Match the Baby to Their Parent (Karlos) | Lineup | Cut

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Match the Baby to Their Parent (Karlos) | Lineup | Cut
#Cut #Lineup #Challenge


Published on


Dec 4, 2018




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Comments 2 138
MA CH Day ago
Fire him -- clearly he is misinformed on great and many things
Tyesha Long
Tyesha Long 3 days ago
3:45 the baby is pulling her hair
Peach Blossoms
Peach Blossoms 4 days ago
Ngl he was really rude and clearly hurt the dads feelings
Lee King
Lee King 8 days ago
00:01-00:08 that right momma doesn't know how to hold a baby..
-Night Wolfie-
-Night Wolfie- 8 days ago
“She don’t know who the parents Are” Got me!😂😂
Meli Maga
Meli Maga 10 days ago
VienasRagas Gt
VienasRagas Gt 12 days ago
Karlos: I don't like babies Karlos after 3 minutes: OMG you are so cute
Alice Cockwill
Alice Cockwill 15 days ago
1:35 the woman just swinging the baby like it’s superman 😂😂
Tepora Hotene
Tepora Hotene 15 days ago
That dad looked really offended
Death Note
Death Note 15 days ago
He like :” l don’t like babies”and then like:“aww you’re so cute“ LITERALLY ME LOL
Jay •
Jay • 15 days ago
Karlos isn’t rude you guys are just sensitive. They’re literally babies chill out.
Leslie Wheeler
Leslie Wheeler 15 days ago
You can't go by just skin complexion. My daughter is fair skinned and I am dark skinned. But she looks like her mama! 🤗
Steamy Sulixx
Steamy Sulixx 16 days ago
though karlos doesn’t like kids, i think he could adopt like a toddler! he seems very good with them.
Angel Williams
Angel Williams 17 days ago
Annoyed me... some comments were rude.
Talon Sage
Talon Sage 18 days ago
So. Cute!!!
AMAL HUSSEIN 18 days ago
who calls another man´s baby a beast? like that´s so disrespectful
Leah Bee Walker
Leah Bee Walker 19 days ago
Can we talk about the one lady swinging the baby around that isn’t even hers?
AlannahLHoule :3
AlannahLHoule :3 19 days ago
“HAHAHAH that ain’t your baby”
I'm -actually- kind of hungry
Awhh i feel bad forcthe dad.. i mean, no parent would like to hear their baby called names.. he looks offended
kiana marshall
kiana marshall 20 days ago
Boiiii I would be so offended if someone called my baby a beast grrr
kenzie’s fansigns and slimes
noted taken in this video: babies communicate in some strange ways karlos is blatantly rude isabella running is adorable the “beasts”dad was about to drop kick karlos babies holding hands is adorable karlos is self centered moral of the video: karlos should leave and babies are cute
Angelica Schuyler
Angelica Schuyler 20 days ago
I hate karlos. First of all:he called a baby fat and called it a beast and then he picks a favorite baby. It’s great to have opinions,but it’s bad when you start calling people because of how they look. Especially when it’s with children. That’s just messed up
Angelica Schuyler
Angelica Schuyler 19 days ago
Karlos Dillard I respect your opinion all the way. It’s just that maybe I have a different opinion. You are still very funny and nice,just sometimes the jokes can be hurtful to some people or maybe not. Sorry if this made you upset or angry in any way.
Karlos Dillard
Karlos Dillard 19 days ago
That’s the point of the show??? Regardless keep hating me idc I will never meet you in real life so your feelings about me don’t matter
Karlos Dillard
Karlos Dillard 19 days ago
Lydia Lemma how can you hate someone you don’t even know?
Alex Kendrick
Alex Kendrick 20 days ago
I love babys
Hagung Yudistira Utomo
I love his shirt actually, could you ask him where he bought his shirt? #Admin
Hagung Yudistira Utomo
+Karlos Dillard What's the brand by the way, because i saw that is only like a bid store, and i can't find it out on that store
Hagung Yudistira Utomo
+Karlos Dillard Thank you bro!
Karlos Dillard
Karlos Dillard 19 days ago
Hagung Yudistira Utomo the goodwill
The woof Squad
The woof Squad 21 day ago
The blonde girl and the girl that Karlos thought had twins were the best moms because they shaked like. Rolling chair
Jane enwe
Jane enwe 21 day ago
Karlos can say things that are either intentionally insulting or unintentionally insulting, but I can never tell
Dusty 85
Dusty 85 21 day ago
That guys abit rude in all of the ones he’s in
Dolores 21 day ago
XxGamer_ GirlxX
XxGamer_ GirlxX 21 day ago
The start though XD
dreamdancelive 21 day ago
is it a cultural thing or lol i was wondering why ppl are taking offense to calling a baby big when growing up it has been more or less a compliment when ppl call your baby big cos its like saying the baby is healthy and eats well no? hahaha
Kaitlyn K
Kaitlyn K 21 day ago
Gosh I LOVE Karlos
Karlos Dillard
Karlos Dillard 19 days ago
Kaitlyn K love you too
Harini Iyer Gacha/Gaming
3:21 what were you saying about not liking babies? Lol
Dede Handayani
Dede Handayani 21 day ago
So rude 😡
Ivana Kims
Ivana Kims 21 day ago
Mahn, I laughed the entire time!! 😂😂😂
Devon 21 day ago
please take karlos off of lineup hes so damn rude
Ida Ahlund
Ida Ahlund 21 day ago
OMG He is so Fanny
iixTwlight 21 day ago
For those saying he is rude and offensive, keep that to you. Everyone has a favourite, he just isn’t an introvert. He said it aloud. So for those who’s saying he was rude to them and all, calling someone a ‘beast’ technically is a compliment. Meaning strong, big, powerful. So thanks for reading this, bye!
Karlos Dillard
Karlos Dillard 19 days ago
iixTwlight they just want to complain! Don’t listen to them
Aliya 21 day ago
Was it April? The one wearing black sleeveless..
Jemma Tara XO
Jemma Tara XO 22 days ago
The baby rejected his high and low five 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kiana roberts
Kiana roberts 22 days ago
Karlos is funny 😭😭
Mikayla Munro
Mikayla Munro 22 days ago
omg 0:43 " thats definitely not her child" omg I thought the same thing 😂 so funny
Aia Pe
Aia Pe 22 days ago
April and Aila
Keisey Walker
Keisey Walker 22 days ago
“Not because she’s Asian..............*thinks about what he just said*..................yes because she’s Asian.” OMG I DIED!!!!!!! 😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂
Frantic Fandoms
Frantic Fandoms 22 days ago
carlos is literally the fucking worst stop showing him
Clodagh McCarthy
Clodagh McCarthy 22 days ago
1:53 I think I need a shower 😂😂😂
Shamar Collier
Shamar Collier 22 days ago
I love when Carlos comes on
Natalee Newhouse
Natalee Newhouse 22 days ago
congratulations to your mama for giving birth to this.. this beast
CrazyT 23 days ago
He was kind of rude .
ItzNatalie 23 days ago
Fox was the cutest he was so cute!
Zaria1221 Zaria1221
I love Karlos
Airy Martin
Airy Martin 23 days ago
Y’all fr get offended over everything
Christa 1228
Christa 1228 23 days ago
Argh..isn’t this the rude guy in the guess the language video? Ugh I hate this guy
Christa 1228
Christa 1228 19 days ago
Karlos Dillard who said I watched the whole video?
Karlos Dillard
Karlos Dillard 19 days ago
Christa 1228 and yet you are here watching and commenting
HOBI SUNSHINE 23 days ago
This guy's hella rude😣
Tajmah Hall
Tajmah Hall 24 days ago
Facts tho! Karlos is right about baby’s.
Elizabeth Boselli
Elizabeth Boselli 24 days ago
“Congratulations to your partner for pushing this beast out”😂😂 that is so kind of him to say
Kandy Kitty
Kandy Kitty 24 days ago
Aww my heart melted when Isabella ran straight up to her Mommy❤️❤️❤️
Reena- lee handerson
Isabella so cute running to mama
jaimie. 24 days ago
Is he the same guy who said that this certain language is not beautiful?
Karlos Dillard
Karlos Dillard 23 days ago
jaimie. I sure am
Derek Torrico
Derek Torrico 24 days ago
So when the producer tells him what hes doing, does he not say *hey dont be mean to the babies*
Littles 94
Littles 94 24 days ago
I guarantee NOONE would guess that my daughter is mine lol she has light hair an blue eyes an she’s sooo pale 🤣 an her dad has dark hair an hazel Eyes an I have dark hair an brown eyes lol but everyone agrees my daughter is my twin when I was a baby except she has lighter eyes. But the weird part is she looks like her dad when you put them next to eachother🤷🏻‍♀️ ahaha
Maroz3k YT
Maroz3k YT 24 days ago
this gay nigga funny asf
Lyrica Marsh
Lyrica Marsh 24 days ago
Karlos: I hate babies Also Karlos: *is super cute and good with all of the babies*
Angelica Schuyler
Angelica Schuyler 20 days ago
Lyrica Marsh what do you mean “good with babies” he called one fat
Fernanda Paradela
Fernanda Paradela 25 days ago
This dude is just no
dildo swaggins
dildo swaggins 25 days ago
*_that aint yo baby_* I love him
Karlos Dillard
Karlos Dillard 23 days ago
dildo swaggins ❤️
Twinkle Days
Twinkle Days 25 days ago
Leah Hawk
Leah Hawk 26 days ago
1:13 😂😂
Kanna Playz
Kanna Playz 26 days ago
You should have got eugene from the tryguys to do this
sherly maria
sherly maria 26 days ago
This guy really have no attitude at all
Taylah Bergin
Taylah Bergin 26 days ago
All the mums are just giggling around with those babies
timidsore 26 days ago
BTW, you were a baby too.
Jeramiah Byrd
Jeramiah Byrd 27 days ago
the people you guys shoes are really strange
No Honey Ńøne
No Honey Ńøne 27 days ago
Sauci3 27 days ago
1:34 the girl with the red shirt xD
Luiz Felipe Lima
Luiz Felipe Lima 27 days ago
Karlos is so ignorant and rude
Karlos Dillard
Karlos Dillard 23 days ago
Luiz Felipe Lima your mom should have swallowed
Nevaeh Hickman
Nevaeh Hickman 27 days ago
All of them are cute in there own special ways
Junianne Quiñones
Junianne Quiñones 28 days ago
He dont like babys !?! My brother have 1 year old , im offended 😂😡
Tech Games - Sophrosyne
I ship Karlos, and Onision to a far, far away island. -_-
LeAndra Amy
LeAndra Amy 28 days ago
I don't like babies either 😐 But imma still have 2 kids
Isabella Baggett
Isabella Baggett 29 days ago
My name is ISABELLA
Springyboys studios -w-
Sorry i thought u pushed out two babies
Kiki Good
Kiki Good 29 days ago
"Is that really your baby?" Oh my god. This was awkward
Fudgeevx 29 days ago
I guess one right. It was Aila and April😂❤️❤️❤️
NateNate 29 days ago
That’s kinda rude lol deliverd this beast wow
Emily Donahue
Emily Donahue 29 days ago
I like this dude he funny
Aurora Fauchald Strand
Does hes dont like babys!
BlackGirl Magic
BlackGirl Magic Month ago
Uhh... people in these comment section who complaining should have just click off so what he wasn’t sparring they feels 💆🏽‍♀️💆🏽‍♀️. Ain’t nobody make y’all click or for that matter that it bothered y’all so much to continue watching it 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️.
Karlos Dillard
Karlos Dillard 23 days ago
BlackGirl Magic they always say how much they hate me but be commenting and watching EVERY video.
Willa Schreier
Willa Schreier Month ago
3:11, the two babies on the far right are holding hands!! My heart has melted🥰
Pearl Dragoneel
Pearl Dragoneel Month ago
He hates babies but he is dying in this video?
3StarSofFilming HH
Dat aint chow babee
gacha 4life
gacha 4life Month ago
2:50 "hey lil mama" oh god i laughed so hard 😂😂😂
Rebecca Morrison
I like Fox
Rebecca Morrison
The fat baby is me
Gary teh Great
Gary teh Great Month ago
Allthough it probably weren’t suppose to seem like it, saying «that ain’t his baby» simply by a look, might be a little offensive to some. I know i got sick of hearing «but she is white, so she can’t be your mom». (Mom is white with blue eyes, strawberry blond hair, and a lot shorter than me. I’m an adopted latina from Chile, with dark hair, and brown eyes) I know it’s not a big deal and stuff, so no hate.
Gary teh Great
Gary teh Great 23 days ago
Karlos Dillard Besides, i never bother to guess, nor assume
Gary teh Great
Gary teh Great 23 days ago
Karlos Dillard A mom is the lady that’s raised you, been there for you. The lady that gave birth to me 17 years ago, ain’t my mom. You do realise that people can look totally different from one parent, if the other is of another color?
Karlos Dillard
Karlos Dillard 23 days ago
And you are adopted. So that isn’t your mom. That just a lady that signed papers to raise you. Your mom is your blood.
Karlos Dillard
Karlos Dillard 23 days ago
Gary teh Great so how do you guess the parent if not based off race / skin tone? I’ll wait.
kara lauzon
kara lauzon Month ago
Why do you keep using Karlos? He keeps saying offensive shit
Karlos Dillard
Karlos Dillard 23 days ago
kara lauzon because y’all keep watching and commenting
MindoriLemojs Month ago
"that ain't yo baby." LMFAOAOAOAOAO
pandoraheartsvd Month ago
Bruh 😂😂
sharmi sharmili
sharmi sharmili Month ago
Man are you serious...!!? Someone zip this guy's mouth😡😡😡
sharmi sharmili
sharmi sharmili 19 days ago
+Karlos Dillard Yup... on my way
Karlos Dillard
Karlos Dillard 23 days ago
sharmi sharmili wow nothing I said in this video was as offensive as this. Try to zip my mouth and see what happens 🤷🏾‍♂️😌
katherine lopez
katherine lopez Month ago
3:25 baby : “stop touching my we we”
Hirisley JM
Hirisley JM Month ago
0:57 Aaaaaaaaawwwwww😻😻😻😻
Aihcsalohcin Month ago
that mom in yoga pants is hot
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