Midnight Hide and Seek in a GIANT Office Building!!

Team Edge
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Hey guys! What did you think of our scary hide and seek at night? Who did you think hid the best? Did you agree with Bryan that it was impossible to be the seeker? Let us know down below!!

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Dec 21, 2018

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Comments 3 785
Jonah Harris
Jonah Harris Day ago
Dope or nope the big flamgio
I Love Cats
I Love Cats 2 days ago
Who is your favourite person Bryan, Bobby or J-fed my favourite person is BOBBY because my dad likes fishing and he likes fishing 🎣
Carmelia Agustin
Carmelia Agustin 2 days ago
when jfred sneezed i died of laughter
Darwin Droho
Darwin Droho 2 days ago
Poooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooppppp Challenge
Kate McIntosh
Kate McIntosh 3 days ago
“Midnight hide and seek challenge” 2:12 look at the computer it’s freaking 6:00
Yeah Sea
Yeah Sea 3 days ago
Yeah Sea
Yeah Sea 3 days ago
Yeah Sea
Yeah Sea 3 days ago
Lukas C
Lukas C 3 days ago
Chayla Johnson
Chayla Johnson 4 days ago
Bryan:*finds all decoyz* also Bryan:WHERE R BOBBY AND JOEY me:look up for a giraffes head(Joey) and a little lower for the baby (Bobby)
bryan diel
bryan diel 5 days ago
Bobby looking in tiny places!! lmao xD
Macin Jones
Macin Jones 6 days ago
What about Bryans Skip challenge he got from the fnaf? He still hasn't used it (I think).
Marshall Gammon
Marshall Gammon 6 days ago
behind things
LiamTBM1000 ThunderBirdGaming1000
i would hide outside
Soumya Prince
Soumya Prince 7 days ago
10:00 you chosed it
Soumya Prince
Soumya Prince 7 days ago
8:46 bobby said [they won't hide in basic spot ] bobby look in the most basic spot
Soumya Prince
Soumya Prince 7 days ago
2:36 scare reflected back
Soumya Prince
Soumya Prince 7 days ago
0:21 to 0:29 bobby: yes ...yes...yes...no
Da'Rell MARTIN 7 days ago
Alyssa_lewis1357 7 days ago
idek 8 days ago
4:47 that was actually creepy 😂
Darkenedroses 9 days ago
Team edge makes me smile every single time I watch a video.........the challenges and activities look like so much fun........ ( :
Pete Maddix
Pete Maddix 9 days ago
Bobby his voice
Nguyen Tran
Nguyen Tran 10 days ago
I would hide on the roof
MJWSWAG 10 days ago
Bobby is so weak and he thinks he is the best
Wittletaungy Marchbank
2:10 it’s 6 41 not midnight
I go ZzZz you go ZzZz
Brian squares up when he gets scared
Zoila-Justine Dayao
KoolKids Klub209
KoolKids Klub209 12 days ago
Grace Foster
Grace Foster 12 days ago
Who thinks team edge and vat19 should calabe
Doruk Youtube
Doruk Youtube 13 days ago
Very beautiful
Michele Moran
Michele Moran 13 days ago
Screen shot 5:49. Thank me later😆
Ryan McKenzie
Ryan McKenzie 14 days ago
this Is the first team edge video I've ever seen
Andrew 1231
Andrew 1231 14 days ago
I got the 50k like
Asma Yaqub
Asma Yaqub 15 days ago
p o i s o n - i v y
3:21 hahaha
Emilia Bowden
Emilia Bowden 15 days ago
Bobby's round is my favorite
spoopy_boopy_ doopy
Brian looks like a drug dealer
Dragon Slayor1
Dragon Slayor1 16 days ago
Donavan Debita
Donavan Debita 16 days ago
How many likes can we get by the 4th
Donavan Debita
Donavan Debita 16 days ago
I would hide where they filmed the don’t fall through the wrong ceiling
Scott ONeil
Scott ONeil 16 days ago
I would hide on the roof
Telesia Havosi
Telesia Havosi 17 days ago
When Bobby got his first scare then I got scared
Flippy Boy Leeway
Flippy Boy Leeway 19 days ago
If you hate J-Fred, like down here 👇🏻👌🏻
Lauren Overstreet LOL
Wow Bryan Wow
James Fehil
James Fehil 19 days ago
I wish this was me and the boys
Blake Starkey
Blake Starkey 20 days ago
more hide and seek in dark
Kittycat 42069
Kittycat 42069 21 day ago
He scared the paint how dare he 3:10
Alex Foote
Alex Foote 21 day ago
Bobby: they won’t hide in the most basic places 2 seconds later: checks a box
Bean Juice
Bean Juice 21 day ago
Go stupid 2:21 go crazy 2:34
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