Lonzo Ball will fit in with the Pelicans, but needs to stay healthy - Amin Elhassan | The Jump

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Rachel Nichols, Amin Elhassan, Brian Windhorst and Clinton Yates break down if newly acquired Lonzo Ball is going to meet expectations for the New Orleans Pelicans. Amin adds that Lonzo is going fit well in Alvin Gentry’s system, but just needs to stay healthy. Windhorst explains how the Pelicans viewed him as the centerpiece in the Anthony Davis trade.
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Jul 15, 2019




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Comments 490
Real Deals
Real Deals Month ago
Watch the tricks words. Listen to to espn media robots. He was healthy before he got to the Lakers. Lakers switch on their game plan. They caused him to get injured.
David Smith
David Smith 2 months ago
Ball is not NBA quality
Master 4 months ago
"You married to Big Baller son, the only way you get out is feet first boy." - Lavar Ball
Corey Pasley
Corey Pasley 4 months ago
lonzo on Lakers equals bust.. traded to pelicans lol he will be a star lol media is ridiculous
Da Sh
Da Sh 4 months ago
I need a better job. Does not mean it is going to happen.
JJ 4 months ago
Laker nation loves Lonzo and knows how good he is. It’s a shame Espn tried to push this bad narrative about Lonzo for 3 years..
Andrew Decker
Andrew Decker 4 months ago
Gosh the ball brothers are fucking goofy looking. And I think it's funny how everyone was saying "lonzo is gonna be so amazing and he's curry with a 40" vertical " when in reality compared to how much hype was surrounding him he's more towards the bust side of the spectrum so far (granted he is a good passer and good defender" but people made the expectations for the dude unreachable.
P C 4 months ago
Look at every player who left the cancerous environment that LeBron always create. They have all got better. Every single one. Lonzo will get better too now that he's not in the circus anymore.
Terry Dactyl
Terry Dactyl 4 months ago
*CAN'T* *SHOOT* *FTs.*
KC 4 months ago
stfu buster...
Syed Ahmed
Syed Ahmed 4 months ago
Pelicans 8th seed
KEVIN 4 months ago
Still can't shoot, he should have been a late first round pick at best and been allowed to earn a spot on an NBA roster
KC 4 months ago
stfu...still hating after all this time has past...it obvious that you're life is miserable...
Sloop Jones
Sloop Jones 4 months ago
Hes going to go bezerk
Gonig Bratal
Gonig Bratal 4 months ago
man Pelicans if they do it right, they gonna be awesome, next warriors
Irving Gomez
Irving Gomez 4 months ago
idk a guy shooting 42% from the line really diminishes all his "stellar" attributes
Irving Gomez
Irving Gomez 4 months ago
@Angela Burke making free throws is not scoring at will
Angela Burke
Angela Burke 4 months ago
He is not suppose to be scoring at will.
someguy604 4 months ago
Amin should try to be a GM, he might be goods
Michael Smith
Michael Smith 4 months ago
In my opinion the lakers may won the deal temporaily because of A.D. but in the future the pelicans will have the better side of the trade because lonzo still has alot of room to improve, same with ingram and hart. But as well zion will be the centerpiece to the pelicans organization. If they stick together as a team and no one gets traded I believe in the next 4-6 years they could potentially have a ring
The Saucy Tiger
The Saucy Tiger 4 months ago
Amin Elhassan is beloved
Big Neeko
Big Neeko 4 months ago
That’s crazy lonzo had 95 starts with lakers.... I feel like d-lo had way less. And still showed his skill.... goes back to what I said D-lo never had his fair start that lakers gave lonzo... d-lo had to play UNDER ball heavy guards like KOBE LOU WILLIAMS NICK YOUNG even Jordan Clarkson. when they should’ve hand him the keys.
KC 4 months ago
Big Neeko Stop it you're talking none sense... Lonzo...his Rookie yr- he share Pg duties with IT, Clarkson, Caldwell- Pope, Bi, Hart, Ennis, Payton, Caruos ...in his 2nd yr - Lebron, Rondo, Lance Stevenson, BI, Hart, Caldwell-Pope, Caruso...so what are you're talking about?
Mackman Theman
Mackman Theman 4 months ago
I bet he comes back to Lakers as a free agent or a trade
Jrmjuve10 4 months ago
His worst enemy is his FT shooting, it completely messes up his whole game in the offensive end. If he could just be confident going to the line it will make him so much better.
Jrmjuve10 4 months ago
@KC yeah but if he wasn't so scared to go to the line he would attack the basket more, he would be more respected on the offensive end and that will open up more assist opportunities for him
KC 4 months ago
no it doesn't...he has more to his game than some FT%...
JSV 00
JSV 00 4 months ago
Giannis leave that bs and go to New Orleans 😭😂
JSV 00
JSV 00 4 months ago
An then all ya get ya three game up 😅
Thanos 4 months ago
Lonzo literally has chino hills 2.0 now dude finna go off
alex Motts
alex Motts 4 months ago
More like needs to learn how to shoot.
Money Money
Money Money 4 months ago
Man Ball gon do wat he does we gotta a rookie datz dumb stupid ready Let Dance Pelz
Brandon Hayes
Brandon Hayes 4 months ago
Best thing to ever happen to Lonzo was getting traded... Fresh ... Away from father's escapades.
KJT Kim 4 months ago
Lonzo success depends on how he distance himself from Lavar and keeping that toxicity away from the Pelicans. The moment Lavar starts talking, its going to have ill affect on both the organization and Lonzo. Remember this is Zion’s team, not Lavar’s team. Lonzo stay away from toxicity.
KC 4 months ago
stfu about Lavar Ball...
Elvin Ware
Elvin Ware 4 months ago
That L.A. spotlight not for everyone
ampecsu 4 months ago
King Quan
King Quan 4 months ago
Zo goin take off for New Orleans ik he was gud wit my lakers
Ron Valdez
Ron Valdez 4 months ago
Lonzo good role player, but no transcended player.
KC 4 months ago
never...All star next season...
Isaac Barrow
Isaac Barrow 4 months ago
I'm excited to see how he plays with this team. I'm a big fan of his game, thought Walton did an absolutely awful job managing his minutes and his skills
Joe 4 months ago
I like how everyone now is like Lonzo's good I've always liked him etc but when he was with us Lonzo so bad looks like a bust yata yata yata
Padraig Murphy
Padraig Murphy 4 months ago
Na, he still just MCW 2.0
Raw Tasian
Raw Tasian 4 months ago
What's Rondo doing there?
Aaron White
Aaron White 4 months ago
Lonzo will average 10 10 and 10...
Consistency English
Consistency English 4 months ago
Lonzo is gonna have lots of triple doubles next season, I'm sure
Adam Ismael
Adam Ismael 4 months ago
Lonzo sucks. You guys keep wishing he is talent
D-iz ballin
D-iz ballin 4 months ago
Lonzo’s statements were very revealing abt the lakers culture. What he is saying in so many words is the Lakers didn’t let me play my game
Donell Mitchell
Donell Mitchell 4 months ago
pretty much
Javier Serrano
Javier Serrano 4 months ago
Lmao he would say lot of cheese streaks! Man he always thinking about food
Ace Esteban
Ace Esteban 4 months ago
If Lakers win a ring the deal was a win-win.
gingersnapss 4 months ago
Wish him well but Lonzo's biggest problem is his "fame". You can tell by the way he talks, dresses, and acts that he kind of thinks he all ready "made it" and that he is already one of the NBA's star players when his career avg is 10/6/6 on 38% shooting while also starting the majority of his games and a large percentage of fans/media consider him a bust
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