Lil Tecca - Ransom (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_)

Lyrical Lemonade
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Lyrical Lemonade Presents:
Lil Tecca - Ransom (Official Music Video)
Directed Edited Animated by Cole Bennett
Song Produced by Nick Mira Taz Taylor

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May 22, 2019




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Comments 109 428
Jesus Avila
Jesus Avila 6 hours ago
More like "little caca"
Ignacio Fernandez
Ignacio Fernandez 6 hours ago
la de blanco ta riqui
Chico Pro
Chico Pro 6 hours ago
Like pro lil tecka
Jonathan Pimentel
Jonathan Pimentel 6 hours ago
I got red I got blue angel on opposite angles are in a bit of a fan because I was waiting for
Jonathan Pimentel
Jonathan Pimentel 6 hours ago
Why does he say bad words
Gary Crosby
Gary Crosby 6 hours ago
Moce 8 hours ago
Fun Fact: Tecca is 16 years old Me: Oh that's good at least he is eightee... wait a second 16 YEARS OLDD?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Demarcus Hall
Demarcus Hall 8 hours ago
Is lilnboy
miklol 9 hours ago
veau gueules!
MonPlayz 9 hours ago
*Turn you to a dancer*
Mattformation 9 hours ago
I feel like lil tecca was bullied in school when he was younger and was a nerd, He didn't want to be that nerd anymore so he changed his whole personality and this is the end result, no offense
rhys berry
rhys berry 9 hours ago
don't let them get to ya scrrrrrrrrr pop pop
Ashton Hall
Ashton Hall 10 hours ago
Least he can drive cars now and not golf carts
Bolu Shittah
Bolu Shittah 10 hours ago
What is
Lampzy_ 11 hours ago
1:09 me driving when i was 3 yrs old to impress da girls
Thomas R.W.
Thomas R.W. 11 hours ago
H bla H uai Bowowowowow
Horácio Taxista Sornas
Portugal aos portugueses
LowKiddow 12 hours ago
I miss the first time I heard this song
Orion 13 hours ago
За Ростяна нахууууууууууууууууууууууууй!!!!!!!!!
rhys berry
rhys berry 13 hours ago
really good music my brother
Gingery Lol
Gingery Lol 13 hours ago
Lil Tecca went to adopt center -Can i adopt a child ? -yea i got black i got white what u want ?
jquez93 13 hours ago
Who's kid brother is this?
Muhammed ALI
Muhammed ALI 13 hours ago
Wat are you saying
sam 14 hours ago
tecca is the type of rapper who would read the terms and conditions before saying ok
Ryan 14 hours ago
Cole needs to get his artists to enunciate more when he's filming cause you can barely even tell he's mouthing the lyrics lmao
ClOuT. 15 hours ago
220 millions 😱😱😱
Ashley Gurung
Ashley Gurung 15 hours ago
What the fuck
KroZe 16 hours ago
nice music
Kizaru 16 hours ago
Others rappers: Gold or silver teeth? Lil Tecca: *Braces*
Xxdjthegodlyxx 16 hours ago
tecca:lazy eye,glasses,and braces,what you want Me:I got all those what you want?
lanchava 010
lanchava 010 17 hours ago
KANSEI DORIFTO 18 hours ago
indian version is better lol
Kubsy 18 hours ago
Hey , I’m Kubsy... a 15 year old rapper/producer and I make nice chill lofi hip hop songs ... if you guys could go listen to my newest song „lowest at low” and tell me what you think about it I would really appreciate that because other people’s opinion is what I really need right now! Thanks love you guys!
isaias moraes
isaias moraes 19 hours ago
ʑвlαcк- мσσท
The guy is ugly, but he knows from a trap. Holy shit bro
KenJi 21 hour ago
0:00 when you mom forces you to take your lil bro with you
jerrel scott
jerrel scott Day ago
Hoes wasn’t tryna go to prison they said blur my face out lmaoo
jon roman
jon roman Day ago
Since when did this shit get over 200 million views
Lagarto Rossel
Lol I'm laughing at 2:01
Lagarto Rossel
Sergio Velazquez
Hate more than Democrats and liberals people that talk about guns when they never shot them
Dre_rider Day ago
Lifes crazy just 2 years ago i was on my man tecca soundcloud cause I just downloaded the app people said he was trash I thought this nigga was good and now he BLOWN up and has 220 mil views on one song which got so popular it got remixed by a legend who sadly passed away 2 months ago
0Sebxstixn0 Seb
how is this 9 months old
DanielPlayz Day ago
Lil Tecca: Ransom Juice Wrld: Lucid Dreams
Xavier Chauvet
yng f
yng f Day ago
Edwin Perez
Edwin Perez Day ago
Oops wrong sid the science kid episode
aris kouvas
aris kouvas Day ago
I was born the same day month and year with the tecca WTF BRO
John Poe
John Poe Day ago
Song of 2019?
Lil Tecca
Lil Tecca Day ago
Who remeber when he has 10k subscribers on youtube 1 day after he dropped the song? *OG remember
yng f
yng f Day ago
My father
Gabriel Loquin
Lil Tecca: I got black, I got white, watchu want? Michael Jackson: I'll take them two. Juice WRLD: I'm in my black Benz Pokemon: Well I got them too
Dylan Stephan
This a ripoff? So the indian ver is the original one?
J a c k D y n a s t y
con chungus hi
He is Young and he curses
Brittany Kelly
Liltacc is my time to get home
Pierrette Hoareau
Le clip il rue sa mère
yng f
yng f Day ago
Joseph Ruiz
Joseph Ruiz Day ago
Other rappers bars and grills lil tecca braces and bars
Mr James
Mr James Day ago
Listen My New Album @t 💥
Online Business Earner
Why is it hard for me to believe this took place in the Dominican Republic?
Leon Perez
Leon Perez Day ago
Les américains sont des boss ❤️👌
Regina Romer
Regina Romer Day ago
stop hatin
Aryan Singh
Aryan Singh Day ago
When she says it’s her first time But 1:32
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