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Dec 4, 2018





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Comments 92 960
Terukam Channel
Terukam Channel 13 minutes ago
So 90
Tohdom 13 minutes ago
After Avengers Endgame we need to demand alternative cut with Thanos clicking the second time, just for Brie.
Jragedape 21 minute ago
Brie doesn't want white guy's seeing her movie so I'm saving my cash for Shazam!
Doc Cecil
Doc Cecil 36 minutes ago
Can’t do it
purchase email
purchase email 40 minutes ago
bad actor for the part , def not watching this movie. bringing her in to this series at the end was a mistake . BOYCOTT!!
Nerdly Reviews
Nerdly Reviews 50 minutes ago
I hope that she realizes that the Kree are actually the bad guys lol
Vinicius Yung
Vinicius Yung Hour ago
No, thanks... Boooring movie
speedydemon=cool dude
Entire plot: captain marvel appears on earth beats up some bad guys and finds out she lived on earth. Seems like she will be the worst character because there is no way to empathize for her.
funny man2019
funny man2019 Hour ago
Brie Wilson will be worse than Ben Affleck's Batman
Mc Panik
Mc Panik Hour ago
Im not buying the like to dislike ratio ...
Addisson 136
Addisson 136 Hour ago
Still better than the USvid Rewind
Matt Chapman
Matt Chapman 2 hours ago
Brie Larson as Brie Larson
Kevin Ozdzinski
Kevin Ozdzinski 2 hours ago
Half the people that liked this movie, liked it because its made by Marvel, not because its a good movie.
S M 2 hours ago
is it just me or is the frozen 2 trailer better than this???
C-MC Official
C-MC Official 2 hours ago
just you
Vengeance of Cthulhu
this movie looks like dog crap.why does Brie Larson have a dumb expression on her face throughout the entire movie?Brie Larson is racist against white males or white dudes as she would say. so I will definitely not be seeing this movie.I urge every white male to do the same. Brie Larson hatred and racism towards white males is well-known. if you watch this movie you're supporting that you are supporting racism and hatred against a group of people simply because of their skin color. a quote from Brie Larson the inclusive one as long as you're not a white male Brie Larson: ‘I Don’t Want to Hear What a White Man Has to Say…’
Wire TT
Wire TT 3 hours ago
I’m just watching this for Samuel l and Jude law
WSG Man 3 hours ago
Run my fellow White males Bob Iger is coming to get you. apparently?
Olórin The Wonderer
Remeber the last trailer where we felt sorry for that old lady, yeah....not anymore.
Jayvees Gaming
Jayvees Gaming 3 hours ago
Captain Marvel the best Marvel Hero ever.
Dejvi Cekrezi
Dejvi Cekrezi 3 hours ago
Hope she doesn't ruins End Game.
Citizen Goose
Citizen Goose 3 hours ago
1:52 that has to be the shittiest cgi ive seen this year
Lucas Martin
Lucas Martin 3 hours ago
2:03 best part
XgimyX 3 hours ago
والله عيب يكون كابتن مارفل واحده ست الناس دى مجانين
Timothy Richmond
Timothy Richmond 4 hours ago
Watch the movie room ... .. It shows just how shitty of an actor bree Larsen is
Timothy Richmond
Timothy Richmond 3 hours ago
Batman: Video Knight
Timothy Richmond She won an Oscar for that film. So, that’s basically why I’m gonna watch that one with Pulp Fiction
dtz1000 4 hours ago
Cheer up, Brie.
Karl Bailey
Karl Bailey 4 hours ago
UNIQUE 4 hours ago
Go go Super Saiyan!!!
0u812 0000000
0u812 0000000 4 hours ago
Feminist kunt. Nice job marvel that should fill the seats with white males.
TheTillinger123 4 hours ago
getting real tired of nick fury
AWResistance 4 hours ago
Black men = Good White men = Bad
toffleur18 4 hours ago
It makes sense now that those comments came out. Is that why they made Nick fury's character black ? Cause Bri Larson won't work for a white Fury ?
Winter Pheonix
Winter Pheonix 4 hours ago
Why does everyone hate this film? It hasn't even been released yet.
C-MC Official
C-MC Official 2 hours ago
exactly... they're just sensitive snowflakes
Masud Rana
Masud Rana 5 hours ago
Then.....it will be like Tony stark....!!!! they like to be hero...not to act like a hero.....shame....!! people like them.....should not come in hollywood.........over acting virus in hollywood
ottawafro 5 hours ago
Love Marvel but will pass on this . Brie Larson making racist remarks in the media doesn't deserve to be rewarded.
Angry Captain Airsoft
This movie will end up being a protest against men
Elder Rodríguez
Elder Rodríguez 5 hours ago
Captain Marvel is a sexiest film... a feminazi superhero. 👎
Sumit Wadile
Sumit Wadile 5 hours ago
SHAZAM! Does it better...!
WillyMickyDuke 5 hours ago
This movie feels like when a family member brings a random friends to the family party
RM Studioz
RM Studioz 5 hours ago
2:03 *Awwww!*
Primix 6 hours ago
As a white male, i’m over represented in her audience, and i want it to be more diverse. So I won’t be paying Brie.
Jackson Mandle
Jackson Mandle 6 hours ago
Yo Captain Marvel can you kill Thanos?
EvilBakaCat 6 hours ago
Nope can't watch it after Brie's constant misandry
Round 6 hours ago
If all is well the trailer will make more money from ad revenue than the movie itself.
Hector Martinez
Hector Martinez 6 hours ago
I would rather go watch another sequel to spiderman
ROOFTOP BANDIT 6 hours ago
I would go and see this movie, but I'm a white male and was told my race and gender was not welcome.
H P͟a͟l͟p͟a͟t͟i͟n͟A
Looks like a great movie but I hope it isn’t sjwish
Boleriv 6 hours ago
i am a white male. and i will support this movie. because i love brie and the character of carol danvers :)
Sam Cruz
Sam Cruz 6 hours ago
Black widow movie please
Jenny Cadilla
Jenny Cadilla 6 hours ago
Line delivery is dull, but so was Captain America's. Anyway, I don't understand these comments going on and on about feminist propaganda. Imagine Captain marvel was a dude. Would you call it propaganda? You'd just critically review the trailer right? The very fact that you accuse a random trailer of propaganda makes your bigotry shine through. Equality is important, and if seeing equality irritates you, it's time you sort yourself out.
Ogameitor Dominus
Ogameitor Dominus 7 hours ago
Imagine if it were a man
Murray Hough
Murray Hough 7 hours ago
I WILL NOT PAY to see this movie. Tired of the crap agendas.
Black Phillip
Black Phillip 7 hours ago
I'm always so excited when a new Marvel movie comes out. It's such a shame there are only 70 released per year.
Red Bandit
Red Bandit 7 hours ago
Well now, I thought Kirsten Steward had the award for plank face 'acting'....but here comes 'Ms. Marvel'...how exciting...you can fill a bottle cap with all the hype. Honestly, if you take the music away from the trailer you'd leave half way through.
Woozi the Great
Woozi the Great 7 hours ago
Not looking forward to this at all
Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime 7 hours ago
This movie looks average at best, the lead character seems out of place. I'm sure there will be a few cool moments but I think I'll Redbox this one 😐.
Matthew Brieman
Matthew Brieman 7 hours ago
A real hero doesn't call themselves "A Hero". Their actions does that for them, or better, the people who witness their actions and perceive those as heroic
Furious Angel
Furious Angel 8 hours ago
There is a movie a i highly recommend called Alita Battle Angel, it has the coolest action scenes and one of the best graphics and story development. And good thing that the main female lead isn’t a whinny feminist
Claire Yanaitis
Claire Yanaitis 8 hours ago
Jordan Rowland
Jordan Rowland 9 hours ago
Movie looks awesome
josh crutchfield
josh crutchfield 9 hours ago
Some superhero’s are Human.
josh crutchfield
josh crutchfield 9 hours ago
Captain Marvel Is stronger Than Thanos.
H P͟a͟l͟p͟a͟t͟i͟n͟A
Lol I have to be honest I think she will kill him hahahah
Boda yaku
Boda yaku 9 hours ago
Captain marvel will destroy thanos?
m 9 hours ago
“iM nOt gOinG tO fIgHt YoUr WaR iM GoiNg To End iT” yeah. just like you’re going to end the MCU, sister.
Jeremy Classen
Jeremy Classen 9 hours ago
As soon as Stan Lee died, the lefties took over
Elaine Sorto
Elaine Sorto 10 hours ago
They're being compared to their comic counterparts it's unrealistic Marvel probably her train anyways
PUBG Player Unknown Battlegrounds
Brea Larson hates men well I'll definitely not see this movie
comics-movie studios
He hasn't ever said that. Stop it
MultiMindGamer 10 hours ago
At 0:09 promoting violence against elders, SOOO Woke… (slow clap) Good thing that Alita battle angel came out, at least that seems to have actual plot.
Lyric Venom
Lyric Venom 10 hours ago
Man, I hope they sued her for punching an old lady. That would be a nice ending.
Jerky Murky
Jerky Murky 11 hours ago
God this looks like absolute hot trash
RayTV HD 11 hours ago
Captain marvel VS Shazam Like for Captain Marvel Reply for Shazam
Aparna Naik
Aparna Naik 11 hours ago
It would be great disappointment if she defeats thanos
ENJOY TIME 11 hours ago
Not so good
Bren Valdez
Bren Valdez 11 hours ago
comics-movie studios
anton driver
anton driver 12 hours ago
I don't feel too good Mr marval... Its mam!
Xebys 12 hours ago
White men portraying themselves as victims of sexism and racism. I need to read those history books again....
Shahriar Saif Naveed
I am going to watch DC's Captain marvel... Means Shazam ... I like Shazam more than Captain marvel ...
Arman TV
Arman TV 12 hours ago
Fury is different in this movie can anybody notice his eye
tpockert 12 hours ago
She's got a lego head.
Noah Zbinden
Noah Zbinden 12 hours ago
Everyone is like: "ooohhh Proopagaaaandaaa!" Why?
comics-movie studios
Lol true
Matthew Welch
Matthew Welch 12 hours ago
Boycotting captain marvel for her sexist and racist comments.
Mike Cabral
Mike Cabral 13 hours ago
This movie still look trash
Heyy Qall
Heyy Qall 13 hours ago
That is my grandma 😎
Dwayne Jackson
Dwayne Jackson 14 hours ago
and this is where the super hero Genre comes to an end it literally just committed suicide. this sucks to say the least...
Wayne Gassmann
Wayne Gassmann 15 hours ago
Yawn, okay worse than the first trailer.....Whew gonna wait for Netflix on this one I think. Not too humble either, seems odd for a Marvel superhero. Especially one that is unsure of her past and if she had a life on earth.
Eziano Pudoski
Eziano Pudoski 15 hours ago
Captain marvels- I don't want white males. Captain America, Iron man,Thor- Am I joke to you.
Evelyn Fitch
Evelyn Fitch 15 hours ago
MotoSapien 15 hours ago
Larson is sexist and racist... keep the social justice warriors out of the mcu... we haven't had to put up with this divisiveness from any of the previous mcu cast....bad casting choice for sure!!!
Andre Brandon
Andre Brandon 16 hours ago
Thanos has snapped
Slack Starfish81
Slack Starfish81 16 hours ago
This seems like a parody but it’s said because it isn’t.
Seila 17 hours ago
This is my end credit prediction at the end of captain marvel: The credit open at the avenger's facility where all the remaining avengers are. Everyone (except tony) sitting and discussing about the devastation after the snap then suddenly interrupted by the alarm about strange object entering earth's atmosphere. Then cut to captain marvel flying through space entering earth. Just my weird and silly prediction.
Md Zaid
Md Zaid 17 hours ago
Epic music
lisa roy
lisa roy 18 hours ago
she doesn't have the looks of a superhero to pull this off, even her voice is not suitable for a hero!
nitin kumar
nitin kumar 18 hours ago
Outstanding trailer
Poisonedblade 18 hours ago
My wife's boyfriend is buying me a ticket for opening night, while they go to Hawaii. I'm so exctied! I'm gonna break out my new Gillette razor!
Poisonedblade 18 hours ago
Captain Cat Lady with the personality of a wooden block.
SotnEC 18 hours ago
Hoping American men will finally take a stand against this racism towards white men, Disney and Marvel should be ashamed but they haven’t said anything and no apology for Brie Larsons racist comments
SotnEC 3 hours ago
the cartoonist don’t defend racism, she didn’t say she hopes for diversity, explicitly said “white men”
the cartoonist
the cartoonist 6 hours ago
what comments the one where she said she wanted to be interviewed by a diverse group of people? give me a break.
Lucky coconut
Lucky coconut 18 hours ago
Oh my god
Setting Mind
Setting Mind 18 hours ago
The girl is so basic and boring.
John Lab
John Lab 18 hours ago
This will be the first marvel movie I skip.
Paige Anne
Paige Anne 18 hours ago
I get super mad when people get all political ab everything but like dude the graphics cgi that binary mode all looks badass and I’m gonna set my hated of people like aside and hope that this is a good movie because I love captain marvel😍
Nagato Sarutobi
Nagato Sarutobi 19 hours ago
When they bring in a women who states she hates white men and that is good portion of the fanbase.. Good way to make sales...
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