Maroon 5 - Memories

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Music video by Maroon 5 performing Memories. © 2019 Interscope Records (222 Records)


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Oct 8, 2019




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Comments 43 524
tezlq ize
tezlq ize 9 hours ago
This guy looks like baldur from god of war 4
Aditya wira
Aditya wira 9 hours ago
kartikay kaushal
kartikay kaushal 9 hours ago
Daya nandan
Daya nandan 9 hours ago
He looks like Kratos at the start but Baldur at the end. Haha i love his new look. Reminds me of God of War 4. On top of it all, it is an amazing and meaningful song.
Ryan Rio
Ryan Rio 9 hours ago
here before a billion views
My Name Is
My Name Is 9 hours ago
Who love song that
بشاير الفهد
Alpha Mahatma
Alpha Mahatma 9 hours ago
This video uploaded a week after our newborn son passed away because of a heart condition. I have listened to this song and my heart feels so calm. Thank you for this song..
Juliana Pereira
Juliana Pereira 9 hours ago
I love ♥️
Imam Iniesta
Imam Iniesta 9 hours ago
Amazing song
Gursimran Singh Bharaj
Beautiful song
Adjiems _02
Adjiems _02 9 hours ago
Is so beautiful song 🔥
Dina Grnd
Dina Grnd 9 hours ago
Love song🖤🖤
moosee 27
moosee 27 9 hours ago
Adam levine: Low budget Producer : Ok!Iphone 11pro
Paulo Gian
Paulo Gian 9 hours ago
Adam Levine 🎶🎵❤
Сергей Гуляев
Блядь Хуйня какая-то А режиссер оператор респект
Costin C
Costin C 9 hours ago
...when I believed in forever / and everything would stay the same...
iMOON PLUS 9 hours ago
Everybody hurts sometimes Everybody hurts someday This line is so true
Geovana Gomes
Geovana Gomes 9 hours ago
Brazil loves u 💚💛💙
Quân Nè
Quân Nè 9 hours ago
I like it... 😌
Helmida Anisa Putri
I like this song
Monica khatai
Monica khatai 9 hours ago
He looks like chris evans in thumbnail..
Kevin Xin
Kevin Xin 9 hours ago
Same chords to canon. If you are wondering why it sounds similar.
zena haytham
zena haytham 9 hours ago
I donno if its a trend or something but artists haven't been putting much efforts on their music lately
Hassan Fakih
Hassan Fakih 9 hours ago
Coolio - C u when u get there ?
Hesham Elshamy
Hesham Elshamy 9 hours ago
Memories jush bring u only on my mind💔💔💔
Ignatius Nathan Laiwira
A good rip off of pachelbel's canon in d
James Ryan
James Ryan 9 hours ago
Zero budget music video left with nothing but memories
ondy andra andra
ondy andra andra 9 hours ago
I heard autotune
Barnabás Forczek
Barnabás Forczek 9 hours ago
👏No👏one👏cares👏what👏year 👏you👏are👏watching👏this xD
Vaheeda M S
Vaheeda M S 9 hours ago
I think I heard this song's first part from a Disney movie.
Fabiele Oliveira
Fabiele Oliveira 9 hours ago
Duha Dyaa
Duha Dyaa 9 hours ago
اذا اكو عربي يحب يجق لايك 😍
Sky Walker
Sky Walker 9 hours ago
im.here on the beach, just wathcing the full moon reflecting in the water creating a road of memories
Rizky Fauzi
Rizky Fauzi 9 hours ago
Lagunya sangat sedih "sedih saya gak ngerti" tapi enak di dengar😅👍
Iqbal Arif dharmawan
This song like i feel now, and somepeople, everything that i have in memories was gone, life, love, friend with the all stories, if i can bring back my memories, i just say to they, "i need you all" for felt the life, cause now i build my stories is very hard to do it, without you, i still remember that
sai saravanan
sai saravanan 9 hours ago
Canon d ??
anmol wadhwa
anmol wadhwa 9 hours ago
Who else lisened more than once???
Mike Yasin
Mike Yasin 9 hours ago
Cheers to all my African brothers and sisters... Everything will be alright 🇲🇼🇿🇦
Arjun Pareek
Arjun Pareek 9 hours ago
Who's here before 26k
Sabrina Lugano
Sabrina Lugano 9 hours ago
Make a blue color to this button if you love maroon 5 in 2019 👇🏻
Maria Jessica Gomez
Lucas Coutinho dos Santos
Nem sei que q eu tô fznd aqui
معاذ Duty
معاذ Duty 9 hours ago
Arjun Sharma
Arjun Sharma 9 hours ago
Enough of your face already !
Ade Puput
Ade Puput 9 hours ago
Indonesia mana nih yg nntn . Angkat tangan ☝️🤚
고장난냉장고 9 hours ago
lettemgosda 9 hours ago
Best Video LIKE = Memories COMMENT = Girl like you
Aloi Muzic
Aloi Muzic 9 hours ago
oscarloo2 9 hours ago
Maroon 5, 2019 „Drinks bring back all the memories“
Efeito Não Especial
Hey Vsauce michael here...
Kayley Dyszelski
Kayley Dyszelski 9 hours ago
Wtf kind of skinhead BS....... I like the song, it’s Christmas-y, but this video is Nazi-y idk man
TheMind Freak
TheMind Freak 9 hours ago
So deep I feel that 🖤🖤
Marina Jansen
Marina Jansen 9 hours ago
2009: Maroon 5 2019: Adam Levine
Ibrat Akmalov
Ibrat Akmalov 9 hours ago
Who else felt like you heard the song but you did not
Novilia Magai
Novilia Magai 9 hours ago
I like all the his songs because the sounds and the music are very good listen I fans him to much😇🙏😍 Always waiting for his new songs 😊
Narinka Azizian
Narinka Azizian 9 hours ago
Ashish Chauhan
Ashish Chauhan 9 hours ago
Am I the only one who's feeling like I'VE SEEN ENOUGH...I JUST WANT TO LIVE IN MEMORIES NOW...
Amee Channel
Amee Channel 9 hours ago
jerry ozoemena
jerry ozoemena 9 hours ago
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