LeBron-AD, Kawhi-Paul George and other duos are great for the NBA - Jalen Rose | Get Up

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Jalen Rose and Seth Greenberg react to Adam Silver's comments that the NBA must enforce fair rules in free agency to promote balance across the league. Jalen likes the idea of several teams having dynamic duos to create more parity.
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Jul 14, 2019

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Comments 273
Obaid Khan
Obaid Khan Month ago
Paul George mix on ma channel ‼️‼️ Check it out y’all 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Lamar F
Lamar F Month ago
Luka Doncic, Kristaps Porzingis
TheWb8 Month ago
Superstars nowadays need load management after getting super or max contracts that the fans deserve. I just hope they tell the fans the schedule before hand when they will not play so we don't watch NBA
Orion Pavlos
Orion Pavlos Month ago
The league is more exciting now then the last 4 seasons
im Jus St ChiLLin
There's plenty other "Duos" but like every year in every sport one injury can change a whole season
itsmeenoel Month ago
jalen really said Utah LMAO
Carlton Banks
Carlton Banks Month ago
If Stern hadn't stepped in back 2011, the Lakers would've been good for at least 2 chips at best back then or competing for one at minimum
Carlos Jackson
Carlos Jackson Month ago
The idea of parity is a farce
SD4philly Month ago
ctfu adam silver , UNRESTRICTIVE free agents has the RIGHT to want to play with each other , that's time EARNED, now he wanna cry teams been doing that looooong before the players .. bytch pleeease stop bytching.
djdred3000 Month ago
Let the players play where they want if it works.. I'm not a fan of it either, but you can choose your job in the work world.
christian saldivar
Level playing field and you allowed the KD trade to GS to happen??? lol GTHOH!
Wodz30 Month ago
did the golden state warriors team recruit durant or did the players? SHUT. THE. FUCK. UP
Rasheed Barnes
Rasheed Barnes Month ago
Give the smaller markets a higher cap.
LuMiNexx Month ago
Nobodys gunna get the ESPN app, put a sock in it already
Wodz30 Month ago
Focused All Day
Focused All Day Month ago
Dude they need to be take the east vs west thing out. Let the top 16 teams compete, in a best of 5.
Pankaj Tiwari
Pankaj Tiwari Month ago
Where were you (Adam) when the golden State warriors had the most powerful team almost ever
John C
John C Month ago
Set of fair rules KD to the Warriors.
MBF Month ago
Adam silver sucks David stern would of shit all this cry baby shit down bottom line your going to honor your contract you getting paid millions of dollars to shoot a ball in a hoop come work 10 12 hours physical labor 5 days a week for peanuts and then talk to me they act like life is so bad being in a small market city
Mxchael Month ago
He just mad the warriors lost kd
Keenan Staggs
Keenan Staggs Month ago
Who is that alien?
Fifi Napo
Fifi Napo Month ago
"And other duos" typical espn to only report on west coast teams
Thomas Higgins
Thomas Higgins Month ago
This guy Seth Greenberg is a fuckin idiot
Dragonspheres Month ago
You don't say. What a genius.
denzel jackson
denzel jackson Month ago
To all the small market teams that aren’t attractive places to live ........ its very simple win games and run the organization the right way unlike the knicks they did the opposite and u saw what happened
Adam D
Adam D Month ago
I think this years free agency and all the duos that formed is awesome and gets ppl hyped about next season.
kevin vazquez
kevin vazquez Month ago
Im gonna buy a new tv!
DarkNate Lo
DarkNate Lo Month ago
This is good for b ball
Georgios Ntavakis
''you are a SUPERSTAR that takes more than 10 million dollars in NBA...????....you are not ALLOEWD to play for one CITY over a YEAR''............THIS CRITIRE SOLVES ALL THE PROBLEMS FOR TANKING AND SUPERTEAMING..........................SO LEBRON MUST GO TO ATLANTA,MILWAKEE.SACRAMENTO...........ETC......
explore 2580
explore 2580 Month ago
christianity is man worship and the bible is from the devil dont believe me? read it.
Treal Oso saucy
Treal Oso saucy Month ago
Everybody has some help now no excuses
Rachid van Heyningen
0:12 xD
Rafa Cena
Rafa Cena Month ago
I know Jalen has been wrong about free agency but he did have a good idea about fighting super teams: limit teams to signing only two players to max contracts! That will spread the talent around the league and keep teams under the luxury tax.
Super Nice
Super Nice Month ago
Kg ray and Paul did I hate when they say that and they blame lebron lol this is crazy
after work
after work Month ago
"Arrogance of Alabama and the tradition of Vanderbilt" yup those are the Knicks! Amen.
Origen Month ago
Parity is NOT overrated- if Kawhi went to the Lakers we would have Warriors 2.0 for the next 5 years and that would SUCK
Snicky G
Snicky G Month ago
I just read an article about ego maniac James. Loose lips Magic Johnson just stated the narcissist James will be the MVP of the 2019/2020 season. Bumbling idiot Johnson better be hoping the lakers make the playoffs instead of talking like an ignorant fool!
Creecho Spliff
Creecho Spliff Month ago
NBA lit af now he trippin
Stanley Robinson
I'm Not focusing on the LeBron/Davis, or the Kawhi/George Duo when the Western Conference is STACKED and DANGEROUS..
P C Month ago
Man, no one respects Utah. Jalen "douchebag" rose didn't even mention Utah. Conley, Mitchell, and gobert with Snyder as a coach will be dangerous.
olin hill
olin hill Month ago
If they got rid of max and super max and just had a flat salary cap it would fix the problem.
G- Muzic
G- Muzic Month ago
They want to make sure the rules the owners always have more control of the players .
Dimitri Man
Dimitri Man Month ago
the NBA is big lit rn better than ever
FireAt Will
FireAt Will Month ago
stop crying dam Adam! players should be allowed to change teams wtf does free agent mean again 🤔
Wodz30 Month ago
That is not the conversation here. Players are allowed to speak to other players and make plans, that is not tampering. What he is saying is that these players are speaking with teams and making deals BEFORE FREE AGENCY. Get it? You and your boy talking about going to work at Burger King is not the problem. You and your boy having meetings with Burger King while you work at McDonalds is the problem here. That is illegal under the contract that you signed at McBurger. Again, players speaking with players or making plans is NOT an issue!
MidNight ExoDus
MidNight ExoDus Month ago
Monster2424 Miguel also Adam Silver is a Warriors fan so of course he won’t say anything about it
Monster2424 Miguel
He didn’t say anything when KD went to GSW smh
Noah Sause
Noah Sause Month ago
How the hell is he sleeping on KD and Kyrie in Brooklyn as a top duo in the league???? Jesus even when we have kd and Kyrie we somehow find ourselves irrelevant on ESPN
Sam Joseph
Sam Joseph Month ago
The East is bad for the NBA.
IonlyROBwhite DrugDealers
LeBron will make AD into a Spot up shooter
GoKrazy 365
GoKrazy 365 Month ago
IonlyROBwhite DrugDealers false
Duyan Tso
Duyan Tso Month ago
Ad is labron new bitch
canadianuserthe Month ago
Why would you get Mr. 99 percent sure Galen rose to comment on your network.??? This guy essentially guaranteed kawhi Leonard was going to sign with toronto
Isaiah Randolph
Isaiah Randolph Month ago
this isn’t slavery adam. this is a players league, they should have the power to do what they want
Hardest Snot_rocket
So players choosing where they would like to go isnt acceptable?? These are grown men.. As long as the talent doesnt breach the actual contract, the NBA shouldn't intervene.
Wodz30 Month ago
Wavy Zay
Wavy Zay Month ago
The best duo now is Kyrie and KD but KD isn't playing no soon which leads to AD and LeBron being the best duo.
james baldwins
james baldwins Month ago
@Steven Lankford if this was 4 years ago I would agree.. James is gonna slow down this year. A lot... father time is undefeated.
Steven Lankford
Steven Lankford Month ago
@james baldwins LBJ and AD hands down the best...not close
james baldwins
james baldwins Month ago
I'll take kawai and Paul george.... #1 duo.
Lanre Akerele
Lanre Akerele Month ago
I would say Kawhi and Paul as duos are the best for this season
Do'che Delhomme
Do'che Delhomme Month ago
Clips will be the 5th seed
Edward Yamada
Edward Yamada Month ago
I love the buddy upping that’s going on with the stars. The league has overexpanded and the talent has diluted significantly over the years and the attempts at parity for small market teams has hurt the NBA. Stars have mega shoe deals, and companies that pay them millions want them in NY or LA for maximum impact. That’s why Kawhi left Toronto. The flip side is if you are a fan of one of the have not teams since they’ll have no chance of winning. Enjoy the games, folks in those markets, but don’t expect anything.
Rick Cistrunk
Rick Cistrunk Month ago
Bs okc traded there players.
Spread Love
Spread Love Month ago
Lebron and AD is distracting everyone from realizing that there is a guy named KYLE KUZMA
Formally known as Rex X
Remember when Jalen sources said Kawhi was going to Toronto 😞🤷🏾‍♂️
Leonel Martinez
Leonel Martinez Month ago
Why y'all making excuses for Jalen? He deserves it gor acting like a know-it-all
TheDucciano Month ago
his sources were wrong . . . what's your point?
Monte Gavin III
Monte Gavin III Month ago
@Taylor Hairfield essentially LITERALLY EVERYONE got it wrong Kawhi made his decision based on the Paul George trade, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT Toronto was more likely to get Paul George, (& could have had Westbrook... But they were smart enough not to give up Pascal Siakem{However u spell spicy P's Name} for Russ)
Taylor Hairfield
Y’all stupid af everyone was wrong
P C Month ago
Jalen has no credibility. He it's always wrong
Knicks Fanatic
Knicks Fanatic Month ago
Yea the knicks have salary cap but all the best players are on max contracts with other teams it’s not overrated
Mac Book Pro
Mac Book Pro Month ago
the worriers didn't ruin the NBA other teams just have to get better..... LMAOO remember that
Godmarz Popy
Godmarz Popy Month ago
Who would know Kawhi is the guy to trigger the OKC to rebuild. ....
Godmarz Popy
Godmarz Popy Month ago
@Black Mamba you stupidity shown no matter what
RITAS1964 Month ago
KD getting injured and leaving the Warriors is what triggered a rebuild, the same reason/circumstances that allowed Toronto to win the championship
Black Mamba
Black Mamba Month ago
@Patrick L These people just tryna hype Kawhi up no matter what.
Patrick L
Patrick L Month ago
u mean damian lillard
Milwaukee Quel
Milwaukee Quel Month ago
Portland has the best duo
Jonathan Gomes
Jonathan Gomes Month ago
ESPN loves duos because it's good for ratings. Adam silver wants a system that works for all the teams equally... Not just the ones in Los Angeles, New York, Miami.
Luis Galvan
Luis Galvan Month ago
I think it should be every contract you can’t be traded for half your contract. So players can’t force their way on to teams right after signing a max deal. Makes it so players carefully think about where they want to sign
anthony villegas
OKC Is a joke!! Why would you trade pg just cause he requested it. If I’m management I don’t trade him. What i would do i try to add More depth for PG and Westbrook by trading some future picks and some players from the roster. Golden State left the door open for any team to win it so this is the time you take advantage and try to build your team for a ring. I’m pretty sure it would of taken okc some time to convince pg to stay I mean he doesn’t have an option he under contract...
Ian Harper
Ian Harper Month ago
Colin did this first
Kenyata Jones
Kenyata Jones Month ago
I like the duo's better then the super team Lebron is the one that wants that he wants all the help so he can walk into a championship
Poots Plasencia
Poots Plasencia Month ago
What i dont understand is how a team that beat everyone for 5 straight years in the west and did it last year with no kd get an all star in Russel also get younger and now are expected to not be that good
Lonnie Chamberlain
Adam Silver has built a legacy greater than David Stern don’t @ me
J_Quan Month ago
Why do people call big 3's "super teams"? Big 3's have always been apart of the league
king ch
king ch Month ago
@Just Your Daddy sounds like an excuse
Carlton Banks
Carlton Banks Month ago
So true fam, always!
The Black Reparations Plan
Why was he so quiet during kds move? worst move in history, kawahi saved the league, kds bitch ass
Just Your Daddy
Just Your Daddy Month ago
@king ch Rodman didn't need to score
Edwin J
Edwin J Month ago
@Jordyn Taylor That's true, but KG expressed that he wanted to go to Boston only after Ray Allen had already been traded there. That is, he requested a trade to a team with other stars in order to manufacture a team that had overwhelming talent at the time.
Bo Rood
Bo Rood Month ago
Lakers will be trash. Davis is a loser, another Towns.
Virgil N
Virgil N Month ago
Duo of the future: Lowry and Siakim!!
Maximus JenningsTV
I like duos more than an overpower super team with four all stars.
Bill E
Bill E Month ago
Maximus JenningsTV say it again
Tiger Hoods
Tiger Hoods Month ago
Lol I wouldn’t trust anything that jalen rose says
Call me Papi
Call me Papi Month ago
Ad the goat 🐐😜🔥
RussLL WestBrick Aka Stat Padding Ninja Turtle
How what gsw did is bad ?? I seriously don’t understand it they build from the ground up and drafted they stars and one a championship but because they are a first class organization that free agents are attracted to they ruined the league?? Lol jokes
Caulifla #Universe6
They just mad it stopped lebron from getting rings for half a decade
Kevin Hagberg
Kevin Hagberg Month ago
I got money on Lakers missing the playoffs due to old man bron gettiing hurt and AD missing is annual 20 games. Enjoy an other lost season LOL @ LAL
Steven Lankford
Steven Lankford Month ago
@RonnieJayPlays Both you clowns will be disappointed lol
RonnieJayPlays Month ago
Kevin Hagberg I agree. I think they are overhyped frfr
Christopher malcom
As long as black people are entertaining white people then this country will be excited Via sports Via movies Via killing each other.. Without african americans this country aint shhh
Laker Dodger Cowboy Gang
The NBA is gonna be competitive next year I can’t wait to watch!!!!
Has1b Month ago
Right now the Western conference is so cut throat that the West Semi's will result in MANY FANS being super disappointed.
D Blok
D Blok Month ago
I'll wait til after tha all star break to see how everybody's clickin 💯 some could be dope some could be like WTF is this lol💯🏀🏀
Goldie The Mack
Goldie The Mack Month ago
I guess if ya'll keep saying it enough it'll be true huh stfu
Ray Clack
Ray Clack Month ago
Leave it the way it is with the dynamic duos.... All it really does is force lesser players to step it up for the team... You create new stars... let it go
Shah Alladin
Shah Alladin Month ago
When will the NBA expand to 32 teams?.. Also why no one wants to play in Cleveland,.Milwaukee, Minnesota, Utah, New Orleans, Orlando, Portland, Denver,
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