Lonzo Ball will fit in with the Pelicans, but needs to stay healthy - Amin Elhassan | The Jump

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Rachel Nichols, Amin Elhassan, Brian Windhorst and Clinton Yates break down if newly acquired Lonzo Ball is going to meet expectations for the New Orleans Pelicans. Amin adds that Lonzo is going fit well in Alvin Gentry’s system, but just needs to stay healthy. Windhorst explains how the Pelicans viewed him as the centerpiece in the Anthony Davis trade.
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Jul 15, 2019

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Comments 498
Master 27 days ago
"You married to Big Baller son, the only way you get out is feet first boy." - Lavar Ball
Corey Pasley
Corey Pasley 27 days ago
lonzo on Lakers equals bust.. traded to pelicans lol he will be a star lol media is ridiculous
Da Sh
Da Sh 27 days ago
I need a better job. Does not mean it is going to happen.
JJ 28 days ago
Laker nation loves Lonzo and knows how good he is. It’s a shame Espn tried to push this bad narrative about Lonzo for 3 years..
Andrew Decker
Andrew Decker 29 days ago
Gosh the ball brothers are fucking goofy looking. And I think it's funny how everyone was saying "lonzo is gonna be so amazing and he's curry with a 40" vertical " when in reality compared to how much hype was surrounding him he's more towards the bust side of the spectrum so far (granted he is a good passer and good defender" but people made the expectations for the dude unreachable.
P C 29 days ago
Look at every player who left the cancerous environment that LeBron always create. They have all got better. Every single one. Lonzo will get better too now that he's not in the circus anymore.
Terry Dactyl
Terry Dactyl 29 days ago
*CAN'T* *SHOOT* *FTs.*
KC 14 days ago
stfu buster...
Syed Ahmed
Syed Ahmed 29 days ago
Pelicans 8th seed
KEVIN Month ago
Still can't shoot, he should have been a late first round pick at best and been allowed to earn a spot on an NBA roster
KC 14 days ago
stfu...still hating after all this time has past...it obvious that you're life is miserable...
Sloop Jones
Sloop Jones Month ago
Hes going to go bezerk
Gonig Bratal
Gonig Bratal Month ago
man Pelicans if they do it right, they gonna be awesome, next warriors
Irving Gomez
Irving Gomez Month ago
idk a guy shooting 42% from the line really diminishes all his "stellar" attributes
Irving Gomez
Irving Gomez Month ago
@Angela Burke making free throws is not scoring at will
Angela Burke
Angela Burke Month ago
He is not suppose to be scoring at will.
someguy604 Month ago
Amin should try to be a GM, he might be goods
Michael Smith
Michael Smith Month ago
In my opinion the lakers may won the deal temporaily because of A.D. but in the future the pelicans will have the better side of the trade because lonzo still has alot of room to improve, same with ingram and hart. But as well zion will be the centerpiece to the pelicans organization. If they stick together as a team and no one gets traded I believe in the next 4-6 years they could potentially have a ring
The Saucy Tiger
The Saucy Tiger Month ago
Amin Elhassan is beloved
Big Neeko
Big Neeko Month ago
That’s crazy lonzo had 95 starts with lakers.... I feel like d-lo had way less. And still showed his skill.... goes back to what I said D-lo never had his fair start that lakers gave lonzo... d-lo had to play UNDER ball heavy guards like KOBE LOU WILLIAMS NICK YOUNG even Jordan Clarkson. when they should’ve hand him the keys.
KC 14 days ago
Big Neeko Stop it you're talking none sense... Lonzo...his Rookie yr- he share Pg duties with IT, Clarkson, Caldwell- Pope, Bi, Hart, Ennis, Payton, Caruos ...in his 2nd yr - Lebron, Rondo, Lance Stevenson, BI, Hart, Caldwell-Pope, Caruso...so what are you're talking about?
Mackman Theman
Mackman Theman Month ago
I bet he comes back to Lakers as a free agent or a trade
Jrmjuve10 Month ago
His worst enemy is his FT shooting, it completely messes up his whole game in the offensive end. If he could just be confident going to the line it will make him so much better.
Jrmjuve10 Month ago
@KC yeah but if he wasn't so scared to go to the line he would attack the basket more, he would be more respected on the offensive end and that will open up more assist opportunities for him
KC Month ago
no it doesn't...he has more to his game than some FT%...
JonSavCal 96
JonSavCal 96 Month ago
Giannis leave that bs and go to New Orleans 😭😂
JonSavCal 96
JonSavCal 96 Month ago
An then all ya get ya three game up 😅
Thanos Month ago
Lonzo literally has chino hills 2.0 now dude finna go off
Barry McCockner
Barry McCockner Month ago
More like needs to learn how to shoot.
Money Money
Money Money Month ago
Man Ball gon do wat he does we gotta a rookie datz dumb stupid ready Let Dance Pelz
Brandon Hayes
Brandon Hayes Month ago
Best thing to ever happen to Lonzo was getting traded... Fresh ... Away from father's escapades.
KJT Kim Month ago
Lonzo success depends on how he distance himself from Lavar and keeping that toxicity away from the Pelicans. The moment Lavar starts talking, its going to have ill affect on both the organization and Lonzo. Remember this is Zion’s team, not Lavar’s team. Lonzo stay away from toxicity.
KC Month ago
stfu about Lavar Ball...
Elvin Ware
Elvin Ware Month ago
That L.A. spotlight not for everyone
ampecsu Month ago
King Quan
King Quan Month ago
Zo goin take off for New Orleans ik he was gud wit my lakers
Ron Valdez
Ron Valdez Month ago
Lonzo good role player, but no transcended player.
KC Month ago
never...All star next season...
Isaac Barrow
Isaac Barrow Month ago
I'm excited to see how he plays with this team. I'm a big fan of his game, thought Walton did an absolutely awful job managing his minutes and his skills
Joe Month ago
I like how everyone now is like Lonzo's good I've always liked him etc but when he was with us Lonzo so bad looks like a bust yata yata yata
Padraig Murphy
Padraig Murphy Month ago
Na, he still just MCW 2.0
Raw Tasian
Raw Tasian Month ago
What's Rondo doing there?
Aaron White
Aaron White Month ago
Lonzo will average 10 10 and 10...
Consistency English
Lonzo is gonna have lots of triple doubles next season, I'm sure
Adam Ismael
Adam Ismael Month ago
Lonzo sucks. You guys keep wishing he is talent
D-iz ballin
D-iz ballin Month ago
Lonzo’s statements were very revealing abt the lakers culture. What he is saying in so many words is the Lakers didn’t let me play my game
Donell Mitchell
Donell Mitchell 29 days ago
pretty much
Javier Serrano
Javier Serrano Month ago
Lmao he would say lot of cheese streaks! Man he always thinking about food
Ace Esteban
Ace Esteban Month ago
If Lakers win a ring the deal was a win-win.
gingersnapss Month ago
Wish him well but Lonzo's biggest problem is his "fame". You can tell by the way he talks, dresses, and acts that he kind of thinks he all ready "made it" and that he is already one of the NBA's star players when his career avg is 10/6/6 on 38% shooting while also starting the majority of his games and a large percentage of fans/media consider him a bust
Yasin Hassenbey
Yasin Hassenbey Month ago
you can literally say that about any player everyone gets injured except LeBron (once)
MJ S Month ago
So Thats it? Just stay healthy? Lol 😂 Lets see.. what about develop his playmaking, finishing through contact, outside shooting MID and 3 and more importantly FREE THROW SHOOTING!!!!! hahaha
Tafari king
Tafari king Month ago
Lonzo gotta ball this year!
Star Lord
Star Lord Month ago
How did Harris get that much?He was trash last year...
Q logic
Q logic Month ago
Pretty much what happened, if this scenario was explained in the ancient days... LBJ made them believe, they were buddies in war... Then took their throne.. Screwed their wives, ate their kids, and then exiled them lmfao
Trav Masters
Trav Masters Month ago
Magic wanted to draft Deaaron Fox but says Jeannie wanted Zo, Lakers prior 2 this season had the last 3 drafts #2 picks, DeAngelo became a legitimate all star this year, Ingram honestly has the right Ron Arrtest attitude but is 2 frail @ this point N his career, Zo will B Magic in N.O. & I'm not talkin' bout johnson neither !
The Leagues
The Leagues Month ago
Lonzo would be a senior right now. He's too young to be washed right now.
Heavy Lifted
Heavy Lifted Month ago
Hope he's okay, as a New Orleans fan let me just say, they have Voodoo cast upon the franchise, no one makes it out uninjured we have even had a person die, when Boogie who is my favorite big man got traded to Pels I said NOOOOO, I thought he was going to make it out uninjured and be the first guy but nope.
tatinomichin Month ago
He's a bust... He's there only cos of his big mouthed dad
King In My Own Mind
Thanks Amin...He and Windhorst have been doing well to set the record straight on this talking head rehash takes...Ben Simmons WITHOUT a J to speak of...Allstar on a 50 win team where he is the most consistent player...when Embiid was out the 2nd halfs of the last two season go check Ben's stats and the Sixers win...After they flubbed Game 1 against the Nets Embiid no show and Jimmy waited until they were desperate to be able to play hero ball Ben came out game 2 and dominated... Brian to his credit is trying to get people to stop ridiculing defensive effort in a league filled with kids that grew up in a generation of getting shamed for trying hard on defense...The NBA and all levels in the US development system do a terrible job culturally in two areas, fundamental develop with proper reward system and overall Culture...these dudes balling up their fist after every play staring down guys for making a layup is childish...NBA is at fault for eliminating grown men and their roles all over the game ACCEPT at the front office and Exec levels you can be old and out of touch there and still be untouchable...BS... Ben will be fine and he is already a top player in the league...just weird his flaws get celebrated more than bigger stars
3bz Month ago
Field Yates I don't believe this guy's parents named him that he comes off as a guy that would change his name to field Yates
Dallas Parker
Dallas Parker Month ago
At least Ben Simmons can give you points you dont know what you gonna get for Lonzo Ball one night you might get 10 the next you my get 0 plus he had a SPRAINED ANKLE and has been out for months. Sprained ankles only leave you out for no more than 2 weeks Lonzo gotta make good this season or its gonna be his last
Tay Day
Tay Day Month ago
Big talk from USvid troll
Just Sayin
Just Sayin Month ago
Pelicans will be sub par team that wont make the playoffs. With Zions weight issues that will hurt his knees and Lonzo made of glass which he can break at any moment, i don't see the Pelicans being good for a few years yet
The Corndog Hero
I feel like if Rachel popped that top off there'd be two frogs staring at me where her titties should be..
D. Coleman
D. Coleman Month ago
Lonzo and Zion on the break will be must see TV. If Jrue and/or BI can have an all-star caliber season, they can be a threat to make the playoffs.
Manuel Filimon
Manuel Filimon Month ago
@money bag Spurs
money bag
money bag Month ago
Manuel Filimon at least an 8th seed? are you crazy. what team isn’t making the playoffs then that did last year other than OKC, which the lakers will replace
Adam Ismael
Adam Ismael Month ago
Keep wishin
Manuel Filimon
Manuel Filimon Month ago
This team at least making the 8th seed. Just too much talent and too good of a defence to not make it. Also, they have a great coach who knows how to utilize his players unlike Luke Walton who did t know what Lonzo ball did in UCLA.
don ice
don ice Month ago
Not everybody is kobe bryant. Every rookie that the lakers drafted became better after keaving. Well, kuz was under lonzo's shadow, so let's excuse that.
Virgil Joshua
Virgil Joshua Month ago
The injuries definitely held him back. But, I think it was also the weird usage by Luke Walton. Last year was just very disappointing for all the Lakers, and what made it worse is all the panic you could see with Lakers management once they got Lebron and had to win now.
9lokknine Month ago
He will do way better with the pelicans he will be more free to play his chino hill type style.
KiddMAX Month ago
SavAgEw0w Month ago
With Zion to throw lobs and shit to zo should average at least 9 assists a game. Looking at a 15/10/8 season for him
Terrence Cheek
Terrence Cheek Month ago
Ball was the Lakers until LeBron James senior showed up! 🏀👀👂🏻☕️🖤👍🏻🛎‼️
Chris Injeian
Chris Injeian Month ago
retard alert
REALMMA Month ago
Zion is goin to be a bust
Dave S
Dave S Month ago
Amin is a hack
Dave S
Dave S Month ago
Who cares
Aditya Sonawane
Aditya Sonawane Month ago
Just for reminder Ben Simmons is all star and lonzo ? hmmm
Richard Royce
Richard Royce Month ago
Dude, learn to write a coherent sentence!
Why does espn only talk about some select players every single time? Giannis, lonzo, lebron, AD, KD, other D's and the circle goes on and on. What about kyle kuzma, josh hart, brandon ingram, victor oladipo, jrue holiday, blake griffin and so many other underrated players with a lot of potential? Did they all retire already or what!
kill em with KINDNESS
Random ass dude in the pink shirt. Look like they picked him up from the break room. 😂😂😂
Legend Killer
Legend Killer Month ago
How the hell did Harris acquire a 180M deal?
Benny Frank
Benny Frank Month ago
What’s the problem Kawhi plays 59 games a year with load management lol 🤷🏽‍♂️
Dewan2219847 Month ago
He's still available to play isn't he?
FootballNetTV Month ago
Jrue gonna average 21, 4, and 5 Ingram gonna average 19, 4, 3 Zion, 17, 8, 3 Zo will get 13, 6, 9
KC 14 days ago
Lonzo going to average more than Zion next season...
MJ S Month ago
As they say Follow your dreams... Keep dreaming
oliver wenzel
oliver wenzel Month ago
At what %?
Mvrl Month ago
sounds like 2023 champs
Manuel Filimon
Manuel Filimon Month ago
Lonzo averaging 8 rebounds and 15 points.
Somerset Bassett
Breaking news: Ben Simmons requested a trade!
San Diego
San Diego Month ago
Lonzo will NEVER FIT WITH ANY TEAM.... because HIS DAD IS A TOTAL CANCER on any organization, that any of his kids play on.
Omari_X 65
Omari_X 65 Month ago
Lonzo can do whatever he want as long as he ain't on my team. SO glad he gone from the Lakers
Stephen Javier
Stephen Javier Month ago
Lonzo Ball will average 9 points and 7 assists per game!
Z Ingram
Z Ingram Month ago
The minute Zo is out of LA. ESPN has positive things to say about him, nothing about Lavar.. Laker Haters..
Philip March Alquizar
He will end his NBA career in 2023
Zo is Jason Kidd 2.0.
KC 14 days ago
@neaAkuma all you need to is stfu because it's obvious don't know shit about Lonzo game...
Padraig Murphy
Padraig Murphy Month ago
Closer to MCW 2.0
neaAkuma I agree. He has to show and prove now.
neaAkuma Month ago
@MachoManLogic345 What he actually needs is to just be healthy, play, be able to actually hit shots and Lavar to stfu so all of this outside noise stops.
neaAkuma He’s my comp though. Zo just needs to get his swagger back and you’ll see how he will take off. Going to NO was a blessing in disguise.
Terence Tay
Terence Tay Month ago
From playing with Lebron to playing with Zion. It might seem like a downgrade for the next 2 years but then it will be a huge upgrade from Year 3 onwards.
C D Month ago
Terence Tay I’m not for tearing them down but I agree with everything else. I love Zion hype but I don’t think he should have to live up to someone like Lebron at such an early stage of his career.
Terence Tay
Terence Tay Month ago
@C D yeah these sports talking heads sure love to build them up before tearing them down. Everyone is tripping over themselves proclaiming the new LeBron or Curry. It takes years even decades before good players become great. And even then they may not win a title.
C D Month ago
Terence Tay I love zo but Zion can’t even get his shot off at least rookie Lebron could do that. Zion will be like Blake griffin and it’s not a bad thing but the Lebron comparison has to stop bc then he will be considered a bust. Every other year it feels like ohhh that person is the new Lebron well they always end up not being even close. Example is Wiggins. Hopefully Zion is good but he lands like a young rose and weighs twice as much as him and has a slow af jumper
Stephen Reddish
Stephen Reddish Month ago
Nobody mentioned he’s a sub 50% free throw shooter!!! He’s a guard in the NBA... WTF
Andrew P
Andrew P Month ago
Lonzo Ball sucks...end of story.
max white
max white Month ago
He's been talked about like a superstar since college. Its a fuckin joke. Look at his numbers
D!ZZY Vila Nova
D!ZZY Vila Nova Month ago
Lonzo is 6'6" & a very good PG. His defense is A1 too
Padraig Murphy
Padraig Murphy Month ago
@D!ZZY Vila Nova LeBron hasn't played defense above a mediocre level since he left Miami. And how are you going to compare Lonzo's defensive assignments to Kawhi and PG who consistently guard their opponents best player and has a much higher likelihood of being bigger than them than Lonzo's man? Come on now. You're grasping at straws. Take the L like a man and move on. Lonzo thus far in his career defensively has been good on the perimeter but nothing more. I will say that I would like to see how he does for a full season of being healthy and in Gentry's defense. If he cant turn it around there inside the arc though, hes done.
D!ZZY Vila Nova
D!ZZY Vila Nova Month ago
@Padraig Murphy helllll no haha...what about Kawhi & PG? You know how lebron's match does?
Padraig Murphy
Padraig Murphy Month ago
@D!ZZY Vila Nova you realize that 50+% I mentioned only covers shots that hes actually defending the shot... so on-ball? So switches are irrelevant in the sense that you described. You can watch every game you want but my point never changes and is still completely valid. It's not like I watched 2 games of his and that's my basis. I've watched the majority of his games and it just strengthened my point.
D!ZZY Vila Nova
D!ZZY Vila Nova Month ago
@Padraig Murphy quite a few. I watched all but maybe one game. If there's a switch & his man scores, it's no longer his assignment. It goes towards their field goal percentage but my point is on-ball he is very solid. Guarding PGs, SGs, & a few SGs
Padraig Murphy
Padraig Murphy Month ago
@D!ZZY Vila Nova his man LAST YEAR even (not rookie year) shot over 50% against him for the entire season. That's a lot of "just good nights." And yes I did watch quite a few of his games and my thoughts were only supported.
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