Mac Miller - Good News

Mac Miller
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Circles is available now: wr.lnk.to/circles
Directed by Anthony Gaddis & Eric Tilford
Produced by language.la
Special thanks to the friends and family who helped make this vision a reality.
The Major League Baseball trademarks depicted in this program were licensed by Major League Baseball. All rights reserved.


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Jan 9, 2020




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Comments 49 059
cantw84u2die 4 hours ago
Wish I could find this instrumental
Salah Jaffar
Salah Jaffar 8 hours ago
wtf i didnt come to cry :(
Master Senpai
Master Senpai 8 hours ago
“Good news, Good news, Good news, that’s all they wanna hear, they don’t like it whennn I’m down..”
Joy Wa
Joy Wa 8 hours ago
Play this song at my funeral
CrossUOverAgain 9 hours ago
hear me out. what if the video is we are in search of mac miller. they show his whole life in pics in the beginning to make sure this is the mac miller we are talking about. it is, so we set off on an adventure in our g wagon to find him. we start near the beginning of his career and progress. all the trippy hypnotizing clips are “drug clips”. they show moments mac was not sober. we keep moving and each “good news” chorus is a checkpoint. when we travel to space, we go to heaven where he is. each “aint that bad” line is him saying “heavens not too bad” and each “no more” line is him saying hes not messing with drugs no more. he stays by a keyboard to show hes still making bangers up there. then we finally find him, now we gotta travel back. so we appear, back in our g wagon. the ending with mac walking thru the city with us show he still chillin with us. also im high
Shardz 9 hours ago
"Well, so tired of being so tired Why I gotta build something beautiful just to go set it on fire?"
d a t g i o
d a t g i o 9 hours ago
idk what to say but I feel bad for sleeping on Mac, rest in peace dude, you’re so fucking talented.
David Rodriguez
David Rodriguez 9 hours ago
So tired of being So Tired
Jesus Zapata
Jesus Zapata 10 hours ago
Mac is really gone rip
Phil Swift
Phil Swift 11 hours ago
xtc is kk lekker hiermee
Samuel Hernandez1L
Samuel Hernandez1L 11 hours ago
I haven’t seen the sun in a while but I heard that the sky is still blue!!! R.I.P Mac Miller
Andres Guerra
Andres Guerra 11 hours ago
XoTT1c17 12 hours ago
This guy is so ass ew he’s mumbling
Sushitrash 13 hours ago
Your laugh your vibe your energy is deeply deeply missed mac I hope you’re doing good up there💜
Salami 13 hours ago
I’m so sick of being a social outcast. High school is absolutely killing my self esteem. I know I’m comparing goddamn school to a drug overdose but shit has seriously been hurting for a while and I’m getting lonelier and lonelier as time goes by.
swingAE86 8 hours ago
High school ends. You'll make it ✊✊
r4dicalpanda 8 hours ago
Yup u ll be okay no worries Trust in yourself and never surrend Live only for yourself :ok: Greetings from France from a guy that hated highschool period
Guisk8POA 11 hours ago
man.. i was suicidal in high school.. but after some time.. it gets easyer to handle the situation.. dont worry you'll be okay. Have a nice day :)
MrJdmandrew 14 hours ago
This song reminds me of old school mac
that guy
that guy 16 hours ago
We never had to meet you too know you Mac, we love you and we miss you. The whole world lost a friend the day you moved on.
Pamela Spitzer
Pamela Spitzer 16 hours ago
When he walks into the light though.. . 😔💔
Adrian Trejo
Adrian Trejo 17 hours ago
Is it me or the armory of this song sounds like I'm not the only one by Sam Smith?
Sirorastic Productions
Wait I thought Mac was dead?
kat teriyaki
kat teriyaki 17 hours ago
why does everybody need me to stay 🥺🥺
Brianda De la cruz
Brianda De la cruz 18 hours ago
Yay Macy 😞🖤 I'd love to join you up in heaven .... ⏳
NickspiBEATS 19 hours ago
What a shame that he died...
meuttsy 19 hours ago
Isnt mac ded
slow jam Floyd
slow jam Floyd 20 hours ago
This Video is Art.
slow jam Floyd
slow jam Floyd 20 hours ago
Me and my friend took mustrooms and was really amazed by the grapics he is very creative. This Video is perfect on mustrooms!🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄 so peaceful and captivating.
Joshua Riggle
Joshua Riggle 21 hour ago
11k people are stupid as fuck for disliking this song.
Shana Crawford
Shana Crawford 22 hours ago
I thought you where dead how you doing music
Marya Marta`
Marya Marta` Day ago
Rhisesh Day ago
Thanks for making music to which I can shed tears too without feeling alone. I love you Mac.
ai beg
ai beg Day ago
キルギス で 9月 1日 は ちしきの日です。秋は 学年から はじめます。秋に やさい 安い です. ひとびと は 冬のために くはき を つくります。そして また、秋 は 何をかんれんしますか? たぶん、こがねであかくて、明るい 木 かんがえる 人もいる。冬の はじまり と つまらなくて はだかの 木 を かんがえる 人もいれば。 りょうほうのオプション がただしいです。明るいふうけい のあと ぜひ どんよりした ふうけい が あります。この きせつ は せいかつ の むじょうを みせります。
RYAN Day ago
yeah even still this gets me
Karin Čárska
This song shows how dying looks like. Ouch.
Antonio Lomeli
I like this song!
Chris Sierra
Chris Sierra Day ago
Bru this shit hurts me mayne.., I miss you Mac
dackins Day ago
If you're ever felling down please allow me to let you know what type of person you are. (look at the flowers) 0:36
Isac Ibarra
Isac Ibarra Day ago
I feel the beat from "i am not the only one"
Zero DEGREES Day ago
you should smoke weed before see this ...
Chad Dykman
Chad Dykman Day ago
Why this song so good ? It's like he left the best for last
ForeverZetta XX
This song is outstanding and the visuals are breathtaking
Pj Gonyer
Pj Gonyer Day ago
hearing something new form you is a breath of fresh air ...... fly high and R.I.P mac
Eden Cuddle
Eden Cuddle Day ago
Tracks 4,5, and six read “Good news I can see everybody”
Trey Boy Automotive
I known my cousin all my life and he recently passed away. i feel horrible because i barely shed a tear when he died, but a year after Mac died, im here mourning daily. I think and I think and I think but I can't understand why I don't miss my cousin like everybody else in my family does. I guess I wasn't that close to my cousin but at the same time, Mac Miller is a complete stranger to me.
Edwin Garcia
Edwin Garcia Day ago
Mosha Lu
Mosha Lu Day ago
Johnny Blaze
Johnny Blaze Day ago
i think Circles is the only posthumous album that should come from Mac’s material. anything more is unnecessary to say the least. rest easy Malcolm. no shit the end had me fogging up..
Liyah McCray
Liyah McCray Day ago
2017 lil peep 2018 xxxtentacion and mac Miller 2019 juice wrld and nipsey hustle 2020 kobe gigi and pop smoke like bro it is so sad rip every one on this list😥😥😥
Ryan Peavey
Ryan Peavey Day ago
the 11k people who thumbs downed this video so far can suck a skinny dick
Chloe Hassler
Am I the only one that manages to still have a full on meltdown for 10 straight minutes when he walks towards the clouds at the end
Randy Marsh
Randy Marsh Day ago
But maybe I'll lay down for a little, yeah...
Brandon Clark
I miss you brother.
silenafy x
silenafy x Day ago
M. S
M. S Day ago
ill miss u till i see u. rest in piece..love ya
dylan stone
dylan stone Day ago
Except reincarnation doesn't work the way you think it does
David Norberg
Justin Gomes
Justin Gomes Day ago
I cry when I hear his voice .. I've never met him but it's just something that gets me.
Official Lil Toaster
Rest In Peace Mac miller ur songs are still amazing and good and should be in a history book
R.I.P. Mac
Xzavion Bynum
Mac died he still alive bruh
Mark Szymanowski
To be continued...when we see you on the otherside.
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