Making A Wedding Dress Cake w/ Safiya Nygaard!

Rosanna Pansino
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I made Safiya Nygaard a Wedding Dress Cake!
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This #Wedding #Dress #Cake was so much fun to celebrate Safiya Nygaard getting married! It has a lot of intricate lace detailing, sprinkles, and fondant. What other videos would you like to see?

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Aug 10, 2019




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Comments 8 028
Rosanna Pansino
Rosanna Pansino 2 months ago
I hope you enjoy today's video! What was your favorite part? 😂👰🏻
gacha :3
gacha :3 5 days ago
Addison Carraway
Addison Carraway 6 days ago
@Unicorn ButterflyHALF AND HALF
Art Sketchbooking and Stuff
You have the best energy <3
jaelin Turner
jaelin Turner 20 days ago
The beginning when Sofia was laughing
Hannah 25 days ago
Seeing the size difference between the two of you
Ruth Salinas
Ruth Salinas 6 hours ago
you should do 24 hours making cakes
dangel westbrook
dangel westbrook 19 hours ago
Did anyone else notice lore Olympus at 0:12
Caleb Porter
Caleb Porter 21 hour ago
Safiya looks like she came from a funeral. Btw I don’t watch Safiya’s videos. ❤️ Rosanna ❤️
Gacha 101
Gacha 101 Day ago
I love how in the middle of this video i get a text from LaurDIY of a pic of moose and he got semi stuck in a bush
Lojain Gamal
Lojain Gamal 2 days ago
I don't like safiya
Lojain Gamal
Lojain Gamal 2 days ago
I hate her
myla Behne-Gravel
i made your cake. it was good
Simone Rose
Simone Rose 3 days ago
Sis, your eyebrows....
Samm Gaming
Samm Gaming 3 days ago
Safiya's next video on BAKING MY SIZE CAKE
Anshika kotha
Anshika kotha 4 days ago
Make a cake with the merrel twins
Pizza Marrita
Pizza Marrita 4 days ago
Zhxdfgsdfgsgdhxgfhsfghxfghxcghxdghxdtysdfhsdfgsdggsdfgsdggsfdgxdfgxdghxfghxfghsrthfydudfhjdhtk Safia and Rosanna
Bella Bant
Bella Bant 4 days ago
She reminds me of laurenzside 🤣🤣🤣
elisha matijevic
elisha matijevic 4 days ago
11:25 😂🤭
Isabel Gliniecki
Isabel Gliniecki 4 days ago
Omg ro is short I didn’t even know that
Maggie Denise
Maggie Denise 4 days ago
is saf tall or is ro short WE NEED ANSWERS love ya ro
Akira Kichirou
Akira Kichirou 5 days ago
them standing next to each other is like that pink house and black house meme
PotatoKAT :3
PotatoKAT :3 5 days ago
Can you do one with Wengie?
Hulu Juju
Hulu Juju 6 days ago
Saf and Ro's height differences don’t seem so severe because me and my friend are the exact same so I’m used to it
Tgh bananas
Tgh bananas 6 days ago
Guys let’s try and get Rosana into Sofia’s wedding
jennivamp5 6 days ago
Safiya is like an actual giant bat that got lost in the kitchen but tried to style it out like it meant to be there all along! 😂😂😂
SCJ Sketch
SCJ Sketch 7 days ago
0:00 - 1:30 When your trying to talk to your highschool crush
Shaneg Praksham
Shaneg Praksham 7 days ago
Guys I know everyone knows this but if u soak the sponge cake in sugar cyrup then it tastes amazing like soaking according to your sweetness level
Chaeli 7 days ago
Saf is so tall LMAO
Kim nguyen
Kim nguyen 8 days ago
My favorite part was how you are so short
Niya Amin
Niya Amin 8 days ago
Can you please do a collab with Alisha Marie!!
Liz 8 days ago
ro: DONT POUR BATTER DOWN THE MIDLE OF THE PANS saf : *pours batter down the middle of the pan*
Ashley Bellerose
Ashley Bellerose 8 days ago
Things I learned about Saf. She is super tall.
Nichole Chavez
Nichole Chavez 8 days ago
Rosanna Pansino has entered the chat Safiya Nygaard has entered the chat Safiya: ummm I never bake. What do we do? Rosanna has left the chat
Alison's Fun Show
i dont want to be rude but your eye brows are ............... fat
Girl with flaws
Girl with flaws 10 days ago
Omg saf is looking in front of ros it's hilarious
Anna Lee
Anna Lee 11 days ago
10:20 Ro: Don't you look like a superhero? Me: I was thinking more of a bat
Cat Time
Cat Time 11 days ago
Safiya And Ro are the most cutest duo ever
Anita Martin
Anita Martin 12 days ago
Guys! I just realized that Safiya would make a perfect actress for Morticia from The Addams Family. This completely blew my mind.
Rocio Lopez
Rocio Lopez 12 days ago
My 2 fav youtubers
alanna Willis O' Dwyer
Collab with Jenna marbles OMG
Mady Wilson
Mady Wilson 12 days ago
Omg saf you look so tall
Avinash Burse
Avinash Burse 12 days ago
I love you both
esmeralda Valentin
esmeralda Valentin 12 days ago
Omg I love cake
Clarissa Assandri
Clarissa Assandri 13 days ago
In this video you two totally look like Princess Bubblegum and Marceline
Littlemissmia nunez
Ro should have a baking show😮❤️
Madeline Mudd
Madeline Mudd 13 days ago
Does anyone know/ have you tried making Roe’s recipes but like with vegan substitutes? Cause I want to buy her cookbook but she uses a lot of different dairy milks
Xxcupcakes for lifeXx
Rosanna: what do we expect on your channel?me: japan stuff
SuperLameGaming Chester
coco yu
coco yu 13 days ago
只有我是臺灣人嗎? (TvT)
Melanie Smith
Melanie Smith 14 days ago
2ND RHIAN ROMERO 14 days ago
I really love your videos i hope untill u get old you still can make us happy because of your videos💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓
Mattie Yarrow
Mattie Yarrow 15 days ago
Safiya is one of my favourite USvidrs apart from you odbvisly and I couldn’t believe it
tony pearson
tony pearson 16 days ago
:) ❤️💕
tony pearson
tony pearson 16 days ago
You two are my favourite you tubers
Ashi Payne
Ashi Payne 16 days ago
OMG isnt Row like the nicest person in the entire world
Jeb Bannon
Jeb Bannon 17 days ago
You should collab with Haley Pham, thx
Shadow Knight
Shadow Knight 17 days ago
Two of the most eccentric people I love are together :') And I was late for it :'D
Audrina Morales
Audrina Morales 17 days ago
Do they have a pink drink bath
Dertgy20 18 days ago
Me at 2:26 How is Sophia gonna do anything with those sleeves? Me at 3:06 I knew it!
Pastelthesavage Galaxia
Hi hi
Kim Elmröd
Kim Elmröd 18 days ago
Omg i knew that saf is tall but never really thought that she would be that tall 😍😍😍
Skye K
Skye K 16 days ago
it just looks like that because ro is so short lol
Akemi Parker
Akemi Parker 18 days ago
You shoud hit all 50 states and go on tour both of you
Caroline's ASMR channel
i feel like Rosanna is Bob Ross #2
Annie T
Annie T 18 days ago
Those eyebrows are thick! 👌
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