Meanwhile... Queen Elizabeth's Swanky Escape Plan

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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'The Wife' star Glenn Close feels like she's just now reaching her prime, professionally and physically.
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Feb 9, 2019

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Comments 1 217
John Pliskin
John Pliskin 3 hours ago
can we just dump all rich ppl off in the sahara with all their money and yachts, let them have their money but nothing to do with it, see how they cope
Boom Glglgl
Boom Glglgl 5 hours ago
As a german a deeply apologize for that Sausage Hotel thing. 😟
Mickey McGowan
Mickey McGowan 3 days ago
4:16 sure a little sauce on the pillow. Do they have coca cola napkins
Cole Mair
Cole Mair 9 days ago
London is burning but I have no fear because I live by the river 🎼🎵🎶
Cecilia W Yu 余詠詩
Drenching it with Cornflakes probably improved that Tedious wannabe Graffiti painting....Please.... #asif
B D 25 days ago
So captains have to go down with a ship but queens/kings can just bounce.
Atom Manhattan
Atom Manhattan 27 days ago
You can't piss on hospitality! I won't allow it!
kenna163 Month ago
The hotel one was amazing.
Clay Pidgeon
Clay Pidgeon Month ago
Delta you just posted cringe
"One is getting one's royal arse the fuck outta here. Peace out, subjects!" - what you won't hear Elizabeth II say. As Colbert says, if bombs and V-weapons raining down out of the sky didn't phase her, the disastrous results of the abject incompetence and dishonesty of her current Conservative Party government won't make her bat one eyelash.
Wilhelm Stenvall
Wilhelm Stenvall 2 months ago
Wait. I'm confused. Did the audience understand Stephens joke about dot-drawings, or did they not?
刘宇龙 2 months ago
刘宇龙 2 months ago
蛤,古堡长籐改成觀光事事業了,全部古堡嗎,,,??,喔麥嘎,会有此想法的是大律特權和集宝鑑定團丫??,怎麼辦??,,,。 可惜想介紹你们瑞典建造技術大師??,蒸氣機械物理完美主義学的,也不会介入軍商和盜賣律己之国都Y,唉,可惜鴿子心信任守l日众的,卻真心換来的都是絕情大众,唉,,,??。 不如召待铁船派入住幾月,教他们全楝灑聖水,屋頂天花板各角落都要,回國時餐桌同聚慶祝,,,。 別向他人講心蜜龠,召待時先取回權狀所有,还有空餘時間多把些咩,一同回堡,再約近岸商補給各站奌,,,可惜丫,可惜,規劃比不上絕情变化,,,替你们感到伤心分離,唉,真心換絕情,,,丫。 搞事众不肯出面,,,唉。
Luetzow1 2 months ago
Rober Robles
Rober Robles 2 months ago
Harry S
Harry S 2 months ago
Could not go to the sausage motel . I fear the wurtz !
Char Horst
Char Horst 2 months ago
L P 2 months ago
dis dude is funny.
Tee Dee
Tee Dee 2 months ago
I thought it was going to be about an escape plan to get away from trump
Fkcit Ecuh
Fkcit Ecuh 2 months ago
Fuck queen Elizabeth tbh
Oma Rumunna
Oma Rumunna 2 months ago
The Queen is impressive... and annoying.
kim 3 months ago
omg that basquiat story had me spray my coffee all over my family at the breakfast table. kill everyone involved.
Stephanie Logan
Stephanie Logan 3 months ago
"I couldn't help but notice you drooling onto your neck pillow" 🤣🤣🤣 A little squirt of mustard on your pillow.... Nope, not hospitality. *Snacks*
Laura Hiller
Laura Hiller 3 months ago
Stephen would fit right in at our family dinner table. 😆😆😆
Jesse Beauchamp
Jesse Beauchamp 3 months ago
Jack Daver Jones Locker. The quest for Osamas ship container coffin. Switch out the jewels for dummies and maybe no one will catch the boating retreat. A pre BEXIT Commander Woody Beef Toast joke waiting in the wings. Combo Mom joke #? Queen Elizabeth Ben Hiking. Another in a long list of Jewel over the Titanic Balcony musical number. If God had a Thorny bust. Maybe if they hum chuck the crosses off the retreating Love boat pack and lay the out just right they can get the Sea of Mice and Men joke cast from the bough of the Queen's ship renamed. The Diuble Asymptote Bag shuffle. J.
刘宇龙 4 months ago
鸽子覚得,卷髮王族應該加入反三合会,反共济会,反帝霸主意,反馬克主意,反白色恐怖主意,反蓝色恐怖主意,,,。 然後追查修女依莎貝主兇众,,,??。其實古前卷髮是惡人,而且很多謊言迷惑万物以及动物,动物看見卷髮説法,大多抱头逃亡,然後囗张開抽脛抖动後死亡,口吐白泡沫,,,??。 而且说-些修者众壞壞,但,,,教皇教宗众还是懐念旧众,卷髮和同胞男女,,,电椅,??,但,,,鸽子有先说过,不貞不孝无修者众心,,,??。 跟你们说个很厳肅的敲敲話喔,,,。 最先有銀行通火車,才一元喔??,比肯得雞还便宜的首創喔,而且大多都在喷水,比不上小費,街上也少有大鈔,而且善良好女性不多了,,,??。 对了,請问,是鋼铁人不爱他爹了,欲換東土说客商官众,不孝哪,不貞不孝丫,天哪,大不孝丫,就形成跨父说客分身而棄掉夸克父??,还是泡咩忘父母,公司也失去??,總規一論,東土知技術要奌重奌简易化,大衆做得出做的到,还是像最後購物多代後,再簽科技建设电廠,室内太阳能転換,再四处打电话洽谈,,,看多了,省省吧,跨父言論追夸克父,会不会夸克父被说客群挤退後,说客官众洽商机,,,??。 为什麽夸克父有事,東土还搞乱鸽子思緒,乱謅-堆??,是要取代成说客官众否,,,??。 天哪,鋼铁群不孝哪,不卫不孝哪,不要他爹了,,,??。 鸽子心停平板了,天哪,喔,麥,嘎,,,??,鸽子还想帮助隨时可吸波充心电能丫??,不孝丫?,下次夸克父構图心电能通下盘鳥鳥好了,直接电流失,,,天哪,大涅不孝丫??。 唉,所以最先助最没價值,當然一切先論也是述说後,-文不值,但,,,对聖修众可是最殘酷的貞實言,对-切金權没差,,,??。 哈哈,才一元,还好孫哥哥一佰,袁鄧毛可是有上兆元一張,夾在中間数字福蘭伪鈔多,,,才-元,对了,喷水池可以拿取嗎?,鸽子買金庫会快些,然後再存,存後再買金庫保险,然後再存,然後買地把金庫藏在地下,然後再存,然後買电子保险鎖,然後交致友保標幫開鎖数幣,点数後鎖上,,,?,因为,爪和翅啄嘴尖,不会開鎖,,,??,为什麼挾来邪地邪教处,,,??,对了,是不是基督长佬考驗鸽膽??,以前有義舉男女丫,都死了奶,,,?,为什麼挾来這儿丫?,逼論又作不出,还是用買賣的田僑仔習慣,,,丫??。 鸽子都説好話唷,但,好人不多,壞人多???,怎麽辨???,不如,,,壞人多,,,,,,,。 咦,叔叔,,,你,的,头,髮,,,怎,麼,有,,,,,白,头,髮??,会不会是,被咩群气急了??,選哪个咩好,,,??。史帝芬錫哥哥,在矛盾国一部电影内,多重人格案,从尸血少移尸,到海滩烤剩腿,一直到毒品,海軍盗,种族歧視还是很重吧,太阳室内聖诞科技组,,,就说拜科技太阳科学人众就好了,何必多种族又累人,,,?,探親飞到惡夢矛盾国,立馬惨亡又移尸加責枉,,,?至今久矣,还要麥克傑克演唱出旧史,,,??,,,。 美深署己脈缺体,怎麽察查,,,??,算了唄,修气洗髓重要,,,。 唉,天哪,天造涅,,,丫,??,不知是哪天???。
Ian Brannan
Ian Brannan 4 months ago
I hear the Hotel is the Wurst
Baby Boto
Baby Boto 4 months ago
It’s not a castle it’s a palace but yeah, they’re still parasites upon the U.K. tax payer.
Alex Ninjas
Alex Ninjas 4 months ago
How she reacted when trump visited...epic. that woman is a legend
Miguel Perez
Miguel Perez 4 months ago
Steven can do a really good posh accent
Peter Russo
Peter Russo 4 months ago
First sausage themed hotel? There’s a gay love hotel down the street that would like to have a word with you.
KVV4U7Z7R37SCHK3 4 months ago
Very impressive accents btw!
Duribethin 5 months ago
Anyone else get a Metamucil ad during the queen's evacuation segment?
Robert Ric
Robert Ric 5 months ago
I think hater just click on the video dislike and move on without watching it! This was funny!
Sarah Kerrigan
Sarah Kerrigan 5 months ago
was not expecting that meanwhile. sausage hotel sounds like a really bad friday night.
TheRealHiboman 5 months ago
There’s our favorite Sondheim fan!
Nameless James Taylor
Solariis TrippleEight
he should be wearing a purple suit
Amelia Garcia
Amelia Garcia 5 months ago
Why does "the helps" name gotta be Maria? You know they don't have Latinos working in the Castle. Well...maybe in the kitchen 😂🤣😃
Eun Zhang
Eun Zhang 5 months ago
Deborah Hoffman
Deborah Hoffman 5 months ago
The Queen should plan her escape on the X-wing fighter. Better plan.
hobbicles28 5 months ago
Hey Claus Böbel, Is that a hotel? No, it’s a literal sausage party. Lol Haha Heehee Uh huh.
Alexis Williams
Alexis Williams 5 months ago
I could watch an entire segment of Stephen doing posh British accents. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!
robin2012ism 5 months ago
Yay for the art history joke.
Pat VelVet
Pat VelVet 5 months ago
Escape by yacht? 😁🤦‍♀️ the accent is so cute 😊
Adeena Adam
Adeena Adam 5 months ago
Of course, the Royal Family should escape first... why do they care about civilians in the country!
tree speaking vietnamese
Jesus christ the queen is still alive
bisquitnspanky 5 months ago
Jean-Michel Basquiat would love to hear about kids throwing cereal on his work!!! They should have left the cereal on there 😃
Irodoku Puzzle
Irodoku Puzzle 6 months ago
XX 24
XX 24 6 months ago
Remy Jones
Remy Jones 6 months ago
After doing zero research, I can conclude that Jay Z and Beyonce were the billionaire innquestion.
William Maurice
William Maurice 6 months ago
How is Delta still in business?
James Hubbell
James Hubbell 6 months ago
Pegasus 6 months ago
Do not feel obligated to the British enterprise. The British plundered and murdered nearly a quarter of the world for their own profit, let's not pass it off as the age of enlightenment?
Ivone de Figueiredo
Ivone de Figueiredo 6 months ago
Pointillism! Good one.
James Smithe
James Smithe 6 months ago
So when CBS blanks out his finger, do they think no one can figure out what he's doing?
hawkeye5955 6 months ago
From airborne sexual harassment to a sausage themed hotel in Germany. lol
Mark Dowse
Mark Dowse 6 months ago
First World problems............
Cheers Queers
Cheers Queers 6 months ago
Killing it with the accents in this video😂😂
Dont you just Love him?!?!? 😍😘
Caf3in3 6 months ago
she's still alive ? she was old when i was a child and im 40
superhavi 6 months ago
4:30 I know he said "Knackwurst" but I understood "Nacktwurst" (nude sausage). Well, I really don't want to pet your nude sausage!
Cs Mitchell
Cs Mitchell 6 months ago
Combine the Sausage Hotel concept with the Airline hookup concept and see where that story goes....
Dana Bennett
Dana Bennett 6 months ago
That so-called picture of Jean-Michel Basquiat? He died at age 28 (not 54!!!) in 1988!!! Geez, Stephen, wake up your producer!
misium 6 months ago
Plane crush! Ha. Really? Nobody sees it? Crush? Crash?
Lela Kovarik
Lela Kovarik 6 months ago
I know how to restore paintings.
Monique Ruriha
Monique Ruriha 6 months ago
Focus in the Hugh successful USA President in Texas talk talk about the successful as always our President has in everything that he does, like soon your stupid and garbage show will be DOWN
Adrian Goldsmith
Adrian Goldsmith 6 months ago
Uou cxxx
Ph@tMantv 6 months ago
I would love to see those filthy inbreeding child molesting greedy crooked royals get chased out of Britian TARRED and feathered.
Silver P
Silver P 6 months ago
As a Brit, I'm fed up of Brexit which is a travesty and the over 65s who voted it in put us in this positiin. As for the so called "royals", they can take a cruise off the planet and go to Pluto and rule there because I despise the concept of "royalty".
Jemppu 6 months ago
I'm watching this over and over: Stephens impressions are so DELICIOUS!
HENRY THE RC CAR 6 months ago
👂 👈 🤔
Reverend Howl
Reverend Howl 6 months ago
England can keep her, she probably wouldn't be welcome in an independant Scotland, independant but equal IN the EU.
Sunny 6 months ago
As a german I am actually surprised there wasn't a sausage themed hotel before...
Burnell Browne
Burnell Browne 6 months ago
at least ENGLAND doesn't have trump helping out?
Julian Porter
Julian Porter 6 months ago
It’s tough sharing your country with 52% of racist morons .......
jcllings 6 months ago
I'm waiting for this communist to say something funny. Still waiting...
George Chiqovani
George Chiqovani 6 months ago
OMG a video laden with accents :D me liky
pkunkbwok 6 months ago
your MOTHER'S a sausage hotel!
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