Lil Baby Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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Lil Baby goes Sneaker Shopping with Joe La Puma at A Ma Maniere in Atlanta and talks about the influence of his home city on the culture, his fashion style on the road, and giving away sneakers to kids in his community.
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Oct 15, 2018




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Comments 6 489
Mr. Frenchie
Mr. Frenchie 9 hours ago
lael xo
lael xo Day ago
lmao he carry money in his back pocket like it’s a phone.
Fatty 2 Much
Fatty 2 Much 2 days ago
Nobody: Lil Baby: eh-zahly
The Boss
The Boss 2 days ago
Yall need to do Young Thug ASAP
zakariya _
zakariya _ 2 days ago
why the fuck does he talk like that ?
Flex Gaming
Flex Gaming 3 days ago
Who the fuck would pick that for a rap name lil baby Huge Twat 🥴
rglovsy 3 days ago
Imma get these, and these, and these... and these
SAVAGE SMOKER 4 days ago
Basically he just wears gucci to look cool.
Powerful 5 days ago
nobody: Lil Baby: definitely
Roymartin Magtangob
this guy is wearing two watches! 1 is 5 minutes advance the other is 5 minutes late!
Ruler 7
Ruler 7 8 days ago
That’s how you do it all cash 💯
Pon Dorlean
Pon Dorlean 10 days ago
Lil baby
Trucker Gmoney
Trucker Gmoney 12 days ago
Lil Baby don’t like lying 😂😂 he cut dude off every time to clear shit up
The real Mvp
The real Mvp 13 days ago
He’s 5’9 wearing size 9 shoes I’m 5’6 at 16 wearing size 10 to 10.5 how the hell am I not over 5’8
600 Maneki
600 Maneki 16 days ago
JB YOURHIPHOPTv 17 days ago
Lil baby's son feet grows every month 5:28 😂
Neph God
Neph God 22 days ago
My boy said *"Off Brand Cities"* 😂
LSJW Thanks
LSJW Thanks 4 days ago
Jack Neisewander
Jack Neisewander 25 days ago
We just going to ignore the money in his back pocket
Robin Chastang
Robin Chastang 27 days ago
Lol baby everything
Larenzo Daniels
Larenzo Daniels 27 days ago
realest complex sneaker interveiw ever, only us at the bottom will understand..
Jason Proctor
Jason Proctor 27 days ago
Who asked for lil baby to be on the show? This one sucks
Chandler Freeman
Chandler Freeman 28 days ago
Madison Hamilton
Madison Hamilton 28 days ago
Joe saying "Little Baby" the whole video triggered meeeeee!
Prime34 28 days ago
‚Got new shoes for the collection i will probably never wear‘ 🙄
Extreme Gacha Memes
Lil baby mumbles in his songs but his voice Is clear in the videos like if u agree 👇
Roberto Manzo
Roberto Manzo 29 days ago
A year ago today
Quila Copeland
Quila Copeland Month ago
Real Atlanta nigga 😭😂...I always laugh at his interviews.
The Odillio Lewis Show
Ant Don J
Ant Don J Month ago
Lil Baby Is Real Humble!
elyons83 Month ago
Nipsey inspired
Young G.T
Young G.T Month ago
6:54 is nobody goin to talk bout how awesome dat looked like
Jacob Elmore
Jacob Elmore 6 days ago
Young G.T dang I didn’t even notice that 🧐
his jeans were hard asf
Nickole Gordon
Nickole Gordon Month ago
Little baby
Brighterdays brii
why the fuck is this so addicting
Tru Savage
Tru Savage Month ago
Souther twank at its finest..
Tea_VlogZ Month ago
Bro is it me, but lil baby sounds very formal??
makesi cadore
makesi cadore Month ago
Yall need da baby over here man
Blaine Townsend
Blaine Townsend Month ago
Big ass Cuban
Emanuel Divine
Emanuel Divine Month ago
nobody Joe: were here with "little baby"
a҉n҉t҉ TM
a҉n҉t҉ TM Month ago
Mumble Baby
Fawn Elexus
Fawn Elexus Month ago
how can i understand everything he’s saying 😭
Sinister Unity
Sinister Unity Month ago
redcash123 Month ago
They should have put subtitles for this video
christian smith
christian smith Month ago
Wat is the intro instrumental in the first beginning of the video??
Drew Coggins
Drew Coggins Month ago
Yo bro can I get some 20s?
Gary E. Ko
Gary E. Ko 2 months ago
$80 socks and $800 t shirts???? Wtf u ppl smoking?
Gary E. Ko
Gary E. Ko 2 months ago
I aint gone eva wear them But I need them....
Jabez Drums and rides
It even says it in the title
Jabez Drums and rides
It’s so Annoying that he says little baby it’s lil baby
CoreThaWhor 115
CoreThaWhor 115 2 months ago
He only into fashion for the clout -Respect
Jelisa Miller
Jelisa Miller 2 months ago
I can’t understand shit lil baby saying lol damn
jose sanjuan
jose sanjuan 2 months ago
His posture
gbr_999 2 months ago
Dezz muafkaz drip I ain’t Got dezz
Luis david Parra
Luis david Parra 2 months ago
Did enyone understud him
Ceener 2 months ago
Joe: What is it like to give back to the community? Lil Baby: cfsjndexma,nfxscdgnfcvdgc.as..dcfj hQWEXAMXcr.'ca.xw/afmcm,sm,xa,;.xd
burak kykyl
burak kykyl 2 months ago
lil baby veya diğer ünlüler hep markalar için reklamdan başka birşey değil onlar sadece taşıyıcı ön plandaki şey marka
Marquis Monroe
Marquis Monroe 2 months ago
Lil baby might be the only person I’ve seen on here that didn’t complain about the price at the end lol
Melvern Swaby
Melvern Swaby 2 months ago
Jay JAY 2 months ago
is he speaking english? i cant tell
Kenny Peppers
Kenny Peppers 2 months ago
I'm A Fila Man. I'm old school.FILA forever.2019.
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