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The best moments from various Florida counties, including a man who kicks out the window of a police car, and some Spring Break teens pulled over with drugs and firearm. #LivePD
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Sep 20, 2019




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Comments 3 834
A&E Month ago
Like Live PD? Catch Live Rescue, Mondays at 9/8c!
Mario Esquivel
Mario Esquivel 2 days ago
Do you know in the state of Texas you have to read the rights to the people either drugs or guns you have to read the rights I think I'm just going to have all these people because I did not hear one word displace officers Read Me My Rights no one that is screwed up 😎😡😠
Patrick Glaser
Patrick Glaser 12 days ago
Need to get Cr1tikal to narrate these.
muckrak3r 12 days ago
Dear Live PD, Please keep your cameras rolling in Florida. Sincerely, all of us.
A&E tells man with hands in front of his face that they’re supposed to be on his back but it’s humanly possible, and tries to tell a man to roll over but their knees are all stuffed into different parts of his body to stop him from doing anything lol. Great way to film inexperienced crooked cops.
alex9theo10 18 days ago
A&E wow telling them to flush condoms real nice way to dispose of it.
Apexeon151 Hour ago
The hobble looks like some crude execution device.
SlovesL Hour ago
Kia Soul? Definitely got pot
le monke
le monke 2 hours ago
“that’s my panty collection”
Saber0003 2 hours ago
Everyone is talking about Billy, and I mean, yeah he's one of a kind, but there is so many interesting stops in this one.
Anon 3 hours ago
wait hold up, anna gunn has drugs and a gun, Is this irl breaking bad?
Antonio Calderon
Antonio Calderon 3 hours ago
I know hogtie getter than these cops and I’m a student
tooka uchiha
tooka uchiha 3 hours ago
Dude! He did nothing wrong what are you guys doing dude
Jodie Bowens
Jodie Bowens 3 hours ago
I'm confused; don't they do a breath test? I couldn't pass a sobriety test sober because of health issues related to my back. I don't think I would want to drive to FL for fear of getting a DUII and I don't even drink! Sheesh that's weird.
Caveman Jones
Caveman Jones 4 hours ago
Weed is a memory loss gun so there’s that chance shes dumb enough to forget 🤷🏻‍♂️
Brandon R
Brandon R 5 hours ago
Panhandle squad!
bloody ‘ell
bloody ‘ell 5 hours ago
did the camera person HAVE to zoom in on that used condom? like was it necessary?😂😂
Karen Jade
Karen Jade 5 hours ago
Jesus billy wht do you mean you can't flush it 💀💀💀💀💀
soullessbxdy 6 hours ago
only in florida
Phoenix 6 hours ago
So this is what Florida man is up to
David Espinoza
David Espinoza 6 hours ago
Trump Pence
Mark Niles
Mark Niles 8 hours ago
" And it was loaded " why would you pack a pistol that wasn't loaded. Some cops are just simple.
lexi white
lexi white 8 hours ago
why did the cop have the dog barely sniff the car and then search through it without the dog?
lexi white
lexi white 9 hours ago
omg billy no 😂😂
Cloudy Zed
Cloudy Zed 10 hours ago
already know this is gonna be good lmao
Quacky 10 hours ago
This screams FlOridA MaN
Elizabeth Karen
Elizabeth Karen 10 hours ago
i am a simple person. i see PD, i like. i see FLORIDA, i click.
Wesley Murphy
Wesley Murphy 11 hours ago
This show makes me want a cable subscription
Gabriel Anderson
Gabriel Anderson 11 hours ago
A pistol that you could shoot?!?! Nooo wayyyyy!!!
Kevin Hamer
Kevin Hamer 11 hours ago
Weed and a gun? My kind of girl.
FranktheTank70 12 hours ago
Do not flush condoms, possibly the worst advice I've ever heard, it will clog pipes.
Justin Flack
Justin Flack 13 hours ago
I love ❤️ live Pd
Re Qe
Re Qe 13 hours ago
*pulls condom out of billys pocket* Billy: agragdnf put that down
Cody Mireles
Cody Mireles 13 hours ago
Someone give that girl her thirteen dollars back
Heleve Joergon
Heleve Joergon 16 hours ago
I would NEVER have the patience for this horseshit. I'd take out my gun and shoot the wastes of oxygen.
Real Rap
Real Rap 16 hours ago
This guy said I hissed lmao
Bulldog 33
Bulldog 33 16 hours ago
The first dude sounds like the dude from Waterboy 😂😂😂😂
Louis Tournay
Louis Tournay 16 hours ago
Come on billy
Mr911technology 17 hours ago
"Unintelligible..." HAHAH
Atlanos Ss
Atlanos Ss 17 hours ago
ve hickle
M1lkyM4c 17 hours ago
“Now where just waiting for the dancer to come out” “Hopefully clothed”
Michael Caffey
Michael Caffey 19 hours ago
Billy is a true trump supporter haha
Miguel Tapia
Miguel Tapia 20 hours ago
Yes it makes them feel strong, why do you think their cops in the first place . All the officers in my hometown are the rejects no one hung out with , the unpopular kids who now have authority and try to abuse it
Miguel Tapia
Miguel Tapia 20 hours ago
9:40 why woman should not be officers of the law. Too emotional
View This
View This 23 hours ago
I clicked on this video to watch it because the guy getting arrested in the thumbnail looked like Tommy Chong. But it wasn't. Bummer.
Do not EVER flush a condom, unless you want to clog your toilet AND the sewage system for the whole neighbourhood.
Sunnie Krutsinger
"oh you guys have never done this before cool cool cool"
burral ence
burral ence Day ago
13:21 an average libtard that you could see daily
QuIgYx Day ago
If that was a blackie, it would have been called racism.
ConnectiKID Day ago
The title alone had me thinking and made me laugh.
kvrvsu. Day ago
of course this makes sooooooo much sense... they are trump supporters it explains why they are trying to run people over for no reason
MadnaPlays Day ago
Can't stand how the third cop keeps saying "VE-HICKLE"
I'm in that 1% of people that can understand Billy. It's a weird feeling.
if only you knew how bad things really are
The first case is the funniest thing I've seen in a long time.
leonious mumblescraper
Wow, I typed in my previous comment prior to the discovery of the used condom in his pocket. I bet he has a MAGA hat in his truck.
leonious mumblescraper
Trump supporters. Explains quite a bit.
Terran Day ago
Good grief Sarge, put on some gloves bro. Also at 6:55.. I think that's the point.
Kenny Phelps
Kenny Phelps Day ago
Funny how they can keep using this marijuana smell as a reason to search people’s vehicles, with CBD being so prevalent. Pathetic excuse these days, when I can show you CBD that smells just like marijuana, and it’s totally legal.
Kriz Jenner
Kriz Jenner Day ago
Florida deserves a full hour
MotherLand17 Day ago
Do like all the criminals have a panty collection? 😂😂😂
Jason Day ago
2:15 Boomhauer Irl
VLT r2rsde
VLT r2rsde Day ago
Only in Florida
Omar Prieto
Omar Prieto Day ago
I feel bad for the girl that got caught with the small amount of weed and a gun. She honestly didnt really do anytjing bad. To bad it is against the law. I do believe her when she said it was just for protection. Esspecially being out there for spring break and being a girl. Not to mention she was from Alabama where it is a lot more common for people to carry weapons.
Trebor Ironwolfe
*Counterfeiter:* "How could the fake money you guys found be pinned on me?! I never had it in my position. The only thing I had in my position was that ten dollar bill they said came up." *Deputy Mathews:* "You can explain your *position* to the judge later. Your current *position* will be face-forward, hands behind your back."
Rita Lemen
Rita Lemen Day ago
That's just wrong how they put knees on this skinny man's back
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