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Dec 4, 2018




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Comments 110 452
Emirhan Kilinc
Emirhan Kilinc 30 minutes ago
Abi mukemmel olmus
Sopish Tehran
Sopish Tehran 39 minutes ago
00:10 The sister of old demon lady from Legion
I just saw it, now I know why it had been attacked... it had hint of pro refugee message to it. Jews won’t happy.
Alto Saotame
Alto Saotame 7 hours ago
Why some people doesn't like Brie Larson??
Speshon Syrliang
Speshon Syrliang 10 hours ago
Boring fighter, boring flim.. Nothing like dc fighting flim
Speshon Syrliang
Speshon Syrliang 10 hours ago
Boring flim ever..
Abrar Khan
Abrar Khan 11 hours ago
End game will be finished by barie larson Thor be like oh yeah 10 years of waiting for u to finish it superb marvel ous
EmoTi.on.s 12 hours ago
Wtd the like ratio is too much
Christopher King
Christopher King 18 hours ago
Politics aside, I went into this movie with an open mind, also having seen every MCU movie thus far, and this movie was the worst MCU movie in the franchise. I fell asleep 3 times in the beginning. It’s just boring. The super hero is stupid. How Nicky Fury lost his eye is stupid. How the avengers initiative got its inspiration is stupid. The whole flow of the movie was unorganized and sloppy. Alita and Wonderwoman were waaaaay better. People said Venom was a bad movie and I had more fun watching that than this. Save your money. End credits will most likely be in Endgame. Garbage.
brian me
brian me 19 hours ago
There are people here that hate the movie because of the feminist lead. There are people here saying that all white guys should die( because they are racist). This world is in decline!
Al Yasser Rajendra Ghazali
any1 know what's her @?
Thanos 21 hour ago
Not Scary At ALL.(Nervously Laughing).
One Wolf productions
I give them props for the cat the cat was my favorite
Wayne Bell
Wayne Bell 22 hours ago
Spoilers ahead, if you haven't seen Captain Marvel: The cat is Loki. How else does Asgard have the Tessaract? Think about....
sora kim
sora kim 22 hours ago
She is best
Mark Wiygul
Mark Wiygul 22 hours ago
I thought Captain Marvel was a Boy
tonydaletony 22 hours ago
Can't wait until Rogue absorbs all her Powers and Marvel just gets locked away by Professor X in Rogues brain...
TheBeggies95 Day ago
Looks like a good movie, too bad the actress is a man hater
Sad_black Cat
I watched this yesterday and i loved it! Good movie! Marvel never lets me down :)
Morning Wood
Morning Wood Day ago
I'm so pumped, waiting for Captain Flatass 2: Feminist Society! Go Brie! Go get em!
vignesh raj
vignesh raj Day ago
Thank you veeeery much...
Ryan Obsidian
They definitely deleted all hate comments in this comment section
360 Edge
360 Edge Day ago
Kraken cat
John Drennan
John Drennan Day ago
Recast captain marvel for end game oh my gosh
1364a Day ago
Bring It! Q
John Drennan
John Drennan Day ago
She is embarrassing, rude, inconsiderate, and put a wedge in between all MCU actors and crew, FIRE HER NOW.
Oblivion Charlie
2:09 ‘fury.......I HATE CAAAAAATS’
Lights254 Day ago
This movie was just terrible and only got the attention and numbers because all the hype End Game has created
David Smith
David Smith Day ago
Jei Day ago
I like how USvid is deleting all the negative comments. Funny how all the positive comments I see always have negative replies to them.
Kdudidjr Usudsj
1:00 i can imagine her as Behati -- taste of skyyy💓--
Mr. Shrek
Mr. Shrek Day ago
only gonna watch it for goose
Decker Moy
Decker Moy 2 days ago
Why are there no jokes
David Smith
David Smith 2 days ago
oldiel b. wolf
oldiel b. wolf 2 days ago
Shazam was amazing! 🔥
Pepsi man
Pepsi man 5 hours ago
+wolfman sicario You're seriously cringe, and idiotic. No wonder why no one takes you seriously in this comment section.
wolfman sicario
wolfman sicario 14 hours ago
+Pepsi man ...SHAZAAMMMM!!!!LMFAO........change your name to Pepsi woman.... character??!!!!.....your feminine side is showing... remember...what you think doesn't matter....
Pepsi man
Pepsi man 19 hours ago
+wolfman sicario People like you should honeslty keep your mouth shut. Captain Marvel (Billy Batson) atleast had character develoment, unlike Carol Danvers.
wolfman sicario
Dude..go sell all your DC comics to buy more Shazam tickets cause that POS movie sucked...
EMEKA HONEY 2 days ago
I seriously love the movie watched it 5 times then I got late to work nice movie by the way
Nafisah Mohamed
Nafisah Mohamed 2 days ago
Most iconic moment in DC and MCU movie history - Captain Marvel in front of Ronan's ship doing a warning photon blast : Stay away from my home (planet) baby.
山桜桃梅 2 days ago
Who came here after Endgame trailer ?
Seyd hussey
Seyd hussey 2 days ago
another stupid marvel movie i wont watch
Victoria Velasquez
I Love this video ❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍🥰🥰😘😘😛😝😜🤩🤩😻
Oofta 2 days ago
Recast for after avengers please
Fun Life
Fun Life 2 days ago
great movie!!! haters gonna hate hate
BlueskiN1980 3 days ago
green blood and red lips? Kay.
Xebys Day ago
Groot, the talking tree, says Hi!
vEclipse 3 days ago
One of them stone head things has more emotional range than brie larson
Gamora 3 days ago
So y’all giving this hoe a movie and not our girl bw.
Thicc Anime Girl
Thicc Anime Girl 3 days ago
It only made 1 billion coz its part of the mcu lmao
Thicc Anime Girl
wolfman sicario exactly
wolfman sicario
Thicc Anime Girl......if DC had made it it would've bombed big time like Shazam.lmfao
David Smith
David Smith 3 days ago
David Smith
David Smith Day ago
+The DyspraxicGamer So you're a woman. No surprise there. The fact that the film is based off the comics written by feminist Kelly Sue DeConnick. The fact that feminist Kelly Sue DeConnick acted as a consultant on the Captain Marvel. The fact that Brie Larson is a feminist and this Captain Marvel film promotes intersectional feminism.
The DyspraxicGamer
+David Smith also what makes it a feminist propaganda film? The fact that the lead is a woman?
The DyspraxicGamer
+David Smith My bf enjoyed it too 👍
David Smith
David Smith Day ago
+The DyspraxicGamer Your opinion is irrelevant because it doesn't change facts about Disney using deception to sell tickets. Just because you enjoyed this feminist propaganda film doesn't mean the film is good.
The DyspraxicGamer
+David Smith I'm not shilling the movie lol, I'm stating i went to see it and enjoyed it.
zachary fox
zachary fox 3 days ago
Captain flatass to save that day
LOL Marvel finally know how to make a villain
Pepsi man
Pepsi man 19 hours ago
Bruh Thanos
Judah Mehler
Judah Mehler 3 days ago
This was the most boring trailer I've ever watched...If this is some social justice warrior political film- I'm out.
pickmeup95 3 days ago
So I haven't seen it.. But if I enjoy it do I hate men?
+pickmeup95 can we just agree that racism in general no matter what skin color you have is a terrible thing
+pickmeup95 but imagine if she said that she didn't want a black person to critique her film everyone on Earth would Purge her from the internet but since she said white dudes no one cares
pickmeup95 Day ago
+IWD*GAMING That's about as extreme as her statements. I really don't think she meant nothing with malice in her heart
IWD*GAMING 2 days ago
No that's just your opinion if you enjoy it, but Brie Larson is a terrible person
hansraj63686 h
hansraj63686 h 3 days ago
1:50 *Dark Phoenix:Hold my beer!*
Mr. Mysterio
Mr. Mysterio 3 days ago
before the movie came out and seeing this trailer. I WONDERED... what's with the CAT? until I saw the movie, it was awesome
Tryingcovers 3 days ago
Emily blunt would have been perfect
Tryingcovers Day ago
wolfman sicario she was good not amazing but good, she is an amazing actrss tho and this part would be perfect
wolfman sicario
She sucked as Mary Poppins...
arti bhatt
arti bhatt 3 days ago
Whos waiting for Goose(the cat). No, just me, ok.
suyash singh
suyash singh 3 days ago
Some butthurt brie Larson haters hate this movie due to her behaviour.But movie is different.The movie was really good.And Ronan literally got scared😂😂
IWD*GAMING 2 days ago
It was a mediocre movie at best
ignismaniaco 3 days ago
I haven’t watched it yet, how good is she? Is she really good enough to be a top card against Thanos? Like, I genuinely just don’t know.
The DyspraxicGamer
Watch it and form your own opinion
ADISON RENEE 3 days ago
I understand that Captain Marvel needs to learn to be humble and lose her pride just like Thor did, but c'mon Brie Larson!!!! O MY GOD, LIKE IF I GOT AN OPPORTUNITY TO BE APART OF THE MCU!! I WOULD LITERALLY BE SO, SO GRATEFUL, RESPECTFUL, HUMBLE AND LITERALLY LOOK UP TO MY COSTARS!!! LIKE IF MY CHARACTER WAS CAPTAIN MARVEL!! I WOULD STILL BE STARSTRUCK BY SCARLETT!!😭NOT BE SALTY LIKE BRIE! I MEAN SHE IS SITTING NEXT TO CHRIS FREAKING HEMSWORTH. if I was sitting next to Chris and Dom I would, number 1, mostly let them talk😂 and number 2, I would just talk about how grateful and amazing it is, and that I grew up looking up to my heroes and now I'm working with them!!!!
Karentookthekids 3 days ago
Nice to see that even marvel is obeying the feminists
Firespawnie 4 days ago
Lame superhero.Don't like her. I love Jean Grey though
Callum West
Callum West 4 days ago
i cant believe she died at the end
Sam Samson
Sam Samson 4 days ago
*Captain Marvel, please marry SHE-RA on the NEW Netflix cartoon. Season 2 She-Ra drops April 26.*
Berry Kuma
Berry Kuma 4 days ago
Stephen Walker
Stephen Walker 4 days ago
she ugly, and have 0 booty. bad hero :)
Luila Leguanze
Luila Leguanze 4 days ago
There are so many saying it’s was bad & that everyone should dislike it. Everyone has there own opinion. And my opinion is that it is more interesting that any of the Ironman movies. Just my opinion.
Real Rasyad
Real Rasyad 4 days ago
Super Saiyan Girl😁
Ven The Wolf
Ven The Wolf 4 days ago
I mean it wasn’t that good but it wasn’t completely awful. I just don’t like how they’re trying to make her so powerful just because they’re trying to appeal to feminists, having a strong female character is cool and all but don’t make her stupidly overpowered
zoma zooom
zoma zooom 4 days ago
I think that captain marvel will safe the avenger team in next movie of avengers infinity war part 2 👍
Jerilyn Bridges
Jerilyn Bridges 4 days ago
At the risk of repeating myself! It’s ok to be a Black Woman!
IWD*GAMING 2 days ago
It's ok to be a straight white dude too, it's ok to be any race it shouldn't matter because we're all human at the end of the day
Jules G
Jules G 4 days ago
Jerilyn Bridges
Jerilyn Bridges 4 days ago
Dirk Soyboy has a Lactaid attitude!: Very Toxic!
Giselle Barragan
Giselle Barragan 4 days ago
Spam Account
Spam Account 4 days ago
KARTHIK R 4 days ago
How is the MCU still a thing, its so bad.
Mark Thomson
Mark Thomson 4 days ago
Her toxic attitude and comments all over the internet have put me off seeing it tbh
IWD*GAMING 2 days ago
+Nafisah Mohamed what country are you from so I can get as far away from as possible
Nafisah Mohamed
Nafisah Mohamed 3 days ago
Only in America.
Sam Samson
Sam Samson 4 days ago
*Captain Marvel, please marry SHE-RA on the new Netflix cartoon. Brie, please react to the new Season 2 She-Ra trailer.*
Fajr Abdelmagid
Fajr Abdelmagid 4 days ago
that's kit from the unicorn store and the guy too omg she grew up!
STITCHDOG94 4 days ago
Luis Fernando
Luis Fernando 5 days ago
0:03 Well yes, but actually no
Jonathon Fyck
Jonathon Fyck 5 days ago
Thanos: *Sees Carol* Thanos: *Dies Laughing* what are you gonna do scare me *continues laughing* Carol: *Holds Goose in front of him* Thanos: Get that thing away from me!
Miryam Hernandez
Miryam Hernandez 5 days ago
I wish this movie was available to rent. Dang it!!!
Anselm Carasco
Anselm Carasco 5 days ago
So Marvel Studios made a movie about Immigration and or Refugees.
Johan bligh
Johan bligh 5 days ago
Rip thanos
levi kirito123
levi kirito123 5 days ago
Who will win in a fight Superman vs Captain Marvel???
IWD*GAMING 2 days ago
C B 5 days ago
Captain marvel is a man not a woman
det313rae 5 days ago
I remember from her the Showtime series United States of Tara with Toni Collette , she has made it💯💯 she has always been amazing.😂😂
Charmeleon 101
Charmeleon 101 5 days ago
Here’s the thing. She’s not captian marvel. Shazam is
My4Tune 5 days ago
Captain Marvel: 40-year-old white dudes! This movie isn't for you! Deadpool: Yeah, I'd better sit this out then. ;)
Sun Kyss
Sun Kyss 5 days ago
Captain cuckold
Jeremy Whitley
Jeremy Whitley 5 days ago
Disney is using females as cheap labor, in order to make more cash in the end. They know it tricks females into thinking it's a feminist product. But in reality it's the opposite. Disney puts out crap now, and wants to make it cheap. So they pay Brie 5mil. You can't get Robert Downey for anything near that.
Ice King kaka Siwak
I watch that in the movie Starr Canvey more butter psycho
Tit0Matic 5 days ago
reviews were definitely harsh. i thought it was good
Hooded Sanity
Hooded Sanity 5 days ago
I actually don’t understand why this movie got so much hate it was actuallly good I never doubted Brie Larson SHE WON A FREAKING OSCAR
Hooded Sanity
Hooded Sanity 3 days ago
Who are these people lol and that still doesn’t take away the fact that she is a good actor and won an Oscar bruh that proves nothing
Hooded Sanity
Hooded Sanity 3 days ago
Jules G who is nuff
Jules G
Jules G 4 days ago
So did Cher and Halle Berry. Nuff said.
Musa Saleh mohammad
green lantern
Ragooti V.2
Ragooti V.2 6 days ago
A lot of DC Fans hate her so much, and I don't know why. Captain Marvel (known as Shazam these days) was originally owned by a comic company called "Fawcett Comics" and not DC. After a while, Captain Marvel (Fawcett Comics) became wildly popular. It even outselled DC's Superman in 1940. So in 1953, DC sued Fawcett due to copyright issues. Then on 1972, Fawcett sold Captain Marvel (Fawcett Comics) to DC. But, DC can't make comics regarding Captain Marvel (DC) due to Marvel gaining the trademark "Captain Marvel" in their first series in the late 1960's. So in short, MARVEL'S CAPTAIN MARVEL DIDN'T COPY SHAZAM. THEY'RE BOTH TOTALLY DIFFERENT HEROES. If Fawcett still owned Shazam, then that's called plagiarism. But in this case, it's not.
Avexys Venatrix
Avexys Venatrix 6 days ago
Man i dont know about other celebrities tho. But if i was a celebrity and i got this role. I would be proud af. I would be bragging this all the time man
akshay to
akshay to 6 days ago
why is fury?
Anonymous226 6 days ago
I need to get higher, faster, with stronger weed to enjoy this abortion.
Arjun Mehra
Arjun Mehra 6 days ago
trailer is better then movie
red vegiesoup
red vegiesoup 6 days ago
cant wait.. will have a collection of shows. glass, hellboy2, Alita.
Talha Tariq
Talha Tariq 6 days ago
They portray women in the same way as men. This isnt equality, its annoying. Portray strong women as strong women, and not as strong men. And dont constantly compare them to men, or put down men. If you do that equality will truly come across in movies. If you don't, it feels more like man hate than woman empowerment
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