LeBron, Anthony Davis and Lakers need to avoid ‘underdog mentality’ - Brian Windhorst | The Jump

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Rachel Nichols, Kevin Arnovitz, Brian Windhorst and Amin Elhassan on The Jump debate whether the Los Angeles Lakers’ roster built around LeBron James and Anthony Davis can compete against the other top rosters in the NBA.
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Published on


Jul 15, 2019

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Comments 403
OKAYYYY 11 days ago
i feel bad for windhorst's chair
Kim Mathenge
Kim Mathenge 15 days ago
They need to avoid underdog mentality yet they are considered underdogs uh.
King Sherwood
King Sherwood 15 days ago
Clippers are over rated.. Lakers are the better team! -Lakers are bigger -Lakers have the best Duo -Zubac and Harrlold can't stop Cousins, LeBron, or AD -Beverly can defend but so can Avery Bradley -Mc Gee is a better rim protector than anyone on clippers. -Lakers have more players who have actually won rings!! -People say Clippers are more stable because their guys have been playing longer together?? They have like 3 guys that played regular minutes last year.. Not something to brag about.. Cousins, AD, Rondo never played together?? How about LeBron, Kuzma, McGee, KCP, Rondo? Didn't they also play with each other last year?? -Lakers actually have good coaching now.. Talk about Doc Rivers all you want.. Lakers actually have an edge in player development with Phil Handy.. Who is the Clippers Assistant coat?? Someone not even worth mentioning 😂 -Lou Williams dosent defend well -Paul George dumped Doc Rivers Daughter for a stripper he got pregnant .. I'm sure that tension is an X factor -Kawai only won a ring in Toronto because KD was injured -Kawai and Paul George are not leaders and don't distribute the ball like LeBron can.. LeBron averages twice as many assists -In short , I am looking forward to seeing all the Laker haters cry when LeBron holds up that trophy
Sean M
Sean M 28 days ago
Where's Caruso in those line ups? He's the goat.
telenovelasLatin 29 days ago
Brian "James" Windhorst - is that him :))) What a guy? Klaw fu**ed up Lakers (he means LePiaf, I mean LeBron)....Hilarious Lebron`s guy :)))))))))))))))))
Dr. Drake Ramoray
Dr. Drake Ramoray 29 days ago
Clearly Windhorst hates the Lakers because when Lebron was on Cleveland every fake rumor out of his fat mouth was praise.
P C 29 days ago
McDonald's would be actually a healthy choice for windworst. That guy in the documentary who ate McDonald's 30 days in a row is much more fit than him. Just eat mcdonalds for a while to lose some weight man. We all worry for you.
Arjun Girn
Arjun Girn Month ago
Laker nation baby
Mike Lacy
Mike Lacy Month ago
They are acting like cook is going to be a difference maker. Never thought he was that great with golden state. Plus on the defensive side he is trash. Now Danny Green can play!!
P C 29 days ago
A cook would actually make a difference in windworst life.
d Petit
d Petit Month ago
Perhaps Windhorst needed a Job at LA Lakers he didn’t get it got pissed off now trying to disrespect 2 or 3 times champs Danny Green I am gonna act like Stephen A Smith for a minute “ZIP IT” You don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.
P C 29 days ago
Windworst should be the GM for the Lakers.
Greenyuo Banzi
Greenyuo Banzi Month ago
Lakers are more known names they aren’t as good as fan make them seem
that Clips lineup is going to be punished down low.. i would put in Bradley instead of Rondo.. i think they specifically put in Rondo to make the lakers closing lineup weaker than it is.. but even then, that lineup with Rondo is still stronger than the Clips' lineup especially inside. Williams? he is going to be punished by Green.. the only advantage they have is Kwahi vs Kuzma.. Bradley vs Beverly is a tie.. Ad vs Harrel? LBJ vs PG13? They are going to feel pain by the 3rd game of a 7 game series.
Dr. Drake Ramoray
Dr. Drake Ramoray 29 days ago
Exactly. They are small to the extreme. Zubac is their only true center. Harrell is the next and only 6'8. Zubac was overpaid. At the time when the Lakers gifted him to the Clips it was viewed as a terrible trade but it did free up salary and a cap hold that would have prevented moves the Lakers made later. Zubac is not worth what he received for averaging. 7, 5. 1 and is not worth 7 million a year.
Laker Logic
Laker Logic Month ago
Windbags is getting heavier and his analysis of bball is suffering. Time for a diet
Shut up Brian you fat oaf u don’t know how sports work
Grn Lantern
Grn Lantern Month ago
First they couldn't get anyone to play with LeBron.. They got AD!! Second they have no capspace.. They got capspace!! Next they have no team or bench.. They have an team and bench!! Some won't be quite even after they win the Championship!! NBA take notice!! Lakers rule LA!!
Moco Fatal
Moco Fatal Month ago
Rondo is not starting. Stop putting him as a starter in the graphics. If you can’t shoot your not starting. Bron Bradley Green Ad Boogie Needs to b the first 5
aj daking
aj daking 29 days ago
Id have Bron, d green, kuzma, ad and boogie in my starting lineup. That way, the shooters and defenders are mixed up a little more.
Alejandro Gomez
Alejandro Gomez Month ago
Only "Underdog" is AD's injury prone ass. Even PG-13 came back to MVP form after breaking his leg the way he did a few years ago.
S C Month ago
Windy look like somebody spoon fed him what to say and when he got called out on Green shooting 45% he looked so dumbfounded. Somebody handed Windy his talking point. ESPN is such a clown network lol.
Durandisse84 Durandisse
1:35 Windhorst fucked up
Elwood Riley
Elwood Riley Month ago
ESPN stop gassing up the Lakers just because they have LeBron
Darth Nasty
Darth Nasty Month ago
Brian needs to worry about putting a Lap Band around his fat ass gut ... Dude don’t know anything about what it takes to win as a competitor in the NBA
Aydin Ege
Aydin Ege Month ago
Brian windhorst is such a Lebron hater
Joey Snow1
Joey Snow1 Month ago
only recently, he used to love bron
Spider Man
Spider Man Month ago
They will do anything to make the Lakers sound bad....anybody with a pea brain knows this roster is good....
king_has_no_cloths kul
she calls the host and they have to listen to her bunkum? they can as well be spectators themselves. as a host you trigger and get the opinion of others. wth.
tyrik singletary
“Underdogs to some of these teams” the only team I see beating them really is the Clippers and I’m not even hating on any teams I feel like if Bucks kept Nikola def would’ve had them and I kinda wanna say Philly but idk if they beat the clippers I don’t see anyone stopping them
easy kc
easy kc Month ago
And i’m suppose to believe in Brian Windhorst analysis LMAO, Danny Green was 2nd in the NBA in 3P %
Cody Johnson
Cody Johnson Month ago
Why do we care?
MBM 4Life
MBM 4Life Month ago
Wtf is brains deal lately he used to be on LJ dick but now it's this bs
MBM 4Life
MBM 4Life Month ago
Invite whoever the bald white headed guy is lol
The Corndog Hero
Brian windhorst is a fat retard
T:ME Month ago
Brian Windhorst needs too avoid the “hotdog mentality” as well😂💯
Abdo Jabboulieh
Abdo Jabboulieh Month ago
2:15 thank me later
uchiha rain
uchiha rain Month ago
Every nba analyst are talking useless nowadays... just like free agency news... lakers gonna win it all...
A Phin
A Phin Month ago
offence is not a question one of the top on paper hands down... But, can LeBron be dominate defensively and lead his team to being a leading defensive team.
Andreas Month ago
The Los Angeles Has-Been's
Trevor Philips
Trevor Philips Month ago
3:08 "New Orleans... Is a team." - Kevin Arnovitz, 2019.
P C 29 days ago
They need to get rid of that guy. He came as a package with that freaky looking white vampire dude but somehow he's still around. Whatever happened to that vampire guy?
Trevor Philips
Trevor Philips Month ago
.... what else is AD gonna say? 'well we're the second best but we still okay, fam' of course he gonna say they the best. any team that's a top 5 team is gonna say that. sure, if they were a bottom 10 team he gonna be real and say we got a great group of guys, just need to add some pieces -- but if you're a legit contender then ofc you gonna quote Khaled WE DA BEST ....da fuq these guys smoking, actin' like he saying anything
Wilson Abalos
Wilson Abalos Month ago
This windhorn, fatlock, Bayless who hates Bron so much are making themselves looks Bad..
J Month ago
what a defender pg is lmao green just toyed with him here.
Stanley Robinson
Ok ESPN are going to make the Lakers the Kardashians of the NBA, they'll be talked about All Day Everyday and Annoy the Hell out of us, the Western Conference is Stacked and Loaded let's hear about All of the team's Damn, I'm Annoyed already..
SoCalTrojan Month ago
Couldn’t even listen to everything. What’s with this negative bias towards the lakers. Sure, some people are talking it up but the amount of pessimism is ridiculous
Master Pierce
Master Pierce Month ago
What the fuck is he talking about
Rame royal
Rame royal Month ago
The " Jose Calderon all-stars" 😂
Animelytical Month ago
Windhorst was thinking about Danny Green's poor 2019 playoff form. I'm sure of it, because he was not shooting CLOSE to 45% from 3 🤣
KingAdan Month ago
So AD not a good defender, Danny? Avery? Dudley?
dej cali
dej cali Month ago
everyone in 2018: Omg the Lakers don’t have offence! everyone in 2019: Omg the Lakers don’t have defence! 🙄🤐
P C 29 days ago
2020: omg LeBron doesn't have enough help!
Thorn flex
Thorn flex Month ago
i feel like people forget how good ad is. AD is better then kawhi
TJ Moore
TJ Moore Month ago
Lakers will go 56-26 and will be a 4th seed and play the rockets in first round win but in 7 then play Denver wins in 5 then play the blazer or warriors in western conference finals then win in 6 then play 76ers who will get swept by them because of the 76ers injuries
iPutsNwork iPutsNwork
MF’s just made up closing lineups lol how they know that’s what it’s going to be ????
Donna Dunbar
Donna Dunbar Month ago
Lakers missing playoffs again NEXT year
ronny lopez
ronny lopez Month ago
stellar drawing of drake
He wasn’t saying a series that goes 7 games. He was talking about a 7-game series whether it goes 5, 6, or 4. Windy’s fallen victim to this negativity that has to be put attached to every Lakers story.
Balling Like I'm Tobe
Kuzma is more effective at the 4 and Lebron is better at the 3. And I would have Bradley and Green as the guards to finish the game while Lebron plays point foward.
King #6
King #6 Month ago
BRIAN W. must be out of the LEBRON circle because he take shots at THE KANG and anybody associated when he can. Clipper roster is nice but who really going to perform when it gets thick. I think many will say the better team but I need to see that in the playoffs. I dont put much stock in the regular season.
George Combate
George Combate Month ago
Lol analytics shit..lakers can beat any team.they will prove you all wrong👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽
People forget about cousins like he a scrub or something
TenTicklezz Month ago
So the Lakers according to the media shouldn't say they are championship or bust team but also shouldn't see themselves as underdog.
Engr. Jessy de Castro, CH E
Brian, try to lose some weight...😅😅😅
Cool Breeze
Cool Breeze Month ago
lol This is a time when I think, "Who cares what this dude thinks?"
Caleb Ortiz
Caleb Ortiz Month ago
1:35 Man had no response lol
Cool Money ACE
Cool Money ACE Month ago
The jazz to win the title never smh who df made that list
ForrealForreal Month ago
If he felt like a underdog last year it was only because he was in the West he’s had the same caliber team on the Cavs.
Nnamdi Month ago
What do you mean the Lakers have no players on defense... what about the 3 & D guys they signed? Anyway I like being slept on... keep doing it give the Clippers all the hype you want to
ATLsF1N3ST91 Month ago
I don't think Brian watches basketball when Bron isn't on the court. Honestly...
P C 29 days ago
The only time he doesn't have a cock in his mouth is when LeBron is playing. It's kinda hard to watch a game when you have a cock in your mouth.
Shaheed Madyun
Shaheed Madyun Month ago
The underdog mentality worked for Brady and Patriots 🤔🤷‍♀️
Neil Fujiwara
Neil Fujiwara Month ago
Wendy didn’t say facts...a random youtuber could provider better insight.
Agree2Disagree Month ago
Lakers are DEADLY, everybody stop hating. These teams are about to go crazy next season. Clippers Lakers Rockets Warriors Jazz Bucks Blazers Sixers
Jeff Berg
Jeff Berg Month ago
The Warriors defense is gonna get smashed. Raptors showed they can't stop size. The Lakers are gonna crush them repeatedly.
Agree2Disagree Month ago
*Need to avoid the LEBRON SYSTEM!*
Ren Jawa
Ren Jawa Month ago
A subject I would rather listen to vets discuss.
Kyleek Mason
Kyleek Mason Month ago
Bro this guy is a hater bro I swear
Jiaxi LUO
Jiaxi LUO Month ago
Take care of your throat Rachel.
Joseph Daniel Batino
funny that they are expecting the Pelicans to also reach the playoffs when they were trashing the same guys when they were with the Lakers.
Ghost Plays
Ghost Plays Month ago
Brian deadass didn’t watch the RS. he claimed Danny Green after having another really solid season didn’t have a good year lmao
LA Clippers
LA Clippers Month ago
2018-2019: 37-45 (10th) 28-27 with LeBron 3-12 during playoff activate mode Media still thinks he's the King of LA. 🤣
Ricky Delgado
Ricky Delgado Month ago
U would be the one he had one injured season with some awful rookies. Season starts now
Mike Bryant
Mike Bryant Month ago
Rene May
Rene May Month ago
LeBron and the Lakers, Lakers and LeBron, Davis and the Lakers, Lakers and Davis, Cousins and the Lakers, Lakers and Cousins. I swear, it's like no other NBA team exists to ESPN. 😒
Sam Calleja
Sam Calleja Month ago
is Rachel sick? she's not as perky as usual recently
Donavan McDabb
Donavan McDabb Month ago
You bandwagon LA fans. Are fucking disgusting. Windy you right Danny green is a fucking scrub
Anchor Month ago
Windhorst has more body fat than greens shooting %
cuatro cinco
cuatro cinco Month ago
I think the West is going to be the tightest race it has ever been in for the last 2 decades. Probably going to be 12 teams fighting for their playoff lives right down to the end.
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