Let's talk about Donald Trump Jr floundering on #TheView

Matt Jarbo
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earlier today President Donald Trump's son Donald Trump jr. and his girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle made an appearance on ABC's program The View. It was a heated Exchange to say the very least, but Abby Huntsman really nailed the Don Jr with a question about him releasing the name of the Whistleblower that has led to the impeachment proceedings about President Trump. Donald Trump jr. claims that he is a private citizen therefore has the ability to share a news article with the whistleblowers name, but my argument is that he is a public figure and should be held to a higher ethical standard concerning what he posts and the ramifications of it.
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Nov 8, 2019




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Comments 224
Truck Drivin' Kid Billy
Dude, haven't been here in quite awhile.....seems you're trying to sell out to the left....guess what??? It ain't helping your channel😏😏.
TruthRaider71 7 days ago
Are you stupid?? Gets your facts straight. That was not DTJRs girlfriend. And the comments left at the bottom of this video clearly show. That a lot of people saw a different show to you. Your a classic SJW. Take the truth and try and twist the story to fit your SJW agenda. Stay off the SOY sad liar. Those old spiteful, Halloween black face racist and the peodo protector whoopi got there saggy old asses handed to them FACT. So suck it up Soy Boy
Matt Jarbo
Matt Jarbo 7 days ago
For someone with the word truth in their username, you really don't know anything do you? Kimberly Guilfoyle is Donald Trump Junior's girlfriend. Even in the interview on The View Sunny Hostin asks Kimberly did you give your boyfriend a hard time over posting that Breitbart article. Watch the fucking thing before you fucking talk you fucking dumb shit
Joaquin Machado
Joaquin Machado 7 days ago
Jr. did well. Taking his gf was clever. The view's audience is intensely partisan. The whistleblower's name is already public and the fact that he's a partisan political operative seems relevant.
Daniel Valdez
Daniel Valdez 9 days ago
Wrecktitude Media
Wow, u truly are the piece of shit everyone says you are. Trump hasn't done anything wrong and you want him gone because you are an authoritarian douche with zero balls.
Matt Jarbo
Matt Jarbo 9 days ago
You are a crybaby
Simon Smith
Simon Smith 9 days ago
Utter bollocks
Matt Jarbo
Matt Jarbo 9 days ago
Nah. Go watch the TPUSA clip. He's weak. Needs mama to protect him.
sinisterwakawaka black
Look at your likes to dislikes ratio.
Matt Jarbo
Matt Jarbo 9 days ago
sinisterwakawaka black
Junior triggered those feminist leftist bitches..dont know what you saw..your a fuckin moron he defended his father as i hope you would if you were in his shoes..unless you have no dignity..
MrBobkilla 9 days ago
I think you watched a different show than everyone else.
Supreme Renegade
Supreme Renegade 9 days ago
Take a great look folks.. this is the crazy ass delusional LEFT...
Voltaire 325
Voltaire 325 10 days ago
It is really amazing. Trump haters think Don Jr did awful. Trump neutrals and lovers think he did great and called out the ladies on the view .
FYCY 10 days ago
You're audio is like way off you should maybe fix that shit before uploading it to USvid.
E. Ruthless
E. Ruthless 10 days ago
Are you really this stupid?!!!
Matt Jarbo
Matt Jarbo 10 days ago
Considering you don't actually have an argument to back up your claims, no I'm really that smart
James Russell
James Russell 10 days ago
Just look at the likes and dislikes on this???lololol! It's not rocket science....
Matt Jarbo
Matt Jarbo 10 days ago
Groypers gonna groyper
Ruben Perez
Ruben Perez 10 days ago
Lol there are almost 400 dislikes on this dumbass video. The View is absolute Trash!
Matt Jarbo
Matt Jarbo 10 days ago
Sure, the show is terrible but that doesn't negate the fact that Don Jr needed his girlfriend to protect him. And that even Abby Huntsman destroyed him in a single question
James Russell
James Russell 10 days ago
Did we watch the same show???
Matt Jarbo
Matt Jarbo 10 days ago
Yep. And I'm right
Constantine 10 days ago
We're we watching the same show? The "ladies" of the view were made, easily enough, to look like whinny idiots. For you to say what you said is moronic. By the way, adam schitt released the name of the " whistleblower"! Along with at least two other left leaning "news" organizations. If you would get your news from different places. you would know this. You would also sound like you knew what the hell you were talking about. It is not illegal to release a name. NO WHERE in the law is a whistle blower afforded this protection. Again, just a little unbiased research would show you that.
OhAtticus 11 days ago
Trump 2020
Richard Gilks
Richard Gilks 11 days ago
Do you still think you're right or did you learn a lesson from this?
Nicholas Marinich
Nicholas Marinich 11 days ago
what an awful take
Paul 11 days ago
I'm sorry mate, but DT jr owned that conversation , take your bias off.
Mr. Alien Ghost Presents
Your brain is scrambled eggs.
Eleisa Martin
Eleisa Martin 11 days ago
He smashed them. Sorry guy, you are wrong. He owned the View.
Catherine3385 11 days ago
He owned those ladies! What were you watching?
Craig Mason
Craig Mason 11 days ago
Unsubscribe from this sheep
Trent Blade
Trent Blade 11 days ago
Blackface Behar.
Christoff Becker
Christoff Becker 11 days ago
Don jr was a champ Jarbo!! 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 Move out of your mother’s basement bro!! 🤣😂
Kim Jong Skill
Kim Jong Skill 11 days ago
Eric Jacobsen
Eric Jacobsen 11 days ago
Hey moron!
Alpha Magus
Alpha Magus 12 days ago
Don jr looked like an idiot.
Millicent Gordon
Millicent Gordon 12 days ago
Obviously you didn't watch the show. Donald Jr owned them!
locadisa 12 days ago
You could tell in his eyes on the view that he was deeply troubled..Pulling stunts like tweeting the name of the whistle blower won't relieve the tension D.J, nor will your stupid book! You'll only heal if you change your approach.
Ava's vlog Enslen
Ava's vlog Enslen 12 days ago
Don’t think so buddy
Darin Kaintz
Darin Kaintz 12 days ago
You're Gross.
dannytafrodon 12 days ago
My name is Aminé
My name is Aminé 12 days ago
Don’t attack Meghan’s she wasn’t thinking straight because she was wrought with grief, she lost a family member the night before.
Front Runner
Front Runner 12 days ago
Trump Jr. 2024!
Aaron Lecciones
Aaron Lecciones 12 days ago
Don Jr did great! The view has hosts whose collective IQ is 79.
Paul Rogers
Paul Rogers 12 days ago
Huh, the crowd was cheering for Jr and whoopi had to tell them to stop
Ricky pugh
Ricky pugh 12 days ago
What do you mean the crowd was loving don jr didn’t you hear the applause and the whistleblower isnt kept secret once everyone has exposed the whistleblower and yes you can be a private citizen even celebs are private don’t be stupid you must not know to much about politics
Javier Chavez
Javier Chavez 12 days ago
DUDE !!! You're wacked !!!
Thatcher Friend
Thatcher Friend 12 days ago
Umm...I think Don Jr. kicked their asses. Joy even tried to tamp down on audience clapping, “This isn’t a MAGA rally” 😆😆😆
Castle Mappe
Castle Mappe 13 days ago
Dude, you plucked too much from your eyebrows. Next time, go to a professional 😂😂😂
joe kent
joe kent 13 days ago
There is no objective reasoning here folks..I wonder who is paying this guy lol
John Dunker
John Dunker 13 days ago
Very obvious that your glasses are tinted blue because we did not watch the same thing.
Marked Man
Marked Man 13 days ago
I don’t know what show you watched but the audience was told it wasn’t a rally & called Children for clapping for him.... sounds like your upset that he has a GF
M S 13 days ago
I saw joy ask this isnt a maga rally when ppl clapped and cheered him
Craxin01 13 days ago
Man, the Trumptards are just hate fucking you here, man. And, hey, good for you, all those hates are boosting your profile, so, keep at it dipshits, you're making him MORE popular, not less.
Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson 13 days ago
Jr. pwnd them. You know you are winning the argument when you can't even finish a sentence without being interrupted or talked over. Truth hurts and facts don't care about your feelings.
Matt Jarbo
Matt Jarbo 13 days ago
Dude, he turned his girlfriend every time he got cornered for her to explain him and defend him. How is that even remotely winning when you have to turn to your girlfriend to answer questions for you?
Melissa Slaughter
Melissa Slaughter 13 days ago
Donald Trump Jr. Mopped the floor with Whoopi.
Joe Crawford
Joe Crawford 13 days ago
Unfettered trash and conjecture
Eraze Dageh
Eraze Dageh 12 days ago
He's being sarcastic in the video lol
Matt Jarbo
Matt Jarbo 13 days ago
Candystrap 13 days ago
I wouldn’t give those B1tches the time of day! They are idiots, and I’m happy to see Don jr. give them a piece of his mind!
Yahoo Archie
Yahoo Archie 13 days ago
They tried so hard to control the narrative on thier own show and failed. What did you see? Apparently, we watched two different shows, mine being in reality. They tried to control the audience and failed. They cheered for Trump Jr when he came on and several of his points. To which, joy tried to cancel it, then followed by Whoopi calling her own audience children for going against them.
bubbiesdad 13 days ago
The crowd cheered Donal Jr. when he was introduced.
The Rock Reviews
The Rock Reviews 13 days ago
I just unsubscribed bro, you are pathetic.
Matt Jarbo
Matt Jarbo 13 days ago
Bye Felicia
Roshandra S
Roshandra S 13 days ago
Nope you weren't watching what I SAW. Don Jr was amazing
Matt Jarbo
Matt Jarbo 13 days ago
Lol he was weak and needed his girlfriend to defend him. Come on.
Maria Valore
Maria Valore 13 days ago
I watch two totally different show they were applauding for Trump and Whoopi didn't like it!
Matt Jarbo
Matt Jarbo 13 days ago
The front row of people were Magapedes
bubbiesdad 13 days ago
What alternative universe do you reside in?
Internet Zen Master
@Matt Jarbo Check the fine print of your universe Matt, because you're clearly _not_ in reality right now.
Matt Jarbo
Matt Jarbo 13 days ago
T N 13 days ago
Dude check your specs or the Like bar on your video. I don't think you watched the shame show everyone else did
Matt Jarbo
Matt Jarbo 13 days ago
Lol. You must be new here.
BETTS 13 days ago
The only thing floundering here is your ratio.
Internet Zen Master
@locadisa "My orange god" Please. Given how Schiff's been running that circus of an inquiry, and the fact it's now a "formal inquiry" based on partisan vote in favor, with 2 Dems (and the Republicans) dissenting against in the House, Trump getting _impeached_ is a foregone conclusion. Getting convicted in the Senate (meaning convincing the GOP that it isn't just a partisan farce) is what will matter. Bill Clinton got impeached and wasn't convicted, and his approval skyrocketed afterward. *_Conviction and Removal from office is what matters, and that seems extremely unlikely at this time._* I have little love for Trump or his buffoon of a son. But I will call people out when they're blatantly wrong about things.
locadisa 12 days ago
@Internet Zen Master You don't have to be convicted in the Senate to be impeached. It's not so much about the conviction as it is the charge. Your orange God had always prided himself on his reputation.
Internet Zen Master
@Matt Jarbo "Applauding Trump's impeachment" Call me if he actually gets convicted in the Senate. Until then, nothing's gonna happen.
Matt Jarbo
Matt Jarbo 13 days ago
And yet you think I care. Just wait for vids applauding Trump impeachment. Chuds gonna chud.
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