LeBron is not the clear-cut leader on the Lakers - Ryan Hollins | First Take

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Ryan Hollins is concerned that the Los Angeles Lakers don’t have a definitive leader despite having LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

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Published on


Jul 15, 2019




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Comments 1 162
KING CHARLES 2 months ago
But Ryan you are the Clear Cut Clown Of ESPN.
M Adams
M Adams 3 months ago
Soft Lmao! Ryan Homes is too stupid to know when he's being dissed!
DeRon 4 months ago
Ryan Hollins is right.
Your Very Own
Your Very Own 4 months ago
Bruh someone get a petition together for ryan hollins departure
Quinton Luster
Quinton Luster 4 months ago
Make em mad Hollins. They so weak. They fall for it every time. LOL . Keep up the good work.
Quinton Luster
Quinton Luster 4 months ago
King James has and will be the leader on any team he's on in the NBA. Anthony Davis can't lead the greatest leader of all times. , but Hollins got y'all so upset. LOL It's funny.
Joshua Diaz
Joshua Diaz 4 months ago
Wtf is he talking about Ryan needs Stfu
Gabe Woodard
Gabe Woodard 4 months ago
This shit is dumb af
Donnie Plays
Donnie Plays 4 months ago
I figured it out guys. Stephen A. Smith only lets Ryan Hollins on while he's gone, to make himself look better when he gets back. It's like a concert. The opening act is often chosen if they are much worse than the headline, specifically to make the headliners look better.
Prince Taylor
Prince Taylor 4 months ago
I fucking hate Ryan Hollins 🤬
The dude
The dude 4 months ago
Calm down guys it's all just entertainment lol
jj love
jj love 4 months ago
when i listen to hollins i start to doubt my own intellect because my brain cannot fathom how mind blowingly stupid he is.and the things he says
Elijah Pierre-Toussaint
And you said LeBron is greatest basketball player ever.🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️💯. How you the greatest ever, but you ain’t a leader.
Terron Lynch
Terron Lynch 4 months ago
Ryan Hollins is a retard FIRE HIM!!!
obemiss 4 months ago
So Hollins has LeBron on his Mt Rushmore... but he's not the leader of the LA Lakers. Ok Ryan
Jason Tan
Jason Tan 4 months ago
Ryan Hollins is an incredible shower scrub if we’re throwing the word around literally
Jerry Billett
Jerry Billett 4 months ago
Its obvious he gets paid to say and act the way he does. Espn cut the check for comments, hate and views lol
Abbie Capehart
Abbie Capehart 4 months ago
Gherbo tripping
Free Thinkers Inc.
Free Thinkers Inc. 4 months ago
ESPN need to make Ryan wear a helmet when he on air.
Peek the Ankylosaurus
this fucking bum 😂😂 Fuck Ryan Hollins he looks like he got a butt plug stuck up his ass every time he speak
Rio Gardiner
Rio Gardiner 4 months ago
Where is Steven A?
RickyC The Kid
RickyC The Kid 4 months ago
I'm starting to think SAS asked ESPN to hire Ryan in his absences so that when he does come back, the show gets better ratings. It may be chess not checkers but this fucking guy is awful. He seems to know what he is talking about, but some of his takes are just off the fucking Richter. It is a debate show so I get it, but dont be outright ridiculous w some of this shit bro. C'mon man.
Nathan Shane
Nathan Shane 4 months ago
The dislikes tho lol
John Nguyen
John Nguyen 4 months ago
huuuhh??? people say lebron easily. ryan hollin...
janky 4 months ago
I don’t like Ryan hollins but I get what he’s saying here
Jude Allen
Jude Allen 4 months ago
6:31 .. We know Ryan paid you to say that Max :/ .. it’s okay bro we’ll ignore it
Niel Hill
Niel Hill 4 months ago
Ryan Hollins is a fucking troll
Max Kellerman
Max Kellerman 4 months ago
If anyone believes that anyone expect Lebron is the leader then honestly you’re a deluded retard
1-800-Wavy 4 months ago
Ryan Hollins Logic: KCP couldn't operate in Lakers Chaos KCP: Gets arrested for something petty. Plays basketball games on work release from Jail with Ankle Bracelet on...
Dave B.
Dave B. 4 months ago
this is nonsense
Cooper Nguyen
Cooper Nguyen 4 months ago
I hate how correct Max is about the KCP deal
David Self Paid
David Self Paid 4 months ago
You can't tell me SAS not out filming Space Jam 2 right Now !!! He never miss this many days !!
Ryan Hollins
Ryan Hollins 4 months ago
lebron obviously is not the leader. AD the one who's been to 9 finals 4x MVP cmon now
Eddie Dantes
Eddie Dantes 4 months ago
Ryan is doing this on purpose. He's good for TV.
boltzman 4 months ago
Loool good effort on the dislikes guys
VoV Sports
VoV Sports 4 months ago
Lyndon Baynes Johnson is the obvious leader.
FACT or FICTION 4 months ago
I know Ryan Hollins is a dumb fella, but he is not wrong here folks. Listen to what he is saying...
wilsonsmanz 4 months ago
This dude Ryan Hollins is a waste of space.
Trejan Lennard
Trejan Lennard 4 months ago
what is ryan hollins smoking
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