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Dec 4, 2018





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Comments 98 818
Wizard P9
Wizard P9 38 minutes ago
Es tooochisimo
Jack K
Jack K 48 minutes ago
0:28 Korath???
Muddykip 13
Muddykip 13 50 minutes ago
They all gonna be dying and then fury just starts lobbing cats at thanos
BiosMatch Nederland
BiosMatch Nederland 51 minute ago
You think she'll find Tony in A4??
jedder Hour ago
That fight scene with "Granny" looks like fun. XD
Rahul Sehrawat
Billi ne maara panja fury ho gya ganja
B4 freedomfighter
B4 freedomfighter 2 hours ago
Billy Batson is Captain Marvel.
Arjun Nambiar
Arjun Nambiar 2 hours ago
1:50 seems like someone's watching a lot of DragonBallZ PS: No superhero is ever going to be as close to heart as Ironman is. So Marvel better give the kill to Tony in End Game.
EdenObviously 3 hours ago
Honestly so here for this
Emrecan Albayrak
Emrecan Albayrak 3 hours ago
Did you notice that at 1:53 she fights, at 1:38 she falls back to Earth?
Mihail D.
Mihail D. 3 hours ago
Overpowered and Mary Sue
TheArtunism 2 hours ago
Mihail D. The movie isn’t even out yet...
Gez Tec
Gez Tec 3 hours ago
Look like a mess to me I think I'll miss this one
Asiri Weerasingha
Asiri Weerasingha 4 hours ago
We don’t like you captain marvel.
Lord Tywin
Lord Tywin 4 hours ago
Just curious, but is anyone actually hyped for this movie?
Gekkouga 2 hours ago
r/Captain_Marvel and many many others
GoddessWoman1 4 hours ago
I'm kinda getting a Green Lantern vibe ... anyone else?!
Zek Tec
Zek Tec 4 hours ago
"Last time i trusted someone... " I LOST AN EYE
Midget 5 hours ago
Oh so is that why she punched that old lady??
Ted Abbott
Ted Abbott 5 hours ago
Wasn’t Grandma in 90210? I really feel old now.
S V 5 hours ago
I honestly feel like the movie is gonna be really good. Captain Marvel herself might be somewhat generic, but the movie is gonna be good, with all the Skrulls and stuff.
A9sAs 5 hours ago
It's time for everyone to get replaced by *strong* *independent* *wymin*
Little Man
Little Man 5 hours ago
The look Larson has is the look I have while waiting in the DMV.
Richard Smart
Richard Smart 5 hours ago
Well, I'm excited!
Jesse Salomon
Jesse Salomon 6 hours ago
I've seen better acting and range by Plank from Ed, Edd, and Eddy lmao.
TheArtunism Hour ago
Apparently they picked some of the worst shots to put in the trailer. According to people in CCXP who saw a clipof the movie, she has a lot of range
ee kenny
ee kenny 6 hours ago
Tony: Did you copy my move ?
Devvv T
Devvv T 6 hours ago
where has she been all this time? i mean the war will ended long ago if she were there
Akash Kumar
Akash Kumar 6 hours ago
I'm so pumped for this
Akash Kumar
Akash Kumar 6 hours ago
+Matti Ace is that a diagnosis?
Matti Ace
Matti Ace 6 hours ago
You're re-tar-ded
watching all the new trailers instead of making homework :) btw does anyone want to be youtube friends? I make music
All Scat videos
All Scat videos 6 hours ago
Hulk is still the best and strongest. 😎😎
BB 1228
BB 1228 7 hours ago
Captain Marvel and Captain America , who is better? Like : Captain America Comment : Captain Marvel
Anthony Rizkallah
Anthony Rizkallah 4 hours ago
Anthony Rizkallah
Anthony Rizkallah 4 hours ago
Anthony Rizkallah
Anthony Rizkallah 4 hours ago
Anthony Rizkallah
Anthony Rizkallah 4 hours ago
Anthony Rizkallah
Anthony Rizkallah 4 hours ago
Trần Minh Thông
Trần Minh Thông 7 hours ago
She is too OP for the rest of Marvel's superheros
Matti Ace
Matti Ace 6 hours ago
Captain Mary Sue
Adam Satria
Adam Satria 7 hours ago
Caligreen420 7 hours ago
:31-:34 , marvel stud10s , goes from scroll green tint, to captain marvel gold ..... logo is givin a hint 🤔 on the story 😁
Nora Alsalamah
Nora Alsalamah 7 hours ago
Captain Marvel is gonna replace Captain America. He goes back in time in Endgame and probably stays there to defeat Thanos
Sam Samson
Sam Samson 7 hours ago
Stan the new DreamWorks SHE-RA on Netflix!
Muhammad Abil
Muhammad Abil 8 hours ago
Like human torch?
Faith Kennedy Ryan
Faith Kennedy Ryan 8 hours ago
Anyone getting green lantern vibes ?
Flávio Fonseca
Flávio Fonseca 8 hours ago
Marvel bout to break a lot of office's records in 2019 🙌🙌🙌
Radkon Psygami
Radkon Psygami 9 hours ago
Ferminazi-LGBT-AntiFa-venger. I don't think "Captain Marvel" smiled even in one scene. Sorry, not interested in seeing any Marvel product with obvious political agenda.
Gekkouga 2 hours ago
Oh grow up
MrAntiSociall Games
I can’t be the only one who know who the Captain Marvel was before this right?
Clay Crei
Clay Crei 9 hours ago
I will watch this because I can't wait for Avengers 4.
Nevin Robin
Nevin Robin 9 hours ago
Ho Tony u should see this😀🤣
Καλαμάρης Πλοκάμιας
Marvel or DC ? Like = Marvel Comment = dc
Diego Oliva
Diego Oliva 10 hours ago
what if that space fight scene and exit is actually post-snap
Asun a
Asun a 10 hours ago
After seeing Avengers trailer.... that wasn't too much
Ailif Pasha
Ailif Pasha 10 hours ago
Any Pakistani or Indian here??
aguarnes 10 hours ago
Captain marvel saves tony from space confirmed
Florence Mwale
Florence Mwale 10 hours ago
I need to get whatever Fury is having...
Erixsu Pucketa
Erixsu Pucketa 10 hours ago
i love captain marvel
a child who does vlogs
Nick fury with a cat is a mood
Madhush Suvarna
Madhush Suvarna 11 hours ago
U know we're was Captain Marvel she was with Loki n Nik furry hiding in skull island
star 11 hours ago
01:00 - umm Is she about to fly a fighter jet to fight bad guys or is she about to fly it to the nightclub?
Blanca G
Blanca G 12 hours ago
For those people who are judging a book by its cover, in other words; judging the trailer and not the movie itself,is nonsense. The trailer shows the main big picture of the plot of the movie. The movie will show more hidden explanaition and answers to questions or answers to find. 50%, that most movies are better than the trailer. Other times the trailers will be better than the movies.
The Cool Nerds
The Cool Nerds 12 hours ago
I think...... Captain marvel saves iron man. On end Game 🙄🙄🙄🙄 Reply your suggestions of you agree....
WoundedHippo 13 hours ago
1:44 Ronan the accuser
Dolly Browning
Dolly Browning 13 hours ago
If one person could give this a thumbs up, you'll be one step closer to helping a band's dreams come true. You won't be disappointed. Just give us one chance and 3 minutes of your time. Thank you
Joseph Hick
Joseph Hick 14 hours ago
I can’t believe I’m saying this Godzilla king of the monsters > Captain Marvel
Nick Fury: Al right kitty, I'm back! Cat: "Scratches Nick's eye out" Cat: HAIL HYDRA
Geometry Dash Jacob
Geometry Dash Jacob 14 hours ago
1:45 That’s Ronan, The Villian Of Guardians Of The Galaxy
Jose Pareja
Jose Pareja 14 hours ago
get woke, go broke
Gekkouga Hour ago
this movie is about Carol Danvers, not Brie Larson. normal moviegoers won't know whatever it was that Brie [probably has never] said and besides it isn't a part of the film. other than that, how is the her-o thing agenda pushing and why might it be damaging? I'm actually curious and looking for answers as to why some people don't like it. I only thought it was a cool play on words Besides I'm sure Disney won't go broke just because of a small play on words
Jose Pareja
Jose Pareja Hour ago
+Gekkouga Starting with the emphasis in ¨HER´ in the word HERO as well as the fact that Brie Larson is a particularly leftist that blames on ¨white males¨ are everything that is wrong in the industry. This movie screams political correctness and identity politics all over he place
Gekkouga 2 hours ago
And what agenda exactly are they trying to push?
I’m Depressed
I’m Depressed 14 hours ago
And I thought Wonder Woman was hot.....
Y'all blabbering about this movie gonna be garbage well see ya soon in the fandom
+a child who does vlogs 😂😂😂 i can sense that comin
a child who does vlogs
They'll all be talking about the cat 😂
Jamz Ton
Jamz Ton 15 hours ago
just kill thanos
Jiraiya 15 hours ago
bullllshiiitttttttttttt another cliche buullssshiiitittttttttt
Sawyer Christiansen
Sawyer Christiansen 15 hours ago
1:45 so ronin is back?
Stogie2112 8 hours ago
Yes, Ronan is there. The film is set in the 1990's - 20 years before the events of Guardians of The Galaxy.
Dre Mcneal
Dre Mcneal 16 hours ago
I have my doubts... I think this will be the 1st MCU misstep.
Stogie2112 8 hours ago
Thor: Ragnarok was the first MCU dud.
Jared Spurgeon
Jared Spurgeon 16 hours ago
Better than the first trailer
John Clements
John Clements 17 hours ago
This is seems like a rushed attempt to add another women so they are more politically correct.
Gekkouga 16 hours ago
This is their first solo film with a female lead. It isn't particularly political correctness unless you really want it to be
Kieron Campion
Kieron Campion 17 hours ago
Better than the Endgame trailer.
I'm Your Huckleberry
Sam Thompson
Sam Thompson 17 hours ago
Sam Thompson
Sam Thompson 17 hours ago
adarsh ss
adarsh ss 17 hours ago
Ronan is there . Did u see ?
Nick Marin
Nick Marin 18 hours ago
I'm not going to stop the wheel... I'm going to break the wheel.
ChasVlogs Team
ChasVlogs Team 18 hours ago
In avengers end game captain marvel will save iron man from space.
Bart Alder
Bart Alder 18 hours ago
Samuel Jackson + cat. My life is complete.
RedMuff Hufflepuff
RedMuff Hufflepuff 19 hours ago
Oooooo, so edgy!
greencitytiger 78
greencitytiger 78 19 hours ago
I just can't accept "captain marvel" as a superhero/ hero/ villain/ Male/ female character name. It sounds stupidly lame.
I`m A Looking Forward For This Movie Along With Shazam,Endgame,Dark Pheonix,And Toy Story 4
kowe96941 20 hours ago
The girl????? But whyyyyy??? Nah, I'm not interested thank you.
KingKing 20 hours ago
That cat had more emotion then Brie Larson
Chaos17 Bloody
Chaos17 Bloody 20 hours ago
I don't know, something I liked in the Avenger party is that no one self proclaimed "I'm a hero"... also, I think her looks (not her costume) is too close to Super Girl, imo.
Gekkouga 16 hours ago
But aside from that, the Kree are not actually heroes or noble. They are a corrupt empire who kidnapped Carol, wiped her memories, and mentally edited her brain to make her believe her race is heroic. She's only saying that because her kidnappers want her to
Gekkouga 16 hours ago
"I'm a bit of a hero." - Thor, Thor: Ragnarok
Jeremy Bennett
Jeremy Bennett 21 hour ago
pronogon 21 hour ago
FOR TOP 22 hours ago
h c
h c 22 hours ago
Everyone here thinks Cpatain Marvel gonna suck so bad but mhm im really curious to see the comments AFTER they watch the actuall movie. And also would love to know why everyone is so against her , like give reasons dont just hate please.
C-MC Official
C-MC Official 19 hours ago
I don't think Captain Marvel is gonna suck, I'm the opposite, Captain Marvel is gonna be a massive hit
Terrl 783
Terrl 783 22 hours ago
I wanna see Nick Fury losing his left eye.
Cyber Gamer
Cyber Gamer 23 hours ago
Thanos Has Left the chat. 😂
Jahanara Begum
Jahanara Begum 23 hours ago
This trailer looks beautiful in full screen. Marvel knows what they are doing! Cant wait
bagofboom Day ago
Mikli Mamouth
Si c'est une kree c'est la cousine de daisy Johnson earthquake destroyer of the world, daisy Elle aussi elle ne connaissais pas son passé et ses pouvoirs
Connor McCaig
1:45 is that guy from The Guardians of the galexy
C-MC Official
C-MC Official 19 hours ago
freakshow283 Day ago
$10 says she's gonna make Sam L Jackson lose his eye
C-MC Official
C-MC Official 19 hours ago
The Winter Solider says otherwise, he was bald in a photo and had both eyes
I'm glad Bree Larson cause to speak her last line in a softer tone rather than a stern tone. I think portraying a softer spoken but powerful warrior hero is neccessary. Break the mold of how a powerful woman 'needs' to speak. Her actions speak louder than her words. CM doesn't need to project a persona that has been used and recycled just to get a point across. This is refreshing.
Moviemusiclover198 4 hours ago
+I'm Your Huckleberry idk we will see in a couple months. Marvel hardly messes up in its recent films, so I'm trusting they have a game plan. I'm not familiar with captain marvel comics so I'll take your word for it. But Brie Larson is a great actor and enjoy her previous works so I'll look forward to this as well.
I'm Your Huckleberry
+Moviemusiclover198 No to acting and casting in general, mind i heard the comic was lame and the character was unlikeable in that! is she going for the same thing here lol.
+I'm Your Huckleberry miscast? Are you comparing her performance to the comic version?
I'm Your Huckleberry
Yeah just repeat all your lines like your bored and miscast it is so refreshing 😂
Keith Smith
Keith Smith Day ago
I've heard of women hitting the wall but hitting an old lady on a bus... talk about future proves past.
Sam Samson
Sam Samson Day ago
Stan DreamWorks SHE-RA on Netflix!
Bethanne Day ago
Better than the teaser, but still feels unimpressive... but Captain Marvel fans keep telling me to be patient...so i will...
Gekkouga 18 hours ago
If you were alive during the 90s this movie will be a nostalgic hit in the face with its rock and roll soundtrack
rayCIS old wypipo are dhe bad guys
Xuan Huang
Xuan Huang Day ago
Seems captain marvel has only one expression through out the trailer, just try to look cool.
nicknissa Day ago
Super saiyan
Arkra Cera
Arkra Cera Day ago
tbh she isn't bad as an actor its just her voice isn't what I imagine Captain Marvel's to be
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