Lil Gnar Brings $100K, Negotiates For $50K Rolex

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Lil Gnar is an American rapper, skateboarder, & clothing designer. Originally born in California, Lil Gnar made a name for himself within the Atlanta hip-hop music industry. He started his skateboarding apparel brand "GNARCOTIC" in 2013. Lil Gnar's debut mixtape, Gnar Lif3, dropped in September 2018 and features guest appearances from Lil Skies, Travis Barker, Jay IDK, and ZillaKami.
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Jan 15, 2019




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Comments 6 297
5555393 the-villa
They paying for that out of pocket
Mr. 12A
Mr. 12A 6 days ago
Ice box be taxing the shit out of these rappers I've seen some of there prices
Walker goes Crazy
Who else is watching this with there $20 timex watch on
C J 9 days ago
Safe to say he will NEVER see that 50k again. It’s amazing these guys are basically throwing away what would be life changing money for a lot of people just for the sake of being able to say it’s “real diamonds”. I could only imagine how different things would be if these guys smartened up and invested in assets.
O V 9 days ago
amazes me how many rappers get scammed by these dudes weekly
C Va
C Va 9 days ago
Lol I could of easily guaranteed him 100%roi with 20%interest in 1year. Turned that 50 into 60+ with a lot of room for future investments. By the time this type of watch goes out of style
Chingkhuba Moirangthem
Watch Lil Gnar cabbage after buying this Money Green Rollie ✅💯
All in The Game
All in The Game 11 days ago
Why did he give the salesman the money for the watch , take it back took a picture with it then gave it back to the salesman shit what a clown , bad enough the whole things on video he still needs a picture
All in The Game
All in The Game 11 days ago
This guy just bought a chopper for 52 grand . Not even Rolex factory diamonds , switches the dial . Clown
Timothy Mack
Timothy Mack 13 days ago
He fucked up when he said how much he had that’s is literally the last thing you should do
AJ VLOGS 14 days ago
Its 50k for the Rolex and a custom piece. We don’t know what the other piece is worth.
Austin 15 days ago
His homie needs to cut that bacteria nest off of his head.
Jordon Leal
Jordon Leal 15 days ago
Oh wide gapped tooths ass nigga
Andrew Davis
Andrew Davis 16 days ago
“let me take you to the VIP section” .... “takes everyone in every one of the videos and gives them a special bag because they’re a VIP” this dude who runs the store or whatever is a clown and his tattoos are whack especially on his neck.
Ted Becker
Ted Becker 17 days ago
Hilarious how he has no credit. Must be horrible with his finances.
*Just go to Johnny dang bro*
*Stupid, why would he even say he bought a 100k if he is negotiating 50k*
Hola Como
Hola Como 17 days ago
Cheap bastard instead of spending the other 50k and get yer boy some ice but No God forbid ya cheap ass rappers start taking care of your peeps.
tirodallarufina 17 days ago
Android Harrell
Android Harrell 18 days ago
That rolly is so sick slime green
nycjin816 19 days ago
a datejust??? I have a platinum daytona (60k+) skydweller (high 30k+) older president (high 25k+) yachtmaster 2 (mid 30s+) and a datejust (13k+) not one has aftermarket diamonds and been altered with. THAT REDUCES THE VALUE AND ROLEX WILL LAUGH AT YOU IF YOU EVER NEED IT SERVICED, THEY'LL TURN IT DOWN. 50 for a datejust???? C'MON BRO...that's just sad. you can say sure internet millionaire thug, everyone's rich online but why would I lie? you want green? but a milgauss and throw diamonds on it lol. plus you get the zig zag electro second hand. and you're protected from high levels of radiation
Mr nelson
Mr nelson 20 days ago
4%discount pays most of the sales tax. 50k or no deal. Sold.
A datejust for 50k🤣🤣
AsbAmt 20 days ago
U need to buy a some eyeliner
AsbAmt 20 days ago
Bro that bitch is ugly as fuck
Generic1995 type tingz
He lucky that’s not Watch Nazi Lil Gnar: How about 50k? Jeweler: you want watch? 52k!! Lil Gnar: I came with 100, I’m trying to leave with 50 Jeweler: NO WATCH FOR YOU!!
Huddy 22 days ago
Every comment is about how he got ripped off 30-40k lol kinda feel bad cuz unfortunately he lacks knowledge on jewelry and got taken advantage of. Next time I bet he’s gna look into what he’s spending his money on.
Wjej Wjje
Wjej Wjje 27 days ago
Dr. Officer
Dr. Officer 28 days ago
Most people want to leave feeling the spent much on something & brag about spending 50K. You could buy the watch separate & pay about 10K. Buy loose diamonds & have it done for way less than the total. Nobody wants to wait & they can't brag about it. You could buy many things without labels for way much less but you know how bragging goes.
Chris Hayhurst
Chris Hayhurst 29 days ago
" big clients " ?!?! He just jewd u down to 50 lol
Cian Moran Burke
Cian Moran Burke 29 days ago
this honestly worries me that a rapper as irelavant as lil gnar is spending 50k on a watch cos he really dont have the numbers or streams to back up how much money he be spending in 4 years this man finna be in so much debt. it aint bad that he spent 50k in one go. he couldve bought a car or a few cars with that 50k or a fuck ton of clothes and sneakers and that wouldve been fine but he really spent 50k on a watch. i singular watch. a fucking watch. how about you just dont buy that watch and now you get to keep the 50k and the only downside is u dont have the rolex.
Rack Stackin
Rack Stackin 29 days ago
11:52 when they start talking about the price he was so eager
sr166 Month ago
Shit! Everyone here got scammed paying for this guys ticket to see his show 😂
Lil Deezle9
Lil Deezle9 Month ago
‘Man just sell the blin bling Johnny dang
Matt Moore
Matt Moore Month ago
these ads are blowing my shit
Fernando Silva
Fernando Silva Month ago
People talking about how he over paid for his watch... I agree it was costly and a little over priced but I am guessing these people back their work up. I do agree that the watch is 10k at most the diamond flooding shouldn’t be 40k additional price.
SwoleJohn Month ago
How can you be a store based around watches mostly, and none of your employees know shit about watches
SwoleJohn Month ago
Having a jubilee band isn’t a Rolex flagship, if anything it’s worth less. It’s commonly used on the Date Just models, which are the cheapest. I really can’t tell if icebox staff is good at lying, or just have no knowledge of their product
Igot wood
Igot wood Month ago
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K K Month ago
She Like The Newest LA Style That Shit Old Asf
K K Month ago
Mad Ads They Tryna Get Rich
Romano Bruce
Romano Bruce Month ago
“You want to walk around with it?” 😂😂😂😂😂 Like it’s a pair of shoes Imagine him walking around with it after that question
Godmode555 Month ago
11:52 the intro
Brian Jones
Brian Jones Month ago
How long has Jeff worked at Icebox? He worked at Hannoush Jewelers in Cincinnati for years?
Singapore Breaking News
Why would anyone pay in cash? No other reason other than to show off....typical behavior for those born poor and picked up some along the way......jumped up hoodlums......credit cards get u points and so much more value
mat32i Month ago
does anyone know the name of this beat
Cameron Dye
Cameron Dye Month ago
Should’ve bought a rental property instead of an overpriced watch
jumb ******
jumb ****** Month ago
Só eu de br?
PoppaSmurff 69
PoppaSmurff 69 Month ago
Damn bruh you bought a 20k watch for 50k smh
sn0villain 23
sn0villain 23 Month ago
Why would you say you got a hundred trying to leave with 50 lol. Should have said you only got 50. Who the hell is this guy anyway.
swEET noTHINGS irobot
10 ads in a 15 min video
vyi hyi
vyi hyi Month ago
This video literally got more views than all of his songs combined together and even more.Bruv...
Wolf Savage
Wolf Savage Month ago
Spent $150k an jumped in a $26k Lexus this guy is rich for real!!😭😂
bike vlog
bike vlog Month ago
Rumo Llc
Rumo Llc Month ago
I'd rather drop that 100k and drop 15k down payments for 6 houses in the hood and section 8 em to his baby mommas... makes more sense than rockin a high price watch that attracts problems ...LOL and that extra dough pocket for Expenses...
Brandyn Begaye
Brandyn Begaye Month ago
I like that he chose green face ballin no one got that
fitzroy walker
fitzroy walker 2 months ago
Like walking in to a used car dealership and the sell you a 8 year old bmw. You think you got a deal until one year later it it has all kind of mechanical issues. And it cost almost as much to fix it as the value of the car.
Jake Harris
Jake Harris 2 months ago
they be getting salty as hell when you start negotiating
Xavier Yanez
Xavier Yanez 2 months ago
me : *reads title* *my mind* : WHO?? LIL WHO??
karthik9t0 2 months ago
What's the music guys
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