Lil Durk Takes Complex on a Tour of Englewood on Chicago's South Side | The Neighborhood On Complex

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The Def Jam/Coke Boys rapper gives us a tour of his childhood home.
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Mar 14, 2016




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Comments 1 691
Cindi Turner
Cindi Turner 18 days ago
A this nigga wish he was you over here killa Ward all day real nigga come scoop bitch nigga keep talking SHOT
Tony Mamales
Tony Mamales 20 days ago
Aaahh Chicago....What a shithole
La Original
La Original Month ago
Durk know he fine 😌🥰😍
Dat Boa
Dat Boa Month ago
3:25 THF Mooda?
Daniel Noël
Daniel Noël Month ago
Chris Larusso
Chris Larusso Month ago
Smart guy
RealTalk TalkReal
What's the song at the start n that gramma house is beautiful
Ethxn Month ago
all them ignorant black people, looks like a 3rd world country
Clint Eastwood
Clint Eastwood Month ago
Song at 3:10?
Lavan Campbell
Lavan Campbell 22 days ago
Lil durk x jump off
Antonio FLORES
Antonio FLORES Month ago
Fuck this dude n his shity music
Jackie Gibson
Jackie Gibson Month ago
Wasn't really on the streets because you never left the block. Its been shooting all over fr.
bossman 23
bossman 23 Month ago
3:15 song?
Lavan Campbell
Lavan Campbell 22 days ago
Lil durk x jump off
bossman 23
bossman 23 Month ago
0:15 song?
Fenkell Boyz
Fenkell Boyz 2 months ago
His dad got caught with how many million?
yellooh 2 months ago
I would buy it back & keep that house & the memories in the family.
lil nario
lil nario 2 months ago
069 were we come get your shit wide open bitch doing dicks
lil nario
lil nario 2 months ago
Nigga iam from 93 and 94 and 91 and 95
lil nario
lil nario 2 months ago
Me too
Dark Shiro
Dark Shiro 2 months ago
3:30 isnt that where LA Capone and Chaboki shot Bring em out?
Y T 2 months ago
Cant understand a word he’s saying
Terminal Blue
Terminal Blue 2 months ago
😂 "Kno what I'm sayin" -lil durk
Laderrick Wynn
Laderrick Wynn 2 months ago
Atlanta don't play date Chicago shit .hope u beat it n wise up
Ben Buckets
Ben Buckets 2 months ago
He freeeeeee🐍🥶🥳
Nehemiah Sinville
Nehemiah Sinville 2 months ago
Who here in 2019?
spongebob squarepants
Im here before u get hella likes
Orlando Coombs
Orlando Coombs 2 months ago
This is bullshit. Everything boarded up and the place look like shit.
Khaz3i 2 months ago
Free Durkio Like if You want him Free
BLOODY 2 months ago
Why this video dec and the subtitle in the video isnon German?
Garduzaa 4KT
Garduzaa 4KT 2 months ago
free durk man
Ben Buckets
Ben Buckets 2 months ago
Free durkiooo🙏🏽🤦🏽‍♂️
Tisha Steen
Tisha Steen 2 months ago
Shamar baby lil durk bandana Charlie cb2 Tisha queenbee nickki Minaj molly brazy Steen beamon swg ebk Englewood nj summit silver surfer Harlem young money rocnation sox yogi bera 21 Ellis Hopkins g check boys and cee cee dela and bandana 5 boys craige willie beamon west Paterson silky way juwaan Muhammad ali nephew only one owww
Ian Cavanaugh
Ian Cavanaugh 2 months ago
realtalifero 2 months ago
Free Durk 💯💯
Lud Bank
Lud Bank 2 months ago
song in beggining?
BLOODY 2 months ago
Lil durk gunz n money
andres Sorto
andres Sorto 2 months ago
Free Durkio 🦅⛓
Feedzz 2 months ago
Free Durk
Shifty Chief
Shifty Chief 3 months ago
Song @3:15
Ydot DaPlug
Ydot DaPlug 2 months ago
Lil Durk - Jump Off Your Welcome Cuhznem
Jack Swager
Jack Swager 3 months ago
Free durk
Spooky 54
Spooky 54 3 months ago
Free Durk🗣
Starboy Smoove
Starboy Smoove 3 months ago
Free durk
Big Booda
Big Booda 3 months ago
It’s go be ok ok ok ok
MR. Marz
MR. Marz 3 months ago
Solid Angelo 4ch Nation.... Big upz 438
yousef ahmed
yousef ahmed 3 months ago
4:22 lit crib
yousef ahmed
yousef ahmed 3 months ago
Leave him like d thang for tryna reach my Chain- wooski go ride lil durk
Eddie Ah
Eddie Ah 3 months ago
Bro should’ve taken his own advice 🤧free durk tho
_ htxvonn
_ htxvonn 3 months ago
naa fr dat crazy
Sōsuke Aizen
Sōsuke Aizen 3 months ago
Free durk mayne
moneybags 3 months ago
Free durk. and they used one of my fav songs in the vid 🔥✊🏿
TreyWorld Chris
TreyWorld Chris 28 days ago
@Isaiah George Gunz and Money, Every night, Jump Off,
Isaiah George
Isaiah George 2 months ago
U know what songs were in the vid. Pmo
Clayton Goffe
Clayton Goffe 3 months ago
Free Durkioooo
Luxury Lemonade
Luxury Lemonade 3 months ago
Free durkio
genjink 3 months ago
why is the video called no?
jj dub
jj dub 3 months ago
Intro song
Jared 3 months ago
Free tha homie
ItzNoise Visuals
ItzNoise Visuals 3 months ago
Freeee Durrkkk
Blunt Marijuana
Blunt Marijuana 3 months ago
Kn3sL 3 months ago
Why is the video named No
Paul BZZ
Paul BZZ 3 months ago
Free durk
Larry 3 months ago
Free Durk
YamsGaming 3 months ago
Free Lil Durk 💯
maegen joachim
maegen joachim 3 months ago
FREE Durkio
Deem E
Deem E 3 months ago
Free Durk
DizzyTv 3 months ago
Malik Muhammad
Malik Muhammad 3 months ago
I love you Durk
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