Lil Yachty Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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Lil Yachty goes Sneaker Shopping with Joe La Puma at Flight Club in Los Angeles, and talks about buying fake Jordans growing up and finally getting Nike Mags.
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Aug 21, 2017

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Comments 14 540
Christopher Garcia
Ibrahim Haq
Ibrahim Haq Day ago
I don’t think he brushed his teeth 😂
Vince Day ago
Nah baby they need to hear this. Lil yatchy fell off
Armaan Lall
Armaan Lall Day ago
Lil boat$!
DealDow 2 days ago
The only rapper who isn’t high in every second of his life.
Cage Warmuth
Cage Warmuth 2 days ago
He sounds autotuned
TiTAN 2 days ago
he said wtghdjdjhdhvuvviwhuminahumina humnai
POINT TUBE 2 days ago
want to get jordan air free?
get Gang Banged
get Gang Banged 3 days ago
Smell my butthole
Nazif jones
Nazif jones 4 days ago
His love for sneakers is wow, we need some sneakers colab
Angeluz Mayhem
Angeluz Mayhem 4 days ago
I don't care if those black and purple J's were fake, I want em
not ok
not ok 4 days ago
Broo Lil yachty is so fine do he got a lady ?¿
HoNeYbEe 5 days ago
Every time I see yachtys grillz I think he has yellow teeth Wait is it his real teeth I’m confused 😂
Maverick is underpowered
Sry I'm just beginning to get into sneakers but what store is this and where is it?
Isaac .A
Isaac .A 2 days ago
Maverick is underpowered don’t buy shoes from Flight Club they are way over priced just Download StockX or Goat app
Caleb Magallan
Caleb Magallan 6 days ago
Lil Yachty: “i don’t think they make black and purple 7’s “ Jordan Brand and Ray Allen 2019: We got you Yachty
Lint Machine
Lint Machine 7 days ago
Can he teach young boy English please
Bags have Gucci Xhxhhxbxbx
Wooooaaahh I could actually understand a sound cloud rapper
CHAZE2B 8 days ago
That was the weakest intro on this show to date
Sijmen West
Sijmen West 10 days ago
That nigga high man
Carl Capulong
Carl Capulong 10 days ago
Yachty Ball lol 😁 july 2019 anyone?
Giacomo Benzoni
Giacomo Benzoni 12 days ago
He was blazed
Lecramp 12 days ago
0:32 he sounds so chill
Nikita Saunders
Nikita Saunders 13 days ago
I hope those teeth are fake cuz they yellow as Idk what but nice chain BTW
Andrew Hull
Andrew Hull 14 days ago
Is that a grill or does he have macaroni teeth
Hurricane Florence
Hurricane Florence 14 days ago
Josh Beaton
Josh Beaton 14 days ago
Damn brush your teeth man 🦍
Rollin Sixties
Rollin Sixties 15 days ago
Nigga got Bart Simpson color teeth too
Heyit'sBella !
Heyit'sBella ! 15 days ago
I love these videos with yatchy, he's not like all the other rappers. He's happy, kind, caring and just an all round positive soul. 😀 Love this series btw
golden_t-rex 16 days ago
and the air mag?
PAUL HEYMAN GUY 16 days ago
iS yOUr hAiR HArd?
TailstheCoolKid 16 days ago
Bro boat is so chill just the way he is and the way he made it reminds me of my myself a bit just so relatable lil boat will never be forgotten
Boss Blackwell
Boss Blackwell 17 days ago
Lil yatchy teeth look real yellow but it's his grill
Saint Babylon
Saint Babylon 17 days ago
I’m more of an Adidas shoe fan although I do own more Nikes than Adidas but my fave pair atm are the Adidas UltraBoost 19 red. Ordering the mint ice blue ones next
Andrea Pinto
Andrea Pinto 17 days ago
Gobsneaker shopping with lil mosey
super Gaming god
super Gaming god 18 days ago
BIG TREY 18 days ago
Someone tell me the instrumental in the beginning
Hoa Nguyễn
Hoa Nguyễn 18 days ago
Blazzendary give lil yatchy the nike mag
ARZA DA MAN 19 days ago
He only bought J’s
Danny D
Danny D 19 days ago
Jordan 1 top 3's go good with a Home Bullets jersey.
Vital Solar
Vital Solar 21 day ago
watch sports
Swirly puffs Boi
Swirly puffs Boi 21 day ago
Shemme 21 day ago
it's a grill holy shit
Liam Smith
Liam Smith 22 days ago
Joe: old school or new school Yachty: in high school...
Madhav P
Madhav P 24 days ago
he looked so bored LOL LOL
Miyah Triplett
Miyah Triplett 25 days ago
Nobody: Literally NOBODY: Lil Yachty:is your hair hard😂😂
Elin Ellertsdottir
Elin Ellertsdottir 27 days ago
his teeths match with his yellow chain
Raul Pina
Raul Pina 27 days ago
Shopping with Lil Tay
Fausta 28 days ago
4:31 Fragment 1s spotted
Masterful-Lion 29 days ago
Dude looks half retarded
Claudia Tauber
Claudia Tauber Month ago
1:12 “there ya go” 😂
Ioannis Navrozidis
real nigga paying with money unfront and not credit card shit
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