Manny Pacquiao and Keith Thurman face off before their massive title fight | WEIGH-INS | PBC ON FOX

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Manny Pacquiao and Keith Thurman both make weight before their highly anticipated title fight for the WBA Welterweight Championship from Las Vegas.
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Manny Pacquiao and Keith Thurman face off before their massive title fight | WEIGH-INS | PBC ON FOX


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Jul 19, 2019

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Comments 8 228
PBC ON FOX Month ago
Who will win: Manny Pacquiao or Keith Thurman?
What’s New?
What’s New? Month ago
Mayweather Sr.
ITS CH Facts
ITS CH Facts Month ago
Pac man would be Win. Pacman the best kaway kaway mga kababayan👏👏✅😘👏💯💘
Ken De Matta
Ken De Matta Month ago
Damon Johnson
Damon Johnson Month ago
Keith Thurman
Kent Reoyan
Kent Reoyan 3 hours ago
I think Keith So embarass when he said "Still gonna be a champion tomorrow" 😂 Lost Belt, wiped undefeated record shame on you Keith.
Pulchra Day ago
Thurman: i lost once to a 40 year old senator
SJ44 Day ago
Whats the heavy music - does anyone know please?
Experimental Life
.Floyd the money man Envy Manny's humbleness!
Ash Cabahug
Ash Cabahug 2 days ago
Unya asa na imong bakos brad...na ilog na.....buriton kaman good
Naps Yohannes
Naps Yohannes 3 days ago
My niqqa pac just starred down a niqqa and started smiling like nothing happened 😂😂 my niqqa emotionless
CanCer 3 days ago
imagine pac going back to 130-135
SLVO 3 days ago
Pacman is like the Yoda of boxing
dino Garcia
dino Garcia 4 days ago
From kiamba hit like kiambañans
hazel mandy
hazel mandy 4 days ago
Thurman said "I will crucify you" Pacquiao said "We will see"
Experimental Life
Pac already has eaten Thurman's Soul when they step on the stage!
muchammad arifin
muchammad arifin 8 days ago
Thurman try to play on the ground 1st round
Anunnaki Boy
Anunnaki Boy 8 days ago
Man, Thurman have no idea what's gonna happen to him. 😂
William Franco
William Franco 10 days ago
Terrible performance by Keith he underestimated Pac-Man...
Vinnie_jones19 10 days ago
please someone tell me what the intro music for pacman is
Jake Enriquez
Jake Enriquez 10 days ago
Thurman got beat by a bunny rabbit 😂😂😂
god bless america
god bless america 11 days ago
Truman is white daddy name.
John Ramsay
John Ramsay 13 days ago
*This is the best Intro music for Pacquiao and so is Face Off!* *Pacquiao the Greatest of all Time!!!*
Vinnie_jones19 10 days ago
what is the music
Rayan Rezare
Rayan Rezare 13 days ago
mukang tae si thurman
Lin Johnson
Lin Johnson 13 days ago
this is the first time I've seen Manny fight with his eyes, second at the actual fight
SLVO 13 days ago
Manny can beat Spence
xEcLiPsed_Pinoy 13 days ago
Lol Pacquiao was chill and keith looked serious
Laurence Giovanni Baylon
I still remember the time when i feared that thurman will fight floyd or pacquiao. Well pacquiao still won.
Paolo Villanueva Faustino
Pacquiao for the win 8 division world champion
Michael Costuna
Michael Costuna 16 days ago
GGG: This is boxing Thurman: At the end of the day
chimichangoo 23
chimichangoo 23 17 days ago
that round 10 body shot of pacman is JUST WOOOOOW😁POWER AND SPEED BABY
Nico GT
Nico GT 17 days ago
lakas pa ng pacquiao Natin mga Filipino
Soul Collector
Soul Collector 17 days ago
Game over 😂😂😂
Gustavo Salas
Gustavo Salas 17 days ago
Game over Keith Thurman, GAME OVER
Enrique Xavier Isip
I just noticed that manny pacquiao didnt bring his belts because they're too many😂
Ras Alghul
Ras Alghul 20 days ago
Chick interviewer cucks at interviewing
Ras Alghul
Ras Alghul 20 days ago
Pretty sure at the time of this staredown, Keith was 98.9% sure he would KO Pacman.
shammi sharma
shammi sharma 20 days ago
respect Manny Pacquiao
Lordove Bravo
Lordove Bravo 21 day ago
Pasikat ra si thurman
Kawaiii Ela
Kawaiii Ela 21 day ago
Am I the only one who heard "BOBO" 5:15 5:19
Dark Raider
Dark Raider 21 day ago
After the fight, Thurman experienced the “Manny Pacquiao Facial Spa”
CipherBytes 21 day ago
Which happens first? A. Manny becomes a great grandfather. B. Manny retires from boxing
ninjago manjaro
ninjago manjaro 22 days ago
One-Time vs All-Time
April-lheR Gunzales
Small But Terrible Manny Paquiao.
Cosmic Black
Cosmic Black 22 days ago
Ain't nothing Manny can't do about it? Lewl. Said it too fast kiddo! You're fighting a GOD here!
Habib Hussain
Habib Hussain 22 days ago
Can't believe Thurman was gambling at 3am in the morning before the fight!
Alex Levy
Alex Levy 22 days ago
pacman cut with abs at 40? Steroids....plain and simple....
Christian Joseph Aquino
Yea manny pacquiao really isnt doing his job as a senator here in the philippines. He has the most record of absences, and believes in death penalty because apparently Jesus Christ Himself was crucified to death? (jesus was wrongfully accused, comeon)
raisah marah
raisah marah 23 days ago
this game is only a part time job of pacman...he only train 2 mothns...then after the fight back to a senator...
Embits gazul
Embits gazul 23 days ago
Next time ...never look at straigth to the eyes on pacman..youll be dead
zakkrick 23 days ago
I’m here to tell Thurman, you got beat
The Red
The Red 23 days ago
Pac-Man is a legend.
Dwi Supriyono
Dwi Supriyono 23 days ago
Manny " pacman " pacquiao legend of Asia 💪💪💪
Dwi Supriyono
Dwi Supriyono 23 days ago
Maunya " pacuan " legend of Asia 💪💪💪
Jose Andrade
Jose Andrade 23 days ago
I guess you wer not that ready😂
Camille Magcawas
Camille Magcawas 23 days ago
Ay pag sa yabang NG Thurman na Yan😂😂😂
Gian Russel Bangcaray
Full time SENATOR part time BOXER A true GOAT time to retire and stays a LEGEND. Nothing else to prove. There will be no MANNY PACQUIAO in the next 100 years.
Datucan Mohammad
Datucan Mohammad 24 days ago
Mayabang kang thurman ka
m p
m p 24 days ago
One has to have a bloody good laugh at this one time thurman you just got humbled by a 41 YEAR OLD 😣🤗
Jay Son
Jay Son 24 days ago
1:23 akala nia Take photo..Video pala😂😂😂
abiag lopez
abiag lopez 24 days ago
talo si yabang haha
Cherr Juanich
Cherr Juanich 24 days ago
da gara man
Maverick Siodora
Maverick Siodora 24 days ago
Manny has small muscle but fast!!!!
Ranz Al-Farsi
Ranz Al-Farsi 24 days ago
It isn't too bad for Thurman to have one loss if it's to the Legendary Manny Pacquiao.
ZacDicoot Day ago
Ranz Al-Farsi true
Dennis Syrel
Dennis Syrel 25 days ago
yabang yabang wala naman palang palag
Kethanee Pacquiao
Kethanee Pacquiao 25 days ago
Yay 💪👊❤
Joenel Saracho
Joenel Saracho 25 days ago
Does pac has a belt?
Shane Perez
Shane Perez 25 days ago
Zeus YT
Zeus YT 25 days ago
M&M 123
M&M 123 25 days ago
Qatar airways
M&M 123
M&M 123 25 days ago
Excellent job and good luck naseer qatar Dakar rally
Bella 25 days ago
The Legacy? lol puro yabang naman to. Yung legacy bumagsak sa first round tf.
Smile Channel
Smile Channel 25 days ago
nobody can deeat thurman hehe!
Ferjenni Bhaldz
Ferjenni Bhaldz 25 days ago
As a filipino, Pacquiao recent fights isnt relevant anymore for me. All his opponents aren't even the same level as him. Of course he will win. Its not exciting anymore. It is just all for a show and money. For me, he will always be second to Mayweather.
Michelle Espineda
Michelle Espineda 25 days ago
Haha ang yabang mo Keith
G R 25 days ago
Manny fit and ready, ⚡️⚡️
Shantelle Ernest
Shantelle Ernest 25 days ago
Manny won
Alfa Lacsamana
Alfa Lacsamana 25 days ago
dave cruz
dave cruz 25 days ago
next pacman vs lomachenco
Armie Ador
Armie Ador 25 days ago
Congrats THURMAN! senaTHURMANy Pacquiao
Buang ka
Buang ka 25 days ago
2:14 69
Omega Russell
Omega Russell 25 days ago
This fight was boring and a big build up to a waste of time and money, but thank God for USvid =free. And the only way I would ever watch a washed up boxer help a over rated younger boxer make some money off the idiots who payed for this nonsense lol. OBP
one last
one last 25 days ago
Undefeated Thurman???? WAT DA HIK..IS DIS A JOK
Alpha Maximus
Alpha Maximus 25 days ago
the amount of cellphone is quite upsetting
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