago
Ive read the copy of the script
Henry Windsor Rurikovich
That's creepy awesome 🔥
Jason Markillie
Jason Markillie 12 hours ago
De nada,
Yuvana Chai
Yuvana Chai 17 hours ago
Honestly, any A24 movie and I'm already in.
Rodrigo Carranza
Rodrigo Carranza 18 hours ago
Anyone knows what's the name of the music piece that plays as the background?
Mr. complicated
Mr. complicated 19 hours ago
Ah a movie that is actually scary haven’t had those in a while.
The Great Hawk
The Great Hawk 20 hours ago
I wish I hadn't read the screenplay for this first because going in blind it would have absolutely shocked the HELL out of me.
Panzer Tiger XI
Panzer Tiger XI 21 hour ago
The Witch and Hereditary, this dude is now my favorite director, amazing
Courtney !
Courtney ! 23 hours ago
Just like wickerman
Koltini Assunti
pAgAn ScUm Deus Vult The power of Christ compels you
willy oscar lehman
William Jackson is the black version of Bill hader. *change my mind*
dcxxxx Day ago
I am most excited to be here.
Antonio Flores
What’s the songs being played in this trailer.?
ShadowFilm Day ago
I agree with “danny dinosaur” in this list. To me too. “Hereditary” is the second scariest film of all behind “The Exorcist”. Thought so when I first saw it. Now we will have THIS. This looks creepy and great too. Love how “innocent” it starts out. Then it descends into hell. I can only imagine what those fast cuts are showing us what looks like decapitated heads rolling and human entrails! Cults!
Daniel Karlsson
"that's what 9PM is like here" hahahah
Rasta Fonz
Rasta Fonz Day ago
part 2: I know what you did MidSommar part 3: The Last Sommari final: MidSommar Endgame
John Sorrow
John Sorrow Day ago
Wicker Man 2 : Electric Boogaloo
Taigh Day ago
Ok but what's the deal with the buttface girl
Taigh 21 hour ago
+John Dougherty ew gross!
John Dougherty
John Dougherty 22 hours ago
I think she has a genetic disorder due to inbreeding. I think the premise is this village is very secluded but brings in men from the outside to impregnate the women every 90 years too diversify their genes.
norwegian Carrot
Sverige, søta bror. Du har alltid vært...spesiell
DJ Emka
DJ Emka Day ago
Soundtrack?😍😍 1:20
Tekte234 Day ago
Get out for White people?
PerogiXW Day ago
As someone who's read the screenplay I can't WAIT to see this on the big screen.
At 1:55 I was Sold
Christian Benedetti
Scally Cowell
So it’s The Endless, except not shitty.
Skeetneet Day ago
Well this is going to be a short film. Once they reache Sweden they will get jihadi by the local color. I still can't believe I survived in Sweden for 2 days then leave the country, thank you Jesus.
Ghebi Putri
Ghebi Putri Day ago
i dont find this trailer scary lmao. but still gonna watch the movie
Allex1991 Day ago
Nothing special here, just a normal midommar in Sweden.
SHN Survival Horror Network
MIDSOMMAR i can not wait for it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Red_Queen_of_Shadow-Hunters And_Crows
😂😂Who knew a film with people in flower crowns dancing in fields of grass could be so terrifying
Mr P
Mr P Day ago
What are you doing out of the bad place, Chidi?
Tommy Boman
Tommy Boman Day ago
A bit more drunkeness plus a lot more sex and it is a pretty decent depiction of Midsummer in Sweden - human sacrifice always make me nostalgic for home. But as a political refugee let me tell you that if you are going to make a scary movie about Sweden, you should do it about the schools, crime rate, and the healthcare system... I mean... holy s***, that stuff is scary. Oh, and btw, the sign they drive past read: "Stoppa massinvandringen till Hälsningland. Rösta på Fritt Norr i Höst" - transl: "Stop mass-immigration to Hälsingland. Vote for a free North this autumn". Hälsingland = a province of Sweden (not a city or village - but a county/area).
(((Ari Aster))) making an Anti-White movie??? EVERY 👏 SINGLE 👏 TIME 👏
+Mel Gibson Jr. the real question is...who will be 110?
Mel Gibson Jr.
Aal Day ago
Can't wait for this movie.
Palatom1 Day ago
I'm just here for the violin lmfao i don't even like horror movies I just like the music.
Ohhh Yeah
Ohhh Yeah Day ago
JadedGems Day ago
Someone’s gonna get set on fire
choptop Day ago
This looks like the shitty Nicolas Cage remake of the Wicker Man
Dismal Doll
Dismal Doll Day ago
A24 films are either cutesy coming of age movies with Timothee Chalamet or disturbing horror movies that make you question reality, there is no in between
BlackBerry Day ago
Jean Dennetière
ok un peu naze nan ? lol
Mortimer Mus
Mortimer Mus Day ago
As a Swedish person I find this to be an offensive and unrealistic representation of our culture because there's nothing wrong about sacrificing human victims once or twice every year or so.
Sam Vanity
Sam Vanity Day ago
I feel extremely uncomfortable. You can tell this is made by the director of Hereditary, only they can make you feel physically uncomfortable over a movie
Dave_E_Snow 2 days ago
another waste of good Kodak film. . . .
Issy Rose
Issy Rose 2 days ago
as a Swede, I’m offended
Andrew Love
Andrew Love 2 days ago
Why not have the film set in Israel and call it Yom Kippur Ari Aster if thats even your real name.
Mel Gibson Jr.
Because only shitting on white people is socially acceptable nowadays.
And they can summon Moloch
parappa the hapa
parappa the hapa 2 days ago
White ppl mad scary
Yet subversives like (((Ari))) keep pushing Anti-White shit like this. Guess 109 times wasn't enough.
dannydinosaur73 2 days ago
Ari Aster has gone on record saying this is his last horror film "for a long time". He wants to explore other genres.
Radamenti 2 days ago
jäklar vilken smörja
Malin Lundcrantz
Malin Lundcrantz 2 days ago
As a swede, this movie looks hilarious.
Niko Williams
Niko Williams 2 days ago
Time to get traumatized again 😩🥴
Wadinskij 2 days ago
as a swede i dont even know what to think about this
It's Anti-White. All you need to know.
Joseph Arrington
Joseph Arrington 2 days ago
Horror can absolutely be art.
MarLy MarLLe
MarLy MarLLe 2 days ago
Dont need to watch this to know that the One Black guy in the whole movie is the blood sacrifice. This wants to be "Get Out" so bad.
chris181996 Day ago
Dani is the central character. The black guy is minor. I read the tentative script
Elias Barbetti
Elias Barbetti 2 days ago
sindhu gunda
sindhu gunda 2 days ago
I've read the script and I am SHOOK! I am trying so hard to get certain visuals out of my head😩😩
jeager jeager
jeager jeager 54 minutes ago
+sindhu gunda damn fr where can I see that script 😂
sindhu gunda
sindhu gunda 2 hours ago
jeager jeager I don't want to spoil it lol
jeager jeager
jeager jeager 8 hours ago
+sindhu gunda lol whaat how?
sindhu gunda
sindhu gunda 8 hours ago
jeager jeager Yessssss it's not just scary, it's lowkey gross😂
jeager jeager
jeager jeager 9 hours ago
Is it worse than hereditary
Harrison Wapner
Harrison Wapner 2 days ago
this is just kanye’s sunday service
Playan1982 2 days ago
Små grodorna, små grodorna... Oh, the horror!
Kvn Z
Kvn Z 2 days ago
Yo, Coachella looks lit.
Kvn Z
Kvn Z 2 days ago
Yo, Coachella looks lit.
AtomicBlonde 2 days ago
I found the screenplay online and HOLY CRAP. One scene in particular is going to be nightmare inducing.
OnFyre 2 hours ago
AtomicBlonde Thanks for not spoiling it. I can tell this movie will be terrifying
AtomicBlonde Day ago
+OnFyre 100%. But only one made me physically recoil because I've only seen that portrayed twice before in horror, but never so overtly. Sorry for being vague, I just don't want to spoil it without being explicitly asked.
OnFyre Day ago
AtomicBlonde i have a feeling its going to be more than one scene
David Säll
David Säll 2 days ago
Varje midsommar, hatar när det händer
jule c:
jule c: 2 days ago
can’t wait for this movie
dunnejos 2 days ago
I think unlike hereditary they're trying to get a Norse God or goddess present. Which will be really interesting.
Pontus Andersson
Pontus Andersson 2 days ago
As a swede I am deeply offended by this and I will take this to court!
Pete Rice
Pete Rice 2 days ago
There better be crepes with lingonberry butter
Ibrahim Mir
Ibrahim Mir 2 days ago
The Witch, then Hereditary, and now this. A24 really knows how to make a great horror film.
AJ Hollins
AJ Hollins 2 days ago
2:02 acid
Roffe 2 days ago
As a Swede I can say this: I am not offended. But I am afraid that none of my foreign friends will ever come to visit me after seeing this :0
Ryan McDonald
Ryan McDonald 2 days ago
I've read the leaked script online and man, I can't wait to see it play out on screen. As someone who goes to festivals like this, this is a a whole new nightmare that I never thought existed.
William Grahn
William Grahn 2 days ago
Gött med Midsommar
William Anckers
William Anckers 2 days ago
As a Swede i thought this would be a crazy party movie and now I'm confused. It use to be a pagan celebration with rituals during the viking era, now its just an excuse to party and it is probably the second biggest party day after new years eve. Most native Swedes are not religious and as far as i know we don't have any cults unless you consider Jehovah's witnesses a cult. however they got one thing right, the sun does not set until the late hours of the night.
Herman Gummesson
Herman Gummesson 2 days ago
As a swede I can confirm this
perliva 2 days ago
The “white people are evil” train stops in Sweden again.
perliva Day ago
+PartyTyme1000 Yes.
perliva Day ago
+PartyTyme1000 David Katz is one of the founders.
Well (((Ari))) is part of the Tribe. So it shouldn't be shocking.
Jeremy Eutis
Jeremy Eutis 2 days ago
does anyone know the name of the piece of music being used in the trailer? the last part gets stuck in my head .
Daedalus 2 days ago
I have a feeling it’s going to be ALOT like The Ritual
JDo 2 days ago
So from now on horror film will just follow Us formula huh
Firaina 2 days ago
can't wait!!!! aaaah so excited for this movie
Victor Tan
Victor Tan 2 days ago
Uuu... hohh...
Christian Helg
Christian Helg 2 days ago
Farcry 5 vibes
Commanda 2 days ago
Now this is horror.
yesiah suprees
yesiah suprees 2 days ago
will it be as scary as Heredity? i'm asking for a friend.
Toyish Projects
Toyish Projects 2 days ago
Just guessing the plot: Dani had a miscarriage, then the Midsommar guys place their cult leader into her. For the cult is like their Jesus coming.
Mickey Metcalf
Mickey Metcalf 2 days ago
I find it odd now that there now focusing on a group of teenagers, and not the family from his last film (My opinion)
Definitely Not Tommy Wiseau
This looks like a nightmare. JUST LIKE HEREDITARY.
Just Another Doodle
Reminds me of The Invitation, looks good!
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