Lil Nas X Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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"Old Town Road" star Lil Nas X goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex's Joe La Puma at Flight Club in Los Angeles and talks about his new-found fame, how he's going to spend his money, and more.
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May 6, 2019

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Comments 9 477
Complex 2 months ago
If you had to pick one Air Max as your favorite, what would it be?
Vibhu Guda
Vibhu Guda 5 hours ago
TRIPPO GAMING 9 hours ago
Obv 97
Kian_54 10 hours ago
Do air vapormax plus count?
Kyle De Leon
Kyle De Leon Day ago
270 💖
Jacob Aguilar
Jacob Aguilar 3 hours ago
He got my dream shoes the off whites
checkitoutlol lol
checkitoutlol lol 7 hours ago
The cashier looks cute
JaMareous Thompson
JaMareous Thompson 19 hours ago
1877 ... that’s a sign you need to come to Jackson State University for Homecoming 🤣
Edwin Gonzalez
Edwin Gonzalez 21 hour ago
Joe asking a question Lil nas x:yes but no
kiri kiri
kiri kiri Day ago
He's gay
Trippie redd 😊😊😆
TenAl •
TenAl • Day ago
Loco Lucas
Loco Lucas Day ago
Why is the cashier part always so awkward in every video? Lol
katie appleton
Uggh he’s gay but can we talk bout how fine he actually is like 🥵
KingXDezzy 11
Lil Nas the guy to sell a 50,000 dollar penthouse for a horse
Faniel Gerensea
James Charles com get yo manz
He's gonna take those sneakers back to the old town road
601 menacemind
this man is such a boppppppppp😩😩😩😩😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Jewel justjewel
Jewel justjewel 2 days ago
OMG. I had no idea Jordans can be more than 1300 wow thats cazy
Xzavier MEMES
Xzavier MEMES 2 days ago
Any one else hear joe say little nas x instead of lil nas x at the end😂😂😂
Romelo Foster
Romelo Foster 2 days ago
No homo
T&J Milligan
T&J Milligan 2 days ago
Like how many times he said YEAH 👇
Maro Okite
Maro Okite 2 days ago
Nobody: Absolutely Nobody: Lil Nas X: Yeah yeah yeah
Luu 2 days ago
Lil Nas X: *coughs* Shoe helper dude: Gotchu man
The Dizz1738
The Dizz1738 3 days ago
*he gay*
Crimpy HH
Crimpy HH 3 days ago
Fake ass cowboy!!
Flow Rivas
Flow Rivas 3 days ago
what's the name of Joe's shoes those r fire
Jimmy Thorpe
Jimmy Thorpe 3 days ago
Joe la puma says (little) Nas X
Rooster D
Rooster D 3 days ago
Cashier so bad Damn can i check her out too
Wolfy 3 days ago
Davo Xclusive
Davo Xclusive 3 days ago
Noah Manuel
Noah Manuel 4 days ago
He got heard 🤣
11Water T dripp11
Gay 😴
Jasontv13 4 days ago
Lil nas X jumps from no where yells am gay
Alana Heng
Alana Heng 4 days ago
Anyone here after lil nas came out
Jordan Marshall
Jordan Marshall 4 days ago
Who else here after he came out
Maria 4 days ago
Who else just skips to the end to see what they bought
Isaiah Covarrubias
i would pick the miles morales chicagos 1s who ever feel me on these shoes HIT that like
Simon Cowell
Simon Cowell 4 days ago
Bruh 317 for Gatorade ones? That’s exactly why I don’t go shopping at flight club
Heartbreak Richy
Heartbreak Richy 4 days ago
Nobody: “.......” Lil Nas X: “yeah yeah yeah
Dominique C
Dominique C 4 days ago
Complex: you like this shoe lil Nas X: *yeah yeah yeah*
Kingsley Jackson
Kingsley Jackson 4 days ago
He love bright colors
Bryanna Avonce
Bryanna Avonce 4 days ago
the fact that this video is presented by skittles is killing meeeee🤣🤣🤣. Yk i came after he said he’s gay :)
No Homo
No Homo 4 days ago
KrispyKookie *_*
KrispyKookie *_* 4 days ago
Ugh I cringe every time he says "Little" Nas X
Eric Pabon
Eric Pabon 4 days ago
he kicked a ball of thorns down the road with his boots. cmon man lmao !!!
FB I 5 days ago
Alan Li
Alan Li 5 days ago
4:23 has an iphone xr but spends a shit ton of money on kicks
red herbo
red herbo 5 days ago
Get Robert Downey jr
SkilledZae 5 days ago
Bucket Nation
Bucket Nation 5 days ago
Come on guys. Skittles. Rainbow. Lil Nas X. This nigga been trying to tell us this whole time🤣
Brandon S
Brandon S 5 days ago
What shoe is joe wearing in this video?
Keianna Mcgruder
Keianna Mcgruder 5 days ago
Blue ivy and Beyoncé go sneaker shopping
glose !
glose ! 5 days ago
*Presented by Skittles* Oh, what a coincidence
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