LETTING the person in front of us DECIDE what we EAT! ft Jonah, Jeff Wittek and Toddy

Josh Peck
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KRISPY KREME, WENDY'S AND CHIK FIL A. Pretty much the holy trinity of fast food. Jeff, Todd, Jonah and I have an incredible bonding experience letting others decide what we eat for the day.
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Jun 8, 2019




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Comments 2 386
Elijha Magaña
Elijha Magaña 3 days ago
U should buy lots of food mix them together and per every single pound he loses he chooses a bag
james 5 days ago
i love these vids
#MeowMeow 5 days ago
Wolfpack or wolfpeck.... hmmmm
tbagjag 5 days ago
Why is Jonah always getting abused in the clickbait
Seqter 6 days ago
Wait WTF since when has Josh Nickels his own youtube channel?
PACKWOLVE Gaming 6 days ago
I feel like josh is secretly gay
clinton mullikin
clinton mullikin 7 days ago
Make red dawn 2 pleassseeee
Kelly McLen
Kelly McLen 8 days ago
Jesus? I dig thee beard
Angel Miranda
Angel Miranda 8 days ago
I feel old asf knowing Josh’s beard is turning gray😥
madison j
madison j 8 days ago
jeff is like... the most BEAUTIFUL guy i’ve seen like he’s BEAUTIFUL . 😂😂
Armando Perez-Sanchez
Josh i have an idea get jonah to eat from somewhere hes never aten before
stephanie konwerski
Did yall go to krispy kreme again afterwards
Ari 10 days ago
Josh is sooo sweet♥️ “Hi this might sound crazy, but we’re crazy”😍😍
MrMejia187 11 days ago
6:51 Jonah moaned after sniffin dem fries
simply kpop cmon
simply kpop cmon 12 days ago
It's bizarre, but the vibe changed when Jeff and Toddy came on.. And not for the better.
Drath Firtha
Drath Firtha 12 days ago
Josh i know you're a nice person dude. But plz do encourage jonah to lose weight
Roblox for life
Roblox for life 13 days ago
I wouldnt mine having josh peck pick me up to go eat
Alex D
Alex D 16 days ago
Jonah is such a loser
Squeak Mouse
Squeak Mouse 22 days ago
Trying to figure out why people thumbs down all of your videos on YT and FB. Like someone makes a point to thumbs down/angry face EVERY video. Seriously people, do more with your life then to get all triggered over a video. 😂 I think your videos are awesome.
Truth Serum
Truth Serum 23 days ago
It would be better if they didn’t repeat back to you what the person in front orders
riley keegan
riley keegan 23 days ago
Josh is so nice to people that recognize him 🤩
Salma Abdelghany
Salma Abdelghany 23 days ago
Jonah ( nick ) looks good without a hat on
C_ Martin02
C_ Martin02 25 days ago
Don’t know what it is, I hate the way Jonah eats 🤣
Hannah Duke
Hannah Duke 26 days ago
Jonah annoyed me this whole video trying to rig the system 🙄😂
Lisa Rodriguez
Lisa Rodriguez 26 days ago
Josh n jonah.lol These guys
Charley Warburton
This was the best video by farrrrr xx
Julian F
Julian F Month ago
Jonah wanted a glazed donut he got a glazed with filling he wanted a chicken sandwich he got a grilled chicken sandwich
Hey Month ago
I love how josh is always talking about max
neekbot Month ago
I really like the dozen glazed donuts
Lucie Jones
Lucie Jones Month ago
Josh is such a sweetheart, like he was so kind to the drive through people
Lucia Sosa
Lucia Sosa Month ago
jeff is fuckin off his rocker haha. nutty
Mason Drobish
Mason Drobish Month ago
Jonah is honestly hilarious
Fun and Games
Fun and Games Month ago
Jonah is really annoying
Kayla Brito
Kayla Brito Month ago
Joe Santago and Josh Peck should do a video together
Kayla Brito
Kayla Brito Month ago
Is that Joe Santago
Kayla Brito
Kayla Brito Month ago
Cologne in beard
Kayla Brito
Kayla Brito Month ago
Watch they went Krispy Kreme and they didn't order donuts! haha 😄
Kayla Brito
Kayla Brito Month ago
Hurry up drive faster
Thomas TG
Thomas TG Month ago
Jonah reacted the same way to Krispy kreme on the way back that he reacted to David getting him a car
Dummy Thanos Man
Am I the only one who find johna annoying
realoaded z
realoaded z Month ago
i love jonah.
bethcody32 Month ago
Inlove you two
Fl_Tay Month ago
never do that beard again lol
Mark Fortino
Mark Fortino Month ago
@Josh peck i want to do an eating vlog with you!!
afk mari
afk mari Month ago
I try to keep it 5 days a week lmao
Conrad Brown
Conrad Brown Month ago
“Only 70k” we al wish we can say those words at least once in our life
Rylan Ainey
Rylan Ainey Month ago
i love watching jonah eat on joshes channel. it’s my favorite thing ever
GeeIsthename Reacts
Crazy how josh peck is growing grey hairs 😭 it feels like yesterday when drake and josh first aired. watching the evolution of this guy is ridiculous
p b
p b Month ago
I lol so hard at this video. Josh and Jonah, the couple we never knew we needed lmaoooo
AIR 666
AIR 666 Month ago
Josh is so fucking gay. I know he has a wife but dude he acts SO GAY
freedomof speech2019
Never watched your shows back in the day but now that im watchin ur vids, ur fkn adorable lol keep it up man
BigE Playz
BigE Playz Month ago
Am I the only one that like joshs podcast outro it’s kinda satisfying
SeanWolf The Soldier of God
such a beautiful man!
Josh: what’s that smell im getting from your beard? Me before Jonah (nick) answered josh: KEBABS!! *starts laughing but tries holding it in cuz people are asleep*
David Tomlinson
David Tomlinson Month ago
josh shave your beard so you look liker your 16 again
Insert Name
Insert Name Month ago
Jonah is annoying af
Jorge Santiago
Jorge Santiago Month ago
3:37 u guys are fucking gay🤣
Spookie Main
Spookie Main Month ago
What’s that smell from your beard Me: Diabetes
Miranda Pryor
Miranda Pryor Month ago
I started watching vlog squad vids at 921 and i was like oh okay just one cuz i have work at 6 am. Bitch its 12:52 am. What the fuck 😂
Brooke Hutton
Brooke Hutton Month ago
Honestly, best duo on USvid! 🤷🏼‍♀️ fight me 🤣
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