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Louisville vs. Florida State: The Seminoles got a big win at home over the Cardinals, 35-24. FSU running back Cam Akers rushed for 112 yards and a career-high 3 rushing touchdowns. Seminole quarterback Alex Hornibrook threw for 255 yards and 2 touchdowns. Louisville quarterback Malik Cunningham was responsible for 3 touchdowns.


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Sep 22, 2019




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Comments 209
The Kicker Kid
The Kicker Kid 15 hours ago
Lol look at the kid at 16:25
Sam Iam
Sam Iam 22 days ago
1:30 That WR came to play .
Jeff Davis
Jeff Davis 22 days ago
Florida State lacks hella size.
Roughneck80 22 days ago
CAM..man he went beast mode in this game..he hits holes alot harder this year
unique professor
unique professor 24 days ago
Number 12 need to be starting QB
Joshua Shaw
Joshua Shaw 24 days ago
FSU could be a really good team...
Don daddy dollaz Jr.
Go! FSU! Defense!
Don daddy dollaz Jr.
Thank! you! Willie! Taggart! Finally! Congratulations to the offensive lineman they finally proved me wrong just a bit though and the defense was outstanding with attitude coming into and finishing with that same attitude till 0:00 on the clock, still need to fix some blown coverages also but great defense FSU.
shawn stgermaine
shawn stgermaine 25 days ago
wth is this the dumpster fire bowl?
Kyle Plarski
Kyle Plarski 25 days ago
I thought spiking out of the gun was intentional grounding.
Touchmoney 23
Touchmoney 23 25 days ago
At least Miami Hurricane stadium still be pack
BazioV 22 days ago
Touchmoney 23 and y’all super trash
Christopher Cunningham
I love living in Louisville after my noles take care of business against the cards every year.
Christopher Cunningham
@Braden Elliott that was so long ago haha
Braden Elliott
Braden Elliott 25 days ago
Except for the one year with Lamar Jackson but us noles don’t talk about that😂😂
Christopher Cunningham
Go home cards not happening this year go noles!
Thomas Mcwhorter
Thomas Mcwhorter 26 days ago
R we not gonna pass on the fact the kid flicked off the camera and the camera turned real quick
Caliente Smith
Caliente Smith 26 days ago
FSU has cut a lot of bandwagon fat by look of the stands....
​@Marquishimo This. The students have no excuse though. You already pay for tickets in tuition, you have THE coolest tradition in all of CFB with rich history, and they still don't show. What else do you have to do on a Saturday home game day? I was a student a few years ago (was in band too so I traveled/went to almost every away football/basketball game), and in 2013. The students, if they showed at all, thinned out even after halftime (when we were dominating)...Band members sit there in heavy uniforms and have to perform, football players run into each other, cheerleaders can flip people into the air, old people get out of bed, people travel several miles, etc. in that 100+ heat, you can sit there as a student and do nothing for a few hours. The traveling fans are incredible however. The turnout was especially amazing and encouraging in Pasadena, and some of the nicest fans I've seen. There's always a dedicated base that go to every sports event so that's great, just wish the students would be more involved. Basketball attendance is even worse. The Miami fans, however...
Marquishimo 25 days ago
Also, Tally is far from every big city and hotels are expensive, so while you're probably right, I understand people not spending a fortune to sit in 90degree heat for 4 hrs. I still go to every home game tho.
Joe Hunter
Joe Hunter 26 days ago
True, just goes to show what kind of fans we have, it's kinda embarrassing. But when we start winning again, it will be as if they never left.
mag07r 26 days ago
1:29 Gavin bringing the pain.
Eric Smith
Eric Smith 26 days ago
War eagle
Neil Sowder
Neil Sowder 26 days ago
Dez Fitzpatrick with the NOICE bobble catch! Satterfield is the right guy at UofL, considering the dumpster fire of last years 2-10 season, I’m happy with the improvement. It’s going to take a couple years, but I’d rather be in our situation than having to deal with Taggart and that disaster
Rodeo Stan
Rodeo Stan 27 days ago
Two programs who were titans not too long ago...what happened?
Neil Sowder
Neil Sowder 26 days ago
Both have new coaches, except Louisville loves Satterfield and this staff. It’s going to take a couple years, but he’s a rising star. FSU and Taggart aren’t working out at all. That’s difference.
Willcc19 -
Willcc19 - 27 days ago
How does Ricky Aquayo still have the starting job? He better be benched after this game.
king351 26 days ago
Willcc19 - True!
Jibriyll Izsrael
Jibriyll Izsrael 27 days ago
How come it looks like louisville beat fsu ass??? You don't look at the score and the cardinals look way better!!
Lar 27 days ago
First win in the long road back to getting fans into the stands.
Junior Pack
Junior Pack 27 days ago
I can’t even recall doak looking this empty smh. Idc how bad the team been looking. They just have to grow and learn how to finish a game. I guess some fans won’t understand. But that kicker yea he need to go
Donald Thomas
Donald Thomas 23 days ago
I know, that's sad to see that.......
Junior Pack
Junior Pack 24 days ago
MuffinManV that’s what I wanted to think after seeing one clip on the home side where it looked full but damn it’s like a D-II game there full on one side and empty on the other. Gotta get the fans back in the spirit there.
MuffinManV 25 days ago
That side of the stadium was in the sun and so a lot of people were on the other side away from the camera. The other side was basically full. Source: I was at the game. That being said, it was I think something like 45K there, so it was a pretty small crowd in comparison to usual, but it looks a lot worse on here because they rarely show the full side.
martez saulsby
martez saulsby 27 days ago
Bout time we started playing real football im sorry but the coach will fired after the season
Alvin Ross
Alvin Ross 23 days ago
Not if we beat either Miami, Florida or Clemson and have a winning season
Nolesfan#86 27 days ago
This game show's how stupid Taggart is being not letting Hornibrook start! He is clearly more talented and a better qb than Blackmon is!!!! And it also shows how bad of a coach he is when in the 1st 3 games your qb is playing like shit in the second half, REPLACE HIM and TRY to find some way to spark the team!!!!!! It doesn't take a damn rocket scientist to figure that out! Geez! Now watch, I bet anything if Blackmon isn't injured bad he will be back on the field next game when he clearly doesn't deserve to be!!! Hell if anything at least give Hornibrook an entire game to see what he can do! They let him play 1 play in the first half and it was a td! I mean come on Taggart! Don't be a dumbass!!! It's stupid stuff like that that is going to get him fired!!!
Nolesfan#86 25 days ago
@Richeca Desilien man Taggart at this point needs to worry more about winning, not who gets butt hurt! And far as I'm concerned I really hope Blackmon isn't there next year because he's sorry! Guy has no velocity on his throws AND he has proven time and time again he cant rally the team! Look at our first three games if ya need proof! He starts great then soon as the other team gets some momentum he gets flustered and just goes all to hell. BUT he is not the only qb we have if you followed them as close as I do. They actually had a qb from Louisville transfer over the off season. And he's supposed to be pretty good. He left there because of the coaching change issue. And yes I've heard the whole spiel of in training camp it was neck and neck but Blackmon had the respect of the team yadda yadda.... I don't give a damn if ya been there 3, 4, 5 years, I want to win and the best qb should play! In those games where Blackmon fell apart in the 2nd half and couldn't do ANYTHING (he also has a tendency to throw into double coverage when he gets stressed and wants the deep ball every time instead of going through his progressions and taking the smart play) he should have been replaced then and there!!! And it took 4 games for taggart to finally say he's not doing enough! YA THINK!!!?? And honestly like I said, I don't care how long they been there.... its what ANY smart coach would do! If something isn't working, make a change! Whats the old saying... the true definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results! And the perfect example of that is when Saban replaced Hurts (who had the upmost respect of his team) in the 2nd half in the freaking national championship game! Also in 2014 when Clemson was playing us.... Dabo replaced the guy whos been there for YEARS with none other than Watson! So don't give me the spiel of he's got the respect of the team because its just an excuse! The guy has no idea how to coach. He's in over his head plain and simple!
Richeca Desilien
Richeca Desilien 25 days ago
no it doesn't show how stupid he is it shows you how he's thinking black man has been there for the past 2 3 years he knows the team you know the players they respect him and plus this is Alex's last year so you bench black men for him so blackman can transfer and we don't have a quarterback for the next two years. You're not thinking and plus there's a reason why Alex left Wisconsin he lost his job.. he did with a backup quarterback was supposed to
Jeffrey White
Jeffrey White 27 days ago
That crowd at the doke is shameful
keith mason
keith mason 27 days ago
louisville should’ve won
Willcc19 -
Willcc19 - 27 days ago
keith mason they should’ve never been in the game.
tmcfootball96 27 days ago
That FSU kicker is garbage.
benny robinson
benny robinson 27 days ago
when aren't they
Alex Hillman
Alex Hillman 27 days ago
Damn look at the stands that is sad
L 27 days ago
The Entire State of Florida football is absolutely pathetic All of it Florida fans don't talk you haven't had once.real wire to wire win including Tennessee which blew 14+ pts in the first half alone on their own inept play and you still played horrible This state sucks Nobody is gonna make any waves UCF was a.paper champ Florida is a fraud Miami is an eternal underachiever that can't even hire a real.coach to develop this great talent so it's basically a waste of time Florida State? Well I don't even need to say it This state sucks It's embarrassing
O Alonzo A
O Alonzo A 24 days ago
Where are you from? Talking a lot of shit.
Random Name
Random Name 27 days ago
Bucs #1 Fan
Bucs #1 Fan 27 days ago
We're rebuilding bruh. Don't give up on us yet. Hang in there. It'll be worth the wait.
Random Name
Random Name 27 days ago
L 🤦‍♂️
@unique professor And????
unique professor
unique professor 24 days ago
Because they not ranked no more
laidback 27 days ago
Marvin Wilson. Beast
itstray yy
itstray yy 27 days ago
Was at this game for a game that was only like 45-50% full it was so loud in the 4th🤯
Zach Sifuentes
Zach Sifuentes 26 days ago
Well the people who did show up are probably the diehards who were yelling the loudest in the first place.
Nole Girl
Nole Girl 27 days ago
Frank Smith
Frank Smith 27 days ago
Great job young men on playing a complete game stay proud GO NOLES
Golden Child
Golden Child 27 days ago
I wouldn't say a complete game. But they did dig down deep and find the will to win.
J bouie
J bouie 27 days ago
I dont know why people making it a race thing just cause i said i like hornibrook better and im a black man. I like him better because he can sense the preasure and get out unlike blackman. Blankman and francois had the same problem and that is they both had tunnel vision. They never really see the hits coming and thats how they get hurt. If blackman keep that up he will end up just like francois. We will never be able to keep a healthy quarterback if he cant sense the colapse point blank period.
Jeff Davis
Jeff Davis 22 days ago
I'm a Miami fan and I genuinely agree with you. Hornibrook obviously has the better football IQ. Now y'all need that old school Micky Andrew defense.
Donald Thomas
Donald Thomas 23 days ago
If some people are making this a racial thing, they're just stupid!!!
Terez Washington
Terez Washington 24 days ago
@Cristian Mendez i agree he needs more experience
@yoda954 browardcounty true, he doesn't have a deep threat like Blackman does. But after seeing Hornibrook play in Wisconsin, he makes smart decisions. Doesn't go for the homerun but finds the nearest open receiver. As long as you are picking up yards and 1st downs that's all that matters. FSU has an NFL caliber RB in Cam Aikers to hand the ball off too. They don't necessarily have to make deep throws to get points. Also, Hornibrook knows how to beat Miami.
yoda954 browardcounty
Once they game plan for hornibrook he is gonna get exposed because he can't throw the deep ball and the defense gonna play tight coverage because they won't fear a deep threat.....
Nole Gang
Nole Gang 27 days ago
Laborn need to get more touches
Alvin Ross
Alvin Ross 24 days ago
labor and akers best running back combo in the nation
Richeca Desilien
Richeca Desilien 25 days ago
Yes yes yes he does why doesn't he I still don't get it
Tae G
Tae G 27 days ago
FSU should be 4-0 smh
Sauce Chef
Sauce Chef 27 days ago
@FLAGATOR49 that shows your bias and pure ignorance, typical of your average Florida fan. If you actually watched the games they played you would know Flordia State should easily be 4-0 rn. I dont think Florida is better than every ACC team, they proved that when they almost lost to a now 2-2 Miami team. Central Michigan did better against Miami than Florida lol. Everyone knows Florida has no business being in the top ten, and its going to show when they play a actual team and get clapped. Flordia has already looked pretty suspect against mediocre and unranked teams.
FLAGATOR49 27 days ago
@Sauce Chef "The easier end of that would be FSU be 0-4 " where is the UF bragging??? NY6 bowl win last year
Sauce Chef
Sauce Chef 27 days ago
@FLAGATOR49 no bc they act like their team is better than everyone else despite not being relevant, and being a mediocre team for more than a decade. No one likes flordia fans.
Rage Quit
Rage Quit 27 days ago
It's confusing to me when Florida state gets a big lead then they start losing when u look how many people are there u can tell they lost a lot of fans
@Robery Lawler that is a complete BS story. Fans are on "strike" until they hire a new coach? Why do Seminole fans feel the ire to be so entitled and self-absorbed? This is exactly how Miami fans are, but at least they have an excuse because their stadium is in BFE, 25 miles away from the campus. Aren't the student tickets Free? Give me a break. The only valid excuse is having too much homework or tests to study for the students.
Lboogey75 26 days ago
@IsThisTheKrustyKrab? exactly! how stupid to think that you can rebuild a program in less than 2 years.....they simply DON'T know football.
Because they are fairweather fans?
Robery Lawler
Robery Lawler 27 days ago
It's not that they lost fans, it's the fans are on strike until they hire a new head coach. I go to FSU.
Utooob76 27 days ago
2 bad teams
LydellG4 27 days ago
Noel Kunz
Noel Kunz 27 days ago
16:26 when flipping the bird makes it to national television
Noel Kunz
Noel Kunz 26 days ago
@Willcc19 - lol
Stocton slap
Stocton slap 26 days ago
Willcc19 -
Willcc19 - 27 days ago
Noel Kunz I mean it’s not like they can blur it out on a live broadcast lol
BigDawgCorrie 1
BigDawgCorrie 1 27 days ago
Ricky gotta go that’s 9 points off the board
Willcc19 -
Willcc19 - 27 days ago
I feel like he’s only the starter because of how good his brother was
FLAGATOR49 27 days ago
Kill Turtles....kill your career plain and simple
Parker Dempsey
Parker Dempsey 27 days ago
LydellG4 look at him now tho... got cut and is out of the NFL
LydellG4 27 days ago
Its sad tho cuz Robert was one of the best kickers we ever had
charlescaras333 28 days ago
21:10 no taunting penalty? Crazy how arbitrary this stuff is...
Nick Lohse
Nick Lohse 27 days ago
At 6:55 theres clearly targeting and personal foul so its just the way it is
ashburnr 27 days ago
Any taunting call is a bad call. Same with targeting. It's football.
Nick Gwyn
Nick Gwyn 28 days ago
charlescaras333 let them play
Nick Gwyn
Nick Gwyn 28 days ago
charlescaras333 cry about it
Reza Amirzadeh
Reza Amirzadeh 28 days ago
Let me know when Willie is gone.
Tman 28 days ago
The final play summarized both of these teams: sloppy, useless, and wouldn't know a football if bounced right in front of them.
Lady Patterson
Lady Patterson 28 days ago
Is just me are is Helton a dawg out dere 🐶🤷‍♂️
Adarius Warren
Adarius Warren 28 days ago
You right bruh, keyshawn is a dog foreal. He plays his ass off
The Convict Peyton Cash
21:05 that has to be on C'MON MAN
Khalil Young
Khalil Young 28 days ago
Still don’t understand why the fuck Labron only touched the ball twice. They won’t be satisfied until Akers gets hurt
Ben Wilson
Ben Wilson 28 days ago
Wow, if Louisville had anybody that could play O-line they would have smashed FSU.
Bucs #1 Fan
Bucs #1 Fan 27 days ago
Keyword is IF
Nole Girl
Nole Girl 28 days ago
I love my noles. What great game and victory win next Saturday going be victory win Saturday best win go noles do it for all the noles fan we best love my noles Sylvia Ann Davis
Braden Mayew
Braden Mayew 28 days ago
Hornibrook is so much better than black man
BRIAN MOORE 25 days ago
Give him time. Watched him for 3 years. Has a couple good games every year and then he struggles and when he struggles it's bad! I hope the best for him and the new system helps him show off what promise he had in HS but Wisconsin won game in spite of him and now look at us!
Gary Broner
Gary Broner 26 days ago
Let's not get crazy.
Y Hilton
Y Hilton 27 days ago
SouthTxDude 27 days ago
jUAN.T 28 days ago
Please not go to 2-1 to 2-10 lol
Frankiej 128
Frankiej 128 28 days ago
Defense will be alot better if the offense can play better and play 4 minute offense like they’re suppose to I like how hornibook came in and slowed it down when they had 3 mins left they made Louisville burn all of they’re time outs
A Notes Got Flame
A Notes Got Flame 27 days ago
@Terrance Murray if that's the case he should've figured that out after week 1.
Y Hilton
Y Hilton 27 days ago
@A Notes Got Flame Lol.
Terrance Murray
Terrance Murray 27 days ago
@A Notes Got Flame are u seious?? U can't be, did u not see Taggart beside Briles telling him to slow it down?? This has nothing to do with performance
A Notes Got Flame
A Notes Got Flame 27 days ago
@Terrance Murray how so. Cuz to me if Blackman is in, he does not operate like hornibrook
Terrance Murray
Terrance Murray 27 days ago
Taggart slowed it down not hornibrook
Jay Lew
Jay Lew 28 days ago
If the D didn't use up all that energy celebrating after making tackles that they're supposed to be making anyways, maybe they would stop letting every team they play work their way right back into the game. Then they might also be able to fill up half the stadium
Jay Lew
Jay Lew 16 days ago
@A Notes Got Flame I was making a reference to the fact they seem to put just as much energy into their celebrations as tackling. More so then a lot of other teams. If they didnt act a fool for just making a regular tackle and treating it like a 4th quarter goalline stand then maybe they'd wouldn't be so tuckered out.
A Notes Got Flame
A Notes Got Flame 26 days ago
@IamNacho 27 ty, dats what I'm saying
IamNacho 27
IamNacho 27 26 days ago
The offense can't possess the ball long enough so the defense is gassed in the second half.
A Notes Got Flame
A Notes Got Flame 28 days ago
what about the play calling, the defense has nothing but its job. its the offense that has been explosive in the first half then all of a sudden can't sustain a drive in the second half. the defense has been out there more minutes than the offense. You can't score quickly and not give your defense time to breathe.
Obsidian17 28 days ago
I still can’t believe we won...
LydellG4 27 days ago
@FLAGATOR49 Please..you Gators aint doin shit this year 😂
FLAGATOR49 27 days ago
@LydellG4 you should be embarrassed they did give you a win and they were 3-8 last year
LydellG4 27 days ago
@Lou Not really..the better more talented team won 🤷‍♂️
LydellG4 27 days ago
I can believe it..theres nothing but talent out there the coaches just need to get it together. This was a good win for us
G 27 days ago
@Breezy Broad We did beat LA Monroe
Christopher Dauphin
16:26 kid flicked of louisville
TAR ICO 27 days ago
Two flying Cardinal birds, that's all. Nothing to see here.
Use Code Ceedayy 2 y’s btw
If that was my kid I’d beat tf outta him
Chaston Mallory
Chaston Mallory 27 days ago
The cameras had to move away.😂😂😂
Sanchey 28 days ago
kid @ 16:25 xD
Kevin Cutchen
Kevin Cutchen 28 days ago
1:28 Look at those fucking blocks dude.
GataBa¡t 28 days ago
Fsu garbage
Jaymcjager64 28 days ago
I like how the ball ran away from everyone on the last play of the game lol
Gaza Boi
Gaza Boi 28 days ago
James Blackmon what a talent wasted at FSU
shortstop2448 21 day ago
@Gaza Boi bitch shut the fuck up. King is miles better than blackmon. You sound like the most uneducated football fan on the fucking planet. Blackmon ain't starting get use to it
L Hanna
L Hanna 27 days ago
@Jokerhaha5 your mothers the jackass for not swallowing you. And Louisville defense wasnt the best either. If Blackman is 100% he'll start next week.
LydellG4 27 days ago
@Gaza Boi Preach! 💯
Jokerhaha5 27 days ago
Can you make it any more obvious that you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about? The game Blackman had 400 yards in was against one of the worst pass defenses in the nation, and FSU still lost the game. He had a chance to put FSU in position to win against Virginia and missed a wide open Tomarion Terry by overthrowing him. Btw this isn’t your comment section jackass
L Hanna
L Hanna 27 days ago
Gaza Boi lol right bra
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