Lil Durk Takes Complex on a Tour of Englewood on Chicago's South Side | The Neighborhood On Complex

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The Def Jam/Coke Boys rapper gives us a tour of his childhood home.
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Mar 14, 2016

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Comments 1 645
Ben Buckets
Ben Buckets 2 days ago
He freeeeeee🐍🥶🥳
Nehemiah Sinville
Who here in 2019?
spongebob squarepants
Im here before u get hella likes
Orlando Coombs
Orlando Coombs 2 days ago
This is bullshit. Everything boarded up and the place look like shit.
AZ 4 days ago
Free Durkio Like if You want him Free
BLOODY 4 days ago
Why this video dec and the subtitle in the video isnon German?
Garduzaa 4KT
Garduzaa 4KT 4 days ago
free durk man
Ben Buckets
Ben Buckets 5 days ago
Free durkiooo🙏🏽🤦🏽‍♂️
Tisha Steen
Tisha Steen 5 days ago
Shamar baby lil durk bandana Charlie cb2 Tisha queenbee nickki Minaj molly brazy Steen beamon swg ebk Englewood nj summit silver surfer Harlem young money rocnation sox yogi bera 21 Ellis Hopkins g check boys and cee cee dela and bandana 5 boys craige willie beamon west Paterson silky way juwaan Muhammad ali nephew only one owww
Ian Cavanaugh
Ian Cavanaugh 5 days ago
realtalifero 5 days ago
Free Durk 💯💯
Lud Bank
Lud Bank 5 days ago
song in beggining?
BLOODY 4 days ago
Lil durk gunz n money
andres Sorto
andres Sorto 5 days ago
Free Durkio 🦅⛓
Thing Dog
Thing Dog 6 days ago
Free Durk
Shifty Chief
Shifty Chief 7 days ago
Song @3:15
Ydot DaPlug
Ydot DaPlug 2 days ago
Lil Durk - Jump Off Your Welcome Cuhznem
CASHOUT FUEGO 7 days ago
Ima south side eagle wood nigga with a check
Jack Swager
Jack Swager 7 days ago
Free durk
Spooky 54
Spooky 54 7 days ago
Free Durk🗣
Ihustle4mine Tv
Ihustle4mine Tv 8 days ago
Dat boi sicc now sittn in Fulton county.
Free durk
Big Booda
Big Booda 8 days ago
It’s go be ok ok ok ok
MR. Marz
MR. Marz 8 days ago
Solid Angelo 4ch Nation.... Big upz 438
yousef ahmed
yousef ahmed 8 days ago
4:22 lit crib
yousef ahmed
yousef ahmed 8 days ago
Leave him like d thang for tryna reach my Chain- wooski go ride lil durk
Eddie Ah
Eddie Ah 8 days ago
Bro should’ve taken his own advice 🤧free durk tho
_ htxvonn
_ htxvonn 8 days ago
naa fr dat crazy
Sōsuke Aizen
Sōsuke Aizen 9 days ago
Free durk mayne
moneybags 9 days ago
Free durk. and they used one of my fav songs in the vid 🔥✊🏿
Isaiah George
U know what songs were in the vid. Pmo
Ballout Boy2k
Ballout Boy2k 10 days ago
Free Durkioooo
Luxury Lemonade
Luxury Lemonade 10 days ago
Free durkio
genjink 11 days ago
why is the video called no?
jj dub
jj dub 13 days ago
Intro song
Jared 13 days ago
Free tha homie
ItzNoise Visuals
ItzNoise Visuals 14 days ago
Freeee Durrkkk
Blunt Marijuana
Blunt Marijuana 15 days ago
Kn3sL 16 days ago
Why is the video named No
Paul BZZ
Paul BZZ 17 days ago
Free durk
Larry 17 days ago
Free Durk
Alex Yams
Alex Yams 19 days ago
Free Lil Durk 💯
maegen joachim
maegen joachim 19 days ago
FREE Durkio
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha 24 days ago
Free Durk
DizzyTv 26 days ago
Malik Muhammad
Malik Muhammad 29 days ago
I love you Durk
Merve Öztürk
Merve Öztürk Month ago
RB ATL Month ago
I miss this durkiooo
Gat Mack
Gat Mack Month ago
You’re brave as fuck too durk
Brian Ford
Brian Ford Month ago
A bunch of clowns. The problem with the black community. Dr. King would not be proud
Gat Mack
Gat Mack Month ago
You guys should do one on Chief keef in Los Angeles
Patrick Bradley
Patrick Bradley Month ago
Tisha Steen
Tisha Steen Month ago
Lil durk creepy baby purple back boys golden state warriors Sox murdaton
Matthew Gavin
Matthew Gavin Month ago
The trenches 🤦🏽‍♂️
ShaggyyDoo 420
ShaggyyDoo 420 Month ago
“In LA they have high lifestyles” now look where he’s sitting at 🔥💯
Sub to KRNG_XGoD
Sub to KRNG_XGoD 2 months ago
3:09 they threw up the Halo
nolimit g
nolimit g 2 months ago
Neighborhood Hero
wwmixtapes 2 months ago
4 Ktrey
4 Ktrey 2 months ago
Niemi Sylvestre
Niemi Sylvestre 2 months ago
Little Traveller
Little Traveller 2 months ago
You have to grow up with some snow in your life. It’s just not the same without it.
chief keef
chief keef 2 months ago
fuck durk
xd Jason
xd Jason 2 months ago
damn, who'd think that his cousin lil mister would've died a day after 3 years later from a gunshot wound?
J.r. 2 months ago
Englewood not bad north side of Chicago was more crazy. this lil kids is in playing Englewood that why they close the schools I've been here six years these kids crazy over here bc grandma sleeping or dope up but u can make money buy houses not cars or drugs dumb fucks .
Barack Yomoma
Barack Yomoma 2 months ago
Where was they at 3:25
Tisha Steen
Tisha Steen 2 months ago
Shamar Dr j sebi max charlie silver suffer nipsey hustle willy rob Lil durk beamon gaine green marzia Jackson
Reek Tv
Reek Tv 2 months ago
What was that song in the video
Tremain Smith
Tremain Smith 2 months ago
ChiTown is so Fu#k up now cause of these breed of young man think doing shooting is kool when it's coming back 2 hunt they Ass what u do bad 2 other's come back and get cha worser😏
Dee Twang
Dee Twang 3 months ago
Wats the song in the beginning?
cagney 156
cagney 156 3 months ago
where is the instrumental from that starts at 1.18?
Qc 3 months ago
He talking about how fucked up it was when kids were getting killed but still to this day and 20 somethin years old disses tooka and jojo.... dudes a fucking goofy
Me Yeah
Me Yeah 3 months ago
You can tell he’s paranoid as fuck
Louie D
Louie D 3 months ago
When my son pooda was really out here
E S 3 months ago
He lost a lot of weight.
Simo Gbz
Simo Gbz 4 months ago
What's the name of the song at 3:08 pls?
Rodrigo Sanchez
Rodrigo Sanchez 4 months ago
I need to buy my mama a house in da hills and get da fuck out da hood , but never forget where u come from👉 chicago👈
Row Your Boat
Row Your Boat 4 months ago
Durk a bitch
salim Mohamed
salim Mohamed 4 months ago
Stop violence🚫
OG Huncho
OG Huncho 4 months ago
3:10 need the Song name
Richard Douglas
Richard Douglas 4 months ago
Sydney Currie
Sydney Currie 4 months ago
I’m from the south side... east 87th and south AVALON ave
True One
True One 5 months ago
Chicago aint no different from any other hood in america
doobeedoo2 5 months ago
How dreams die. Check out Sam Theard's song "That's Chicago's South Side." Theard came up from New Orleans and like Louis Armstrong, who covered Theard's "You Rascal You," landed in the South Side.
Chris Diaz
Chris Diaz 5 months ago
No one else notice he got double RS tatted on his neck that's bloods real right
Solo Dolo
Solo Dolo 5 months ago
Gunz n money
pretty boy loo
pretty boy loo 5 months ago
I’ll probably never know what it’s like to starve. I understand why he’d hang out on the pavement and sell drugs. I’d do anything to eat. I’m not gonna starve.
STB CYN 5 months ago
Listen to STB CYN X STB RAH-"Swerve me" by STB ENT #np on #SoundCloud soundcloud.com/user-51479259/stb-cyn-x-stb-rah-swerve-me
Everyday V
Everyday V 5 months ago
Ain’t nobody hate blacks Like Other Minorities I tell you. I say Fuck em tho.
fredo dat nicca J.J.20
Pause at 16sec... 😳
Gmoney 41305
Gmoney 41305 6 months ago
So how do you like it out here?lol
David Martinez
David Martinez 6 months ago
I’m not sure if I eva heard of this dude but Dam,, he got a good brain 🧠 in his skull 💀 if he stays this positive I’m sho I’ll see him do BIG THINGS. BLESSINGS LIL man. ✝️🙏🏼🗣👂🏻Jesus Bless u.
myrlene walkman
myrlene walkman 6 months ago
Lola Deon
Lola Deon 6 months ago
wonder why Chicago so fucked up Rothchild got stores aw threw that bih
George Washington
George Washington 6 months ago
MT Pockets, Buffalo H you
PY23 7 months ago
:40 in this dude got a big ass boat. cmon playa
Aminu Suleiman Hassan Turaki
Lil Jojo would have made it out
A. Med
A. Med 7 months ago
Durk keep talk in about. Back in the day after school ....does he mean when he was a GD before he flipped to BD? Lol
Noel Irene
Noel Irene 7 months ago
This happens across A meriKKKA daily, the struggle is Real, and our chances of making it out, our slim to none, these are stories which take place with every hood and every Crew, most of us either spent most of our lives behind bars, some die, and few make it out, we all share the same struggle and pain, same obstacles, same limited opportunities,, But I SALUTE those who make it out!!!! Our lives are true stories ,which would shock and surprise the average person, rather those who are born with the gold spoon in their ass,,,AND THE STRUGGLE CONTINUES,,,PEACE TO THE PEOPLE,, NEW YORK,, STAND UP!!! HEC*HEAT, L.E.S.-NATION,,MANHATTAN!!😎🎃🇵🇷💣💣💣
Gregory Bush
Gregory Bush 7 months ago
Did he just say he gave the gas station extra money to get more free stuff
Jon Dough
Jon Dough 7 months ago
He's the cause of a lot of the continued violence.
Binge S
Binge S 3 months ago
Jon Dough how do you know?
Edward Salce
Edward Salce 8 months ago
that house looked nice on the outside. why do black rappers always have to complain about their supposed hard knock life? how about going back to africa and seeing how their people grow up there! y'all just can't let go of that victim mentality..
voodoo cuhnt
voodoo cuhnt 4 days ago
Yeah that house didn't look bad,just needed to be fixed up
Ruben Dominguez
Ruben Dominguez 8 months ago
3:33 so hd looks like a video game
byron silas
byron silas 8 months ago
Go there when it's zero degrees out cause niggazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz don't like cold weather, period.....alot of them are stupid, they change in age if they are lucky, period.....
oblivion foe
oblivion foe 8 months ago
1:28 song ?
SrgBandino 8 months ago
Next videos