Log Cabin Sauna in the Forest, DIY Build: Cedar Floor, Door and Benches

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With a bunch of guys coming over this weekend, I concentrate on making the off grid log sauna functional with a wood floor, benches and a wall to keep the heat in. It smells great (aromatic cedar) in the bathhouse when the fire is burning. This video is back to the original videos from last year - a lot of building, a little bit of scenery and some cooking. I hope you like it.
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SEASON 2 - The Interior: bit.ly/2CIjPqr
SEASON 3 - The Sauna/Bathhouse: bit.ly/2AskJWP
THE FOREST KITCHEN, Building It: bit.ly/2M3syZE
SEASON 2 - Outdoor Cooking: bit.ly/2CFgQPQ
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Apr 26, 2019




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Comments 1 252
Ladydee Fit
Ladydee Fit 2 days ago
Love your sweater 😁😍
Dikizeyiko Nsiamundele
Respect from Kongo kinsahasa african 🇨🇩🇨🇩🇨🇩
홍승표 6 days ago
멋지 십니다~~베리굿~~
Робинзон Крузо
заебись банька, топи и парся, но щели не утепляй
LiveAndLearnKatya 10 days ago
I know, you aren't to excited to open your gifts in-front of the camera, but thank you for doing that. We do have fun, seeing all sorts of goodies, you can tell how much people care for you. Much needed emotion in this world, these days:) Our family loves your Chanel, for many reasons.
Am. Blades
Am. Blades 11 days ago
If I get to build one it won't be Quite like this one, since I'm in the City. This vid make me want one really Bad!!
John Tatum
John Tatum 11 days ago
Wow, the cedar on the inside of the sauna...looks and I'm sure smells great! great job on the sauna so far...:)
Zia Ayam
Zia Ayam 21 day ago
he looks like Rick Grimes from the walking dead tv series
James Wulzen
James Wulzen 27 days ago
why don't we see more pictures of your wife and kids?
Siegrid Thomas
Siegrid Thomas Month ago
I just can't get enough of these videos...some I watch over and over....I live in Costa Rica with beautiful surroundings, but I like this so much better...more peaceful...but I do have 3 Calis , that helps a lot....please do more videos....Thank you
Jan Talbot
Jan Talbot Month ago
Came across you channel been up all night watching! Awesome I would love it there too!
I have some of those old tools that you use love to use those I have them
clarkxxkent1 Month ago
calculating from the size of your bush craft camp and the amount of lumber it takes to build it ....im pretty sure you have a nickle for each time Cali makes you throw that red dog toy lol
le minh
le minh Month ago
so wow wande to says proud during over time yourself design being very most Lovely can more for you likes one of favorite it. Thanks you Master and Cali best wishes Winters never coldest too.bye throwback.
le minh
le minh Month ago
hi master and cali I am listening
Gabriel Nobre
Gabriel Nobre Month ago
Won't the water rot the wood? O.o
Dena Redford
Dena Redford Month ago
Where the cold shower ,or cold dip pool ? Sauna bathing needs cold water after the heat to close up your pores .
Dolores La Guardia
You're tops no matter which way you go!
Wulf Claw
Wulf Claw Month ago
Ohhhhh !! RABBIT STEW !!!! Yumm ! Cali gonna bring back a moose ! LoL
Adam Heazlett
Adam Heazlett Month ago
Try a change lower your saw horses a lot more friendly.Adam
Johnkonges Month ago
looks like my place, i have 4 seson, now its going to wintertime here
Janet Martina
Janet Martina Month ago
Totally jealous 😁
Lalthazuala Khawlhring
I admire your work ethics. I've always watched your building progress and I love your dog Shawn, he gives me great pleasure.
Christine Clark
Christine Clark Month ago
how sweet charlotte send that stuff completing and 'extra touch' for the bath house.
Beegee L
Beegee L Month ago
To hell with the building , I love that dog . Absolutely beautiful .
Саша Неважный
Епта халамидник . С такими щелями от этого дома нет проку )))
Please dont be offenced with my question but how do you manage your private lire with your familly and especialy with your wife...?
jomar undertun
jomar undertun Month ago
You should get a old style bathtub
pedro mojica
pedro mojica Month ago
after living in the cabine look youngest tha when was living in the city
Mikael Levoniemi
Just to note that it's not tar-based alcohol and don't mix pine-tar with petroleum pitch. Salmiakki is ammonium chloride, salt of ammonia. Goes well with alcohol, cough syrups, chocolate and other sweets.
MaxmAndersson Month ago
It's amazing to see you work! it really is! You are incredible skilled :)
Sandra Natali
Sandra Natali Month ago
Thinking you need to put up some solar lights outside
Michael steffen
Michael steffen Month ago
Where is the septic system or outhouse-we have never seen that??? Where is the water supply? Do you have plumbing or a Poly pipe to a Cistern? Need to know! The fans need to know!
My Self Reliance
The fans know, I’ve shown and talked about both in dozens of videos.
Likeitornotbot Month ago
1 jn 4;15 Whoever confesses that Jesus is the Son of God, God abides in him, and he is in God
arthur neves
arthur neves Month ago
Can anybody tell me what song is that on intro?
Jessie's channel
Another beautiful work Shawn.
Murtuza Bhatti
Murtuza Bhatti Month ago
black rosary
black rosary Month ago
I am a Filipina and I love watching DIY videos. I admire you for being so creative and hardworking. You do carpentry, cooking, and more. You're such an incredible man, a genius. God bless you.
Ole Nysether
Ole Nysether Month ago
What is the percent of what you make with your tools and what you get fabricated?
Chris Slagter
Chris Slagter Month ago
Moose, a.k.a. "swamp donkey."
Cumbria Strong
Cumbria Strong Month ago
you could save yourself the whole relief cut malarkey with a coping saw, depends if you cut enough curved edges to make the investment worth it though
Thomas Dimitro
Thomas Dimitro Month ago
MMMMM nice smell the food is looking good hi
Angie Month ago
Freaking Amazing build!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Юра Фатеев
А собака то где ,волки стрескали вроде орала как резаная.
Mark B
Mark B Month ago
Here's my question,, when winter comes this year have you got to walk from the house to the sauna to use it?? If so won't there be 3ft of snow you've got to walk through??
rex delos santos
Wow! i really admire your skills. i hope to learn that too. I'm Rex from the Philippines.
Lanaya Baker
Lanaya Baker Month ago
These videos are fascinating. I have been binge watching! Thank you!
Ammar Khalid
Ammar Khalid Month ago
Floki the builder would be so proud to see this .. Woww 👍👍
Broiland Cusit
Broiland Cusit Month ago
really a home made of wood good i wish i would have done like that
RunnDove Month ago
Another video doing its trick for me to just release my stress and watch a woodsman do his thing. Have I told you lately I love Cali??? hahah
Zubair Khan
Zubair Khan Month ago
I couldn't stop my finger to click your videos after each to another
Raven T
Raven T Month ago
In a banya there is a cold pool to dip into after a sauna or steam. Will you have stock tank to hop into?
waldroc942 2 months ago
The perfect lifestyle. I built a very small shed (I can't call it a cabin) at the bottom of my garden two years ago, and I'm still working on it but it doesn't come close to what you've created. It's all made of wood with pine cladding inside and some creative features, but too small to have a fire inside. I have plans to extend it though, with an equally compact sleeping area for the occasional night out. It's the closest I'll ever get to having a log cabin in a forest. It's in my garden in Ayrshire, Scotland.
Frankie Ho
Frankie Ho 2 months ago
Great work you've accomplished! Maybe a work bench with a pavilion would help you achieve more at ease, take care!
Shannon Jarnagin
Shannon Jarnagin 2 months ago
I love everything you have built. But tell me if you have Big foot in that forest lol
Shannon Jarnagin
Shannon Jarnagin 2 months ago
Is the porch finished on the Main Cabin.
Kane Kochera
Kane Kochera 2 months ago
Closet gay
Darren Gardner
Darren Gardner 2 months ago
Hi Shawn hi from the uk my name is Darren I have been watching your builds from the start and I must say top job my friend 👏👍
Albion Hustler
Albion Hustler 2 months ago
Kurt Warner is even more impressive in retirement than he was playing in the NFL. :)
Dolores B Davis
Dolores B Davis 2 months ago
Omigosh maple sugar candy...My grandpa used to make it for us... I am 72 years old. You remind me of him. He also built everything and farmed with hand tools and horse power. I grew up in the woods with Grandpa....now plant perennial fruits...loved his berry patches.
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