Midland - Playboys (Audio)

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She said I guess there ain’t no right way
For you to say goodbye again
You’ve been lookin’ at the highway
Where your heart has always been
I could cuss you from here to Tucson
There ain’t nothing left to say boy
She said I thought that I could change you
But ah but you were born a playboy
So get on the stage and play boys
Kick out the lights tonight get high and make noise
We might drink a little too much whiskey
We might have a little too much fun
She’s already gone away boys
If we don’t go home what difference does it make boys
This old world would be a dull place boys
If it was all work and no play boys
A hundred miles outside of Houston
Third name on the marquee sign
Out here you get used to losin’
Your friends, your lovers, and your mind
So get on the stage and play boys
Let’s kick out the lights tonight get high and make noise
Yeah a little drink a little too much whiskey
Yeah let’s have a little too much fun
She’s already gone away boys
If we don’t go home what difference does it make boys
This old world would be a dull place boys
If it was all work and no play boys
Set em up we’ll knock em down
Wake up in another town
We don’t know no other way
We ain’t good at love
We ain’t good at much
We just know how to play hey hey
I’m just a playboy
You can’t blame me for the way that I was made boy
Yeah I might drink a little too much whiskey
I might have a little too much fun
She’s already gone away boys
If we don’t go home what difference does it make boys
This whole world would be a dull place boys
If it was all work and no play boys

Music video by Midland performing Playboys (Audio). © 2019 Big Machine Label Group, LLC


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Jul 12, 2019





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Comments 416
rookiegrandpa 34 minutes ago
All Things Tech
All Things Tech 2 days ago
Lovin' that steel!!!
Troy Burkle
Troy Burkle 9 days ago
Bringing it back boys! Hell yeah loving it.Making anyone dance that doesnt dance!
Rolf Willebrands
Rolf Willebrands 10 days ago
A great tune and those words just bring back so many memories. These guys are a cool bunch!
Southern Born
Southern Born 10 days ago
WOW 83 thumbs down . There the one's that still live with there mama and have be home at 10:00pm .
Craig Porch
Craig Porch 10 days ago
No pop-corn here. All cornbread.
KINGWUICHOO 11 days ago
Come back to the valley Midland
khoo chee peng
khoo chee peng 12 days ago
is ........so nice !
kevin vaughn
kevin vaughn 12 days ago
Wow!!! I have missed actual country music...Good stuff
Juanita Hamilton
Juanita Hamilton 14 days ago
So glad they are finally getting there getting recognized ... these guys can’t do any thing wrong .. wow they amaze me with every album ... this is country guys .. show em how it’s done .. u guys r the best of the best 💕🙌🏼
Jeff Larkin
Jeff Larkin 15 days ago
It makes me smile that Midland is introducing these other dumbasses on today's country radio to what a pedal steel guitar is ! :)
Zachary Holler
Zachary Holler 15 days ago
Play all you want, boys, just don't ever sellout, boys, to the Nashville machine! Love Midland!
Tyler King
Tyler King 15 days ago
This song is really good, BUT... the melody sounds a lot like “Wave On Wave” 🌊
adam stewart
adam stewart 16 days ago
I just got taken back to the glory days of country a solid fuckin banger right here🔥🔥🔥
Jay silvas
Jay silvas 16 days ago
What a great place to take a photo Sam's barbecue
B1g Mustang
B1g Mustang 17 days ago
Sounds like Waylons playing guitar
Jessica Scottpops
Jessica Scottpops 17 days ago
Well this song hits it home! Great song
David Fowler
David Fowler 18 days ago
I heard three songs from the new album, and they're all great! I can't wait to hear the rest of the album.
burt carvalho
burt carvalho 18 days ago
cant wait for new cd, gonna catch them in Hyannis end of the month. Yesssa
Ricardo Sanchez
Ricardo Sanchez 19 days ago
Cant wait for the next album. I will buy this one as well, for sure! Greetings from Houston Texas 🇺🇸
Greywolf Asylum
Greywolf Asylum 19 days ago
How can anybody dislike Midlands' music, I guess 75 people can, bring on the traditional sounds....goodbye the pop country genre. Midland, keep up the great work, I was hooked to your music from day one!!!!
lim koon chwnuai
lim koon chwnuai 23 days ago
True country. What else, the best !
TylerHasWords 24 days ago
A dang near perfect country song. The sound is...sound. The lyrics next level, what we've come to expect. True craft. Cheers gents!
bubba Manuel06
bubba Manuel06 25 days ago
My new favorite song
Oklahoma Dominance
Oklahoma Dominance 26 days ago
Bellamy Brothers nostalgia
Juan Ruiz
Juan Ruiz 27 days ago
This song makes me want to line dance with some pretty cowgirls and drink some longnecks. Great songs boys!
Wanna know which songs would make great singles? "Playboys" and "Fourteen Gears" would make great singles.
Miguel Nillen
Miguel Nillen 28 days ago
Ready for the album boys!
GUN SLIN6ER 12 28 days ago
Best Country Music Today Period End Of Story
BeatdownRevival 29 days ago
100% Excellent!!!
Derrick Ceballos
Derrick Ceballos 29 days ago
those thumbs down must be them Rascal Flatts types. You know those frosted tips, guy fieri shirt wearing, skinny jean and rhinestone boot wearing "country music fans"
Erick Rodriguez
Erick Rodriguez Month ago
The last true country in this new day of age! Gator Boyz🐊🐊🐊
Jennifer Enriquez
la Diana Gpe
la Diana Gpe Month ago
Superb! Play on boys!
Levi Reyes
Levi Reyes Month ago
Ready for another video 📹😁👏
This is the most awesomeness band! Love e very song they play!
ßrooks Month ago
MGTOW for life
shane shane
shane shane Month ago
52 people that were dropped on their heads as a baby disliked this Not their fault
arturo munoz
arturo munoz Month ago
Ohhh how they feed my soul with their sound 👍 cant wait till october! In concert!
Kody Massner
Kody Massner Month ago
Those that disliked can take a f***in walk
Shelby Aldridge
Shelby Aldridge Month ago
This is literally my favorite 😍
Albert Hernandez
There it is! Trademark Midland right here! I hope they never deviate too far from this stuff right here. This is what makes them who they are. Best country band hands down. Country Gods!👏
This is one of the best songs you've done so far. It's archetypal Midland and archetypal Country music. Is that a Wurlitzer electric piano I hear, after the chorus, in the third verse, with the vibrato turned on? A Wurlitzer electric always had a nice Country mood. Great song, guys. Great instrumental.
Garrett Helzer
Garrett Helzer Month ago
Just the beginning of this song makes you want to start singing Good-Hearted Woman. It's like a mix of George Strait and Waylon.
Gary Madams
Gary Madams Month ago
The nuts
SuzeJo O'Connell
A humungous thumbs up for everything these guys do from Norfolk, England ! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Nikalas Chasse
Nikalas Chasse Month ago
These guys Luke combs Chris Stapleton and a few others are bringing real country back
Jeff R
Jeff R Month ago
Reminds me of wave on wave pat green
Jared Dauer
Jared Dauer Month ago
Sounds like Pure Prairie League in the beginning
julian casablancas
Real country
Ditch Doctor
Ditch Doctor Month ago
Thank Midland that we have some real country music to listen to!
hottlimited Month ago
Nick Arzola
Nick Arzola Month ago
Why am I four days late?? F My L!!
Melissa Montelongo
Just threw my panties at my phone.
Coy Calloway
Coy Calloway Month ago
Top comment of this post !
Hugo Mayorga
Hugo Mayorga Month ago
Edgar Month ago
Sounds a bit like "Wave on Wave" by Pat Green to me.
Jeff R
Jeff R Month ago
Lol no joke the beginning I was like this sound like an old song and just posted the same thing
Bernie Ovechkin
Bernie Ovechkin Month ago
Can you image waylon singing this? Idk why but i can
Kyrshanlang B Jyrwa
Midland always brings joy to my me
Erin Elam
Erin Elam Month ago
Love those Gator Boys!
Jacob Kochutin
Jacob Kochutin Month ago
Chills during the solo though
Andre Photo
Andre Photo Month ago
Midland has never let me down
Mr Sandwich
Mr Sandwich Month ago
man, something about this music. why does this take me back yet feel so present!
Glazed Pryz
Glazed Pryz Month ago
This is there best song I love it so much
Liviu Stefanache
Jim Burdan
Jim Burdan Month ago
Next best song to Fourteen Gears!
Krista Month ago
come to San Diego please!!!!!!
1969spree Month ago
Awesome can’t wait to see you playboys in Deadwood 🤠
Steve Pouliot
Steve Pouliot Month ago
Great song, with that pedal steel rocking I love it 👍
Bryan Scott
Bryan Scott Month ago
Sound like that aweful 70 country music.
Kyle Doxstader
Kyle Doxstader Month ago
Country's equivalent of the Monkeys except the Monkeys had talent. This is terrible. Wont even dispute if this is country or not because country has too many genres anymore. I like the fact that they are trying to bring the 70's outlaw sound back but. Just not for me.
Jeremiah Lounsbery
Nothing better. No current country band has such a unique and awesome sound! Love it!!
Mike Kramer
Mike Kramer Month ago
Thank you Midland for keeping it country ... Best wishes on the release of your new album and this song is amazing... Greetings from South Africa
Matthew Castro
Matthew Castro Month ago
There you go guys, pumpin out solid gold country hits one after another!
Toby Stephens
Toby Stephens Month ago
Texas artists are saving country music 👍🏻
Thomas Howard
Thomas Howard Month ago
Seen these live in the uk Cambridge a very small venue. So i was lucky as we were so close to the band. Brillant.
FamunisFOX Month ago
The first cord of the guitar reminded me of Sweet Home Alabama a little bit nice job boys keep the amazing songs coming
Jeff Millward
Jeff Millward Month ago
Love the sound of Midland! Such a smooth country sound. A pleasure to listen to in this age of over-produced country pop! Very much looking forward to their next album!
ivan castro
ivan castro Month ago
im still astonished that midland has only 181k subs....
Nancy Salinas
Nancy Salinas Month ago
If it cant get any damn better WOW...3am and im feeling it! Love it!!!
willrich1985 Month ago
This sounds a lot like pat green wave on wave
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