LETTING the person in front of us DECIDE what we EAT! ft Jonah, Jeff Wittek and Toddy

Josh Peck
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KRISPY KREME, WENDY'S AND CHIK FIL A. Pretty much the holy trinity of fast food. Jeff, Todd, Jonah and I have an incredible bonding experience letting others decide what we eat for the day.
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Jun 8, 2019

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Comments 2 134
Sidney Wells
Sidney Wells 7 hours ago
I think Jonah is really annoying
Makenzie Dianne
Makenzie Dianne 9 hours ago
I turned 16 today and 6 y/o me never ever would have thought she’d be watching one of her idols eat cfa along with her
Alex Martinez
Alex Martinez 16 hours ago
Jonah is hands down my favorite of the whole gang😂
Cas L
Cas L Day ago
Josh is sooo hot
Andrew Seiser
What has USvid become
Alexandra James
Ah Jonah, my least favorite Vlogsquad member.
BoaSky 19 hours ago
Alexandra James retweet
Olivia Lopez
Olivia Lopez Day ago
Jonah: so wats for dinner Josh: this is dinner Jonah: ye- yeah me too 😂😂😂💀💀
Glitter Lamb
Glitter Lamb 2 days ago
This is making me so hungry because I have been craving Wendys
joeh tom
joeh tom 2 days ago
I can feel the good energy and the positive vibes from this video. Nice!
Jack Lyons
Jack Lyons 2 days ago
8.16 mold in the donut
JT Encounters
JT Encounters 2 days ago
Derek grerard was the creator of this challenge
perla683ify 2 days ago
I like how josh is so shy and saying this sounds silly for the challenge. Where others would just straight out say it without any explanation. And jonah has balls for ordering extra food when he wasnt even paying. Savage!! 😎
Clara medina
Clara medina 2 days ago
So did you end up taking jonah back to the krispy kreme?
thomas leary
thomas leary 2 days ago
You could make a drinking game out of Josh saying baby during his videos, 1 shot every time he says baby
Kate 3 days ago
Can Jonah not interject and complain so much 🤦🏼‍♀️
Paul Palmer
Paul Palmer 3 days ago
Do es Jonah have the rewards app on his phone, lol - thats like asking does Jonah have diabetes..
EggoIsMyDoggo 3 days ago
Jonah seems so happy when he’s not on David’s vlog
Casey Law
Casey Law 4 days ago
Looking at Jonah sitting to Josh’s left is like a before fat and after
Casey Law
Casey Law 4 days ago
Josh saying “baby” a bunch of times when Jonas eating. Preparing for that baby, I see you
Lord Amadeus
Lord Amadeus 4 days ago
You jew
Ruben Quezada
Ruben Quezada 4 days ago
I'm about to slap Johan if he orders sum the Pierson in front didn't
Greg Coleman
Greg Coleman 4 days ago
How about you take the “use the money on this excessive waste and give the food to a homeless person challenge.”
Breanna Mabe
Breanna Mabe 4 days ago
9:07 "This may sound silly but"
Priscilla Guevara
U did not give Jonah his Box Of Donuts
Madison Wyatt
Madison Wyatt 4 days ago
The strawberry is the best!!!!😫😫
kid MISSSFIT 4 days ago
I fuck with Josh peck but he acts pheminent asf
hailey .
hailey . 4 days ago
awww :) this actually made me happy
Sapphire Aguilera
When ever i watch josh peck i feel like screaming WILSON WILSON !!!!!!!
Gloria elias
Gloria elias 5 days ago
I can feel the good energy and the positive vibes from this video. Nice!
Charline Marie
Charline Marie 5 days ago
8:38 ok wtf happened lmao
Dedra Barro
Dedra Barro 5 days ago
Their noses touching! 😂
Exclusives 5 days ago
lmao! This video is everything! hahaha Keep it up josh!😎
Ronee Dennison
Ronee Dennison 6 days ago
I was not expecting Josh & Jonah to be so funny together
Ronee Dennison
Ronee Dennison 6 days ago
name a more iconic duo
Roberto_ MZ69
Roberto_ MZ69 6 days ago
Nice beard bro👀
Marisol Hernandez
To me, Jonah is ruining the point of the video. Like JUST GO WITH IT. GOSH FREAKING DANG
Jay Be
Jay Be 6 days ago
Jonah “I talk about losing weight but I never do anything about it” Josh “do you really want to lose weight?” Jonah “not really” Jonah is me and i am Jonah 😂😂
Giovanni Valenti
Giovanni Valenti 6 days ago
Wow, that dude single handedly ruined the video. Complained the whole time. Like if you didn't want to do it then you could have stayed home.
Kathryn June
Kathryn June 6 days ago
Josh is looking like a homeless DILF ❤️
steven MK get over-here singleton
I love Josh that burger and nuggets look so good.
steven MK get over-here singleton
Yes I do lol.
steven MK get over-here singleton
I have a question for you are you hungry? Why he look around like that lol.
steven MK get over-here singleton
It's cologne.
Erwin Johnson
Erwin Johnson 7 days ago
These guys are gat as hell who does that
Kyla Neal
Kyla Neal 7 days ago
Jonah: When did you think of this idea? Josh: Not long ago Also Josh: *Filmed this video with Tana a few days ago*
hallie Park
hallie Park 8 days ago
Peck pack
Grace Kassa
Grace Kassa 8 days ago
jonah n his chicken nuggets 😂😂😂
Sizakele S. Lukhele
I LOVE Jonah 😂😂😂
hassan guled
hassan guled 8 days ago
I like how josh treats everybody like their his own kids
freakylilg 9 days ago
On a good note at least the video didnt start with an act of bro on bro faggotism.
Cheyenne Emert 21104
Is it just me or does Josh sound like Shaggy from Scooby doo😂😂😁
C A 9 days ago
I liked it better with just the two of them.
Dallas M
Dallas M 9 days ago
i don’t like jonah, he’s so full of himself
k moki
k moki 9 days ago
Toddy looks......fat?? Didn’t recognize at first.
America & Karina
America & Karina 9 days ago
josh is the most nicest and just so joyful person, i love it.
Rachelle Rodsa
Rachelle Rodsa 9 days ago
hi everyone!! i just posted a video over on my channel doing this challenge! it was my very first video so if some of you could go check it out it’d mean a lot thanks 🥰💖
bmoney49 9 days ago
Shave the beard ma dude 😐
Dark Shadow
Dark Shadow 9 days ago
I personally don't think so but a lot of my friends too but they always tell me to believe them but I never do
Dark Shadow
Dark Shadow 9 days ago
Who thinks that Josh Peck is gay if he did make a video about it then I'm trying that I haven't seen him since he finish Drake and Josh so
Logan Feeney
Logan Feeney 9 days ago
I bet at Wendy’s it was Jonas sister and mom getting all that food
We are MODAS
We are MODAS 9 days ago
Josh reminds me of spartan 🤤💕
We are MODAS
We are MODAS 9 days ago
They are both Adorable 💕🥺✨*Josh & Jonah*
We are MODAS
We are MODAS 9 days ago
Josh is the MVP DaD💕🥺 he’s is a great DaD✨
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach 9 days ago
I don’t like burgers ether ever since in 7th grade my teacher showed a video of some worm in meat and the worm got in her brain and she had to live with it for the rest of her life 💀🤒🤧
David Acheampng
David Acheampng 10 days ago
“On the USvid”
Zuess Biemo
Zuess Biemo 10 days ago
Revenge is a bitch
Abby M
Abby M 10 days ago
I. D.o.n.t know why but I kept getting so frustrated when Jonah was shouting stuff out cuz I just wanted him to do the challenge right 😂
Sky Brien
Sky Brien 10 days ago
“this is a very popular challenge on the youtube”
Noah and Heav's world
Josh is so sexy 😀
lll l
lll l 10 days ago
I was rewatching legit all of drake and Josh yesterday omg the feeeeels I love that show and I love u
jenica rivera
jenica rivera 10 days ago
Jeff and I eat the same meal plans 😂😂
Lacey Walsh
Lacey Walsh 10 days ago
I love how close they are ❤️ this friendship is the best
Isaiah Armstrong
Isaiah Armstrong 10 days ago
Yo josh trim your beard it don’t look good
Fameousnat 10 days ago
funny af please do another 🙏🏼🙏🏼 subscribing now!🤣🤣🤣👍
Silvester Sourn
Silvester Sourn 11 days ago
Whats this guy gonna look like during no shave november. Lol
93Akane 11 days ago
By the time he's 35, he's going to have so many health problems 🐷
SYG raindrop
SYG raindrop 8 days ago
Shit head
SYG raindrop
SYG raindrop 8 days ago
93Akane piss off
Rodger Sitko
Rodger Sitko 11 days ago
Do u really like opra 😂
baby mica
baby mica 11 days ago
josh will you be the father i never had
baby mica
baby mica 11 days ago
omg josh i love you. you are DAD
Georgia Herondale if ykyk
I want food so bad now
Jodie Kite
Jodie Kite 11 days ago
I can smell the food from here...
Dickcheese143 11 days ago
So fucking lame. No acting fag
Lindsey Demers
Lindsey Demers 11 days ago
Josh you are so sweet, I love it
Connie Sutton
Connie Sutton 11 days ago
how did josh peck think this was original. its viral
Martina Shemon
Martina Shemon 11 days ago
Omg white hair... PLEASE NO GOD NO
Nick Baldonado
Nick Baldonado 11 days ago
Fat guy was being kinda annoying. Ruined the video a little in my opinion
Collin Sannicolas
Collin Sannicolas 11 days ago
Josh your turning into a dad
Caroline Phillips
Caroline Phillips 11 days ago
Josh peck is so daddy now
Caroline Phillips
Caroline Phillips 11 days ago
The cream filled glazed ARE MY FAV- THE BESSSSST❤️
Julia Dalton
Julia Dalton 11 days ago
Just Josh being the cutest dad ever for 12 minutes straight
Brooke Hampton
Brooke Hampton 11 days ago
You know how China discovered pasta but the Italians perfection
J BV 11 days ago
PETITION FOR: Jonah.. in a room , just him and a huge feast, talking to us about life, and social issues..
Emily Antus
Emily Antus 11 days ago
Hey my name is Emily. Josh said bye to Emily in the drive-thru. It wasn’t me but I’m gonna make it about me. 😂
Sabrina Jogezai
Sabrina Jogezai 11 days ago
Oml the beginning oml oml when Jonah said it’s calone
RaceARoni 11 days ago
Dude, when he pulled up to Wendy's and got excited that it was 2 people, i literally said "watch them order a small fry and a water". Not a minute later Josh makes the same joke! lol Thats too funny.
Fernanda Garza
Fernanda Garza 11 days ago
9:28 I felt like Jeff was staring into my soul 😂
Pizza Productions
Pizza Productions 11 days ago
Yammy invented this challenge
Isabella Medrano
Isabella Medrano 11 days ago
What Jonah said when they were going to crispy cream is exactly what I would say
Kevin Yahir
Kevin Yahir 11 days ago
Josh y megan y drake
Kelly Jacqueline
Kelly Jacqueline 11 days ago
I try to keep it like five days a week heheheh
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