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Last One To Fall Asleep WINS $10,000! CHALLENGE


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Jan 10, 2019

last to sit down wins 10000 challengelast to sitwins 10000last to wins moneylast to challengelast to something wins something100000 challengewinning 100000last to do something wins challengelast to sleep winsjust ameerahmoreameerahslimeatoryjeddahpaulpranks




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Comments 5 151
jckbauer24 Hour ago
Hey Paul when she sayed she was standing ther she was lying she cuted the tape
Fortnite God
Fortnite God Hour ago
Amira cheated paul she cheated she cheated
Clover's World
So you can’t pee?!
erica desir
erica desir 2 hours ago
I could stand up for 2 weeks
Zombie Kreeper709
Zombie Kreeper709 4 hours ago
Amira is a pig shit cheeter
Jojo makes vids and there kinda funny
she could have just standed up or pee on herself or sqwat because c if u pee on urself take a shower wastes more time :)
Arvin Moradi
Arvin Moradi 5 hours ago
Get revenge
Minecraftgaming 's
Minecraftgaming 's 6 hours ago
I hate cheaters
Super JLittleTV
Super JLittleTV 6 hours ago
Amira cheated Paul won.
Dakarius Dakarius
Dakarius Dakarius 7 hours ago
How are they going to use the bathroom
The Real Alexa
The Real Alexa 8 hours ago
Paul they lied to you please don’t do another challenge like this because it make me sad for you but don’t give up keep doing what you want to do
Johnchris Carl Quirante
Jeremy Fernandez
Jeremy Fernandez 9 hours ago
Amirgh cheated Paul
fabio oliveira
fabio oliveira 9 hours ago
are soo mean pole you are the best in this chanel
fabio oliveira
fabio oliveira 9 hours ago
thoses girl
Dennis Douglas
Dennis Douglas 9 hours ago
Ahmera is stupid with that face of hers
Nel Vincent009
Nel Vincent009 10 hours ago
I hate your fat sister
Denden Sacro
Denden Sacro 10 hours ago
They are laying 😴😴😴😴
Lacey2010 Elizabeth1
She could’ve just went to the bathroom standing up
Kitty Poes
Kitty Poes 15 hours ago
Amira is cheating paul won
Mr.wolfie 15 hours ago
I hate amira
Mr.wolfie 15 hours ago
I hate amira
Go Ld a
Go Ld a 17 hours ago
This was so UNFAIR paul only push ameerah and ameerah put eggs and everything And ameerah MADE Paul fell 1 LIKE 1 CHANCE FOR PAUL TO WIN
NoahFromYT Channel
NoahFromYT Channel 18 hours ago
Jay cheated😳😳
moonlightwolf123 fine me on roblox
I never sit and lay down I don't like to lol xD
GunzTheJr Angeles
GunzTheJr Angeles 20 hours ago
Dustin Hayes
Dustin Hayes 20 hours ago
Paul are you ameerahs sister
Ashton Turner
Ashton Turner 20 hours ago
Dude that’s so mean pual should have one ameehra cheated
Nicholas Kankanyan
Nicholas Kankanyan 21 hour ago
Amira 1
Benioboy 22 hours ago
martha magana magana
I hate it when they go harsh on paul
Jack Ou-Thorne
Jack Ou-Thorne 22 hours ago
Instead of $100000 is it $300000? Because theres 3 people in the challenge?
Maisie Rayner
Paul beware you lose
Sophia Benavides
U are ugly
Kawaii Girl
Kawaii Girl Day ago
I feel like you shouldn’t be able to push people over when ur duck taped to the wall. No hate. I just think you shouldn’t be allowed to push people in challenges that’s alll 🙂
sarah sohail
sarah sohail Day ago
Thats not fair
sarah sohail
sarah sohail Day ago
Ameera is cute like if u agree
Roblox Gaming
3:37 look at ameerah face
Jblood Rogers
They cheated you you won they un tape you from the wall in the Don't sit down challenge
Bhawana Shah
Bhawana Shah Day ago
i fuck you amera
League of Legends noob
Ewwww emira is cheater
Ahmed Ahmed
Ahmed Ahmed Day ago
They cheated they took of the tap
Chrallefk Day ago
William Holley
Cindy Ortega
Cindy Ortega Day ago
They loosened the tape
Animeboy team
Paul u should get revenge and do the pause challenge again (JK)
Animeboy team
WOW the mom and girl are so meannnnn
Gaming_YT Virtudez
Balmore Montoya
Fatima Saav
Fatima Saav Day ago
I hate ameerah she is always cheating
Perfect Neverland
Where jamila? And amerrahs brothers?
Vip Harmon
Vip Harmon Day ago
She untapped it
alanna and angeline and ava Sirls
You know she could just stand while peeing but if she poops idk
The best cat ever 4279
You’re a cheater no one likes cheater a fact Paul wins
Kearsten Jackman
Paul won. I think that ameerah is just to much of a spoiled brat to understand that
Vahin Abdullah
its Amira and also you cant call someone a brat because if you ever met her you would know if Amira was a brat or not.
Joan Whittaker
Why don't she stop cheating to win
King Pradhan
King Pradhan Day ago
She did not win she cheated
Tafhimul Islam
Tafhimul Islam 2 days ago
Check your self loser
Tafhimul Islam
Tafhimul Islam 2 days ago
You were laying in the wall at 7:58
Tafhimul Islam
Tafhimul Islam 2 days ago
Stop making stumped video
Tafhimul Islam
Tafhimul Islam 2 days ago
Paul is an idiot
coolgamev2 2 days ago
Dosent Tesla have auto pilot
Harnoor Batth
Harnoor Batth 2 days ago
Dei citet
Techlord 22
Techlord 22 2 days ago
I think they just re use the money
Jing Jin-Chen
Jing Jin-Chen 2 days ago
The girls cheated
sv2 dab gaming
sv2 dab gaming 2 days ago
Amira i hate you so much because your mission is to win
erika orozco
erika orozco Day ago
I hate u dude ur mission is to make the worst vids like wtf
Vlasta Slepcikova
they cheated
Jefferson Rivera
Jefferson Rivera 2 days ago
I want vbuck
Jefferson Rivera
Jefferson Rivera 2 days ago
That’s 30000 thousand dollars
Surprise Deliveries
You know you have to sit to play fortnite
Tameyia myles
Tameyia myles 2 days ago
🤤 1,0000000$
Tameyia myles
Tameyia myles 2 days ago
Daniel Gomez
Daniel Gomez 2 days ago
Cheaters they cheated they unwrap you you know
Alex Smith
Alex Smith 2 days ago
Elahot Serato
Elahot Serato 2 days ago
Ameerah and Jedah stop doing that to Paul he is so poor or else i will hack ameerah's channel
erika orozco
erika orozco Day ago
Dude chill who wants u on youtube anyways
I'm the lol
I'm the lol 2 days ago
Who else thought Paul should win
Isabel Hall
Isabel Hall 2 days ago
Aaron Arbogast
Aaron Arbogast 3 days ago
What is your name in fortnite
Ekam Virk
Ekam Virk 3 days ago
These two girls are cheaters cheaters cheaters cheaters
Evelyn Leong
Evelyn Leong 3 days ago
Ugh I hate ameerah al she wants is money money money doesn’t she even focus on life ugh I hate her
Og-fortnite -player
13:40 Paul your such a wimp
Xxluka gamingXx
Xxluka gamingXx 3 days ago
Cheater paul should won
Brysin Rodriguez
Brysin Rodriguez 3 days ago
Add Mia when she was talking to your mom she sat down and talk to her
erika orozco
erika orozco Day ago
Jeddahs not pauls mom
Defon Lois Saez
Defon Lois Saez 3 days ago
Why r you so mean to paul
TBNR4014 3 days ago
amira is a cheater
kyle oreo
kyle oreo 3 days ago
Bro did you think you could nock over a 500 lb girl
erika orozco
erika orozco Day ago
Bitch and u think your skinner than her u need mental help i bet u broke the scale
The Lyittles
The Lyittles 3 days ago
Amira cheated
Ariana_Grande_33 3 days ago
no hate but did u notice when ameerah was talking to her mom behind the couch she was kneeling which is basically sitting? 11:19 love ur channel and just ameerah!
Rita Zakharia
Rita Zakharia 3 days ago
I love that
Carter Kramer
Carter Kramer 3 days ago
She is such a cheater
Fabian Garcia
Fabian Garcia 3 days ago
moo shee
moo shee 3 days ago
She cheating.
Nick Richard
Nick Richard 3 days ago
Reply the video idiot
Andon Mckay
Andon Mckay 3 days ago
you can’t go to the bathroom either
Marcie Peirick
Marcie Peirick 4 days ago
Ameerahs slime is gone oh no!!!!!! Each like I get ameerah gets one more slime 🧫🧫🧫🧫🧫🧫🧫🧫🧫🧫🧫🧫🧫🧫🧫🧫🧫🧫🧫🧫🧫🧫🧫🧫🧫🧫🧫🧫🧫🧫🧫🧫
Valery Enriquez
Valery Enriquez 4 days ago
do last 1 to eat wins 10.000 $ like if u want them to
Dhairya Ganatra
Dhairya Ganatra 4 days ago
Hey Paul ameerah. Pulled the tape off of you when you were sleeping
Kuki Mario kiwi
Kuki Mario kiwi 4 days ago
Paul L
XDesiqnX 4 days ago
1:47 That fart the Mum was like wtf..
_Vik_sbf _
_Vik_sbf _ 4 days ago
i hate people when they cheat its annoying
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