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⭐ SHOP the Magic Star™ Concealer & Setting Powders: bit.ly/2GvMZdU
I can't believe this day is finally here!!! The first ever Jeffree Star concealer is long overdue and I'm so proud of what I've created. From the formula to the custom packaging, I wanted my first skin product to make a statement. The concealers have a range of over 30 shades & there are 2 color correctors! Vegan. Cruelty-Free. Fragrance free. Talc & Paraben free. Anti-aging properties.Retail price: $22.00
The setting powders come in 8 shades. Blurring. Soft focus effect. Weightless. Retail price: $22.00
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Apr 12, 2019




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L.A. Hensley
L.A. Hensley 5 minutes ago
I got your concealer in the mail today! And I swear I got more excited over the tissue paper with your tats on it. I'm retarded XD love you thank you!!!♡♡♡ Pretty
Jazmine Moreno
Jazmine Moreno 15 minutes ago
Jeffree Is THE Shit okayyyy!!! 🔥🔥❤️❤️ idc what anybody says he’s THAT bitch🤪👸🏼💅🏻
Jennifer Zulkarnain
Jennifer Zulkarnain 20 minutes ago
Jeffree, this hair color makes your face look slimmer. :( I wish you are okay. Have a great day :)
ElliezMadness Letriz
ElliezMadness Letriz 27 minutes ago
Not Sleepy
Not Sleepy 28 minutes ago
I’m so upset 😞 I waited and got on beauty bay early to get my shade which would’ve been C5, but of course because of the scandal it was unavailable. I have very yellow undertones and it was the only shade on the fair side with that undertone so I didn’t want to risk getting a close shade and it not matching. It really sucks that this happened, I hope they can restock soon for others who are in the same boat as me because the concealers look absolutely bomb!
marydanielle andrino
marydanielle andrino 34 minutes ago
Congratulations @JeffreeStar! The break in didn't break you, just made you stronger. Amazing products! @GabrielZamora knows what he's talking about and that's what made this video so much more informative. Love you both!
Brittany Schrepf
Brittany Schrepf 37 minutes ago
Like my comment if your here for the GIVE AWAY BABY!! Gotta be in it to win it!!❤️😍✨
Emo Kitty
Emo Kitty 39 minutes ago
Hi jeffree I love your videos I’m sorry about the makeup that was stolen it makes me sad but it’s okie hope you doin okie
merlen rodriguez
merlen rodriguez 47 minutes ago
Love ur hair
Brandi Greenidge
Brandi Greenidge 57 minutes ago
So I am old and new to all of this... but I am thirsty for more. I thought I was going to be able to buy your brushes... but I was late to the game. Nightshift Nurse problems. We only get to dress up every so often...lol. Keep working and doing you! And I will buy and support your brand.
Hank West57
Hank West57 Hour ago
How did I go from watching Gordon Ramsey to this lmao
Mac Smith
Mac Smith Hour ago
Can you do a review on the moxie magnetic eyeliner & lashes!!
Maisa Cheem
Maisa Cheem Hour ago
Willy wonka of beauty industry ~
ItsaLozathing Hour ago
I can’t wait to purchase your concealer ahhhhhhhhh
Crystal Frost
Crystal Frost Hour ago
I feel like Gabriel is so coked tf out 🤣🤣🤣
yeet man
yeet man 2 hours ago
You remind me of hisoka from hunter x hunter
Lorna Alonzo
Lorna Alonzo 2 hours ago
Why do i love u jeffree star?? Huhuu Ur so kind but savage at the same time whaaa
Gacha_wolfie Wolfe moonlight
I love your hair Jeffrey!!😍😀❤❤
poppy gloria
poppy gloria 2 hours ago
jeffree, you should review the microblading eyebrow pen. i heard it creates very realistic looking hairs and it’s said you can “do your eyebrows in 5 minutes”. i wanna know if all that’s true 🤔🤔
Jada Pollock
Jada Pollock 2 hours ago
So i know crazy question but do u have like a sample size to try this product to get exact shade maybe a swatch card with a Little product in say light shades med shades and dark shades just a thought
anne vassas
anne vassas 2 hours ago
how do I know what shade is right for me?
Thomas Tinsley
Thomas Tinsley 2 hours ago
People always hate on you Jeffree but your such a nice and heart warming person keep being you because your a SASSY QUEEN GIRLLLL LOVE YOUUUU!!!!❤❤❤
Jazlyne Pagan
Jazlyne Pagan 2 hours ago
Love you Jeffree!!
Jessica Uvalles
Jessica Uvalles 2 hours ago
Who ever stole your makeup probably sold it to Burlington 😂
Mandy MG
Mandy MG 2 hours ago
Lipstick Nick looks like a goddess in the photo shoot! I'm deceased.
Sage Maestro
Sage Maestro 2 hours ago
I’m so proud of you Jeffree! This concealer and powder line looks so beautiful and you really put your time and thought into it. Even with your set backs you pushed through stronger than ever. So proud ❤️
josie 2 hours ago
we gotta.... keep it cute girl ;)
Pauline Lopez
Pauline Lopez 2 hours ago
Your DOPE Star!!! 💁🏽‍♀️😘
Pj Allen
Pj Allen 2 hours ago
I told my mum and dad that I was gay and I love all of your vids and I wanna wear your makeup but I dont have money I wish I could be like you I'm dreaming that I was you❤❤❤❤❤❤
chubbyblueberry 3 hours ago
Deffo Sailor Moon/Card Captor vibes with the packaging
At Risk Beauty
At Risk Beauty 3 hours ago
I loveeee👑💗
Stacie Markham
Stacie Markham 3 hours ago
there is 1/3 the amount of product in this concealer as shape tape. I thought the price was great until i realized that you pay 66 bucks for this baby if you wanted the same amount as what you get in shape tape! and the born this way concealer is huge compared to this!
Jocef Jose
Jocef Jose 3 hours ago
Dear Jeffree our Lord Maclean gave these a reasonably positive impression.
Vanesa Woolf
Vanesa Woolf 4 hours ago
Try inspire uplift it’s this new maskarea that makes it look like you have fake eyelashes on
Marcus Maximus
Marcus Maximus 4 hours ago
i think jeffree looks like an undercover paedophile, your audience including my daughter who watch you are kids and you look like a freak, seriously as a concerned farther i want trannies on youtube to be 18+ you should not be allowed to influence young children's minds with your freaky weird chopping your sausage behaviour
Caitlin Johnson
Caitlin Johnson 4 hours ago
Love u so much 💕💕💕
A D 4 hours ago
Gab... The power of makeup
a cup of depresso
a cup of depresso 5 hours ago
She sounds so happy during the intro and through the video ! :)
Olof Karlsson
Olof Karlsson 5 hours ago
really apreciate what you're doing for all of us in the LGTBQ+ community! Love you you sexy billionare!!
Zila 5 hours ago
Your nails are gorgeous😍
radioeyes 6 hours ago
Charlotte Haring
Charlotte Haring 6 hours ago
I just got mine in the mail yesterday!! The packaging is gorgeous and I'm excited to try it
Shante Hamilton
Shante Hamilton 6 hours ago
*Who else wants to see a Full face of Profusion from jeffree 🙋 they're soo underrated*
ii Picky
ii Picky 6 hours ago
Fuck the aliens have made it.
Cancer Research
Cancer Research 7 hours ago
Love your videos, you're amazing
Georgette Castillion
💖 Loving that hair Jeffree & I can not even wait to get my concealer! 💯 Hiiii Gabriel!!! Love y'all so much! -xo 💖
AutumnThePro !
AutumnThePro ! 7 hours ago
You should do a Gucci collaboration
Dara Sunn
Dara Sunn 8 hours ago
15:39 0-0 ps. luv ya girl
Ashley Miller
Ashley Miller 8 hours ago
It looks sooo creamy😭😭😭😭
M Carrillo
M Carrillo 8 hours ago
Manny WHO??? 😂😭😂
SabrinaLM 8 hours ago
You should do a video about trying fiber glass nails
Grenade Guns14
Grenade Guns14 8 hours ago
Jeffreeeee❤️I’m dying
Nagma Mohammadi
Nagma Mohammadi 8 hours ago
Do a full face using only Jeffree star makeup
Clight’s Animate
The star on the top could be a weapon
Angely Blosom
Angely Blosom 9 hours ago
Hey Jeffree can you make up for people that then skin problems like dry Ash skin , or skin this peeling , or with scabs from pimples
Freya G
Freya G 9 hours ago
Living for this set and your hair, gurlllll you slaying
loreleivixen 9 hours ago
Love you Jeffree, I really want that setting powder! 😍
Manuel Garcia
Manuel Garcia 10 hours ago
Jeffree, I did not know that your makeup in anything but a pink box. But I saw your new makeup come in a brown box, and the most beautiful black and white tissue paper and black star. I had to hold my breath till she showed your new makeup. I never thought black and white tissue paper and Star could take my breath away. See you in church.
Jennifer Herndon
Jennifer Herndon 10 hours ago
As soon as I get my bills paid, I'm buying some of your new foundation and setting powder. I need something fabulous in my life. ❤
Yanira Garcia
Yanira Garcia 10 hours ago
Quang Hoang Dinh
Quang Hoang Dinh 10 hours ago
Can you speak more slowly? T don't hear clearly 😭
Shanell Turcotte
Shanell Turcotte 10 hours ago
Do a review about Nikita draguns color corrector n powder !!! The only way I’d ever spend money on it is if it’s Jeffree Starr approved
Satisfying ASMR Compilations
Brandon Farris made a hilarious makeup review with the concealer omg y’all must watch it!
Sage Nelson
Sage Nelson 11 hours ago
Ok so this concealer doesn't crease AT ALL it makes me look so YOUNG flawless, it's light. I can keep going. This shit is seriously SCARY how perfect it works. First off I just want to say thanks so much Jeffree for making the best concealer ever, it's like my magical wand! 🧚‍♀️ The packaging is beautiful. I will continue to buy the concealer and the setting powder because it's amazing and is a great price point as well. This is seriously the most SICKENING launch you have had so far. Thanks so so so much for making such great products and not to mention your dedication to all of your fans and the beauty world. We love you soO much! I'm so proud of you! I got my concealer the day it was released at Morphe in Cerritos i bought like four concealers the green the whitr two different shades they are all so wonderful the setting powder smells so good and feels sO soft. Damn baby girlllll... you really did this. Congratulations you ate my wallet and I'm not mad about it 🤣😂🥰😍🖌🖌 @Jeffreestar
Jackie Merritt
Jackie Merritt 11 hours ago
you’re a good person, i love ur soul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jackie Merritt
Jackie Merritt 11 hours ago
im a super fan of Jeffree Star!!! Mrs. Star please im dying to win the prize! i follow you on ig, twitter, snapchat, fb, and youtube!!!! my favorite video is when u gave shane the gucci piggy wardrobe! also when you cleaned out you room! another when u went bk to ur old apartment!! shit i love all ir videos!!
Driveway Turtle
Driveway Turtle 11 hours ago
Jeffree!!! You should watch John Maclean's review of your concealer! He needs to be on your PR list! He loves your products too! I've watched him grow from 20k subs to 575k in a year or so. Such a lovely person and a great makeup artist. Like you, he has taught me so much! Off to order your concealer since he convinced me....... (I love you too!💕💕💕💕💕💕
Mary Portillo
Mary Portillo 11 hours ago
Marizela Cruz
Marizela Cruz 11 hours ago
Yesssss i love sailor moon ❤❤❤ i got that vibe.
Jeryka Allison
Jeryka Allison 11 hours ago
Just ordered my first ever Jeffree Star products, Magic Concealer, and setting powder, and the liquid lipstick in Deceased. Can't wait for it to come in!
Sneha Ganguly
Sneha Ganguly 11 hours ago
i love the fact that Gabriel is obviously supporting Jeffree's products because he was a part of the campaign, but he also isn't afraid to speak his mind.
trendy vibes
trendy vibes 11 hours ago
Jeffree, just wow. You step over worries and make your own future, go and be glamour!
Mia Angelena
Mia Angelena 11 hours ago
I know I'm focusing on the small things... But is that his real hair or a wig? I'm shook
Liz Zamora
Liz Zamora 11 hours ago
You have to see the review John Maclean made of your concealer! I don’t know but I was mesmerized
Cymric 12 hours ago
this would be genius marketing if it were untrue. c5 will go down in history
Rachel Johnson
Rachel Johnson 12 hours ago
It is out!!!!
Ilsse Lugo
Ilsse Lugo 12 hours ago
Omg! I can’t wait to try this Tati so recommend this concealer she said it replaced her tarte one 😍😍😍
Beba90210 12 hours ago
Lucite tube? Like acrylic? No way..... really, no way.
Araceli Limon
Araceli Limon 12 hours ago
I’m shook 🤭😍
Kathrine Jackson
Kathrine Jackson 12 hours ago
Alexis Schimmels
Alexis Schimmels 12 hours ago
Love the hair
The dancingbluebanana
can u please review dragun beauty by nikita dragun. ly 💞
Cristina Diaz
Cristina Diaz 13 hours ago
I bought the concealer and powder the day it was released and still no email back .... and no shipping yet . Why
Chelsea 12 hours ago
KreekCraft 13 hours ago
Is you name Sean Dawson
Georgia Pilbrow
Georgia Pilbrow 13 hours ago
Honestly devastated bc I think C5 would be my colour tbh
Bri H
Bri H 13 hours ago
FUCK I’m so excited. Bet my college broke ass is saving up for these
Serio Varga
Serio Varga 13 hours ago
Hey Jeffree this is my first time commenting I usually don’t put comments up but I have heard some pretty cool stuff about you my bros gf showed me u and I knew you was a star from the start! Sorry to hear about what happened with your products really sucks :/ but we know you got this so don’t sweat bless me up bro! Show some love if you gift that bag my way ima bless homegirl with it facts 100 stay up and stay blessed
Katie Mueller
Katie Mueller 13 hours ago
Yup I need this in my life
Jody Clark
Jody Clark 13 hours ago
So I got board watching other videos so I was like B!TCH I NEED ME SOME JEFFREE ily queen👑
BTS FAN 13 hours ago
I love that Jeffree puts time, effort, and money into all his products for us, instead of pumping out bad quality makeup. When it comes to Jeffree quality is always over quantity
Rebekah Islam
Rebekah Islam 13 hours ago
World is getting weirder and weirder.. 🤡
Allyson Mynhier
Allyson Mynhier 13 hours ago
I love you ❤️
Katie Mueller
Katie Mueller 13 hours ago
You're amazing!!!
Gabriela Castro
Gabriela Castro 14 hours ago
Jefree can you plz get me Gucci slides my mom said no 🥺☹️
Chasiti T.
Chasiti T. 14 hours ago
Stephanie Cadena
Stephanie Cadena 14 hours ago
I got mine!!!! I *think* the c2 is going to be a bit too light but the green...baby...redness who?!?! I love you for this product.
Lydia Hammond
Lydia Hammond 14 hours ago
Random but pleeeaaassse review the Farsali liquid glass serum 🙏💙
Celeste C.
Celeste C. 14 hours ago
Jeffree! You need to review the new Disney Colorpop Makeup. Please do it
Chelly G
Chelly G 14 hours ago
I can’t wait to try this 😍
Stormy Cox
Stormy Cox 14 hours ago
😍😍😍 yaaaas I love how you made the opening for the powder 💯
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