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Spring is here and Summer is around the corner, therefore we want to inspire you with the best #Summer #Hairstyle for 2019. Our model has medium-short hair and Nicoline is transforming his messy hair into a Short Spiky #MenHair with a Low Skin Fade on the sides. We hope we can inspire you for this Summer 2019.
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Apr 12, 2019

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Comments 210
shax 3 hours ago
He looked better before lol
퍼펙트월드 17 hours ago
머리카락이 자랄걸 고려할때 윗머리를 약간만 더 쳤으면 하는 생각도 들기는 하는데 모델이 미남이라서 지금 상태가 딱 멋있네요
M.n Tube
M.n Tube 2 days ago
He looks like Obama
Ron Lobato
Ron Lobato 3 days ago
The cut is good but the fade is horrible
Kharly R
Kharly R 3 days ago
I want one like that ;,
Michael Kenney
Michael Kenney 4 days ago
Its 2019....soooooo that means "MENS" haircuts requires more products then a woman.... A WOMAN. Bunch of fags. Why don't you all focus in the amount of...... ah fk it you all have really pretty hair. Lol.
Deepak Singh
Deepak Singh 7 days ago
Ultimate hairstyle.
Mr. Dhan
Mr. Dhan 9 days ago
What size is done to cut the top and the sides for this haircut?
gieter montana
gieter montana 10 days ago
she can do my hair all day
Edgar Galvan
Edgar Galvan 11 days ago
Great job ! Very professional
Jayson Dilao
Jayson Dilao 11 days ago
Awesome haircut! I hope my barber can copy that look!
Won't Tellya
Won't Tellya 7 days ago
dont think your barber can copy that face.
N1ELSEN 12 days ago
What barber in denmark is it? :)
CyberGlock1 12 days ago
This only looks good if your head doesn’t have weird dents on the sides and not egg shaped
Shivam Singh
Shivam Singh 12 days ago
Is this hairstyle is good for thinner hair
이영진 14 days ago
Tyson Passey
Tyson Passey 15 days ago
what are you doing after you removed clips, its hard to see
Carlos Rivera
Carlos Rivera 15 days ago
The chick got some weight. She looks more healthy imo
B00sted Paradox
B00sted Paradox 16 days ago
Wish my hair was like that
Jens Hellstern
Jens Hellstern 17 days ago
Is it possible to make that Hair style on every hair typ
Fredi Ven
Fredi Ven 18 days ago
even bald style still looks great for him
Jesús Antonio
Jesús Antonio 18 days ago
make a video of Milo Manhemin's haircut please
Diogo Marteleto
Diogo Marteleto 23 days ago
very gooddd
SEN Ferdi
SEN Ferdi 23 days ago
So standard
Kasakrit Soydee
Kasakrit Soydee 24 days ago
Ronnie Westmoreland
I personally love the textured spiky look. Have had some variation of it my whole life. This is an excellent version of it. And wow the chick doing it is hot lol. Wouldn’t mind getting my hair cut by her 😊
Timmyjimmy Pingpong
I think she’s spending too much time running her fingers thru his hair, must be her boyfriend or husband
SonuSain Mathura
SonuSain Mathura 28 days ago
Beautiful hairstyles great job
林一層 29 days ago
Nice cam
manish up
manish up Month ago
This style suits me. I am 6.1
Nipple slip
Nipple slip Month ago
JENDOBRAIN ་ Month ago
I like his Helmut Lang shirt
Ginu Divakar
Ginu Divakar Month ago
He looked very handsome before. Now he look as his head being licked by a Buffalo.....
SIslam786 Month ago
Do a Vin Diesel haircut
Autonomous Month ago
my fuckin hair very light and very fluffy can't do this!
Jeffrey Cox
Jeffrey Cox Month ago
Great hair cut i like spiky hair i have to let my hair grow out more cool style im going to try it
Tony Stark
Tony Stark Month ago
Nicoline has do magic with her hands😘
Scott S81818181
Scott S81818181 Month ago
Geeze another fade cut lol...please no !!! all these dude are gonna look the same😂
Vinh Phan 2403
Vinh Phan 2403 Month ago
is this a low skin fade ?
YAAASolid Month ago
It is a low skin fade she said it at the beginning of the video
Bo Ss
Bo Ss Month ago
Vinh Phan 2403 nah i think low fade is lower then that
Airthew Month ago
The fade could've been better but good job anyway
Vigor Berschow
Vigor Berschow Month ago
See this haircuts every year, nothing new just CLICKBAIT
Rajesh Sirvi
Rajesh Sirvi Month ago
Arey yaar maine 2019 ka nya haircut search Kiya to bhi Wahi baar baar purane wale haircut ki video hi samne aati hai bc is undercut hairstyle se bahar niklo kuch nya leke aao bhayiyo
I love this haircut simple and attractive
abh15funk Month ago
Yes !!! This hairstyle is for me and I am getting it done next time !!! Btw, nice hair holding clip pad there ! Can i get one like tht pls ?!
Luca Antonelli
Luca Antonelli Month ago
Pussification of the society right there. Shave that shit already
Erick Laser
Erick Laser Month ago
the fade is not faded lol
Adem Erkol
Adem Erkol Month ago
Whats the name of the scissors please ????
Reza Mokhtari
Reza Mokhtari Month ago
DevilTrigger Month ago
Pretty much the haircut I always get.
DevilTrigger Month ago
@J F Who cares about anything? Including comments like yours.
J F Month ago
Who cares? 😂
Abdullah Bhatti
Abdullah Bhatti Month ago
usvid.net/video/video-PfnFsVs5ItI.html follow for more hairstyle videos.. Watch the link plz
Andrew Johnson
Andrew Johnson Month ago
This hair style suits him. still got to appreciate her skill set and would cut most people's hair extremely well
Eat TheBreadEgg
Eat TheBreadEgg Month ago
No homo,but damn is this guy ungodly handsome
jona vin
jona vin Month ago
That music,,,, Makes me wanna dance
geo cape
geo cape Month ago
This guy would look great with any haircut. Show us somebody more normal looking like me lol.
K-art-L K-art-L
K-art-L K-art-L 3 days ago
Edgar H252
Edgar H252 21 day ago
Yea I think Blonde Hair with lighter skin doesn’t stand out as much as black hair with light skin.
Tri Hermawan
Tri Hermawan 23 days ago
@Alycks well I heard changing your lifestyle like diet and sleep pattern works? Try it
Alycks 25 days ago
exactly, not every shape of face and skull fits any hairstyle
Glnn /\
Glnn /\ Month ago
I was looking for this comment as soon as i clicked i think i am bad looking seeing al those models is depressing..
William Duffy
William Duffy Month ago
If I were to go to a stylist to get this haircut, what would I tell them to do? Skin fade the sides and back and just trim the top? Textured top?
TWISTER SA Month ago
Artur T.
Artur T. Month ago
That model is handsome even bald. That's unfair.
Φονικός Κεφτές
Artur T. Life is unfair
DIY_Squad_4Life Month ago
That’s exactly how I wear my hair
This hair cut was 🔥 to see a woman do a skin fade give me courage and strength to try fade haircuts😎thank you💃🏾💃🏾
ccc ddd
ccc ddd Month ago
Buura kaatne pe gaali bhi nai de sakte isko😍
Andrew Andrew
Andrew Andrew Month ago
3:59 Damn she butchered his ass
lorraine hernandez
Looks better with long hair
Nicholas Jesuthasan
hvad hedder stederne hvor i får lavet jeres videoer henne?
Joe Turner
Joe Turner Month ago
This is the haircut I want. Great job.
João Ignacio
João Ignacio Month ago
This is THE BEST men's haircut. Easy to maintain, gives you a very clean and fresh look. It's perfect for those who have very formal jobs and, at the same time, with some wax, it's great for the night.
FaB92 N
FaB92 N Month ago
Looks gay hair cut; I 'll pass,
William Lara
William Lara Month ago
Ok then... back to business
Mikhael Lopez
Mikhael Lopez Month ago
That is my hairstyle now and then..once in a three weeks I go to my fav barber shop to maintain that kind of hairstyle and I love it?
Asdf Month ago
Great work!
Ameer Cruz
Ameer Cruz Month ago
Spiky Hair can still work, if done right 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Alex Harris
Alex Harris Month ago
good cut - cant believe this style is back...again! I had it 16 years ago!
Ch Shahzaib Shahzad
it's very good work dear....
Sley4 Games
Sley4 Games Month ago
Damodar K
Damodar K 2 months ago
super work
Dine Walia
Dine Walia 2 months ago
Nice ma'am
Mazhar Angel
Mazhar Angel 2 months ago
Its so nice hair cut .
Max Amillion
Max Amillion 2 months ago
This haircut minus the fade was super popular in 2004.
Aleksander Bergland
Aleksander Bergland 2 months ago
Also called a Levis style, had it for 20 years...
Travel With Me
Travel With Me 2 months ago
Am I the only one who does not like this "Low Skin Fade" trend?
Jonas Schön
Jonas Schön 2 months ago
Same here 🙋‍♂️
sravan rajesh
sravan rajesh 2 months ago
You'r saloon, where are ?
Dormant81 2 months ago
That skin fade looks wonky and terrible
Str8 Shooter
Str8 Shooter 2 months ago
To messy for me . And how often do you need a cut with that style ?
TwistedKaos 2 months ago
How would I ask to get this hair style?
Que Xir
Que Xir 2 months ago
I like your hairstyle. May i know your hairstyle name?
Bharat Karpe
Bharat Karpe 2 months ago
U r awesome guys
Tomek :D
Tomek :D 2 months ago
You Deutschland?
Alex Sayan
Alex Sayan 2 months ago
Am I the only one that sees at 4:50 it looks like the right side of his head’s hairline is pushed farther back..?
TOBY B 2 months ago
She's very talented. Good eye for the cut best suited for client
gary woolnough
gary woolnough 2 months ago
Liked the top though sides were to short would have left it a no4.
Rhiner Guzman
Rhiner Guzman 2 months ago
I have the same birth mark on the neck
Klod Freemaster
Klod Freemaster 2 months ago
She didn’t learn how to hold a scisors!😁😆😆😂😂 Hey! Girl! Only the biggest finger have to move, the others fourth ones have to be stable and horizontal!
Thảo Vũ
Thảo Vũ 2 months ago
So beatifull . Good job lady 😘
#NatureLover saul
#NatureLover saul 2 months ago
In India we wash hair after the haircut not before !
MDwhatelse Month ago
in Germany before! the hair could still be contaminated, with gel or hairspray
Tom Sawyer
Tom Sawyer 2 months ago
Abhi racist comments aane Lagg jayege.
It's Dawson
It's Dawson 2 months ago
Great hairstyle....in fact the best for men IMO I model it myself so maybe a little biased lol.
Samuel115s 2 months ago
He is a beauty 👌😍
Norr V
Norr V 2 months ago
As a barber who specializes in mens grooming I could still see a weight line in his hair from skin to hair. Needs more blending.
Jonny_mazerati 2 months ago
Turn that loud ass music down
Haircut Women
Haircut Women 2 months ago
nice haircut
Jeferson Griebeler
Jeferson Griebeler 2 months ago
Barbero Mick
Barbero Mick 2 months ago
Bonito! 😀 ♥️ ✂️ 💈
Sandro Bernasconi
Sandro Bernasconi 2 months ago
I wish I had this kind of hair... mine is mung thinner so that might not look as good! :( great haircut none the less! 👍
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