Loud CAR BASS using HOME AUDIO Subwoofers!?! and 20 SUNDOWN 8 inch SUBS in a HUGE Ported Box Install

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Who says you can't use home theater subs in the car!?!? Time to take our music to the next level with these THREE extreme sounding stereo systems! Let's hop inside for some hot seat bass demos, and as always THANKS FOR WATCHING! :)
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Music By: AudioBlocks & USvid Music Library
Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (creativecommons.org)
Patrick Crowley's INSANE 8" Sub Setup
20 Sundown Audio SA8v3 Woofers
(yes... twenty 8 inch SA version 3 Subs)
2 Sundown SCV-6000D Monoblock Amps
(dual power inputs & 6000 Watts @ 1 ohm)
JL Audio 400/4 4 Channel Amplifier
(powering the mid range speakers & tweeters)
Huge Ported Box w/ Clean Carpet Install
(bottom slot port design firing forward)
2 JY 45ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries
(the small green colored K2 energy cells)
Northstar Group 94 AGM Under Hood Batt
Single Ohio Generator 300A Alt
Sky High 1/0 Ground and Power Wire
Stinger Twisted Pair RCA Wires
Kevin Hoover's "Wall Of Home Theater" Rig
16 Epik Sentinel Subwoofers
(dvc / dual voice coil - 8 ohm coils)
Single Banda 7001 Bass Amp
( 7000 watts rms / 7k full bridge)
Cadence Mid Ranges & Tweeter
XTP Trifecta 4200 4 Chan Amps
(custom zenon built board)
XS Power and BLOCKSHAKER Batts
4 Runs CCA SKY HIGH 1/0
2 Stock GM Alternators
And its doing Hair Tricks!
Dudley Brewer's CRAZY Walled Off Sound System
4 15 inch "Team XPLOD" Subwoofers
(sony inspired dust cap on these 15" subs :P)
6th Order Bandpass Subwoofer Box
(series tuned with center slot ports)
2 Digital Designs M4A Bass Amplifiers
(mono block 5000 Watt 12v / 7000 RMS 14.4v)
McLaren Mids & Highs Speakers
8 Batcap 4000 Car Audio Batteries
(115ah 12 volt Battery)
Multiple Excessive Amperage 350 Amp Alternator
(3 high output aftermarket hairpin alternators)
Anyone else ever use old-school style speaker cabinets inside their cars to get louder or just installing for your favorite bassy songs? I remember putting tons of dedicated home audio equipment in my first mobile stereo system when I first started playing around with speaker gear. GOOD TIMES! :)
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Jun 18, 2019

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EXOcontralto Month ago
Money Mike
Money Mike 24 days ago
Money Mike
Money Mike 24 days ago
me too was born in 79 dunno how old you were but im fromt he age of bad ass underarted cheater amps when we all had lowriders 13 inch wire rims no back seat and 18 inch woofers or 15 inch woofers and small amps that punded balls ,,,one thing i have who the fuck started that gay ass Bass I love you trend ? AmI right ? That track is super mlame du du du du du du du du da da da da du du du du du fuck i hate it i hear it like not again who told these fuckers that shit was cool it sucks...if you guys are younger search old school bass search dj magic mike bass mekanik your super welcome miami bass oh and exo play this track next bad ass install you do warning you may break the glass fuck bass i love you lol usvid.net/video/video-NIUlgMF7aCo.html
RANDOM & CAMERAS 24 days ago
EXOcontralto can you please play how low by ludacris i use that song as a bass test song
Pandacat 666
Pandacat 666 25 days ago
i love haircut shops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EXO you should try one. its awesome mate!
Da Vinci
Da Vinci 25 days ago
EXOcontralto stereo integrity has to be the best home audio that could also be used for car audio applications they’re pretty beefy
xXJaggedTvXx khk
xXJaggedTvXx khk 7 hours ago
hey exo what do you wanna see 2 quantium audio cozmik 1500's or 1 sony xplod 1300 max flex on a Kenwood VR715
Paul Campbell
Home audio and car audio subs are the same... You've got high end stuff that will pass the test, and low end stuff masquerading as high end stuff. Those Polk subs in the second car are average at best. It's not like he was asking them to go especially low. Any basic sub can do something with that kind of minimal excursion required. The same number of $20 GRS replacement subs could have done just as well in a tiny car environment. The large number of drivers means you are going to be moving a lot of air by default. I always see the same sentiment on both sides of the audio world, because I am a professional in both. Home audio guys think all car audio subs are useless garbage, and car audio guys don't even know that home audio subs can go below 30 hz without the smell of hot adhesive. Both sides also think that a well-performing driver from the other side is some kind of diamond in the rough... an exception to the rule. The truth is that both sides are mostly divided by nothing more than their average ohm rating and specs that make them perform better in their most likely airspace, a car cab or a living room.
FxGuru Master
anyone knows the musics name at 3:20 ?
rus hunt
rus hunt 8 days ago
Man you know this has always been looked down upon, but he just doing whatever he wants so whatever...
Bass Beast Mode
Bass Beast Mode 12 days ago
Anyway you could put the names of the songs or link the songs they played?!
purp power gaming
I was 2 phone
vkxtuffBRON 13 days ago
4 hammer 6.5k desmonta esse carro
Brett Davis
Brett Davis 13 days ago
On the box rebuild ,turn the port to the back of the truck
Andrew McNeil
Andrew McNeil 14 days ago
can someone tell me what the first song is (around 1:20)
Weslley Cenci
Weslley Cenci 14 days ago
What's the name of that song?
troy davies
troy davies 14 days ago
Lol house speaker's in a car now that brings back memories from back before I could get my hand's on car audio specific subwoofers I used to use concert speakers in my wagon many moon's ago. Car audio has come a long way in the last 20-25 year's
New Hope
New Hope 14 days ago
Home audio subs look like Seas L26ROY Subwoofer to me.... Whatever they are they sure got the job done!!
edge 122 spl e6 лучше играет
ELLIOTT 18 days ago
Is this what heaven looks like
UU Performance Udo
UU Performance Udo 20 days ago
Michael Jones
Michael Jones 21 day ago
Home audio speakers ar prolly 8 ohms as most house equipment is 8 or x-overs in house boxes.
Thad ward
Thad ward 22 days ago
There is no home audio or car audio speakers, it's only where you choose to put them.
ELLIOTT 18 days ago
Not true. Alot of systems are tuned and made for bigger area's (houses, home theatres). Alot of systems work their best in their designated environment. Car audio systems are usualy designed for the tight, small and loud car environment.
TTR 23 days ago
They do look like a PSW Polk but they could be from the brand BIC America. like the f12 or p200 models, but possibly older.
Renee Loves Despacito
Rain 23 days ago
What was the last song they played on the home audio setup
Second Skin Insulation
Pretty cool set up on that (20) 8" Subs
Mence Bass
Mence Bass 24 days ago
Song at 3:13?
purp power gaming
purp power gaming 24 days ago
How to carry your house with you
Judah Rising
Judah Rising 24 days ago
SMH... when is enuff enuff😂😂😂 i guess when you're flying down the highway, and in an instant your windshield shatters😳😳😰..
XxiiFEARSOMEiixX 24 days ago
Hey exo, I was hoping you could help me figure out what all I’ll need for my setup? If you have time any response would be extremely cool and your show is fuckin dope your a beast you kill it on the quality of the show and content 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 I have 2 soundqubed hds2 dvc 4ohm 600w rms and a hifonics Brutus 2000w amp in a prefab ported box I want to get a q bomb box from Walmart for $100 and install them in a 1995 Tahoe, do you think I’ll need an extra battery or big three? If so can you suggest we’re I could buy everything, I’m also in need of single din radio suggestions as well as wiring kits? Any help would be appreciated
Mr Homer
Mr Homer 24 days ago
really test how well your car was constructed xD
Ethan Hennessy
Ethan Hennessy 25 days ago
I love how videos exo keep them coming I have learned a lot from your videos can't wait to hook up a system in my malibu
BMJ Sounds TT
BMJ Sounds TT 25 days ago
Most ppl will love ur vids because ur a diy guy, u simplify a lot of stuff cheers.
Joshua Hall
Joshua Hall 25 days ago
Could you do a video explaining sub box design. Port tuning and the software used to do all that stuff. And maybee cover t line boxes too. Cheers duuuuuude.
joe doe
joe doe 25 days ago
Here's a cheap and ghetto fabulous way to stop the box rattle, microfiber rags with shims did that everywhere on my car sounds clean now 🤑🔊
Rui Kazane
Rui Kazane 25 days ago
Yeah. Subs are interchange-able. Put your HCCA on the house or a Logitech on the car? Yes you may!
mathias valborgland
what boombox/boomblaster do you perfer to me that is cheap?
Dario Camacho
Dario Camacho 25 days ago
Window shattering bass I'm all in but you gotta have sound quality with it and be able to hear and understand the music with it you gotta have that perfect Ballance to to make it with it. That's just my opinion 👊
Dario Camacho
Dario Camacho 25 days ago
To me if you can't hear the music itself and just all bass then it's Missing a huge factor in the build
Dario Camacho
Dario Camacho 25 days ago
I couldn't hear any highs at all on the video bro so let me ask you this did Patrick's setup actually have any SQ when all the bass was pounding or was it all drowned out by the massive amount of 8's
Exo have you ever heard of a sub not working cuz the magnet wasnt working.how doesn't a magnet work ? Is that possible .a friend told me he bought a sub.and he hooked it up and nada.he said it was the magnet was nvr made right at the sub shop.
RWL2012 24 days ago
it's possible the motor hadn't been magnetised
jack dog
jack dog 26 days ago
Franks Life Changes
Home Audio is great for car audio too, but the biggest difference is car audio is built to withstand the tempeature changes, moisture, and other elements that a car is subjected to that a home stereo isnt. Hence why the cones on home audio speakers are quite often made of more exotic materials. Still sick setups
Michael Meyers
Michael Meyers 26 days ago
Xplodes back?
Robert Begin
Robert Begin 26 days ago
Maybe you can help point me in the right direction I'm doing a install on a Mercedes CLK AMG putting two fifteens where the backseat used to be I'm trying to get my hands on some factory type textured material to finish up the box and the areas around the box or maybe even some sheets of some ABS that's textured do you have any idea where to begin my quest to get something that's close to Mercedes-Benz factory material or textured ABS I've been to all the local upholstery shops and nobody can help me their stuff that's close but I'm looking for that factory Mercedes-Benz look can you help?
watchingitallhere 26 days ago
Hey does anybody know the song at 9:00 ?
No Copyright Audio Music Library for Creator
wow, I think it is great keep sharing them =D thanks for this
Adrian Broadnax
Adrian Broadnax 26 days ago
The 4 Sony XPlod system is brutal! I'd like to see more of that one... especially the doors.
Evaldo bass
Evaldo bass 26 days ago
Uou graves
Bankhead 1
Bankhead 1 26 days ago
Wheres the BASS? Ohhh..after the 8s...that wall of BOOM!!!!!
Straight shot 80
Straight shot 80 26 days ago
I have one of those home audio subs its Polk audio
Dennis Blalock
Dennis Blalock 26 days ago
Hey exo! Can you possibly review the American Bass elite 1244 12" or even the xfl 1244 12"? They are both amazing subs budget subs, elite being $130 and the xfl being around 170!
Anthony Miller
Anthony Miller 26 days ago
5:38 those are from Polk audio psw 108!
Effay513 26 days ago
Polk Audio
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