Los Angeles Clippers vs New Orleans Pelicans - Full Highlights | November 14 | 2019-20 NBA Season

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Los Angeles Clippers vs New Orleans Pelicans - Full Game Highlights | November 14, 2019 | 2019-20 NBA Season
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Nov 15, 2019




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Comments 1 797
Nobody, Absolutely Nobody
Kawhi sits out just so his shitty team can make excuses. He needs to come back from vacation or they'll miss the playoffs.
spenny ko
spenny ko 16 days ago
2:07 doesnt that look like a travel?
Audio Visual Proof
Audio Visual Proof 17 days ago
*I uploaded my SweetFX mod for NBA 2K20, PC version, on 10.25.2019 and the goal was to make the game look as close as possible to how live telecasts of actual NBA games look. I watch a ton of NBA and how the Pelicans arena looks in this video clip is how it looks in NBA 2K20. I focused on color correction i.e., the rim, arena floors and team uniform colors, color saturation, lighting, shading and shadows mainly for better image enhancements. Lastly, check out how all NBA Players look accurate to the real life players when it comes to the various skin tones. A download link is available and always available with all of my SweetFX mod video uploads. ^_^*
David KinderTeacher
Paul George is the first player in the Clippers franchise history to score 30-plus points in his first two games with the team.😁😎 Paul George Scored 33 points in just 24 minutes against the Pelicans 😍 Scored 37 points in just 20 minutes against the Hawks 🥰 OMG! This is incredible for a player that just come back from injury ! 🥳 Wow wow wow ! That's a GREAT NEWS for NBA🤩 but a bad news for the Lakers and other teams! 😜 Blessings from Taiwan ! 😇🤗😎🤓
Swavey too Wavy
Swavey too Wavy 19 days ago
Why is kawhi still out ?
Brian Nielsen
Brian Nielsen 19 days ago
Free Roger Stone!
Baconmaster 11111
Baconmaster 11111 19 days ago
People be spelling Kawhi’s name 18 different ways I swear.
Carlo Garcia
Carlo Garcia 20 days ago
Can't wait to hear SKIIIIIUUUPPPPP explain this one...probly will use all the points Uncle Shay used for the Laker's 1st game of the season, except back then he called them excuses. There sure was a lot of pointing fingers and post play blaming at the defensive end of the Clipper floor at crunch time.
Tramaine Terrance
Tramaine Terrance 20 days ago
Hello,Humans. “Don’t tell me you’re innocent. Because it insults my intelligence and makes me very angry.” -Al Pacino (The Godfather 1972) TERRANCE OUT
Spark Eye
Spark Eye 20 days ago
The Clips just lost to the Pels, that better team tho...
Buckcub Mandingo
Buckcub Mandingo 20 days ago
Rain Man was in refractory mode(Blown Load Management.)
Standoff King
Standoff King 20 days ago
Idk how clippers lost Kawhi had clamps and PG dropped 33
ryan egger
ryan egger 20 days ago
I would hate to have Clippers tickets
Dailynn Uzumaki
Dailynn Uzumaki 20 days ago
Paul George is still good but is he a all star still?
Miamia1509 20 days ago
King_ Savage15
King_ Savage15 20 days ago
Shaqi: you get a player like Anothny Davis with lebron james that’s a championship clippers can’t Compete
Tom Arbold
Tom Arbold 20 days ago
Kawhi is the nba’s Mariah Carey. Dude is high maintenance af.
Tom Arbold
Tom Arbold 19 days ago
Timsetto don’t be a part time gangster on the internet. Some advice for you, your trying too hard buddy. It like when a guy wants to be a girl and he’s more of a girl than the actual girls. Look in the mirror and find yourself, it’s ok to be you for a change. Don’t hide behind being a fake thug with slang words you picked up. Hopefully this message helps your poor soul. Now be gone.
Tom Arbold
Tom Arbold 19 days ago
Timsetto and tim lived at home with both parents 😂
Tom Arbold
Tom Arbold 19 days ago
Timsetto your name is Tim 🤔🤣😂
Tom Arbold
Tom Arbold 19 days ago
Timsetto but you rush to ride his dick on everyone’s comments so I’m sure there is no arguing with you.
Tom Arbold
Tom Arbold 19 days ago
Timsetto before the knee Injury he was still sitting every other back to back game. No need to bail him out on this. He could’ve definitely played the bucks game.
Flexxx Strong
Flexxx Strong 20 days ago
Derrick Favors corner 3 gone be a problem if it’s consistent when Zion and Lonzo come back together
Jared Lewis
Jared Lewis 20 days ago
Lake show 💯💯💪🏿 They went ofd in the 4th Gg
Topicians 20 days ago
Pelicans won without 4 stars 😂
Floyd Mupedziswa
Floyd Mupedziswa 20 days ago
This was a boring game
Ashani Francis
Ashani Francis 20 days ago
C'mon guys a fully loaded Clippers team is obviously better than the Pelicans
David Wilson
David Wilson 20 days ago
What huge waste of time.
Big Boss Eis
Big Boss Eis 20 days ago
no ingram, no pro..cancer
nykai _
nykai _ 20 days ago
Clippers are ass
Timsetto 19 days ago
nykai _ Look at the game tonight hating nigga
Justin 20 days ago
Why no one on PG ass at :23 if bron did that every sports channel would be talking about it
wondu xx
wondu xx 20 days ago
No kawhi no fun
Detuk Rjerbs
Detuk Rjerbs 20 days ago
Pg with the carry like a mf 2:10
Samuel Fakiyesi
Samuel Fakiyesi 20 days ago
keep on load managing and we'll see that seed go down
Demoniclily 20 days ago
This pelican team is gonna be so good when everyone is healthy
Daquan Campbell
Daquan Campbell 20 days ago
They really need kawhi and Pat Beverly forreal scoring machine and top defender
Broken Glass
Broken Glass 20 days ago
Clippers fans finna find out how much of a choker PG is LMAO
Ian Ford
Ian Ford 20 days ago
Don't let these highlights distract that the Clippers are 7-5 and *SKIP BAYLESS* did *NOT* cover their loss today! Had this been the Lakers losing to a Zo, Zion and Ingram-less Pelicans, he would be parading how it will go down as a stain on Lebron's Legacy! If the Clippers were 9-2 and the Lakers 7-5, every game would be a referendum on Lebron's legacy. But since the Lakers are 9-2 and the Clippers are 7-5, he said _"Wake me up at Christmas!"_ *WHAT?!* The same Skip Bayless that chided LeBron for not _"closing 6 winnable games"_ before Christmas 2018 now says _"Regular season doesn't matter!"_ 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Bike Maurice
Bike Maurice 21 day ago
Congrats Reddick Holliday Pelicans win over Harrell Zubic Clippers o_o ^_^
Illest Motion
Illest Motion 21 day ago
Kawhi "load management" Leonard. Clippers have no depth. This team is all hype their like the Cleveland Brown's of the NBA.
BlackManTravel 21 day ago
all this tells me, is to never listen to the Media
Michelle Vargas
Michelle Vargas 21 day ago
Kawhi faking an injury again🤣🤣🤣🤣
Demetrius Hall
Demetrius Hall 21 day ago
Kawhi is the only person too have vacation days starting a new job... Must b nice
Fordthecow 21 day ago
Can’t even Clip the Pelicans wings
Raymond 21 day ago
the number of clipper haters in these comments lmfao clippers became hella relevant in just one offseason these comments are hella cancerous tho smh
Mr Davs
Mr Davs 20 days ago
@Sara Sara Smith Most Clipper fans today were Golden State Warrior fans for 5 years, they just jumped on the Kawhi and PG gravy train this season.
Sara Sara Smith
Sara Sara Smith 20 days ago
@Mr Davs That's exactly what it is, the Lakers get all the attention which makes people hate them. As for the Clippers, I never saw this many fans out in about until they got Kawhi which goes to show you that the majority of Clipper fans are bandwagon fans. Even when the Lakers were losing, I still saw Lakers fans all over and not hiding anywhere. At least Lakers fans are loyal unlike like most Clipper fans who are just bandwagon fans.
Mr Davs
Mr Davs 20 days ago
@Alex Sounds like to me that your just jealous and bitter because nobody is talking about your team and giving them attention. lol
Alex 20 days ago
@Terrance Williams I'm not a fan of either LA team, but it's true they ALWAYS talk about the Lakers on TV/media and on the internet. Lakers this, Lakers that. I'm so sick and tired of hearing the Lakers bullshit all the time all over the internet and on TV. It's like nobody exists in the NBA but the damn Lakers. *smh*
Terrance Williams
Terrance Williams 20 days ago
@Raymond Get real. People talk about the Lakers a lot more than any other team in the NBA including the Clippers. I guess that makes the Lakers even more "hella relevant" than anyone else in the NBA by your logic.
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