Late For School Parkour POV

Nick Pro
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Late For School Parkour POV | Nick Pro
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Oct 4, 2019




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Comments 15 083
Nick Pro
Nick Pro 3 months ago
Let's get to 1 million views or 10,000 likes for a part 2!!! What was your favourite part?!
Fatima Birou
Fatima Birou 3 days ago
Riku Yt
Riku Yt 20 days ago
Hole thing was awsome!!!!
MrMouse 20 days ago
Olg Q
Olg Q 21 day ago
When you died
Megan Head
Megan Head 22 days ago
When you took the ladies banana
Isaiah Jackson
Isaiah Jackson 6 hours ago
Normal school students: (ride bus), they see home doing parkour to school. Students: ......
Isaiah Jackson
Isaiah Jackson 6 hours ago
Guy: (was late for school his entire life and had extra homework), but he thinks of this idea. So he was ready for being late but it was saturday
Isaiah Jackson
Isaiah Jackson 6 hours ago
I mean I guess it is excersize
Isaiah Jackson
Isaiah Jackson 6 hours ago
His phone littrrally said Saturday 0:07 September nine: thirty-one 21
Ricey Aisy
Ricey Aisy 7 hours ago
Finishing the project 2 months before the due date be like:
ITSJM Gaming
ITSJM Gaming 9 hours ago
Brush why don't he just get a ride from his parents?
Ursula Z 36
Ursula Z 36 10 hours ago
Aw crap it’s a Saturday 02:31
NotSaffron 11 hours ago
How the bike do that? It has more talent than I ever will. Lel
-- 11 hours ago
Who wars a go pro to bed
Technology 25
Technology 25 12 hours ago
:_CORRUPTION_: Steven Universe
*Next vid: Late for parkour: School
RoMuffin 13 hours ago
I like how the camera is smooth unlike others
FaZe Spillz
FaZe Spillz 14 hours ago
Me late for school: *casually walks the long route saying hi to every bird I see*
Yousef Batttatt
Yousef Batttatt 14 hours ago
He left his phone on the bed then he call her🤔
Eimaprof711 YT
Eimaprof711 YT 15 hours ago
VR ?
Rose Riffer
Rose Riffer 16 hours ago
Him: I am late for school Random person in a car(sorry dont know who it is): Again! Me: dont she know it is saturday
ridhwan muneve
ridhwan muneve 16 hours ago
That's was amazing
Riz 17 hours ago
Plot twist: Banana was paid actor
Liva S
Liva S 19 hours ago
Ouaaaa trop fort!
Rehna Jehangir
Rehna Jehangir 20 hours ago
pickle nig
pickle nig 21 hour ago
Black Ops 3 remastered
Blessing Ramatu
Blessing Ramatu 22 hours ago
Dang I think of my life when I see myself trying these things!!
m x n s o o n n
Saqib Mustafa
How to go school in 2 minute
Poonam Upadhyay
Friends socho agar india aisa hota toh
Angela Uy
Angela Uy Day ago
ZedGaming' plays
flower pot
flower pot Day ago
im scared qwq he is gonna die for backflip
LewisLoves Reviewing
When I put I a camera in my room and my girlfriend is cheating on me
Skylar Wolf
Skylar Wolf Day ago
He did all that for nothing
• •【《Boba._.Eclipse》】• •
Him when he’s “late” for school: *extreme parkour* Me: *Mucc panic*
Au.pheonix Day ago
Where the fuck is his school
Pancake Beast
Is nobody going to talk about how the bike balanced for like 27363926 years
PastelOokie Day ago
How boys get ready for school:
The stuff channel
Completely unnecessary just drive a car dude
Banana Dash89
He has hit GoPro in his mouth
Katie the fat one
Can u teach me parkour??
Maya Younes
Maya Younes Day ago
wow this man can teleport using a bitten banana!
Josh Hunt
Josh Hunt Day ago
Wouldn’t she know that it’s Saturday 😂 1:33
Josh Hunt
Josh Hunt Day ago
I like how in America you can just wear anything to school but in the UK you have to wear a uniform which makes us always late 😂
Mislley k
Mislley k Day ago
Brasil alguém? Acho mo top esses negócio de ficar pulando oh
Gameboy200 Day ago
A slim face reveal at beginning 😂
Sky Playz
Sky Playz Day ago
Imagine waking up in the morning and coming to school like this
Kreem Abdullah
You are a beast you are the best on these skills you have I wish I was like you👌
Victoria Lezama
Whar he does first is check his phone,did he not see that it said saturday.
Did anyone SEE the iphone telling him it was Saturday Like if you did✅
Shadow Wolf
Shadow Wolf Day ago
I knew he was gonna say something about it being Saturday before he actually said it.
MyaXD /Gacha
MyaXD /Gacha Day ago
I like how you can see him holding the camera in his mouth
Elsa Sarkissian
1:23-1:53...our guys in a GTA game now
yo_ jazzy shepherd
At Least he got a workout 🤷
Max Michel
Max Michel Day ago
2:28 That Moment when you are running To school and then you remember today ist saturday
Mali Marshall
My favourite part is when the bag comes out of nowhere- It reminds me of when i forget my bag -...-
Deborah Wilson
Is it real
0:47 My sisters predicament confirmed
Youtube Sonzz CallMeSonzzJr
It was Saturday though 😂
BIG ! Day ago
Why does this look fake? like his hands looks weird
Slasher Dasher 64
Drops banana but goes back to pick it up Me: SALUTE THIS MAN!
jkhollo warr
jkhollo warr Day ago
U wake up with a camera
Naughty Nithin
Forgetting that it's a Saturday doesn't matters.. Forgetting to brush and bath matters.. Lol
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