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Last One To Fall Asleep WINS $10,000! CHALLENGE


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Jan 10, 2019

last to sit down wins 10000 challengelast to sitwins 10000last to wins moneylast to challengelast to something wins something100000 challengewinning 100000last to do something wins challengelast to sleep winsjust ameerahmoreameerahslimeatoryjeddahpaulpranks




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Comments 9 199
Chrissy Tinkles
Chrissy Tinkles 10 minutes ago
In possible
MarceHIIT FG 5 hours ago
i hate ameerah and jay or gay
Rafael & Jan
Rafael & Jan 10 hours ago
Ameerah is so bostful
Adelfa Espartero
Adelfa Espartero 14 hours ago
Rex Anthony Reyes
Rex Anthony Reyes 15 hours ago
Ameerah cheater
Snowfall The icewing
Pee in shower
L Bryant
L Bryant 19 hours ago
Love you Paul
Sahar Zeyaee
Sahar Zeyaee 23 hours ago
Srry i wanted to put the finger under the like button
Sahar Zeyaee
Sahar Zeyaee Day ago
How many times Paul got slapped 👇🏼
Zariah Nation
Paul should be out cause he cheated
Çâţhý Pīĕţęřşz
Diva Love101
Diva Love101 Day ago
This is ammerah WACK Me. And a opp
꧁Rainbow Muffins꧂
Thats a bit sad let paul poke da slime :c
Cindi Nofziger
Paul : in I'm kinda short on cash *Has 150,000 dollors* his fans: Donate money guys !!! Me: what ouuhh he rich rich then !! DISCLAMIER -oringal comment
Anai Lastra
Anai Lastra 2 days ago
Anai Lastra
Anai Lastra 2 days ago
Minute 3:48
dennise fuentes
dennise fuentes 2 days ago
Poor paul
Queen Rosalia Alvelo
So if the Slimeatory isn’t in there house where is it
M L 2 days ago
Arianna Gwyn Segovia
Hi I
Arianna Gwyn Segovia
Kevin Wahba
Kevin Wahba 2 days ago
5 4 3 2 1 If you’re still sitting there I think you are so lazy
Airis in wonderland
Just squad
cruz gaming
cruz gaming 2 days ago
pual playing fmn while standing
Tamara Sanchez
Tamara Sanchez 2 days ago
1 like =how many times they abuse Paul. It's not fair😠 team up with Paul
Blue the Fox
Blue the Fox 3 days ago
Jenna didn’t need to lose........ She can just stand up while using the bathroom commen sense
Mera Butrus
Mera Butrus 2 days ago
Blue the Fox how is she gonna do that?
Siti NurHuda
Siti NurHuda 3 days ago
Can u do last to drop ur phone wins 10000
churt jorrel gabriel
Fuck you peppa pig cheater
Abdul Wahid
Abdul Wahid 3 days ago
Smith stoppppppp
Crisanta Umali
Crisanta Umali 3 days ago
pual is a bad guy
Shairylle Maximo
Shairylle Maximo 4 days ago
I feel so bad for paul
Kasia Gendis
Kasia Gendis 4 days ago
Poul it's rude to push people
Destiny Ice Wolf
Destiny Ice Wolf 5 days ago
Pls pls pls can i get slime i cant make it borax is to expensive and i just can do it pls can i get one little bit
Lisa Evans
Lisa Evans 5 days ago
My legs hurt watching this
Melissa Boudreau
Melissa Boudreau 5 days ago
U guys did not think it through u can go on your knees
Cony Cool
Cony Cool 5 days ago
Amira will win 💖😻😍
Jashean Stidhum
Jashean Stidhum 5 days ago
This is Paul 👦this is ameera this is Jeddah 👩 🧥🤜🥑🥥🍎🍉She loves gluten #tag gluten free squad whoop whoop 👖 👧 👗👊🛍️🥔 👢 👕 🤜🍞🧀 👖
Yaboi_ Plaz Fortnite
U gay
Casey T
Casey T 6 days ago
Girls can just pee in a cup or bag
Emma Wong
Emma Wong 6 days ago
It’s should say 30000 because you guys take all of the money
Natasha Lagilagi
Natasha Lagilagi 6 days ago
Paul. Make sure to read this because your dumb and a looser and a idiot. And your. Like cry baby and a dummy and your dumb looser
Mr2hoots 6 days ago
Two cheaters
Biking Club
Biking Club 6 days ago
Were is Charlie I miss him he isn’t that dramatic
Biking Club
Biking Club 6 days ago
Paul is so dramatic
Katie-may Brennan
I would just cheat and sit while paul was asleep
Deekap Jhoomuck
Deekap Jhoomuck 6 days ago
Jeddah can not wins because he do not wins challeng because she is a loser
big tex farming
big tex farming 6 days ago
Hi paul
video games
video games 6 days ago
Ameeerah cheated
tik tok
tik tok 7 days ago
I hate these challenges cause it cheating
Annija Biezā
Annija Biezā 7 days ago
Amierah and Jedah is cheating thats not fair
Amanda Laine Bautista
I hate ameerah
RhianneKhaye EditzYT
Poor Paul Ameerah is So racist to paul
Jun Pardo
Jun Pardo 7 days ago
paul if you want to poke slime your outside thier slime evreyware you could poke them
che bauto
che bauto 7 days ago
paul can kooc nudels becas his standing
Jordan Keller
Jordan Keller 7 days ago
Paul is a cheeter
Umaeza Ashraf
Umaeza Ashraf 7 days ago
how mean i all most feel sorry for paul.
Sunlight Gacha
Sunlight Gacha 7 days ago
Ewleina Wieczorek
How can you stand all night long? Explain that to me?🤔😑
Boris Lemberski
Boris Lemberski 8 days ago
Paul makes the best challenges
Chrissy 4L
Chrissy 4L 8 days ago
u don’t have to sit to use the bathroom 😂
It’ justjayda 1
I hate her
Sylvia 8 days ago
Okay. I hate it when Jed and Ameerah always team up on Paul. It always happens in every video and it’s getting annoying now.🤦🏻‍♀️ It’s not entertaining anymore... 😪😴
Sylvia 6 days ago
Casey T Mines? You mean theirs. I don't have any videos on my account
Casey T
Casey T 6 days ago
Sylvia Duong your videos aren’t entertaining anymore why do you think I unsubscribed
Kymani Chan
Kymani Chan 8 days ago
Paul won and Amira is a load of s**t
lauren phang foo
lauren phang foo 8 days ago
I Dream that I was at your house and I had a sleepover !!!!!!!
Kitty Kate
Kitty Kate 8 days ago
That's so funny Paul lost I'm so happy you Ameerah
Lino Lawaan
Lino Lawaan 8 days ago
Is paul your sibling?
Benita Salazar
Benita Salazar 8 days ago
you guys are so mean to paul
Rica Dionela
Rica Dionela 8 days ago
I will unsubscribe to Ameerah and Jedas channel they are evil
Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez 8 days ago
Please leave a thumbs up on you could get the $30,000. ⬇️
Chevy Maracle
Chevy Maracle 8 days ago
I drink 20 4 7 and I don't go pee
bobcombenekeisha 8 days ago
They are always teaming up against Paul smh
J Lowe
J Lowe 8 days ago
Jeddas makeup is so gorgeous
Emilia Flores
Emilia Flores 9 days ago
Paul you sucks
deb421969 9 days ago
They could have melt down
glenn gonzales
glenn gonzales 9 days ago
Hahahaahahahha paul said "your doing the peeeepeeee dance
Jastrid Haldansen
I feel like the money is fake bc it’s not allowed to use real money on the internet btw
Alaska72 Asia22
Alaska72 Asia22 9 days ago
You don't have to sit down to pee...
Shazia Iqbal
Shazia Iqbal 10 days ago
I have a crush on Paul
K De La Rosa
K De La Rosa 10 days ago
How come they squat
lanae94 cutie
lanae94 cutie 10 days ago
i like it when ameerah and jeddah messed with paul i mean i would do the same to him to like if you would do that to
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