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You’ve never seen his face, but you’d know those booming bass tones anywhere. With over 100 movie trailers under his belt, Redd Pepper is the voice behind all your favorite blockbuster hits. He’s voiced the trailers for movies like “Armageddon,” “The Blair Witch Project,” and “Space Jam.” His talents were first discovered over the intercom on the London Underground-now, he’s working alongside the likes of Steven Spielberg.
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Aug 2, 2018




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Comments 15 276
DinoSpino 52 minutes ago
Anyone else thought he was American
Thatflounder 133
Thatflounder 133 3 hours ago
1:04 portal to the darkest pits of hell
SomeWorthlessKid F
SomeWorthlessKid F 5 hours ago
Guy hitted puberty 5 times
Andre Moreno
Andre Moreno 12 hours ago
He looks like the guy from lelo and stitch
g g
g g 12 hours ago
One man coming soon to a cinema near you
Yung N-Word Pass
Yung N-Word Pass 14 hours ago
Fuck I wonder what he sounded like as a kid
TheSneakyRifle 17 hours ago
Why does he look like Samuel Jackson with a deeper voice
John Vatatzes
John Vatatzes 19 hours ago
Wulfrvm 19 hours ago
dude out here tryna voice a donkey
John Vatatzes
John Vatatzes 19 hours ago
Kareem Gamal
Kareem Gamal 20 hours ago
I mean, if you asked me to sign up for anything at the end of the video I would most likely sell my kidney and sign up.
neon genji09
neon genji09 20 hours ago
Please Tell me that He makes asmr
Tarantula Kid
Tarantula Kid 20 hours ago
He seems like fun 😂
R-some 22 hours ago
1:03 when you nut but she keeps sucking
TRRS 23 hours ago
1:40 when someone gets shouted at across the classroom
profiili -
profiili - Day ago
teacher: what kind of voice the rooster does? special ed kids: 1:03
机器人 Day ago
Does anyone else hear Ender Dragon 1:03
Tatsuki Jane
Tatsuki Jane Day ago
Okay, if this cool man would be my father, i will scream every time, when he talk with me at nighttime xD
Domino Day ago
He ate too much red pepper...
sakoo 3
sakoo 3 Day ago
1:03 dead by daylight sound FX
When I try to impress your crush 1:03
Melodydalampuisi _
Qorygore is here
Ayaan Rashid
Ayaan Rashid Day ago
Imagine him saying "I NEED FOOD!!!!!"
Raptor CC
Raptor CC Day ago
2:42 When my comment got some likes.
Trying to be quiet while taking a shit in a public restroom Booty: 1:03
Put 1:03 without sound. It's even better.
Sollux Captor
i thought he was rupaul
What makes us video even better, is all of the memes in the comments
King royale king royale
*puberty left the chat*
None Day ago
RIP Don LaFontaine. The real OG. The whole "One man... in a world..." is Don LaFontaine from a really old insurance commercial.
Random Day ago
0:31 That doesnt sound like a blockbuster voice to me
Dion St. Michael
Nothing and I mean NOTHING will ever sound as awesome as the 70’s horror movie genre.
The BlueBearDuck
@1:03 When you stubb your toe real bad...
24903 Day ago
Im dying of reading the comment😂
This is a gift I love you i mean 💕
JMU Day ago
Disgusting lol
Z!NX Day ago
Kaikkivaltias Shrek
1:03 when you had voice crack
DA NOOB 2 days ago
Redd Pepper Greenn Pepper Bluee Pepper Yelloww Pepper Pinkk Pepper Blackk Pepper Whitee Pepper Grayy Pepper Purplee Pepper Orangee Pepper Brownn Pepper
Phiinx 91
Phiinx 91 2 days ago
would love to hear him dirty talk #noHomo
Edvin Alcantara
Edvin Alcantara 2 days ago
When i open my door at 2am to take a piss 1:03
DR HOODIE 2 days ago
Matthew Royea
Matthew Royea 2 days ago
This is the movie
Lps FlowingWaters
All it takes is for him to clear his throught once and it’s all over
Dust KO9
Dust KO9 2 days ago
when my parents were sleeping I was going to play a game and I sit on my chair My Chair be like 1:03
Navin Ramamoorthy
When I don't have a single idea about what it comment 1:03
OLT_HAM 12 minutes ago
RhinoTed 2 days ago
Jesus he’s so deep
Dominik Jancok
Dominik Jancok 2 days ago
When chipmunks does not earn enough money...
RockSolitude 3 days ago
This mans voice so deep it measures on the richter scale
tryyalz 3 days ago
tryyalz 3 days ago
DailyDaniel 3 days ago
why is this like the 7th time that youtube recommends this to me lmao
endmysuffering 3 days ago
Puberty hit him like a fully loaded cargo train.
MathiAs2Pique_ 3 days ago
I don’t understand English. For What movie is this trailer plz 😂
Fighter Boss X
Fighter Boss X 3 days ago
At first point I thought that he was thanos’s voiceover,like literally he has the voice of thanos
san san
san san 3 days ago
me going downstairs to eat cereal at 3am: every single step I take: 1:03
Tommy Strap
Tommy Strap 3 days ago
Nobody: Special ED Kid: 1:04
x Phantom
x Phantom 3 days ago
Mom: opens door Door: 1:03
CN Straight Edge
CN Straight Edge 4 days ago
One question: Is he the voice over guy for WWE PPVs?
Luca Bralia
Luca Bralia 4 days ago
His voice makes everything more epic
Stuka 4 days ago
My stomach during a test: 1:03
Red6ixx 4 days ago
*Puberty probably hated this guy, he hit him hard!*
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