Microblading My Scalp For Balding

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Zach gets a tattoo on his scalp to help make his hair look fuller and the transformation is insane! Tune in for Part 2 of Zach's Hair Journey this Saturday, 7/13 @ 8am PT where Zach will undergo FULL hair restoration surgery.

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Jul 10, 2019

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Comments 8 058
Olivia Guerrero
Olivia Guerrero 20 minutes ago
I think you'd look nice fully bald, if worse comes to worse.
Tessla Coil
Tessla Coil 57 minutes ago
I'm glad you did something to make yourself happy :) I do have to say that you look fantastic either way.
Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz Hour ago
"take this head-on"......LEL
deedee dalia’
these wholesome comments are great but i refuse to believe that im the only one actually wondering if he drew a dick on his head or not lmaoo
zny Hour ago
aww damn that's crazy
Ed Giardina
Ed Giardina Hour ago
Ugh dude, your 2 minutes of initial monologue is like a window into what I felt like for all of my early twenties. I eventually moved on but man, brought me back hearing you talk about it. I tried monoxodyl, I tried propecia, I even had a restoration consult. It's amazing how in different phases of our lives, we're so focused on things that, in retrospect, matter so little.
James Smith
James Smith Hour ago
I’d rather see a bald spot than some insecure bitch microblading their scalp due to natural balding. Yikes
承zeno 2 hours ago
i’m honestly really glad to see you finally acting on something that you’re so insecure about. i wish i wasn’t poor so i could do the same
Mel 2 hours ago
Mickey Morris
Mickey Morris 2 hours ago
But if you really lose all of your hair... your head will just be tattoo.
Monster Jaguar
Monster Jaguar 2 hours ago
Why are they spreading misinformtion on this channel? MPB most recognized theory is that some people have dht sensitive hair follicles that minituarize because of DHT. That is why FInasteride works so well for some. It has nothing to do with tesosterone.
Tyler Beaumont
Tyler Beaumont 5 hours ago
What if you suddenly lost all the hair on the top of your scalp, though? You'd be left with lines in you head for at least a few years! Personally, I'd just own it, either shave it or grow it out long like those bikers and rockers (think Bill Bailey or something). Sorry if this seemed insensitive, but it's just the first thing that popped into my head.
S_0MA_ 0
S_0MA_ 0 5 hours ago
You're losing ur hair, OK, it's not "distrustive" ur getting old , u got a tattoo, ur still old l. You can't stop aging.
Loki.777 5 hours ago
Why micro blade your head if you're balding. Regardless your hair is going to keep falling out and when you do eventually man up and shave it, its going to be scared tattooed and ugly.
Chiara Faraday
Chiara Faraday 5 hours ago
happy to see you do something that will help you feel better
Zyaad 5 hours ago
Baldness is the worst thing ever can happened to a young 20’s man ,, its sucks
FUS music
FUS music 6 hours ago
the 8:08 got me
Carlie S
Carlie S 6 hours ago
mike from lady like got the same procedure done at the same place...not accusing anyone of anything I just think it’s funny the similarity in videos of people who have left buzzfeed (like the try guys or safiya nygaard) and buzzfeed now
morgan fontenot
morgan fontenot 7 hours ago
watching the laughing gas scene while being high off ur ass >>>
sammy wauneka
sammy wauneka 9 hours ago
at first i thought he was talking about his height then voice and then i was like oh yeah gender reassignment. duh his hair
sammy wauneka
sammy wauneka 9 hours ago
jk. its your inner beauty. try guys are the best
SailingInTheSky 10 hours ago
there are always man weaves if all else fails but we love you no matter what
Nikolaos Vriniotis
Nikolaos Vriniotis 10 hours ago
Why haven't we heard from Eugene in a while??? I'm concerned...
David Hayes
David Hayes 12 hours ago
So you get your head tattooed?
Mighty Ferret
Mighty Ferret 12 hours ago
They talk about college like if they were 50
M Chaves
M Chaves 13 hours ago
Just go to Turkey and get a hair transplant..best clinics ever and price too
101 Skully
101 Skully 18 hours ago
You could have just found a way to transfer the hair from your chest to your scalp..... just saying.😂
Slingshoty _
Slingshoty _ 18 hours ago
I remember when I had to go to the dentist all the time as a kid and I had so laughing gas I got withdrawals
Supahman 1196
Supahman 1196 18 hours ago
I hate these gay people
尤瑞洋 19 hours ago
He is the cutest man aha
sushicat 19 hours ago
so if you're hairy in the body, you lose your hair on yo head in the future?
BroSandwich the
BroSandwich the 20 hours ago
2 questions. 1-How much does it cost? 2- why did you make me ask how much it cost? Didn’t you think people would want know? What’s wrong with you?
Freddy Medina
Freddy Medina 21 hour ago
Thanks so much for uploading this. Im a 27 year old male who went bald at the age of 24 and til this day I have such insecurities with it. I wanna be able to do all that stuff you got done but idk if I can afford it or even have the courage to cause I just feel so scared. But good for you man for doing it!
PeachyBabe 21 hour ago
dudddddeeee it looks so good!!! im so happy you're fixing something that makes y o u uncomfy. :))))
MsHonung 22 hours ago
8:08 that close up is editing gold.
Sofia 22 hours ago
I know losing your hair aka “balding” is a sign of aging and should make you look old or whatever, but i always thought of zach as young and cute and his hair doesn’t really affect how i view him. But im glad hes fixing it so that he feels good about himself, because thats what matters
Mark Wassy
Mark Wassy Day ago
But you are a man, patriarchy will take care of you! You can't have those feelings, only women can because we oppress them all day long. You should enjoy your privileges as a male.
Gerrard Gutierrez
How old is he?
Fredthegamer SCHRARDER
I’m only 16 and I’m losing my hair and it sucks
Kate Cruz
Kate Cruz Day ago
Zach got dat hair restoration shmoney 🤑
Chinwe Ndukwu
He can pull off bald. What's up Mr. Clean!!!!
Jaclyn C
Jaclyn C Day ago
what happens when your hair grays???
Duncanmn Day ago
Hey there! I really appreciated this video. I myself have been struggling with balding for about 5-7 years now and am really not happy about it. My Dad also is balding and neither my Dad nor any of my friends seem to understand why my losing my hair bothers me so much. Seeing this video made me feel less self-conscious about it. It's crazy, but I kind of thought I was the only guy that this bothered to this degree. Thanks for putting this video up. I know it was probably really tough, but I really appreciate that you did.
Kiara Hernandez
Doctor: ur more manly than other men and ur hair just cant handle it... Doctor (right): *sips his tea*.... Lmaooooooooo
Laughing gas interpretation is accurate my daughter is 3 weeks old and I only used laughing gas it works amazingly
Joshemve Day ago
Question so when he actually goes bald is he going to just have a bunch of little marks on his head from the tattooing?
Tian Day ago
Replace every "im losing my hair" with "i have a small pp"
Liza Day ago
I love that you made a video that will help people going through the same thing. :)
El Pacifista
El Pacifista Day ago
Ahora follas seguro
no112358 Day ago
"You're more manly than other men" Bhahahahahha the stupidity is appalling. That dude has no testosterone.
no112358 22 hours ago
@Christian B because he's not manly at all.
Christian B
Christian B 22 hours ago
Why don't you think that
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