Match Highlights: Federer v Kyrgios, Day 2, September 21 2019

Laver Cup
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Sep 21, 2019




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Comments 522
David Gutiérrez
David Gutiérrez 18 days ago
Amo la Rod laver cup
Jemand 21 day ago
2:20 what was that roar from federer?
Juleduto97 22 days ago
I just love that despite of the fact it's an exhibition tournament they give their absolute best.
Gideon Huyo-a
Gideon Huyo-a 22 days ago
legends nowadays got longer careers.
ashish william
ashish william 23 days ago
Roger Federer ..a sustained ultra instinct form guy.. !!!
W Johno
W Johno 25 days ago
If Nick actually gave a shit, imagine how good he could be
Joel Wright
Joel Wright 25 days ago
Did any one watch this bs Roger frauderer self promotion of how to have a droopy mouth with steroids. Funny how the best two Clean players ever are not there or talked about. Djokovic and Andreescu Its an exhibition of has been roid users nadal and federer.
ladoro latisat
ladoro latisat 25 days ago
What a match again thanks nick that you make that possible
hen ko
hen ko 25 days ago
U know ur screwed when Federer starts grunting
Tk Muns
Tk Muns 25 days ago
Anna Wintour in the thumb nail......between she and Mirka I don't who's the wifey.
sodasoda 25 days ago
You simply don't mess with Roger.
ping Lin
ping Lin 25 days ago
5:01 Nadal😒
xuanvu duong
xuanvu duong 25 days ago
Recently, I feel Roger worry when he get the Match point, maybe because of final in Wimbledoon
hen ko
hen ko 25 days ago
Two biggest faggots
Charming nowhere to hide
Roger and Nick nearly always give us great, gripping matches. Many people don't like the latter but you can't deny he's one of the most entertaining players in the world.
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith 26 days ago
Why is that cunt Wintour on the court?
Dylan j
Dylan j 26 days ago
2:30 poor shot selection with the drop shot
Derek 26 days ago
awww yeah daddy Fed came to playyyy
Puppet lover
Puppet lover 26 days ago
vs Rafa and 2-0 vs Djokovic. Gotta respect that
Charming nowhere to hide
Tennis is gonna be so boring when Federer and Nadal retire.
Ronaldo Maia
Ronaldo Maia 26 days ago
The best!!!!!!
H9 26 days ago
El mejor de todos los tiempos su majestad roger federer
gonzalo arratia
gonzalo arratia 26 days ago
2:23 momento exacto en que Federer decide derrotar a kyrgios
Linus 6626 Feynstein
Why doesn’t Nick take his earphones off? It looks so disrespectful towards the crowd. And so immature.
Puppet lover
Puppet lover 26 days ago
Sounds like Humperdoo
Mithun Krishnan
Mithun Krishnan 26 days ago
Super Roger. That shot between the legs by Kyrgios at a crucial time in the match actually spurred Roger, he must have said , don't try to toy with me. Roger changed gears from then on.
Aakshhay Kurhade
Aakshhay Kurhade 26 days ago
Federer is always great....
Joanna 26 days ago
Magical Roger again ..! Perfect match
Expr55 26 days ago
Who was the tranny in the middle with the sunglasses?
bilo cousin
bilo cousin 26 days ago
Two biggest faggots
Jorge G.
Jorge G. 26 days ago
Fuck off Kyrgshit
T Lee
T Lee 27 days ago
Nick isn’t built for 5setters.
Joanna 26 days ago
I will always root for kyrgios to....LOSE! Dude is such a drama queen and a sore loser. Much respect to Roger for putting this dude back in his place! Yay Roger!!!
Lightbulb Moment
Lightbulb Moment 27 days ago
Roger better be doing something really amazing with his millions...and I'm not talking on himself
arun krish
arun krish 27 days ago
I love to see this jerk Kyrgios’s ass get kicked by Federer.. Hate this fucker.. cocky and unprofessional all the time .. Love Roger for being an inspiration in this Tennis Era.. !! 🎾 💪🏽
Chris Breezy
Chris Breezy 27 days ago
Tennis is gonna be so boring when Federer and Nadal retire.
roel dulay
roel dulay 27 days ago
bad boy kyrgios again for an unwanted court behavior..
polz8 27 days ago
Ahh, so this is what Kyrgios does when he's not busy spitting at people.
unrepeatable raddish
that backhand volley was masterful.....something 17 year old boris becker would have gone for
Fullyraw1991 27 days ago
Sounds like Humperdoo
Fullyraw1991 27 days ago
Biggest chode in history
Harki Rehal
Harki Rehal 27 days ago
These are intesne matches. No one is kidding around here. The Laver cup is the real deal.
Tanush Gade
Tanush Gade 27 days ago
nick isnt even trying why is he even allowed to play
Kevin Spacey
Kevin Spacey 27 days ago
He won a set against Federer, how the fuck is that not trying
Emely Gas
Emely Gas 27 days ago
What time it is on TV ??
Daniel Melo
Daniel Melo 27 days ago
Those guys always bring the best out of each other.
Moorish Brooklyn
Moorish Brooklyn 27 days ago
Wow. SMH. This guy Federer man.
Manny Godinez
Manny Godinez 27 days ago
I will always root for kyrgios to....LOSE! Dude is such a drama queen and a sore loser. Much respect to Roger for putting this dude back in his place! Yay Roger!!!
Domingo Salafrenza
Domingo Salafrenza 27 days ago
Can thumbnail fashion lady / old hag even pick up a tennis racquet?
DaaBoys2138 27 days ago
Without Rafa I believe Nick wins. It’s a shame the guy has the talent to be as good as anybody.
Radnally 27 days ago
All tennis nowadays just looks like clay court play
Nilashis Dutta
Nilashis Dutta 27 days ago
That game at 2-2 score in the 3rd set !!!
Amrat Chohan
Amrat Chohan 27 days ago
Federer is the best player ever x
Stanija Dangubic
Stanija Dangubic 27 days ago
I don t lake Federer. I love Djoković
leossptm 27 days ago
Kyrgios loss the match after stupid twiner . The powerful Federer mind beat him.
2centavos 27 days ago
Those trick shots are both 'crowd-pleasers' and 'game-losers.'
B. Mundt
B. Mundt 27 days ago
Best event of the year!
edmundo2157 27 days ago
mahendra ch
mahendra ch 27 days ago
Lesson in Humility .
John M.
John M. 27 days ago
Kyrgross needs to get his emotional intelligence together and he would be making millions like Federer. Grow up kid
Alfredo Durán
Alfredo Durán 27 days ago
What was Kyrgios saying about feeling proud and happy, arrogantly, to beat Federer, Nadal and Djokovic? Arrogance, bad attitude, bad mouth and bad player in the whole history of tennis. IMHO!
Listen Music
Listen Music 27 days ago
I love that Anna plays tennis everyday. It really makes me so proud to be a member of my sport.
Eric C
Eric C 27 days ago
Two things you can count on on the ATP Tour. Epic highlights, and Nick Kyrgios tugging on his shirt between points.
Felix Dzerzhinsky
Felix Dzerzhinsky 27 days ago
Same old Kyrgios. I don't think he will ever break through to the next level.
RoestiF 27 days ago
Like Roger as usual But seeing Kyrgios play with Roger(or at least any player) is just entertaining. Hope Nick is going to play constantly better next season 😎
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